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Geraldine Gump

2 years ago

Very quick to respond to texts and phone calls, as well as sending photos of our dog (Four) once she was settled in, which I greatly appreciated. I couldn't be happier with the service they gave, and it gives me great peace of mind to know they're there. Thank you again.

Christopher West

2 years ago

I never knew. *He would prefer to stay. All dogs go to Heaven...on EARTH?? - Caesar Milli- ON!

Eric Jensen

2 years ago

It is heartwarming to know there are businesses like this that provide genuine and quality services. We will definitely be one of your patrons!

Gina louise

2 years ago

It's the first time ever I received such a warm welcome and first ever see my dog so happy. I love the area and the service was superb. Thanks God I've found you.

Janet Lucille

2 years ago

The socialization my dog gets is priceless, especially at his young age. The staff seems to really care and enjoy working with dogs. Worthy bring my dog here as he is so happy, and it is always every time he goes to Fidos.

Lorraine West

2 years ago

My dog loves it here, his tail wagging all the time.

Rafael Bellinger

2 years ago

This place is fantastic. I have to board my dog a few times a month for business travel, and every time my dog is excited to go to Fido's. I am happy with the services and look forward to continuing going.

Reggie Mathers

2 years ago

Doesn't answer phones on the weekends. I've called several times to see if I can book my dog. Decided to come in on Saturday(11/20) with my pooch to check out the place and saw one of their employees yelling at the top of their lungs at the dogs. Super scary for a first time and last time visit.

Heather Houston

2 years ago

They're the nicest and kindest people who always go out of their way to do the very best for all the dogs in their care.


2 years ago

My 8 months pup joined Fido’s at 4 months. It solved 95% of her behavioral problems. No more destroying the house - we would have died trying to deal with her energy. At Fido’s she runs around and plays with other dogs until she is wiped out. I’ve tried 3 other daycares - this has the biggest indoor space, so no weather constraints. The staff is very friendly, flexible, and really loves dogs, most actually enjoy playing with the dogs. In an emergency I can call them that I need to have the dog stay there for a full day instead of half a day, but did not bring food for a full day - no problem, they take care of everything, sometimes even free of charge. I can’t praise this place enough, my pup loves it, has become well socialized and well behaved there. She does not trust humans easily (a rescue) but she fully trusts and is attached to the staff there.

Kayla Bilderback

2 years ago

I board my dog here frequently when I’m traveling and he loves it!! It’s so amazing having this place close by that my dog is so comfortable at. I hate leaving him when I have to travel but Fido’s Retreat makes it so easy and I know my dog is being taken care of and is having a blast. All the staff I’ve interacted with are so friendly and I can tell they really love my dog. I can text them while I’m gone and ask for pictures or updates of my dog which I love. When I start going into the office again I will definitely be taking him here for day care.

kevin p

2 years ago

They took us in last minute. Let our pup stay overnight. When we picked him up though he had contracted kennel cough, this is entirely out of the owners control so we don't blame them plus were not entirely sure it was Fido's that he got it from. Besides the dog getting sick we have nothing to complain about.

piper skillman

2 years ago

They are great with our energetic Airedale! Hoxie has been going to Fido’s for years and we don’t know what we would do without them. She loves it there! ????

Ben Parish

2 years ago

Can't praise them enough! Made our little pup feel right at ease and pampered her just the same as if she were home ☺️☺️

Estefania Sepúlveda

2 years ago

They do great with our dog. Loves that they will give him some 1on1 play and snuggles during his stay. Everyone there had been great to work with.

Gwendolyn McRae

2 years ago

The establishment is very clean and tbt, it doesn't smell like a kennel at all, the staff is very nice and accommodating. I left my Pomeranian-Bichon, there for a week and they took very good care of my Shuggy. They even sent me pics of him. I will definitely recommend them. I think they should offer discounts for first-timers, that along with the great service is an incentive to come back, the price is a little steep, but worth it!!

Taylor Fenech

2 years ago

We just picked up our dog and were given a crate and his toys/blankets covered in a mess. They don’t get in until 10am on Saturdays which we never were told so the poor guy was there for over probably 12 hours without a break. Then he had an accident in the crate, and yeah they cleaned him up thankfully, but all of his stuff was not cleaned for the entire day and no phone call or anything from them until 5 minutes before pick up. Just blown away by this. Obviously won’t be back, and just disappointed in the lack of communication or care at all by this place. The only two things a kennel should do.

Allison K

2 years ago

Love this place! My dog loves it too! Very friendly staff

William Person

2 years ago

Been coming many years and the service still awesome that nothing to compare.

Juan Ashley

2 years ago

Great dog sitters. Our little dogs are literally in love with it. They love to go and would never want to go home. I really recommend them with great serenity. Helpful service and make my dogs happy. Thank you so much.

Raina Woods

2 years ago

Best place to leave your dog when you need to go somewhere and can't take it with you. Reliable, competent, and welcoming for many years. Our dog is in good hands there and has lots of fun! We recommend!

Shann Faulds

2 years ago

We have never used a better doggy daycare facility. We've also visited daycares across the country, but nothing compares to the cares given by Fidos. Incredibly attentive and caring accommodated us at the last minute and couldn't find any flaws. Stunning!

Devin Goode

2 years ago

The fidos staff take care of my puppy like she's their own. They are so attentive in all that they do, and I trust them completely as my pup is also happy with their hands. Great community of dogs here. Thank you, Fidos.

James Kirshner

3 years ago

Great place to bring your dog. Professional and friendly staff who treat your dog as if it was their own. Plenty of space for dogs to roam and play. Reasonable prices.

Molly Parr

3 years ago

Fido’s is one of the reasons we stay in the neighborhood. They are great with our pup - he comes home happy. And they are extremely flexible with us - offering pick up and drop off services and same-day help. I feel really good having them in the neighborhood. ❤️

Andrew Jacobi

3 years ago

I hope every dog owner who is considering sending their dog to Fido’s Retreat reads this factual account of my and my dog’s experience to understand that by sending your dog to Fido’s Retreat, you are putting your dog’s health at risk. Recently, our dog boarded there for 4 nights. As soon as I picked him up, I could tell that something was wrong. He did not seem like his usual high energy self. About 10 feet from the front door, our dog had some of the worst diarrhea he has ever had, which continued throughout the day, including multiple accidents in the house, something our 8 year old dog hasn’t done since he was a puppy. The next day, we called our vet, who asked us if anything had happened that we knew about when he boarded. That is when I called Fido’s for the first time, to tell them that our dog had had severe diarrhea since right after I picked him up, and to ask if they had noticed it, when they had noticed it, and if they recall anything happening that could have caused it. The first person I spoke with told me there wasn’t a manager available, and to call back later, I tried again later in the afternoon, and was told the same thing. Throughout the night and into the next morning, the diarrhea persisted and I called the vet back and was told that without any information from Fido’s, we had to assume the worst and make an emergency appointment that included testing of his liver and kidney functions. After speaking with the vet, I called Fido’s again and was told the same thing, that no one that was there could tell me anything about my dog’s stay. I pleaded with the person I spoke with to get in touch with whoever they had to to tell me when the diarrhea had started and what might have caused it. They said they would call me back, but never did. I then took our dog to vet for his emergency sick visit where they put him through a battery of tests, and again, I still had no information after 3 phone calls to Fido’s over the course of 24 hours that would have been instrumental in helping pinpoint the issue and potentially save my dogs life for all I knew. When we were leaving, I called Fido’s one last time and demanded that someone give me information. Finally, I was told by someone that our dog had gotten into a room with other dog’s food and had eaten a significant but unknown quantity, although she could not tell me when during his stay this occurred. I told the vet this, and the vet told me that if that was indeed the cause, stool hardeners should solve the issue. After a day, our dog was back to normal, despite Fido’s unwillingness to help. I reached out to Fidos the next day to express how upset I was, not that our dog had gotten into a room with other dog’s food. That was a mistake showing lack of competence, but would have been forgivable had they told me right away or reported the diarrhea to me. To this day, they claim they never noticed the diarrhea even though I noticed it within minutes of picking up my dog, and they refuse to take responsibility for the fact that this happened on their watch OR that I called 4 times before anyone could tell me that he had gotten into the room with the dog food. I asked them to reimburse me for the medical bills that we had incurred because of their carelessness and negligence. The owner told me that while they would not reimburse us directly, they would submit a claim through their insurance, but only if the cost exceeded a $500 deductible. But because they refused to cooperate with my efforts to gather information for our vet to diagnose the cause of his diarrhea, the battery of tests the vet put my dog through and the medication prescribed did clear $500. When I submitted the receipt to the owner, he amazingly took back his offer to submit an insurance claim. If you love your pet, you cannot send them to Fido’s Retreat. These are bad, untrustworthy people who will neglect your pet, and if anything happens to your pet on their watch, not only will they refuse to take responsibility, they will stifle any effort on your part to get potentially life saving information.

Lianne Bradley

3 years ago

We couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality of service and the genuine care each employee shows all the dogs! We've definitely found what we were looking for and will never go anywhere else. Highly recommend Fido’s Retreat and all its terrific services.

Ron Jacobi

3 years ago

Horrible beyond your wildest imagination. I recommend staying far away from these people.

Presnell Carstens

3 years ago

Fidos Retreat services were exceptional. Our dog was full of joy every time we bring him to the place. The staff here were trained and you can see to it that they took good care of your dog. Reasonably priced services. we will surely recommend this place to everyone.

june lee

3 years ago

Make sure you KEEP TRACK of the packages YOU BUY and DAYS YOU USE!! I would like to say that at least I was happy with how my dog was treated, but in fact he injured his leg by falling from a height and got chronic diarrhea during his time there. I understand that these things happen with animals, which is why I did not complain to staff about this, and have focused this review mainly on my business experience with the daycare. I wouldn’t be surprised if the business owner responds to this review saying that I am aiming to get some form of compensation, but in fact I have thirteen half-days left on my account and don’t intend to bring my dog there again. I have had issues with the way this daycare runs their business from the financial perspective. I keep careful records of how many full- and half-days I’ve used (I buy both types of packages for my dog because my schedule is variable). Recently, I received the usual email that my full-day package had finished, even though my own calendar shows that I should have two more days left. I went in person to speak to the manager, and he told me that their records show different information: that I had already used the whole package. When we compared our records, I found that some days I had recorded as half-days were recorded by the daycare as full days. The manager was uncertain when I suggested that some days I had recorded as half-days might have been recorded by him as full days, changing his answers about a few of the days when I asked him to confirm whether they were full- or half-days. When I finally asked how many full days I have left, he repeated that I had none. This latest incident is not the first time I’ve had similar issues. On a previous occasion, I had just purchased a full-day package two days before, which my bank records clearly showed. The daycare said they had made a mistake and given me a half-day package while charging me for a full-day package. They changed the package to the correct one; I’m mentioning this incident because there have now been a couple of instances of the daycare making accounting errors. When I reminded the manager of this previous mistake during our conversation described above, he said he didn’t remember it, even though I dealt with the same staff member both times. I don’t plan to go back to this daycare because I don’t have confidence in the staff telling me the truth about how they run their business.

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