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Ally Snide

2 years ago

Okay so my review would be this “ as and employee of this store in crossgates mall I can promise that are store is ran by an amazing manager who is very knowledgeable when it comes to our pups and she does an amazing job running our store and making sure our employees are properly trained and have the knowledge to work closely with the pups in our store. In addition we have an amazing assistant manager who pays close attention to detail. The two of them are definitely a powerful team and I can honestly say I have never had any type of management as amazing as these two along with our higher up people who never let our hard work and dedication go unrecognized. The staff that I work with constantly work as a team, we all make sure all of our pups come out for play time numerous times a day. We all work very hard to make sure each and every customer is greeted and are helped out in any way needed. We pride ourselves in not only the customer service but as well as the upmost care for our puppies Despite all of the rumors about puppy mills I can vouch first hand our puppies come from USDA approved breeders and each puppy that finds their forever homes the customer is provided with all of the breeder information. Keep in mind these are baby puppies who are teething it’s not that any of them are aggressive they just have a lot of energy and very playful. We have a very amazing vet that works closely with our puppies. we all spend so much time and bond closely with these puppies we almost immediately know when one is acting the slightest bit off. This company is just an all around awesome place to work .

Happy Camper

2 years ago

I can't believe this place hasn't been shut down. Please stop keeping them in business. They do NOT take care of these animals.They sedate them to keep them calm. One day the woman told a worker to sedate one of the dogs that was barking and the worker said she already did and she was told to give him more. Another time I was there they had bunnies in a tank and one of the bunnies wasn't moving at all. I picked it up and saw its neck was broken I told the worker and she just hurried and grabbed it and took it in the back. Noone seemed bothered by it. This place is disgusting. Any animal lover should try to get this place shut down not buy animals from them.

Kyral Symouri

2 years ago

The staff was friendly, but the store was massively over crowded. Has some basic supplies but their main draw is just selling puppies. Not a bad spot for that if you want to get a store bought dog

Shawn Place

2 years ago

Did not open when they was supposed to be open and someone who has excellent credit was denied worst store next door to everything pets in Schenectady

B Orlando

2 years ago

Zero stars-Purchased a lhasa apso a while back for $1000 & it was a "bargain" because he was in "the box" for 6 months! He has seizures often & the vet said it was from breeding that was improperly done that caused a genetic disorder. Checked out a lhasa apso yesterday & they wanted $4800. Beware of the sales scam & the vet bills to come. They really need to be monitored in depth.


2 years ago

Not only was the employee disgusting, so were the facilities for the puppies. Employees should have to wear clean clothes and shower at least once per week.

Kara Stanton

2 years ago

I love coming in to all of the Pet zone stores. You can really tell the employees care for these pups and keep the puppies as clean as possible. Very fun environment and props to the manager Amber for keeping her store so clean and run well. I got my puppy from one of the stores and he is the love of my life. Good job pet zone crew!

tanya Jasper

2 years ago

Wasn't very clean puppies peed on floor no puppy pad. Was in there for 30 mins or so had to point out the urine

Hunter Chaplin

2 years ago

i don’t understand how trapping little puppies in a cage where they can barely turn around is legal. it’s terrible, made me sick walking in there.

Skylar Austin

2 years ago

Absolutely love this place always clean and dogs out playing.


2 years ago

it’s so sad seeing those puppy’s locked in a cage place needs to shut down

Sandra Ellis

2 years ago

We have a Cavaliers King Charles we got from Pet Zone. He was a pup turning 7 this year, has had NO medical problems and our Vet says he was from a good breeder. He thinks he is the boss, and of course he is. Just a great place

Tony S

2 years ago

Waited until after purchase and pickup to let me know our puppy had a surgery. Unprofessional.


2 years ago

They should not he allowed to sell puppies.

Steve Dellicarpini

2 years ago

These poor puppies... Sure it is cute to look at all the different puppies bit the more we thought about it the more it became obvious this place is terrible. It needs to be shut down.

angie panda

2 years ago

It's crazy how this place can have rude employees who look like they can't stand the dogs and then even worse you have them in crates that they shouldn't be in and uncomfortable at that. You haven't gotten better at all from your sad attempts to save yourselves from the whole puppy mill ordeal. Everything pets store at colonie center, a store that actually goes to good breeders for healthy happy puppies and good vets. the store owner is there all the time for the animals and to make sure the animals have everything health wise too. If They can have space and comfortable living spaces, clean store and a grooming station and running space for the dogs you can too no excuses at all, need more space? Get more space, re do your store. Actually care why don't you.

Mary Ann miller

2 years ago

Corgi tried to bite me. Told the staff they were defensive about it. turned on them dangerous situation.

Tammy Cella

2 years ago

Cutest puppies in the world

Coco Esquina

2 years ago

They sold me a sick puppy and made it seem like nothing was wrong with the puppy at the time of purchase!!!!!!

Holly Campbell (Holls)

2 years ago

Dogs looked dead. They were overheated and panting. One even got sick. I left after seeing this. The poor things. This place should be shut down!

Jennifer Weber

2 years ago

Prices for pups are ridiculous. But the pups were absolutely gorgeous!

Josh Williamson

2 years ago

Good service. My puppy is healthy and had regular vet visits.


2 years ago

Dog was sick and not going to see a Vet for over a week. I bought the dog, (NEVER WOULD I CONSIDER THIS) because the puppy would have died. Obvious puppy mill dog, regardless of what they say. This poor dog has deformed claws and permanent through damage from not being cared for. CALL OR WRITE your Senator and Congressperson and tell them to vote to stop these Pet stores from doing this.

Jake Pepper

3 years ago

If we did not buy her, we would not have her with us today. She is a lovely, sweet dog. She cost over $1600, but worth every single penny we spent on her. Do not regret our decision, despite the derogatory comments about pet stores in malls.

Yeshaya Sanchez

3 years ago

Terrible place puppy’s sleep on n metal grates with no cushioning , underfed and underweight

Ashleigh Plante

3 years ago

the puppies here are treated terribly, vet records are falsified, and dogs are kept in the tiniest cages with little care for their needs

Madison Nelson

3 years ago

This store has multiple accusations of puppy abuse and they falsify vet records. Do not buy your pets from here

Don Anderson

3 years ago

Over priced and there puppies are mostlikely puppymill pups because they always have new puppies all the time (my opinion)

Jim Besemer

3 years ago

Seems to be better than some mall pet shops. Pets seem to be taken care of. Prices are through the roof. I'd still suggest do your homework, find a reputable breeder and deal with a breeder directly.

Toni Demarco

3 years ago

My review for this place before was 1 star for being attacked by one of the dogs I was playing with about 4 years ago. But I went back on valentine's day this year and I got a 10 week old silky terrier. Other than being SUPER expensive.. I took him to the vet today and he DOESN'T have kennel cough, and is super healthy the vet told me. I agree buying from a pet store is bad, but I just fell in love with the little guy and had to get him. So whatever they are doing differently than they were before is working because my little Rocky is healthy and happy!

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