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Erin Byrd

2 years ago

No one ever answers. Also seem to falsely advertise their services. I have three pets with wellness plans through Banfield in which I’m spending well over 100 a month with them. The fact no one ever answers the phone and they have a “we are closed” message when you call even though online it says they are open is unacceptable. They send you constant emails reminding you your pet is due for services and to call and schedule an appointment but don’t answer? Okay. As for the false advertising; they say they include a x-ray service in your plans (I’m referring to the senior level plan which is $60+/monthly). When my dog started limping I thought let’s utilize this X-ray and see if it’s anything serious. I call to schedule and because I’ve ran into this issue before I confirm the X-ray is included in his plan; this is the response I got “it’s included but there is a $300 charge to send them off and have someone determine any issues”. I’m sorry but that is the detention of false advertising. Our other cat broke his leg unfortunately and when I called Banfield they couldn’t see him for this, I understood this as they aren’t emergency, however when I went to Banfield for the follow up appointments after we visited the emergency care they told us he needed to be seen every 7-10 days to change the bandage. They told us the bandage could get wet and cause infections if not. He is a long haired cat and they didn’t shave his leg at all so when they took the bandage off the second time they told us he had a skin irritation and it could be infected. The bandages they put on were taped to his fur and pulling ripping his hair out causing it to bleed and get gross. After about 10 follow up appointments ($70 each time for the bandage change) they wanted to do xrays to make sure it was healed completely (reread the X-ray part above, and additional $300). We ended up taking him back to the emergency vet and had the bandages finally removed because it cost LESS. Banfield is good for a new kitten or puppy to get vaccines and other required treatments but other than that STAY AWAY. I understand it’s a wellness plan but they charge so much for anything additional other than vaccines on top of your monthly charge. I’m cancelling all my plans today. Was going to get our new kitten set up for vaccine purposes only but they never answered. STAY AWAY.

Unicorn Bob

2 years ago

It is impossible to get an appointment. I called several times today and the phone kept saying the hospital was closed despite it stating that the operating hours are from 8am to 6pm, are they shut down ? Or are the phones just turned off to not help any customers. This is terrible. I’m switching my pets to another provider that despite being busy, will still answer the phone.

Jocelyne Gilead

2 years ago

Unbelievable how they never answer the phone (!). I’ve been trying to get an appointment for months. This is unacceptable for a business to do this. It’s gotten to the point that now my pup is past their vaccine deadlines yet Banfield keeps emailing me telling me to schedule an appointment but I can’t even schedule online because it says to call the clinic but no one ever answers!! I’m really upset and can’t believe how bad the phone service is here and overall with Banfield throughout NYC - no one ever answers. I can understand that they’re busy but this busy is just insane - don’t accept more clients if you can’t even handle the clients you have! What do I have to do to get an appointment so my dog can actually get the care they say they give?. Can someone PLEASE pick up the phone??? This is terrible and I pay monthly and still get this issue - awful. I’ll have to look elsewhere because this is just not sustainable in any way. Makes me think the customer is just a number to them. So disappointed. I advise anyone else thinking of joining this program to look elsewhere.

Kate Mahan

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!! They give incorrect medical information and do not care about pet care. The phone service is incredibly rude and unhelpful.

Anna Thomas

2 years ago

I’ve been calling and calling trying to get my puppy appointment. No one is answering, the recording keeps sending me back to the line no one is answering. How am I to get service for my puppy if I can not speak to a live person. This is very unprofessional and I’ve heard good things about this particular establishment I’m not so sure now I’m afraid to let my baby go there and I can’t even get through.

Summer Georger

2 years ago

Have tried to call this vet on multiple occasions, multiple times and have not once got a phone receptionist to help me. Can’t get an appointment online for a month. Absolutely ridiculous when I need to have my dog seen who is experiencing illness. That’s the whole point of a vet????? Compared to other Banfield locations who have always been responsive and professional, it makes this location stand far out. They need help.

brenda weaver

2 years ago

The downtown Brooklyn store is closed right now very inconvenient


2 years ago

Professional care for your pet with excellent customer service.

angela Reed

2 years ago

I definitely called 2 days before I got through but when I spoke to Kay James she was soo professional. As a first time dog owner she answered all my questions, calmed my fears because its my 15 yr old's puppy. We spent a pretty penny for him and while I'm no dog lover Kay made me comfortable with the care he will get from Banfield. I will keep the reviews coming. Great first convo!!!

Esther Torres

2 years ago

Very pleasant and kind personnel I strongly recommend this office. It's comfortable while you wait.

Heather Kimball

2 years ago

Banfield as an idea is great. So long as your open to seeing new docs most of the time (which if you have healthy pups/cats then that is ok, imo). This location is overbooked and getting service is very difficult. We cancelled our plans after 1 year mark. Save your $$ unless you want the headache/ hassle of having no appts ever. Truthfully Banfield is a better model in less densely populated areas. They should just close down here. I lived in Portland, OR and that tiny city had 10 locations, where NYC gets just 2. Guessing it's due to real estate limitations this city has (too expensive, not enough petsmarts with space for a clinic, etc). Bummer cause it's great way to save on preventative care.

Khawlah Hazeem

2 years ago

I called to book an appointment for my dog in August for allergy shot, semi annual exam and pick up flee medication. The first available appointment was on 10/30. I called several other time asking if I can see a vet because my dog is itching and scratching herself they asked me to take her to emergency room. I am not sure why I am paying $80.00 for this plan?!!!

Mary Fulweiler

2 years ago

I’ve been coming to banfield for about 6 years and I have the wellness plan (insurance). When it works…it’s great. But I’ve noticed a ton of staff turnover, and recently, I can’t get a vet appointment for my life — or even get a call back. I reached out to the corporate site to see if perhaps this location had closed, but they were unhelpful. So, I do pay for insurance every month but can’t get an appointment for a comprehensive, dentals or refill tick/flea meds.

Marisol “Catwhisper” Collazo

2 years ago

Love them they treat the animals with love and care ..and the place is cat isn't scare when I take her for her appointment ..that tells me a lot ..i give them a 1to 10 my score is 10~100% Thanks Catwhisper and my baby kitty Bella Turnbull.????????❤????????????????

Go Canes

2 years ago

Overall, excellent service for monthly healthcare plan. They could improve their phone service. There are many times you call that you can't get through which can make it tough to make an appointment or reschedule.

Eddie Ramirez

2 years ago

It's a very good and pleasant experience for you and your pet

Harrison Shore

2 years ago

These guys do not run a tight ship, and the vet turnover is astonishing. Our cats are four, we took them in for all of their six month check-ins, and *every single time* we saw a new vet. Even the vets we didn’t like that much would leave. The front desk staff is also consistently unpleasant or unprofessional. They seem to have a lot of really good vet techs, but again there’s no consistency, you never see the same people for multiple visits in a row. The last vet we saw had abysmal bedside manner, but she seemed to know what she was talking about, so we figured we would stick with her and develop some kind of rapport- nope, two weeks later for a checkup, she already had left.

Steve R

2 years ago

Been going for years. Easy breezy vet experience! Just added two pups.

Tiffany Moore

2 years ago

The phones are different recently and waiting times however everytime my pup is there he is well taken care of. We've been going since he was 7 months, Thanks to all of the staff, I try to be patient because I know the amount of people is crazy, Nathaniel (pitlab, age 3) says Thank you, and also for the cute bandana!!

nidia daley

2 years ago

Place is very dirty and not very pleasant store. Is gloomy and dark. And outdated. Sometimes they are happy and other days they ok. As far as taken care of my babies I give it a 8.

Tian Qiu

2 years ago

Not sure what’s going on but I’ve been calling all morning (8/23) to try to make an appointment and no one is picking up.

Mona W

2 years ago

This Banfield pet hospital is one of the good ones in my opinion!!! When I call I usually get someone who answers the phone and helps me out with my inquiry or scheduling an appointment. The one time I left a message to receive a call back... They actually called me back. The vet assistants (sorry if that's not the right name) are always friendly during calls, drop off and pick up. They are very attentive and listen to the concerns that I stated. The Dr's are also great (imo) they call with any concerns and keep me updated on what they find, what they will do next or when I can come pick up my pet. Pick up is also a breeze for me. They bring out my buddy and let me know his behavior for the day (just to keep me updated).

Treasures of A Gemini

2 years ago

I take both of my Yorkies to this location. They are always accommodating and very polite.

LM Ramirez

2 years ago

Dr. Amanda Denninger is not an honest doctor about the way my pet was treated here. It took several months later to find out that she wrote on her notes how my dogs behavior was unsatisfactory (this is me putting it mildly). So now moving forward no one can see my dog. If my dog has restraining issues I should of been notified ASAP and I would of picked him up. She continues treatment and put in her records her opinion of his behavior. I was told my pet was in the cage for more than 2 hours. Of course he will react that way. Shame on you if you know the situation and observed the pets behavior you should of call me and not perform anything and suggested another Vetinary in Banfield hospital that can deal with him. I have proof of abrasions he has and I was accused that he came this way. He has been treated two or three times here. The other veterinary doctors did not put negative notes to his records. Last words if you was there Dr. Amanda Denninger during the challenging restraining you have done the #1 thing call the owner and see who else can treat the pet. Not all doctors have the proper touch for every pet. If you have a preference say it instead you traumatized both my pet and my family. Be true to your Profession because we put our pets life in your hands. Now my pet is being penalized because of your notes that I wasn't aware of. That should of been also disclosed with me so I could of moved forward to seek another Vetinary with proper proctol and professionalism.

Secretary Jackson

2 years ago

My son brought food for our turtle...very clean smelling good pet store.. (Pet Smart)

Ramon Beach

3 years ago

Located on Atlantic Avenue in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY, Banfield Pet Hospital is the ideal clinic for your pet. The veterinary team cares a lot about animals and provide quality care for their feline and canine patients. Accessible via the 2, 3, 4, 5 and R trains (come off at Borough Hall station and walk 3 blocks down), the B45 bus as well.

R David Taylor

3 years ago

Horrible wouldn't even see my dog. I had a free exam coupon all of a sudden they are booked claiming we don't see emergency anyway only comprehensive. They gave me a paper and couldn’t care any less. I hope this place closes down.

Mimi Benfield

3 years ago

I've been there a few times & was fairly happy with the service but I've been trying to call them for over a week to make an appt but no one will answer. I don't really see why I'm paying $65/mth for the wellness plan. I called the Banfield in Staten Island & they answered on the first ring so I guess I'll just have to travel to get care for my dog.

elahe massumi

3 years ago

Horrible service at benfield hospital location Atlantic avenue. Extremely rude people at reception desk. Total nightmare.bill have never seen such unprofessional rude employees in my entire life. I will not recommend this place even if it is a natter of life and death. Please stay away from this place. I will never ever walk back to be field hospital at Atlantic avenue location. My appointment made three weeks in advance was not properly recorded by their staff. Instead of apologizing and behaving professionally trying to make it up, I was repeatedly insulted and accused of lying about an appointment made three weeks in advance. I have never felt so insulted in any place the way I was treated inhumanely and insulted at Be field hospital of per smart ayatlantic avenue. I would stay away from these unprofessional people for the rest of my life and I would not recommend this place to my worse enemy.

Roberta Martinez

3 years ago

My Lilo was I ll. Not eating or drinking water. I was very worried. 1 visit to this wonderful place and she was good as new. The minute she came out from her check up she looked much better. My husband and I were very happy. Our little baby was back to normal. This is the only vet that I would trust. Caring, kind, compassionate. I always recommend Banfield to all the pet owners. Love you guys, ,thank you, ❤️????❤️

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