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Mira Betz

2 years ago

Rick was awesome! His store is well kept, animals are healthy. He set us up with a beautiful snake tons of info and was super friendly. SHOP LOCAL it’s businesses like these that bring flavor and uniqueness to our city!


2 years ago

Always a great experience. Rick is knowledgeable and friendly, and always has great recommendations for care for our collection of insects and fish. We also recently adopted a ferret from him!

Dylan Kendall

2 years ago

Great selection! Knowledgeable, cool staff. Awesome fish section with several banks of professional style overflow sumps. Hand tame macaws!

Lisa Hales

2 years ago

Rick took care of our gecko for 13 days while we were travelling at Xmas. He did a great job -- even feeding her a special Xmas dinner! His new store is delightful -- the birds in particular are beautiful. We are so relieved to have a reliable place to board our pet...

Michele Flores

2 years ago

In my opinion this is one of the best pet stores. Always very welcoming. With a large variety of pets.

Will Trigo

2 years ago

This is a great pet store. Rick has my bearded dragon looking buff AF. He’s one of the only places selling live mice. Which our pets need. Not dead stuff, like from the larger pet stores.

DesiCakes Mtz

2 years ago

I loved this pet shop. The owner is very kind and very helpful.

Dominic Loveless

2 years ago

Great place to buy pets, the owner is super pretty friendly and usually keeps a nice selection in stock

Lauren Dunbarr

2 years ago

The owner is fantastic! Willing to lend an ear and advice if you need it. He's experienced and knowledgeable, and it shows through his keeping and husbandry. He took the time to advise me over the phone, and gave me some great pointers regarding some issues in my freshwater aquarium. He's nice and so patient, and I really feel like he prioritizes each of his customers. Can't recommend Jurassic Pets enough!

BullPines LLC

2 years ago

Fantastic store! Rick is knowledgeable and friendly! We really enjoyed getting to meet the animals and learn how to improve our fish tank.

Cristina Rubio

2 years ago

Such an awesome pet store! They have a wide selection of animals, especially birds! I got a parakeet and a canary and the owner was so helpful.

R “Onlyinthe505bby” M

2 years ago

Wonderful place, very nice and knowledgeable owner, and the animals are all very well taken care of which makes transitioning them to a new home very easy.

Stephen Fehnel

2 years ago

Got a sweet black masked love bird. The owner was very friendly and knowledgeable. All the animals were healthy and well cared for. We're planning on going back to get another love bird sometime soon.

Rosa Castillo

2 years ago

I go every week for my python and fish needs. The service I receive from Rick is outstanding. When I first became a pet owner, I went to pet smart and purchased silver dollar fish, unfortunately I did not know about them having ick until one died a day later. I stopped by Jurassic pets the next day and was talking to Rick about how my fish looked and he right away walked over to a shelf and handed me liquid copper. Within that same week I saw major improvement in my aquarium. The knowledge he has about different animals is amazing. THANK YOU RICK!

Raleigh Whitt

2 years ago

We come here for food for our Ts! Always feel very welcome, and have always had a great experience with the people working there.The owner knows what he is taking about when it comes to all animals he owns, and it gives me confidence in being able to care for my animals that I hav adopted. 10/10 recommend any day over some chain like petco or petsmart- would rather go through Jurassic Pets !

Mads Xaeaii

2 years ago

Amazing customer service. The owner is super out going and we’ll educated on the animals he sells. He is always very generous, and knowledgeable when we ask him questions. He always makes us feel welcome! This is the only pet store we will go to in and around town. Usually we order from offline. But it always feels good to support a local business, especially when the place is as well educated and polite and respectful as this place.


2 years ago

Great service and great variety of pets.

Elizabeth Juarros

2 years ago

Jurassic Pets is a wonderful store! Absolutely fascinating! The staff is knowledgeable and attentive. Rick takes his time to help consumers understand the many complexities of owning pets.

Dustin Gibbons

2 years ago

Great customer service and amazing experience going in

David Hassin

2 years ago

We purchased a dwarf hamster from Jurassic Pets, the store is “old style” pet store, really nice, well loved pets, clean and organized. Knowledgeable help and everything you could want to walk out the door with your new pet. Highly recommended, a good big box alternative

Cindy Brisco

2 years ago

If I could have given a zero I would have I was absolutely mortified when I went into this store multiple birds were sick he had about 50 parakeets in a box with no food or water and they were all fighting each other. Very dirty and unsanitary living conditions for these animals I have been thinking about reporting the store to animal welfare. Jurassic pets is a very disturbing store. I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy!!!

Alex Yee

2 years ago

Hands down one of the BEST pet stores I have been to. Rick is an awesome and knowledgeable guy! Which makes picking your next family member a wonderful experience. The environment is open and freeing, it’s always sort of magical to walk in a see beautiful creatures perched on a piece of driftwood or hiding in a micro-tropical enclosure. Three different species of healthy and happy companions later, it is safe to say I will always be headed back to Jurassic pets for information, care products, live food, or a new addition to my little clan of exotic animals!!!


2 years ago

For the most part the shop is really nice the animals are well taken care of it is a little smelly in there but it's to be expected I'm sure they could use better ventilation to remedy the situation the owner is extremely polite kind of generous with plenty of information about his business practices pets and caretaking of each animal that he sells out of his business

Shirley Trujillo

2 years ago

Excellent customer service. Rick is very informative and willing to help and cares very much about his customers and animals.

Fabi R.

2 years ago

Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful. He has continuously tested my water FOR FREE ! Exotic pets and great prices.

Adelina Reyes

2 years ago

It is a great experience every time!

Gurushabad Khalsa Mirando

2 years ago

I understand that this store is trying to offer a wide variety of pets in an interesting environment. Sadly I think this store has inadvertently created a very disturbing environment that most likely really negatively impacts the animals within it. The aquariums and cages in general are dirty to the point of harming the habitants. Animals mixed with species they have no business being near. The owner was extremely rough with the animals we were discussing. Later I thought he was going to break the wings of a bird he netted very violently. I do not know if the owner either doesn't know better or is perhaps over taxed. Whatever the reason, in my opinion this store's animal husbantry is deficient to the point of cruelty.

Sherman Bilbo

2 years ago

Always get good service here. The owner Rick is a great guy, friendly, down to earth guy. Can answer questions about anything in his store and beyond. Very knowledgeable.

dolores salazar

2 years ago

I absolutely love this store, the owner is helpful, knowledgeable, willing to help in anyway he can and is very welcoming… If I could give 100 starts it would be done x10 !!!!

Randal McCarthy

2 years ago

The atmosphere of this small business sets the tone. Place crawling with all the critters you could possibly imagine, and the owner has solid knowlege on all the animals. Bought a Clawed frog here and I couldnt be happier with my expirience. This is going to become a pet store I frequently visit in the future.

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