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Bryant Baez

2 years ago

How much is it for my male cat to be neutered?

Kate Kennard

2 years ago

Clinton Hill Animal Clinic and Dr. Dendtler literally saved our cat Louie's life. We initially went to an emergency hospital after our cat started suddenly vomiting. After x-rays, an ultrasound, and some blood work (and $3K in bills), we were sent home with them telling us nothing was wrong with him. He kept vomiting - we called them and told them it was continuing to happen and the emergency hospital said it didn't sound serious and that he'd be fine. A week and a half later, we could tell that something wasn't right, so we took him to CHAC. It was only then that our cat started getting the help he needed. Immediately, Dr. Dendtler was on the case and said we had to get to the bottom of what was going wrong with him. Again, we would do an ultrasound and blood work. They determined there was a mass in his intestines causing him to vomit. We did an exploratory surgery, and they removed the mass and sewed him back up. We found out this week that he had a very rare case in which his intestine had folded in on itself. If we had left it just a couple of days longer, he would have died. From the start, Dr. Dendtler took Louie's case very seriously and made us truly feel like she had our backs (and even said as much), making sure we could squeeze him in for last minute surgery, informing us of the risks. Most importantly, I knew she wasn't going to rest til we figured out what was wrong with him and had done everything possible to save his life— and even though the other vets we took our cat to were compassionate, she was the first vet we saw where we actually felt like she was caring but also truly dedicated and determined. We are extremely grateful for the excellent care he received. They really did live up to their motto of "treating every pet as their own." We would recommend CHAC to anyone. Thank you so much guys. We honestly cry thinking about it and are so glad we took him to you and that our cat got the care he needed.

Molly Nevins

2 years ago

This review is based on the experience and not the actual examination. I made an appointment for my cat at a specific time, the day before I received a call from the clinic to confirm my appointment time and was asked to bring a stool sample in. That’s it. No other information or warning that my appointment time meant nothing. When I showed up for my appointment, I was told they will have my cat for several hours (!!). Four hours went by and I finally got a call from the vet that I could come and pick up my cat, and that the stool sample I was requested to bring in was going to cost me an extra $125 to be examined, which was never disclosed to me. So between that, the vet visit cost, and the rabies shot, I was charged ~$250, and they kept my cat locked away in conditions that weren’t disclosed to me for over 4.5 hours in total. Not to mention, my cat was given a “perfect” bill of health so obviously a stool sample examination was completely unnecessary.

Frances Haile

2 years ago

Always excellent professional care. Staff are empathetic towards pets and pet parents. I highly recommend this clinic. My dogs have been under care there for the past eight years.

Suzan J

2 years ago

They are very professional, caring, & gives detail about the health & wellness of my cat.

Tim Walsh

2 years ago

I was amazed how clean the facility was and how caring they were about our animals

Zachia Moses (Zia Zee Zee)

2 years ago

They never contacted me back.

Clare Barber

3 years ago

We were with Clinton Hill Animal Clinic for 10 years with three cats. Dr. Dendtler and her staff are a unique group of people - they are incredibly compassionate with plenty of common sense. We treated all of our cats with Dr. Dendtler's sensible guidance which extended and improved their lives.

Joshua Edwards

3 years ago

I just personally didn’t feel comfortable dealing with this clinic, I was told one thing by the nurse and a total different thing from the doctor. I went there for an emergency appointment witch I was very glad to be able to do. Upon arrival everything went good, they did the best they can as Covid is active right now and still a threat. Up until I spoke with the doctor on the phone. My dog has a UTI and I’ve seen the symptoms before as I have took him to another clinic and got the issues resolved for $375. When I was telling the doctor about my dog symptoms she seemed very Judgmental. It’s OK to love the animals and be upset when you see that they are in pain but if I’m coming to you for help I expect you to work with me not to seem against me. She wanted to run a series of test that the previous veterinarian did not feel the need to do that was going to run me about $265.. I wouldn’t mind spending the money as I do care a lot for my dog and would love to see him in better health but I would never spend my money where I feel I’m not respected. Anyway this is my experience you might have a different one, thanks for reading glad to provide my experience.

Brian Bee

3 years ago

I wish there was a way to give 10 stars. It was the absolute best experience for us and our cats. The guy it the front desk I’m so sorry I forgot your name but he was extremely patient, thorough and took the time to answer every question we had. The doctor was caring and extremely knowledgeable about cats. It was the best experience 10 stars!

Christopher Peguero

3 years ago

My cat was brought in just for shots and they bruised her and said it was her fault they dont know how to treat cats here

Diane Davis

3 years ago

Very rude on the phone when questioned

Head Trainer

3 years ago

All the reviews I have read is exactly what I have seen. - long wait times to even be seen, over 1.5 hour and then once you finally get in, the appointment can still be around 1-2 hours depending on what you are getting done. On the other hand, a 15 min blood test costs $300!! - no communication between receptionist/ nurse and client. My dog has a liver issue and took medication for a month and was told to come back to test levels again. He finished the meds, we couldn’t get an appointment right away, had to wait a week and then they say he may have to go back on the meds because it’s been a week! Mind you the medication was overpriced as well. - I’ve had animals my whole life and never have spent more on vet bills than at Clinton Hill Animal Clinic. - Say they are going to ring you/ email you and half the time, I don’t hear anything and need to ring them. - healthy paws insurance reached out to them for my dogs records so I can start claiming. It’s been two months and they are still waiting for those records. Everything seems disorganised and for the prices you are paying, I’d expect a lot better customer service. I think I am at my limit and as close as the vet is to our house, I think it’s time to find another vet. Very disappointing.

Nora Lueth

3 years ago

I’ve been bringing my dog here for over a year! They’re a wonderful neighborhood vet clinic and I always feel like they’re trying to do the best thing for my pup! The vet will also call me personally for updates and keep me very well informed.

Paige Mulcahy

3 years ago

Amazing service, always very helpful and knowledgeable!

Patricia Malone

3 years ago

My cat was suffering from a UTI and was able to be seen that same day. The staff are kind and friendly and gentle with the animals. Well worth the money to have my cat feel better.

PJ Schwabe

3 years ago

My dog was throwing up persistently. This place charged me $750 to have a number of things done to my dog (including x-rays, food, medication) and still could not give me a straight answer as to the issue with her. Turns out the dog was simply dehydrated and just needed fluids. This, people, is what we call incompetence.


3 years ago

They bleed you dry financially. Over charge for unnecessary services and waiting times are ridiculous. People struggle to keep their pets because of huge vet bills if the pet is actually sick, so it's completely immoral to charge so much for things that are not even needed.

Terri Foster

3 years ago

I love this location. They are highly professional, knowledgable and I believe truly care for my pet. I have been with them for years now snd am 100% satisfied all the time. Thank you all for top service and for truly caring.

Kevin Pryor

4 years ago

They care more about charging you as much as they can opposed to helping your pet


4 years ago

We have trusted Dr. Dentler and company with three dogs so far, all of them beloved family members, and time after time she has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and intuitive. She has diagnosed tricky conditions other vets have missed, and recently my dog went through surgery with her team... we were treated with such care and concern. All the staff in this office, from LJ at the front desk to the vet techs who help administer care, have treated us-- and our animals-- with respect and dedication. Strongly recommend this place, i have not met a smarter vet in this city.

Kristin Ortiz

4 years ago

I had been bringing my Siberian kitten, Oksana, to Clinton Hill Animal Clinic since I got her in December. The veterinarians seemed to be knowledgable. However, the receptionist LJ, is extremely pushy and attempts to up-sell, often unnecessary, services. His organizational skills seem to be lacking which impacts your wait time, affecting the urgency of care. At these prices, one would expect a better level of service. In mid-April we chose to have Oxy spayed here. She was examined by a veterinarian prior to the surgery and was deemed healthy enough to go under the knife. It appeared that the surgery went well. She was recovering nicely at home and, upon her follow-up visit one week later, I was assured that everything was healing properly. Around three weeks after her follow-up appointment, Oxy began to show signs that something was wrong. She was not eating regularly and appeared to be constipated. Upon calling and speaking with LJ a few days after first noticing her symptoms he told me that he would speak with the doctor and call me back in several minutes. It was evident to him that I was quite concerned. After an hour of not hearing back from LJ and knowing that the practice would not be open the next day I reached out to other providers. By the time LJ finally called me the following day, I had already made alternate arrangements with a veterinarian who was recommended to me. Heartbreakingly, I was informed by both this veterinarian and Verg Animal Hospital, that Oxy was seriously ill with either FIP or Lymphoma. I was shown a x-ray of a large mass in her abdomen which was putting pressure on her other organs. Sadly, there was no hope for any type of recovery and, today, I had to put my 7 month old kitten down. Upon calling the clinic, they disavowed any responsibility for failing to notice this large tumor and proceeding with an invasive surgery. While I cannot say that they were the cause of her situation, I feel that they were certainly negligent. Not only would I have never put her through this procedure had I known that she did not have long to live, but we spent a small fortune on her surgery, trusting, falsely, that she was receiving the best care. This loss has been a major blow to me and my boyfriend. I am writing this review to help warn any prospective clients. Please do not go to Clinton Hill Animal Clinic with your beloved pet.

Lauren Arevalos

4 years ago

Money grubbing, animal harming clinic. Spend the extra money on a taxi and go somewhere else. NEVER HERE EVER!!!!

Mireille Snowden

4 years ago

Dr Pam & her staff saved our cat Dusty"s life this April . We could not be more grateful!!! Thank you all again!

Rachel Grunau

4 years ago

Here for your money, not for your pet.

Edward Grant

5 years ago

Thorough and attentive--they gave me years more to spend with my best friend.

Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky

5 years ago

I started going here about 10 years ago. I had stopped coming in with my cat for a few years bc she was young and very healthy. once i got a dog 2 years ago i started taking him here. I don't know what happened, but their service has plummeted. the person who is at the front desk appears professional in the way he handles things, but honestly he is quite rude and rarely followed through with my requests and needs. they had my card on file, but when my partner went in to an appointment instead of me they wouldnt let her use the card on file to pay (even after i told them she would be coming and asked if that would be fine), it happened twice and was very frustrating due to our financial situation. The doctors also would talk in a condescending manner as if we didnt know anything or care about our pets. they would also suggest procedures that were just simply not necessary. And they are totally expensive!!!!! I am going to another vet now and they are ten times better than this place.

Gun Blue

5 years ago

Long wait (over an hr) in the waiting area, long wait in the office (another hr), and this is with an appointment! And, unnecessary "treatments" and meds. Overpriced meds, when you can get the same online. If you have a brand new pet, definitely don't go. They scare you to pay for many treatments and meds, using your vulnerability with your new pet. We tried several times after thinking maybe it was just that one time, but no. Still long waits. Every scheduled visit too easily 2.5 hrs of waiting time. Plus, they kept "loosing" our paperwork and tried to administer vaccination that was already given!!!

Kat Beta

5 years ago

This review is based on my first impressions and not off an actual appointment. I stopped by the Clinc to gather information about the local veterinarians in my neighborhood. Receptionist was micro aggressive with me like I was causing him issues (very simple questions what is the examination fee, which doctor would you recommend for kittens in your Clinc) I saw the reviews before but thought I should still give it a chance. Now I know some of these bad reviews may possibly be true.

nicola brown

5 years ago

Late review: 2 years ago I moved to the neighborhood and noticed health changes to my dog I googled the closest veterinary office nearby and came upon this location. The PROS are the providers are friendly and acknowledge your pet by their name and they also tell the prices of services and procedures before they proceed, so their are no surprises at the end. CONS they are on the high side for price for care compared to other vets in the area and it is a long wait so be prepared wait 30m to an hour post your scheduled appointment. Ergo, if you have the time and the money this place is for you. The providers explains everything with great detail and answers all questions

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