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Mili Gonzales

2 years ago

Awesome place to take your fur babies

Joie Peña

2 years ago

I am so sorry I haven’t reviewed sooner! You took such incredible care of my baby, Mel, months ago and were so patient with her when she didn’t initially improve. You gave such incredible food recommendations, were so kind and saw her on an emergency basis several times, and made sure that she was well before releasing her. She was so sick from shots given to her at a nearby establishment and you were able to reverse the effects. I am so incredibly grateful for your care and kindness. I recommend you to everyone in town and your service and compassion is evident from the moment you walk through the door. So sorry, again, for not posting this sooner!!! Thank you so so much for caring for my cat!

Vangie Martinez

2 years ago

My experience with the staff has been phenomenal. Jenna has been very helpful and caring. Dr Trujillo kept me informed throughout my Sassy"s visit.

Lelia Rascon

2 years ago

I love the place for my pet... Answered my question to the best of their knowledge Santo has to go back soon for next shots

J Anen

2 years ago

If it was based on the interaction with the docs and techs I'd give it a hard 5 but the walk in only model is ridiculous.

Felicia DePaula

2 years ago

I called this evening because my 4 month old puppy wouldn’t stop throwing up, mind you, it was 6:57pm. I left my home in Pojoaque and was in Santa Fe before 7:30 and they said they could not see my puppy and I would have to take her to Albuquerque for treatment. Smith doesn’t close until 8, and my sick puppy was refused service. I was in hysterics because I didn’t know what was wrong with my dog. I was in Albuquerque by 8:07, they had more than enough time to see my dog. They have zero compassion and are uncaring, they shouldn’t be in this business with vulnerable animals. I’m completely disgusted and will never attempt to go there again, if you say you’re open until 8, stand by that. I have given them thousands of dollars in service and will not spend another cent there to be treated so poorly. This was not the first time this has happened either.

Lisa Rodriguez

2 years ago

My took in my little dog Lucy in this morning. Muriah is so wonderful. This tech was kind and you can tells she loves animals. Thank you for being super awesome! Lisa Rodriguez

Tamara Spagnola

2 years ago

A whole lot of money, poorly spent. After 2 visits with my cat in about as many days because I was told his teeth were making it difficult for him to eat, 2 different vets in your office put him on the path to organ shut down by completely killing what was left of his appetite by over medicating him. Instead of giving him the suggested injected antibiotic, I was told to continue oral antibiotics and he was injected with nausea medication and given opiates, gabapentin, and an oral appetite stimulant that did not work. Fortunately I was able to get him to a doctor that gave him the right treatment and got him eating right away. We have been coming to Smith's for many years, most recently because there is no other walk in clinic, but I am relieved that I have found another vet who immediately recognized that his teeth are not bad enough to stop him from eating, told me to stop the oral meds, gave him the antibiotic injection, and while in the office got him to devour two dishes of food. He needed his sinuses cleared so he could smell again. Not appetite killing pain meds and oral antibiotics. This is simple thing that 2 of your doctors could not figure out.

Lisa Gurule

2 years ago

I can't even explain. They went above and beyond. Helped me with my entire experience, truly caring and with compassion. Thank you all. I owe a couple of people a special thanks. I'll find out who they are and rate again.

Kip McNinch

2 years ago

Traveling through on an RV trip and this was the only Pet Hospital we could find which would accept walk-ins! Great staff who were all great with our dog! We highly recommend this Pet Hospital!

Katrina Martinez

2 years ago

This is the greatest vet I've ever been to. All staff was great and sympathetic to our loss. Thank you to all the staff.

Joseph Vigil

2 years ago

I have been to Smith's VH twice and both times have been very pleasant. Staff has always been very professional and friendly.

Jayni Shuman

2 years ago

Could not find a vet in Santa Fe OR Taos that could give me an appointment sooner than 3 weeks away. Smith's walk-in service makes it so easy. Totally worth the drive from Taos!

Jamie Lynn

2 years ago

Smith's used to be the best care. I'm the last year their service both at the front and the medical professionals has declined dramatically. It's disappointing this is this supposed to be the high standard vet in Santa Fe.

Helen Salazar

2 years ago

They never have openings. It seems they tell you that so they can make more money after hours( urgent care or ER!!) I've checked several times and its always the same answer. A neighbor had took his dog and it cost him $3200.00 for his pet!!! Outrageous prices!!!!


2 years ago

Hey, would have I been treated better had my dog been hit by a car or beaten up, mauled & left half dead by another animal ?? My dog is my best friend, my family member & when I noticed he was not being his lively self...I needed an EXPERT to tell me he was either sick or I was being overly protective! No one offered my dog water the entire waiting period...the staff were rude & obviously not trained in the care of dogs & their owners who are NOT experiencing a TRAMATIC EMERGENCY... DON'T ALL CASES MATTER ?? I felt like the only polite & caring staff member was the tech who brought me the medication... Even the vet seemed "Put Out" by my concern for my dogs mental state & his diarrhea..????✌

Anna Abeyta

2 years ago

I was very pleased with Dr. Upchurch, first time taking my doggie Harley to Smith's. Dr. Upchurch took great care of him. Best place for your pet. Harley will be returning for all his health needs. Thank you to all the staff.????

Amelia Fugee

2 years ago

The receptionists are always so bizarrely rude and stressed. It takes months to get an appointment even though my dog is regularly seen by them. No follow up care, never sees the same vet…getting him neutered cost close to $500 which is very very expensive. Just feels like an awful process.

5.05 Coyote

2 years ago

August 13th my 1 1/2 year old German Shepard had his first cluster seizure episode ever, we took him in and paid the 350 bucks needed for blood work not including the medication needed afterwards, Dr. Martinez gave us his prescription we needed to give him 3 times a day which we did. September 15th our Kash had a very bad seizure episode and he wouldn’t snap out of it so we rushed him to the emergency vet in Albuquerque and 5 minutes before I got there he stopped breathing and passed away.. after arriving to the vet the veterinarian there asked me if we had given him his emergency dosage of anti seizure medication, I Felt sick to my stomach and told them I had never received that from Smiths, they told me I should have been given an emergency dosage regardless of how recent his diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy was he should have had a emergency dosage. After calling Dr. Martinez and informing her that Kash had passed away I also asked why I wasn’t given that emergency dosage like the Other vets are saying, she said that that’s not how she runs her practice and that’s why she told us to go to a neurologist to get further tests done, and that the emergency dosage is a controlled substance and it’s not just something that she gives out to animals just diagnosed with them epilepsy. It breaks my heart knowing I watched my dog have continuous seizures and I had to just stand their watch him helplessly. If your dog has a seizure I would not recommend this this clinic for you beloved pet, I would suggest you go to ANY other vet in town as they will give you an emergency dosage which all the other vets I have called have said they give out in a prescription. Just to add insult to injury we got a condolence card from the place who pronounced Kash dead but not from Smiths veterinary.

Ruth Duarte

2 years ago

Great customer service. Doctor is amazing.

Rudy Chavez

2 years ago

No good they just want money before they even look at your pet.

Ron Frank

2 years ago

An Emergency visit on Sunday with my rescue dog , my pet hit the dashboard taking a blow to the head, over her eye - also had blood in her urine. Entire staff was responsive and professional , sympathetic. I have found her new vet in Dr. Cohen..

Rob Kurtz

2 years ago

I like the quality of the care. I don't like their process. You can't make an appointment. You wait with your pet in the car or the waiting room until it's your turn whether your pet is in pain or not. No triage. They might learn from the hospital model. One area for appointments and a separate area for emergencies. On a positive note, the vet we saw was caring, competent, and professional.

Nancy Mccabe

2 years ago

We could not be happier with our experiences with Smiths even though COVID changes have been challenging

Michelle Taliaferro

2 years ago

My dog was attacked when we were visiting Santa Fe! It was so scary! Smith’s got us in right away and took such good care of him!! He is on the mend!!

Melissa Salas

2 years ago

Mike Dobesh is a very helpful and knowledgeable Vet. Have been going to their office for many years. Goes out of his way to make sure we are taken care of. Prices have increased quite a bit however. PLEASE do something about the front desk. The person we had the unfortunate experience with K Heras, was soooo rude and condescending. First she said we couldn't be seen because we didn't have an appointment, then we could be seen but it would be an urgent care visit because of the time of day, which was not communicated to us when we tried to call in to make an appointment. After our visit, when we tried to pay our bill and check out, I asked her a couple of questions and she basically wouldn't respond. She heard me but wouldn't answer. Then I asked the same question for the 3rd time, she speaks out saying that she did hear me and continued to respond in a very rude, sarcastic and unprofessional way. We all are trying to take care of our pets in this new covid time, but a little compassion, friendliness and basic communication goes a long way. I really miss the old Smiths's. If you don't like to work with people and pets in a service business then please find another career.

Kelly Janecek

2 years ago

Smith’s provides consistently good care and the staff are friendly and helpful. I truly appreciate the availability this clinic offers for pet care!

Anthony Garnanez

2 years ago

I honestly would give them no stars. My dog is 15+ years old. For the first time i experience my dog having a seizure I try to take him in. But unfortunately I need a $200 deposit before they even treat my dog. I thought their profession was to look after animals. Unfortunately money comes before the care and treatment of animals. Thanks for the hospitality I really feel like my dog is important.

Edwina Taylor

2 years ago

I have been a client of Smith's since 2007, primarily because of Dr. Andrea Trujillo and the loving and professional way she has treated my dogs. I am now on my fourth one with her, and each has had its own special journey and relationship with Dr. T. I tell my pup she cannot get sick on Dr. T's' days off. Only once has my pup not complied. Even so, the care at Smith's is wonderful. All the vets are top notch and the staff is kind, patient, informed and efficient. The pandemic brought challenges to all of us, but Smith's and staff were steadfast in their continued loving care for its furry friends and their parents. We are so grateful to you all.

Carol Valencia

2 years ago

Thank you for helping me when I needed the help with my puppy

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