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Katherine Tyson

2 years ago

This place is going down hill FAST.

April Sassano

2 years ago

Our pets have been patients at Hope Animal Hospital (and at Cobble Hill Animal Hospital before that) for about 10 years. Ever since Dr Mason has left the hospital, we have had negative experiences. About 2 months ago, I called because my cat was ill and in a lot of pain. The front desk staff told me they were booked and to find another vet. How can you say that to a patient of such long standing? After further discussion I was able to get an appointment, the vet ran several very expensive tests and found no issues. Only upon a second round of very expensive tests did she diagnose a UTI (I can’t imagine how this was not included in the first round of testing). And getting in touch with the vet to obtain the results was a nightmare. It took over a week to get the first round of results, multiple calls, and multiple promises to receive a call back which were not followed through on. I went through the same after the second round of tests. Last week, I brought my dog in for her annual exam, which was over $800 and seems absurdly expensive for an annual exam and updated vaccines. I returned today for her rabies booster, was told by the technician I was set to leave and then received a frantic call from the front desk staff about 20 minutes later letting me know I didn’t pay for service. I’m now being charged an additional $100 for the booster. What a scam. It’s a $70 fee for the booster and a $35 fee for the “oversight of the vet while the technician administered the booster”. Funny how initially the front desk staff told me my dog didn’t even see the vet today, only the tech. Let’s not forget to mention my dog was back there for less than 5 minutes. I am extremely disappointed with our recent experiences at Hope Animal Hospital. [Update] After a response from “the owner” asking to email the manager, which I did, I have not received any response in over a week. Hope animal hospital has no respect or regards for their patients.

s wash

2 years ago

My 4 year old cat Ajah was treated with so much care at this establishment. Doctor Ashley was very attentive as well as her assistants. they explained everything to me step by step, and gave me additional information pertaining to his breed and his diagnosis also the care plan. The front desk admins were very nice as well and patient with me due to me having a lot of questions. Michael ( technician) called and texted to follow up with my cat's well being post surgery ( neutered), and gave me Ajah' s test results. I am very happy with my choice in choosing hope hospital !

jonah bleicher

2 years ago

We've experienced diminishing returns with this clinic. We've been with them for three years or so and the service just kept getting worse all the time. The doctors routinely confused our two cats (one is 5 and the other is 18!), insisted on expensive procedures and even yelled at me for the treatment of my cat. I am loving pet owner, but have the right to make a determination when it comes to medical procedures. Recently, I have called them 3 different times, was promised a call back from a doctor each time and never heard back. We are moving on to a different clinic.

Joseph Lindsey

3 years ago

I really can’t say enough about this place. Dr. Abrams is absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful that she is the one taking care of my fur babies. When we moved to NYC back in September, we came with the knowledge that one of our dogs was sick and would require some pretty serious treatment when we got settled. It was stressful thinking about finding a new vet, especially one we couldn’t meet due to COVID, but Dr. Abrams and the staff at Hope really went above and beyond to relive this stress. We are now finished with his treatment and I have no intention of finding a new vet to be our primary care provider. She has really taken such wonderful care of our pups and has been THE most communicative and responsive vet I have ever encountered. I would recommend Dr. Abrams and Hope to anyone!

Diamond August

3 years ago

My dog went in sick came out sick .They took my money left my dog out no medication nothing. Just told me take him to Blue Pearl for a ultra sound which he didn't need results was fine. Blue pearl so expensive and they both get one star from me. I will never recommend these both sites to no one. No one never called to see how my dog was doing I had to call. Just today on Valentine's day my baby dog went to heaven. I love him soooooo much I will miss him .????????

Beatriz Rajacic

3 years ago

HOPE Veterinary Hospital took our emergency case same day. Loved their phone manner, especially how wonderful they treated our new cat. We adopted Sandy from a shelter. Already 10 years of age, she couldn't hold any food down. They …


3 years ago

I highly recommend Dr. Taryn Abrams. She is smart, competent, caring, and best of all, down-to-earth. She's willing to have a dialog and discuss what NEEDS to be done and why, versus other options which may be nice to know but are not crucial. I do cat rescue and have worked with many vets, some of which are mediocre at best. But Dr. Abrams was top-notch. She fixed my rescue cat's problems in short order. I had come here only because I had a health-care certificate from the city shelter. It wasn't my regular vet and I was apprehensive. But I was / am so impressed with Dr. Abrams' knowledge and kindness. I'll be back with my own pets.

Ms. Jones

3 years ago

Best services and very caring staffs with your pets. My pet is so lucky to be seen there affordably

Manny Patole

3 years ago

Good vet that has a care plan for pets.

Linnea Crabtree

3 years ago

Found a cat on the street and after waiting a week for the available appointment was finally able to bring him in to be checked out only to be turned away at the door because we were 19 mins late . I understand the inconvenience of lateness but the location is not easy to pull up to if you know the area around this part of Atlantic you are unable to make turns and often get stuck in the traffic. The person on the phone didn’t care at all and said if we had arrived only 4 mins prior they would have seen us. When making the appointment there had been no mention of this tardy policy. When I explained it had taken an hour to get there, they stuck to their policy regardless. There was no one in the clinic or waiting outside. She also refused to reapply the coupon we would use on this visit for the reschedule. There are many places to go in NYC with equally valuable deals and nicer, more humane staff, don’t go here.

Leah Silverman

3 years ago

This was very disappointing. My cat was a patient of this practice for two years and he received great care while here, the vet was always attentive and followed up. But recently, I was unable to get a refill on prescription food. I emailed Hope twice for a response on the refill and was only told that the doctor would not authorize it after I called. I was told we had to come in but given the pandemic and my current situation, this was not possible. Regardless, the receptionist was incredibly curt, unhelpful, and I asked to speak with the vet. I am certain this receptionist never passed on my message as I called twice and never received a call back. I could not believe how unprofessional this was. The fact that Hope was more concerned with getting me to pay the fee for a visit than they were with trying to find a way to renew the prescription remotely shows me that they are more interested in getting cash than they are providing care. Real bummer.

Dave Q

3 years ago

Expensive, inconsistent care, poor communication.

Danielle L

3 years ago

This place does not try to hide the fact that all you are is revenue to them, nothing more. Has been going downhill the last few years, and after our vet also left this business we will be doing the same. They are now charging an additional $30 on top of rabies vaccination to just sign a paper stating that our pet has the rabies vaccine. Any recommendations will be purely to get $$$ out of your pocket even if its unnecessary such as the leptospirosis vaccine. Their statement of "holistic" practices is a lie, and the managers are ruining the reputation of the veterinarians that work here.

Crystal Isley

3 years ago

I've been going to HOPE for several years now since Dr.Young was there. The last visit was due to my dog being fairly sick and I was able to make the appointment for 2 days later. It's been almost 2 years since my dog was last seen and that was my total fault. So I was grateful to be seen. Due to Covid, we had to wait outside of the facilities which was totally understandable. However the wait turned into 45 minutes in the sweltering heat. No I wasn't too happy with that, but we were seen and he is doing much better


3 years ago

The staff is great! They are super kind. Came here at first when I rescued a kitten I found and wanted to use that first free initial exam they offer. After the first appointment this is now where I bring my kitten all them time and will also be bringing my dog here if I need to. I reccomend this vet 10/10. Love it

Bevy Walks

3 years ago

Our cat Joey was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down. Dr Pines and Dr Reilly are the most caring and compassionate doctors who took care of Joey with the absolute best way possible❤️ I love this place , the staff are very kind and …

Google User

3 years ago

Low rating is due to rude front desk staff. Two stars instead of 1 is because veterinarian was actually good, treated my animals well. I had to deal with front desk staff at least 5 times for one visit and every time they were rude and obnoxious. They also initially refused to provide information veterinarian already approved. I had to call several times to get it.

Theresa Giovinni

3 years ago

I wanted to make this place my cats primary care facility since it was so close to home. I took him here in March at the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic and when he was still seeming sickly recently, i called and asked for Dr Ashley to call me back so we could discuss. It took her 6 hours plus me calling back to follow up for her to leave a message to “just bring him in.” I will not go to this facility again. Update: It seems the owner likes to reply to these reviews, offering his email to talk about our bad experience but that's JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING TO MAKE UP FOR THEIR AWFUL SERVICE. I emailed the owner 3 days ago with no reply. This place only cares about getting your money, not about the animal. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I cant believe I even entertained the idea of returning here.

Yisslen Cruz

4 years ago

Love the staff and doctors!!! They really take care of your pets.

Camille Mazzucco

4 years ago

This place was excellent when it was privately owned.. Dr. Young and her team were the best. They were always available, loving and extremely caring. There was never an issue to do a late scheduling. When VAC came and took over, it lost …

Andrew Nguyen

4 years ago

Appt made same day for 11AM Taken in for vitals at 11AM Seen by a really sweet and caring female doctor at 11:30AM …

Alexis Texidor (Alexis T)

4 years ago

I just moved to the neighborhood and needed a vet. There's a few in the area but I decided to go to Hope as it was the closet. The facility is really nice with a big waiting area, which is a plus because there are times where my pup doesn't get along with others so it's nice to not be in a cramped space. I was greeted by the vet tech (wish I remembered her name) and she was really sweet off the bat. Asked me a lot of questions and was really attentive to my pup. The Dr. Phillips came in, examined him, and answered all of my follow up questions plus a little more. We walked out with some medicated wipes and antibiotics. For the neighborhood, I was expecting the bill to be outrageous, but it's pretty standard. As a first time patient, they waived the office fee, which is $65. One Love Hospital wanted $85, which to me is nuts. Oh! They even called my old vet to get the records sent over so I didn't have to! All in all the experience was great and I'll definitely be coming back!

Izzy G (F1zzy - Gaming / Finance)

4 years ago

My kitty came here after I adopted her, really quick service and they love animals here. Check it out if you need service for your new furry friends

Lora M

4 years ago

This place is awfully expensive. I had brought in my cat to try and determine if he is fully recovered from his previous symptoms but I left without knowing if his previous treatment was successful or not. I was not fond of them trying to sell me their VCA Wellness care club because it is awfully expensive, $100 a month and they don't cover everything my cat needs. I feel more like they just wanted to sell me a lot and not analyze my cat's health.


4 years ago

JUST HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE AT HOPE. for the past 2 years i have been looking for a caring vet. winner winner i found one. Dr. Mason was great. free first visit pulled me in but their prices are very good in my eyes. thank you guys


4 years ago

This people are extraordinary they care for the animals they are wonderful and very helpful very excellent team work it was recommended to me by my brother and recommend it to you if I could give it a 10 star ratings I would

Rachel Manes

4 years ago

We have never had anything except absolutely EXCEPTIONAL care at Hope Animal Hospital, especially from Dr. Mason. The staff has been incredibly responsive to the many many many needs of my almost 4yo cocker spaniel by following up expediently with test results via email and phone. They have always been very upfront about costs associated with care and take a conservative, very careful approach to care to ensure that no possible healthcare issue goes undiagnosed. Cluny, our cocker spaniel, has also needed to visit specialists to address his dermatological and neurological needs so Hope's staff has been instrumental in collaborating with those specialists to ensure that every doctor was on the same page in terms of his ongoing needs. They are mindful of costs while being honest about what services are necessary to give Cluny the highest quality of care. We've been with Hope since Cluny's first puppy visit, at 9 weeks old, and cannot imagine ever going anywhere else. Thanks to Hope, we will always feel right at home, like part of their family, when we're there :-)

Sugi Lite

4 years ago

Horrible experience lost my dog there with toxic VACCINES. They took my dog in the backroom and I don't know what they did but I wasn't allowed to go with my dog while they administered a lethal injection that inadvertently started the biggest heartbreak imaginable.

Danielle Gerkens

4 years ago

Do not recommend! All they care about is getting your dollar. I brought my pet in for a first visit exam and they literally did nothing until they saw $500 worth of vaccines, tests, and ointments being paid for. Speaking to the nurse and doctor both felt very rushed and when checking out I explained to the doc that I did not want ointment and she casually tried adding it in to my bill saying, “okay. Well, he really needs it, so why don’t I just add it on? Okay. Great!” Like, girl bye and stopped her. Thankfully I had a first time coupon, but if not it would’ve been $85 for waking in the door. Would not suggest coming to this vet. Also, every time I’ve called, I’m out on hold for a minimum of 10 mins. It’s ridiculous.

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