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Rachel Feldman

2 years ago

I just saw the vet a few minutes ago and was disturbed by what I saw in the “exam” room. I’ve attached pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. The vet seemed nice enough but very old school. As others have mentioned, it was just him and no other staff. He took multiple phone calls during my visit to schedule other patients. I was not happy to see multiple open containers of bleach and a cup of syringes that may or may not have been previously used. I did not see a sharps container for disposal. He wanted to do an injection and I refused due to what I saw. I would recommend seeing another vet in the area.

Alex Rodabaugh

2 years ago

I didn’t want to rate this guy badly because he’s incredibly affordable and sees anyone within an hour or so, the call ahead part is legit. Unfortunately the man is slowly going senile and his place is falling apart. He needs to retire or hire someone under 80 to help him navigate a changing world. He couldn’t keep track of any files, he was difficult to understand and his workplace may or may not be sanitary, I guess it depends on if he is lucid enough to remember. He called after we left to ask if we had paid even though we had just paid him 20 minutes before. Our cat got a shot and is now limping, potentially because he had asked us to hold her with a dirty blanket and she became very hostile by the end of the visit. Or maybe his hands slipped on the injection, I have no idea. There are no assistants. I just feel like such a failure for taking my cat there because I don’t make much money. I’m heading to somewhere else who will likely gouge me but this is America, and if you want decent service that won’t make you pet worse, just please avoid this place.

Raychel Alvarez

3 years ago

I love love love Doctor Novik, he's so adorable, super polite, not pretentious and honestly just wholesome altogether!! His service is so underrated, his rates are freaking resonable. He treats animals because he geniunely loves animals. He's treated my dogs for over 4 years. He under charges despite his 20+ years of vet experience. I actually think he should charge more! My partner and I consider him a hidden gem. I'm moving Dallas, but i'm gonna miss this guy.

Barry L

3 years ago

This veterinarian should not be licensed he obviously does not care about the well-being of any animal misdiagnosed my cat where my cat now is in very bad shape said the cat had a callous when in fact it was a very bad infection because of his negligence the cat may not make itIf you love your animal you will definitely not take it to him animal killer

Richard Capers

3 years ago

Dr Novac is an EXTREMELY old school and soft spoken, he's not even automated and writes his appointments in a book. That said he will charge you by far the lowest rates you'll find from any Veterinarian and he has impressive credentials with his degrees on the wall for all to see. His office is sorta dreary looking, and when my sister went to pick my kitty that I had spaded, she was horrified. He did a very good job though at below market price in spite of the office appearing stone aged. I would certainly go back to him.

Noor Yusuf

3 years ago

Dr Novick was so sweet and good with me and the dog. Please ignore the bad reviews because he is simply old school compared to what we are used to. He was very friendly and quick in his service. The dog needed its rabies shot and i was worried that it was a little too soon for her but he explained why it’s okay for her to get it now (unlike the other vet who refused to get her the rabies shot and insisted that my dog needed it at 4 months old). He gave us everything we needed, including the certificate, the shot and the rabies tag for he dogs collar. He was very talkative and personal in his appointment. I really enjoyed it. He doesn’t have anyone helping him it’s just him in his office but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He is so affordable.

Judy Obloj

3 years ago

Very nice vet. He did a good exam the doctor was very pleasant to talk to. He is there to help the animals and not hurt your pocket. I would recommend him. Office small so make an appointment.

Jesse Coates

3 years ago

Dr. Novick conducts a very odd 'practice' that made me feel that appointments could go wrong at any moment. The way he does things seem like he's trying to operate below the radar. He has no office staff, no vet techs, no other staff at all. He cuts corners by not running many tests and once had 'helper' come in that was a barely washed friend of his who stumbled a little. I declined. He is very likable and knowledgeable about animals but something is off about the way he practices, as if he doesn't have a license anymore? IDK but he also doesn't keep any type of organized files or records.

Estefania Sotomayor

3 years ago

He's office it's not as modern as other's but he has met my expectations when it comes to my dog's care he's very reliable when it comes to hours and days as to any emergency i might have. Very affordable Vet he won't overcharge you and won't try to do any sort of extra testing unless it's necessary. I can truly say i trust him with my dog and from the moment he sees her he already knows her diagnosis and what's wrong with her and the medications he gives her they always work. Please don't get intimidated by the way he is all i can say is it doesn't bother me and he gives good care to my dog and that's my priority keeping my dog happy and healthy.

Johnny Thornton

4 years ago

A few weeks ago on a very hot day I found a dog that had been hit by a car and was severely malnourished a block away from this vet. In a panic I called to see if this vet could help. The owner of this place refused to see the animal until I agreed to be financially responsible, I agreed. I bought the dog in and the was surprised with the extreme lack of empathy for the injured animal and the overall annoyance with our presence. The owner told me that the dog's leg was probably broken and he needed a hospital. Once it was clear the dog could not be treated there I began the searching for a place to bring the animal. I asked the vet if he had any food and water he could give the dog and he said NO since I was leaving soon and then pressed me to leave. I was outraged and told him we would not wait outside since it was so hot, I told him the dog could die and he responded "well, we're all gonna die someday". I found an emergency vet hospital to take the dog and called an Lyft, at this point the owner said I needed to leave immediately and he had better things to do with his day (I had been there for 15 minutes total at that point). Instead of screaming at him I decided to focus on the dogs care and leave. After all of this I got the dog to the hospital and he got the care he needed and lived. I have never seen this level of apathy in the face of a badly injured animal. Thinking about how this man reacted is anger inducing to say the least. I don't really know how this man stays in business, but I hope whoever reads this will take their animal elsewhere. This man should not be caring for animals.

Will Pardington

4 years ago

Quality guy. Great price. He knows his Bulldogs.

Michael Kerr

4 years ago

Dr. Norvick is an experienced vet with decades of clinical practice. He’s very old school. He won’t try to do tons of blood and other tests when he can first offer guidance based on what he observes clinically with his eyes, ears and hands. If you want to go to a fancy office and pay $500 to $1,000+ then Dr. Novick is not for you. If you want a veterinary medical doctor who will provide a hands on close examine of your pet and give practical care and advice then go see Dr. Norvick. He will teach you what is the root of what’s ailing your pet and walk you through solutions that are realistic. I have friends that can afford $1K to $10K vet bills and I go with them to their pet’s doctor. But I can only afford a tenth of that - and with Dr. Norvick I trust that my cat (Kitty) and I are in just as capable hands. Kitty is 15+ years old and of course I want her around forever. With Dr. Norvick I know I can afford to continue providing her a good life and keep her healthy as possible.

Jonathan Qualtere

4 years ago

The only vet you can really trust in NYC. He is so smart, doesn't upcharge and try to sell you things you don't need, and is FAR more informed than any vet I've been to in NYC. He's my 4th vet in NYC and the only one who I trust, and has consistently been correct in diagnoses. I've gone to park slope vet clinic and the only thing they do there is try to sell you things, they don't even try to see what's happening to your dog. They got so many diagnoses wrong that Call Ahead Vet then got correct. He's funny and smart and a good guy. I get that he comes across as rude on the phone but it's just cause hes matter of fact.

Yan G

5 years ago

He is the best vet in Brooklyn ... I don’t get why people say he’s rude, he’s actually the opposite of rude and a very caring vet always calls me to follow up regarding my dog etc.

S. Lee

5 years ago

Best vet ever. Never any waiting, clean office and great sense of humor.


5 years ago

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BRING YOUR PET HERE LOOK AT THE REASONS FOR ONE STAR REVIEWS. EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING IS TRUE AND HAPPENED IN MY EXPERIENCE. I should’ve listened to the reviews about being rough with the animals and the man on the phone was extremely rude and disrespectful, not the kind of vibe you want to have when having a sick pet.

Buddy Williams

5 years ago

Doctor Novick simply one of the best veterinarian that I’ve had come across in the last few years a down to earth gentlemen.. He talks to you not at you . He has a soft demeanor just simply the best I can not praise this wonderful doctor enough

Buck DeNegron

5 years ago

Simply the best And honest to goodness down to earth human being an excellent doctor talked to you not at you very caring man

Ash Gomez

6 years ago

My dog instantly felt better and actually helped my dog after going to diffrent ones that were over pricing

Kylia Ardrey

6 years ago

Very rude over the phone. I asked a simple question about their services and did not receive a straight forward answer. Then, they hung up on me! Very unprofessional. I will not be taking my animals here.

Olynthia Whyte

6 years ago

My male cat was peeing blood. I went online and got the doctor's number. When I called the doctor he was very polite and patient. He also gave me an estimate of what I will beHe's great with pricing very affordable. After an hour taking my cat to him I can saw great improvement thanks to great doctor I wish we had more like him in this world that it's not all about the money.

bittr nyc

7 years ago

This has been the best vet experience I have had in Park Slope. The Doctor is very experienced & noligable. The Doctor will help your pet for the problem at hand and not try to sell you everything in vetrinary industry The office does not look like much but was sterile. The Doctor to seems to be available all the time. There was no problem getting an appointment on a Sunday. My cat was a ball of mush on Saturday and Sunday at 3:00pm he is back to his old self (He only had a bladder infection) I wont be taking my cats anywhere else. Dr. Novick is my new Vet.

Penny Ambatis

7 years ago

I had the most horrific experience with my 21-year-old cat. My daughter found that the cat had a cyst, and since I didn't want to wait until my regular vet opened up the next morning, I took her to Call Ahead Vet. The doctor that examined her was extremely rude to me and rough with the cat. He sprayed the exam table with antiseptic and just plunked her down, not even wiping it dry. I should have left then, especially when I asked him how the cyst developed and he answered brusquely, "How should I know?" Rather than giving her an oral antibiotic after seeing how frail she was and knowing her age, he gave her an injection, poking her roughly. She screamed in a way that I never heard a cat scream before and never want to hear again, and FELL DOWN DEAD ON THE TABLE. All he said was "I didn't know this would happen." Then, as I stood there crying hysterically, he asked me to pay him! Avoid this "veterinarian" at all costs! He has no compassion whatsoever for humans or animals! If you love your pets, don't bring them there! All he cares about is money!

Andrea Cremese

8 years ago

After trying a few other vets in the area my opinion is that you should bother going anywhere else. Period. Dr Novick is very competent and patient. He has the heart of a teacher and explained in detail our Dog's situation. Where other vets in the area had advised on a much more extensive, expensive and risky procedure, he did solve the situation without putting our dog's health at risk. He also showed us what to do in the future in order to prevent the issue form happening again. I cannot be more pleased with his services and will go back to him without thinking twice. If you absolutely need to have the fancy office and the frills, this is not the place. But don't judge a book from its cover: if you want a reliable professional that does not charge you the moon and is very straightforward, do not bother calling anyone else.


9 years ago

I can see why some of the Yelp ratings were hesitant about this clinic because it is a real hole in the wall. However once the vet came out and started working on my cat I instantly relaxed and just felt so grateful that he had been able to agree to take us on short notice. He was not only completely professional, but you can see that he has a genuine love for the animals that he sees. Everything was done by hand, instead of a computer, but it moved faster that way and I can see that he keeps all of his paperwork in order. He treated my cat, issued me medication with a demonstrative instruction on how to adminster it, warnings to follow, and even through in a second smaller dose of ear mite treatment for my dog so that they wouldn't spread ear mites between each other. He was amazing and at a fraction of the cost other clinics were attempting to charge me. I think I've found my cat a regular vet finally!

Norman Tiller

10 years ago

I noticed my poor cat constantly in the squatting in his litter box and trying to urinate tonight. Even though it was 9:30 p.m., I called Call Ahead Veterinary and spoke directly with Dr. Novick. He said to come right on over. I brought both cats with me since the other one was due for his annual checkup. Dr. Novick saw the two cats promptly with no waiting. For the cat with the urinary problems, he diagnosed it quickly and gave meds. The other cat received an exam and was fine. I am giving this clinic an excellent review because of the circumstances (emergency visit) and because I liked how there was no nonsense with time wasting gate keepers/receptionists/vet techs. Also, an important consideration for a lot of people out there -- Dr. Novick was very budget friendly. I thought I'd be eating cat food alongside my cats for the next month but his services were very reasonable. All around, a very good experience and my cats now have a new vet.

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