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Frank DePasquale

2 years ago

Have been taking our dogs to Colonie Animal Hospital for over 50 years,would not go to a different vet. We also have kenneled our dogs there for years. We hope to be able to kennel them there in the future. Thank you from all our dogs. Pam & Frank DePasquale

Matthew Mason

2 years ago

So far so good with CAH (been 1 week). Friendly staff and very knowledgeable, doctors were nice to speak with. If going to the center now, you cannot go inside, only the pets. Just call when you get there (they have a sign on the door). Looking forward to a long relationship with them.

Phill Gocheski

2 years ago

Our pets have been patients at Colonie Animal Hospital for over 40 years and have always had a good experience.

Ann Reilly

2 years ago

Kind, competent staff. A bit pricey. Would be nice if did sliding scale based on income though. Nice to my pets.

Caroline Contessa

2 years ago

The rudest and most dismissive staff I’ve ever dealt with. Refused to work with me or Chewy when trying to get my cat’s incredibly necessary medication. The receptionists have no idea what the hell they are doing. My roommate called because our cat was bleeding and in clear distress and we just wanted to know what to do or if we could get her in to have her looked at immediately. They told her that they didn’t know how to handle it and were rude and basically hung up on her. If you love your animals, don’t bring them here. They don’t care about them.


2 years ago

I have been going to Colonie animal hospital over 20 years.My pitbull has many ear infections which Dr.Cornwall takes care of very well. Today I call for an appointment because her ears are very bad, actually bleeding from her scratching them.I was told to go to Emergency clinic due to they have no appointments. I am very disgusted that they can't see her at least this week.What is the sense of having a doctor ?

Crystal (Togeprinxess)

2 years ago

Brought my 9 week old puppy there to have his first set of shots. Everything was fine until we left and he had a reaction to the shot, sever limping, yelping loudly, shaking, unable to move. Of course I became very concerned and had my fiancé call the office back to see if they could let us bring him back in. Mind you this is only about 2 hours after we left and they had 30 minutes before closing and REFUSED to see him, or even give us any mind that he was going to be okay or what to do. We didn’t want to give up and called back 15 minutes later as they still refused because they were closing. Animals are as important as children to people. 30 minutes was absolutely enough time to look and tell me if this was a severe reaction and what to do, or if it was normal and he was safe. Very disappointed. I had high hopes, and was very let down. I have eventually talked to an emergency animal service and received the info needed to make sure our fur baby is safe and okay. 0/10


2 years ago

Very accommodating and knowledgeable staff from incoming County Animal Hospital for years. Jason is a great vet tech

Terry Murray

2 years ago

They have delivered good care over the 45 plus years they have been caring for my dogs

Ann Janowski

2 years ago

I took my dog Russell this week for his annual shots and check up. I was so impressed! I wasn't sold anything or any vaccination he didn't need. I am so tied of Vets selling products. They actually asked me about Russell's life style and then told me exactly what was needed! Russell was very happy.

Emma Nyquist

2 years ago

EDIT: The clinic is adequate, but I would not return if I lived in the area. I have a very anxious cat in the car, and he tends to throw up and pee on himself from fright. Often, I would clean his carrier to the best of my abilities with what I had, however the staff would leave him covered in his throw up and urine after he was seen. Additionally, I expressed concern about the upcoming travel for this pet and possible calming sedatives and what was prescribed was a joke; although I informed the doctor the first prescribed medication did nothing, the second prescribed sedatives also failed to calm him. I didn't feel I was listened to, and wasted my money on these prescriptions. Finally, the reason I went to this particular vet was for the USDA accreditation and their location being so close to the USDA office. The pandemic has affected everyday life, and therefore, accredited vets are recommended by the USDA to file paperwork electronically due to processing time. THIS OFFICE IS UNABLE TO DO THIS. PERIOD. They were also unaware of the shift in rules and failed to adjust. So, plan accordingly if you have upcoming travel. Such a life saver. I am moving to the Netherlands, and wanted to take my pets along. The clinic made an effort to fit me in and were friendly, and clear when updating me on the pets health and what was needed for a smooth transition overseas! great place!

gary h

2 years ago

Good but getting pricey. We got our female cat spayed here recently. The minimum charge would have been about $350 but we paid about $500 to have some optional blood work done that could have indicated a problem with regard to getting her spayed (but there is a low probability of that being the case so that blood work was optional). We also paid an additional $50 to get her microchipped. So our bill was about $500 total. We got a regular customer discount of about $350. So, in the end, getting a female cat spayed here would cost somewheres between $350 and $850 - all of which seem pricey to me.

Heidi Meister

2 years ago

I so love this place, Dr Koren Roth is a dear ♥ and so is Andrea at the desk and actually the whole staff are so great and kind and compassionate not only towards my animals I bring there, but to me also.

Deborah Mcdonald

2 years ago

Was very happy with Dr Amy and staff

Jessica Rounds

2 years ago

Made an appointment for bordetella and anxiety meds. They took it upon theirselves to upcharge the bill $120 by adding lepto, Lyme and conducting a heart worm test. Didn’t bother to ask me first and then referred me to behavioral modification for my dog. Let me pencil that in with a full time job and two kids under two. Couldn’t be bothered to give my dog specifically what I asked for but didn’t mind doing whatever they pleased at my expense. Much appreciated. I won’t be returning.

Janice Corker

2 years ago

The employee are so kind and personable

christopher smith

3 years ago

The Doctors are courteous and knowledgeable, working to find solutions to all your pet's medical needs. As a client and an employee, it is safe for me to say I wouldn't go anywhere else.


3 years ago

My pets have always received the highest quality of care here. Everything is always explained so you can make the best decisions for your pets. They are extremely caring, compassionate, and professional. I always refer my friends and family to them. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Stephanie Wells dog mom to Lily and Sheldon

William Case IV

3 years ago

Super friendly staff, always treat my doggo like a king. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the area.

Cheri Becton

3 years ago

No bs, willing to help with customer request. Had a friendly and quick interaction

Dianne Slater

3 years ago

We have been clients for over 30 years. We know the staff and they know us. In this time of covid when we can't go in with our fur baby, it is comforting to personally know who is taking care of Allie.

Michael Colon

3 years ago

They treat both my dogs on a first name basis the staff and doctors are amazing.

Stacy Monforte

3 years ago

Awesome with my animals. Staff is very friendly and caring

Paige Leonard

3 years ago

Up until the beginning of last year I would have agreed wholeheartedly with all of the amazing reviews. I had been taking my dog here for years and never had an issue. Everything was great. Then I got my dogs teeth cleaned. He got a massive infection, and it was an extremely scary time. To make this short and sweet. He essentially got an infection from getting his teeth cleaned. This happens. But the Vet's acted like they had no idea what was going on. Initially they accused us of hurting or poisoning our dog. They soaked us for a serious amount of money 'trying' to figure out what was wrong. It was hell. We thought we were losing our dog! They were supposed to be there for our dog and us. But they were not. We took him to Companion Animal Medical center. They gave us better meds, a better plan, and they made my dog feel comfortable by simply loving my dog. He was skittish when we would go to Colonie Animal Hospital. But going to Companion does not make him nervous at all! He loves it there! He also looked better the next day and was acting like himself within a week! The Vet's at Colonie Animal Hospital are good people and they do great normally. This one time they messed up and made us pay for it. If I were to recommend a seriously wonderful place to take your puppies go to Companion Animal Medical Center. Worth very penny! The LOVE what they do.

Robert Yager

3 years ago

When my grandson said he wanted an Old English Sheepdog I knew we had to find high quality animal health care for the dog. Over the years I've been in many animal care provider offices and none are better than Colonie Animal Hospital. So many are just money grabbers and the focus is on money. Not at Colonie Animal Hospital. They focus on the animal first. Good people providing good health care for our "Best Friend".

Rúd3 BÔÏ

3 years ago

Clean place, friendly employees.. did not give me me hard time @ all. Good feed back from the Doc. I would go back.

Stephanie Walsh

3 years ago

I have been going to this practice for awhile. I highly recommend this animal hospital. All the employees are great from the women at the front desk to the vet techs and of course the doctors. It’s a welcoming environment and the employees care about your pets . If it wasn’t for me having to relocate I’d continue going here. Thank you for all you do.

Tim Gonzales

3 years ago

Being new to the area, I couldn’t find a vet taking new patients. I got an appointment here on the same day as calling. The staff and doctor were great! The prices were reasonable and sitting in the waiting room with people who had been coming here for decades made me feel like I was in the right spot. I have found a new vet for sure. Everyone here is very pet and human friendly and made us all feel very at home.

Shannon Judisky

3 years ago

The staff takes care of all kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats

Nicole Lanahan

3 years ago

Very pleasant knowledgeable staff, has been a staple in the Village of Colonie for many years...Takes care of various vet needs, such as shots ..

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