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Michael Schwinger

2 years ago

I love my dog's vet. The whole staff is caring and helpful. My doggo especially loves Dr. Minko.

Linda Aldridge

2 years ago

Little busier due to staffing, but always kind, friendly and offer amazing care for your pets

Faith Robbins

2 years ago

I don't even know where to begin. You did a horrible job diagnosing my kitty! You sent me home with 5 medications to force on her and force her to eat and drink. Come to find out after taking her to good vet hospital, she had a brain tumor and had to be put to sleep. Thanks for taking advantage of me and the 700.00 you charged me and having my cat suffer in the meantime.

Madeline Anderson-Balmer

2 years ago

Used to go to one in MA and loved them. This one delayed an appointment more than 24 hours for my dog when she had a back injury. We couldnt meet with the doctor but had to do an early am dropff (even though we had an appointment at 8:30). By 11 I called to see what was up. They needed permission for pain meds and to do xrays. My dog was in pain for 2 1/2 hours sitting in a crate. When were they going to call. Doc said 3-4 hours for xrays and time to recover. I called around 4 (5 hours later) no answer. Left a message, called again, then just drove over. No further discussion with vet but she said radiologist would view by next day... but dr wouldnt be in for 3 additional days. Got pain meds with no written instructions. 5 days later, after multiple messages and phone calls the doc called me back. Xrays showed nothing. "How is she doing?" Then said give it another week and maybe do a surgical consult. Two weeks after the injury, with no further call from Banfield, I'm looking for a new vet and will then cancel the wellness plan I've been paying for. Not the level of care I expect at all.

Morgan Lee

2 years ago

Wonderful experience! I was able to get in right away with my new kitten I had found on the street. I also had to bring my 3 year old and my 3 year old threw a big fit and didnt want to be there, the kittens doctor allowed me to stay in my car and was very accommodating and very nice when my son was crying!! Hands down a very nice and genuine place. Also prices were very good!!

Nichole Griffin

2 years ago

I’ve been a customer of banfield’s for quite some time between my own pets and my family’s pets. We used to have really good experiences with banfield up until around two years ago. I have an account with my own cat on my plan as well as two of my brother’s cats. My brother is a 17 year old kid and lost his debit card recently. He lapses on a month going into two months and since they couldn’t get a hold of his card, they charged my personal card. I called the corporate number which was a mistake since the girl I talked to was extremely rude, kept talking over me and at one point told me to “shut up”. I told the woman that I’ll be contacting my bank because I didn’t have a good feeling about the situation and she told me not to. I then insisted on calling them which I told her and she said she was disconnecting the call. I’m very disgusted with this situation, I’m aware that I probably won’t get my money back so I’m just going to be calling the BBB as I was advised to by my bank and will be canceling the plans under my account since I don’t want to do business with a company who’s extremely unprofessional. Not to mention they have terrible business etiquette.

Antoinette Anderson

2 years ago

The service that I received for my dog was excellent people nice supportive and patient

Donna Rosinski

2 years ago

They always take very good care of my dogs. Very short wait time always

Kimberley Billups

2 years ago

I signed up for the yearly plan to receive 2 checkups for my dog. Sometimes they are very busy. I always get my questions answered with no problem.

Maria Rivera

2 years ago

Nice and helpful staff every time I bring my dog in, great even when I have lots of questions !

Andy Kovel

2 years ago

They are good and efficient when you get there, just don't try calling them. Especially in the morning they never answer the phone

David Scinta

2 years ago

Good place for your pets.

Ardce Jean Granddaughter

2 years ago

I am highly disappointed. I signed my puppy up last year 7/29/20 paid a visit with me puppy 1 time they talked me into signing an 1 year contract when all I wanted was to get my do was get my puppy shots. They made it seem like spading waz a great thing and I didnt know what it really meant until my brother told me. So I was immediately alarmed. The rep kept pushing the spading issue after I told her I was not interested and wouldn't want my baby to not feel the love and pleasure of having kids. So I told them I didnt want their services anymore. Recently June 2nd to be exact I got an letter in the mail stating I have an balance due of $329.85 so I called to see what was going on. They of course spoke of the contract. So im like ok I will pay the $119.85 but the lady states I have an balance of $485. How did they skyrocket in less than an month? ( Yea Idk either) ....So when I got some funds I called back and spoke to another rep that said it is $485 smh. So I told the lady the previous conversation I had with her fellow employee and she really didnt have an explanation. So I told her I can pay $130 then the rest later( inwhich she kept trying to get me to pay $330 and still pay the rest later). I didnt have that at that time so I paid $130. The lady guaranteed me it would not go into collevtions and for some reason my account got canceled from the time I spoke with the last rep so she said she would put a note in of what happened and put a flag on it. In which it hasnt even been a full year yet so I dont know why would they cancel it. This company is a rip off and does not handle their clients well. I would strongly advise everyone to think twice before signing up with them. Im paying my contract off and NEVER dealing with these so called "legal" crooks ever again....

Philip W.

2 years ago

Sometimes they just don't pick up the phone. This has happened several different occasions during business hours over the past few years since we transfered to this Banfield. EDIT: update since my last review. Several more incidents where this location does not answer their phone during posted business hours. Been loyal to Banfield for 5 years, with wellness plans for both my dogs and now I am forced to cancel. Not paying a premium every month to a place that doesn't answer the phone when I need them. When I move, I'd reconsider Banfield because have had good experiences with them for the life of my dogs.

mike bartlett

2 years ago

Dr. Schell is wonderful. She always explains things in detail and is as attentive to your pet as you are. Five star all the way.

kathy allen

2 years ago

Great staff! Caring individuals.

jessi silvestri

2 years ago

This was my first visit to Banfield. I was lucky enough to get squeezed into a last minute no call, no show appointment. So I thought. The front desk was extremely friendly. I was told it should be a quick 20-30 minutes for the exam. After 60 minutes the vet calls me from the back exam room on the phone, while I'm sitting at the front desk patiently waiting. He tells me he is waiting for my dogs records from her previous vet's office (which happened to be closed). Had I known that was what the wait was for, I'd happily run home to grab them. Dr Ahmad was very rude over the phone and did not listen well to my pet's history. After providing her vet records he insisted upon, he continued to write her eye drops for a different dose than previously ordered. I suggested changing the dose and he refused. When I went to get the prescription filled, of course they only carried her previous dose. Dr Ahmed requested I retrieve the prior prescription before rewriting the new one although the RX could dispose of the old one. This was extremely frustrating related to the shear lack of communication throughout my visit and causing me to make multiple trips to and from the vets office and RX. I do not fault Banfield as a whole but I will certainly not return to Dr Ahmad for any pet concerns.

Rose Smith

3 years ago

I had a great first experience bringing my puppy in for her first appointment. Everyone I spoke with was nice and professional. The appointment was prompt and the vet was very informative. I’m so happy I decided to come here! :)

Blanche Harling

3 years ago

They do a wonderful job

frank black

3 years ago

Its okay, I like it for the most part, I would definitely recommend

Anne Munter

3 years ago

Quite efficiently run. Fast service once my dog was in there. My dog was even wagging his tail when he was done.

April Demmons

3 years ago

Friendly customer service and very nice to the animals. This visit was my Egypt's first visit and they were very gentle with her.

Bali Guy

3 years ago

Always good for our furry children.

Catelynn Johnston

3 years ago

Legitimately brought our dog in bleeding out and she turned us away and said we needed an appointment and some kind of insurance. Also said they were closing even though their updated hours said they close at 6pm and it was 5pm.

Courtney Z

3 years ago

I work in the animal field and this is absolutely the worst vet office I’ve had to deal with. I’ve had multiple problems on different occasions and didn’t renew my wellness plan. Do not waste your time or money, go elsewhere.

Dana Lewis

3 years ago

I love this place. They know my pet.

Eric Overholt

3 years ago

DISORGANIZED. STAY AWAY. I made an appointment over the web. They have a sign up to call when arriving, because the lobby is closed due to Covid. They put me on hold for 20 minutes then told me I didn't have an appointment. I read them the confirmation email they sent and offered to show it to them, but they wouldn't even let me in the building, encouraging me to reschedule. I wasted time and gas driving all over the place to go here. I only wish I knew which car the person I spoke with drove, so I could transplant my dog's nervous poop to their car, after standing in the 90 degree sun for 20 minutes.

Evette Spencer

3 years ago

Always nice doctors & staff that really care about your pup!

Amber Skupski

3 years ago

They are consistently a problem. I have a wellness plan, and have used other Banfields which have I have liked, but this one is terrible. One of the problems is that they can never get my dog in for a normal appointment, I always have to drop him off for half a day. This includes a time when he was so sick I was afraid we might have to put him down (he's an older dog), and I had to drop him off to be stressed out in a crate so that they could get to him when they had time. Update: they have my dog's heart medication prescription. I am trying to get it refilled and they are not answering the phone either for us or for another store we are trying to get his prescription sent to. It has been almost a week, and he is out of medication. My best hope to get my dog's heart medication is now to leave a review to hope that maybe they care about bad reviews, because it doesn't seem like they care about my dog.


3 years ago

Went online on Monday 07/20/20 and booked appt. for vet visit and vaccinations. RECEIVED CONFIRMATION EMAIL SAME DAY stating I had confirmed appt. On Wednesday 07/22/20 got voicemail (which didn't listen to until Thursday 07/23/20) stating please call because hospital had to cancel appt. Called number and was informed that new patients were not being taken and that online booking only holds time slot (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE CONFIRMATION EMAIL OF APPOINTMENT). Girl stated that means nothing for new patients and that appointments cannot be made because they don"t know if you are existing or new patient.....LIE>>>>THE FIRST PAGE IN APPT. PROCESS ONLINE ASKS IF YOU ARE NEW OR EXISTING PATIENT!!!!!!!! Girl stated she could not speak to reason for confirming appt. because it is done through corporate computer system. I then called corporate headquarters who basically told me they could not speak for local location on honoring confirmed appt. and could only bring the matter up at meeting to try and rectify the way scheduling is done between corporate and local locations. So now I am left trying to find someone to watch my dog starting tomorrow since I can't take her camping without kennel cough. THIS COMPANY OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HONORING COMMITMENTS TO CONFIRMED APPOINTMENTS.

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