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Teresa Thompson

2 years ago

Low cost shot clinic every other Sunday!!


2 years ago

Friendly's place on earth, to take your best friend. Every question I had about my buddy was answered. Great service, put my cares to ease

Natalie Fan

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly and helpful to make sure you have everything you need to self-bathe your dog. They did a great job on my dog's nail trim too.

Barbara Holland

2 years ago

Great service! Joey is excellent with my dog Gracie.

R. O. F.

2 years ago

Staff is very attentive to you and your pets needs during a stressful activity. Facilities are super clean and we'll organized.

Anthony Sandoval

2 years ago

The best shot clinic I have ever been to. They help all of the customers that are in line for the clinic. The clinic operation was well ran and efficient. They were very informative and the prices were extremely reasonable. My dog got all of his vaccinations (3yr rabies, 3yr parvo,and bordetella) as well as a nail trim for $104. In addition to the awesome affordable shot clinic they run, they have a great selection of natural pet foods and treats. They maintained a high level of cleanliness also. While me and my dog were waiting in line for the shot clinic (I’d estimate amount 50 people/pets in the line) the staff was diligent in cleaning up the side walk of any potty messes from pets. The store itself was also well maintained, clean and organized. I will definitely be back for future visits. Thank you Pet Vet Market for holding the shot clinic, taking good care of my dogs nail trim, delivering excellent customer service, and being extremely reasonable with your prices. Truly a blessing for ABQ pets and their humans. <3

Laura Mae

2 years ago

Not big but always has what I need. Shop here!

Pary Smith

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. They always seem upbeat with a positive attitude. It's a bonus that they always volunteer to carry my 30-lb. Bag of dog food out to the car.

Kathy Dawson

2 years ago

Best shot clinic. staff are very helpful and care about thier customers and it shows. I will always shop at this store

Vincent Higgins

2 years ago

Friendly and professional. Pet bath is top-shelf!

Rosio Trujillo Parker

2 years ago

Great options for my pet.

Mary Akin

2 years ago

It’s no surprise that there is only one remaining location for this pet food store! This is NOT a pet store, they are in the market for selling you pet food though. We have been customers at this last location for two years, we have two large breed dogs and buy premium grade dog food, costing us over $250/month and have two cats that we buy $50-75/ month for also. We also bathe our dogs here! We spend a lot of money here, well, no more. I came in with my very tame female kitty to be fitted for a harness, I called beforehand, whenever I arrived the girl I talked to on the phone had no recognition. She led me to the harnesses and I asked her to help me fit my cat, then my cat bolted behind the main row of dog food. It took me approximately 3.5 minutes to retrieve my cat. Whenever I did I found that both employees and the owner were assisting two customers. So this employee left me without letting me know or any indication that she would return. I assumed she would return and paced in the back calming my cat. The second employee that I assume was new because I’ve never met her was running back and forth between the counter and the back. I asked her on her second passing if she could get the harness already opened for my cat (she had already passed by me and I asked where the harness was and she informed me it was with the first employee) and she said she would. I watched her walk to the other employee to retrieve the harness and the owner told her not to worry about me & instead help another customer out to her car. I decided to leave, no hard feelings but definitely want to support stores that focus on pets, not just their food! Also this location has a hard time keeping our cat food preferences (Victor) in stock & have called to let us it’s in but then it’s not there. Here’s a picture of my cat who is very friendly and will accompany us on walks around the neighborhood, but finds noisy stores with loud music scary!

Kimberly Cano

2 years ago

Staff of always helpful and knowledgeable

Mo Comments

3 years ago

Always bathe my dog here it’s easy and they have everything I need!

Steven P

3 years ago

The DIY washing stations are wonderful!! Especially for bigger dogs and during the winter when you can’t bathe them outside at home. With the flip of a switch, the sprayer changes from water to shampoo to conditioner. The drying stations make it a breeze to finish our 50+ lb Goldendoodle and Pyrador dogs. The staff is always friendly and keeps the grooming area nice and clean!

Allan Moore

3 years ago

I was a regular customer for several months, but not anymore. The last two times I have visited the store, one of the employees/manager/owner has been fairly rude to me. The first time I encountered this employee, I was asked in an accusatory tone if I was paying for my items. A very strange question since I was holding my wallet with card in hand. Despite months of paying by card, I was then told that I could not pay this way, and it needed to be cash. She took a somewhat aggressive tone throughout this transaction and I got out of there. The next time I went in over a week later, she was there once again and just as rude as before. She was short with me, and I had to wait for another employee before I could be helped. I figured she was probably this way with everyone, but as I was leaving another customer came in who she was very friendly towards. I am disappointed because all the other employees have been very kind to me every time I visit this location. Unfortunately, my two times meeting this woman have been so unpleasant that I will never be returning to this store again. There are over a dozen stores in Albuquerque that I can get my items from and avoid getting snarled at in the process.

Frances Cunzeman

3 years ago

Stopped 1st time today to wash my medium sized terrier. The wash space was too small to turn her to wash the other side. The woman who demo’d the equipment for me could have cared less, never gave a name, then as she’s leaving said “if you have a question, you’ll have to find me”. Such a warm & welcome feeling. NOT!! Won’t be back & don’t recommend, especially dogs 50#’s & over. Space too small!!

Robert Medina

3 years ago

These guys do a great job at keeping our dogs nails trimmed. Also at a great price. Will always bring my dogs here.

John P

3 years ago

Good shot clinic. Friendly staff.

The Family Dog

3 years ago

The selection of quality dog food and treats is great. The staff is helpful and attentive to your pet's needs. It is the best place to wash your dog as it is always clean.

Joshua Edwards

3 years ago

Always comes here to wash our big dog! To the staff: I'm sorry, hes part chow. The fur... the fur... you guys are champs. To everyone else, come here, amazing staff, great place for everything your pet needs, and a dog washing/grooming station in the back.

Joyce Hanson

3 years ago

These people are always friendly and helpful. Love all the extras they have such as, vaccines, self dog wash, by appt toe nail cutting, all at a reasonable price

Julie Martinez

3 years ago

I took my chihuahua to go get a shot their the doctor Bombay was so rough with my little tiny dog I've never had my dog handled so ruff ever.

Justin Rhinehart

3 years ago

The owner of this company came out side and started arguing and cussing at me because I was parked in front of his store for 5 minutes. He was aggressive and acted like he was gonna reach in my vehicle. He has no problem cussing when kids are around. He also threatened me that if I come back that he will be waiting for me. I was there for 5 minutes waiting for my son to get out of school. He acted like I do this every day. This OWNER shouldn't be acting like a punk and threatening people, especially around kids. He just showed his true self in front of all the kids who just got out of school!!!

Marlene Faulkner-Hussein

3 years ago

This place is a life saver. I went for low cost shots for my dog, Cyrus Boo Boo. It could not be easier or budget friendly! The staff is amazing! Thank you all for this great community service!

Steve Moskal

3 years ago

Variety of high quality foods and friendly staff. They always ask if they can help get my purchases out to my car.

Sasha De La Cruz

3 years ago

Staff is extremely friendly. Always super helpful and welcoming. Best place to get the doggies washed!

Pamela West

3 years ago

The self service baths are a life saver. They are always clean, and fully stocked. They have shampoo and conditioner plus post bath supplies such as brushes and hair dryers. The awesome lady (sorry I don't have her name) who clips toenails is super friendly and fast, which I think our dog appreciates even more than we do. The whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand!

Kristin B

3 years ago

This is a great place that has helped me multiple times. It’s so nice to have a place to wash my dog when I first got her and she was scared. They have also helped me find treats that the vet suggested for my dog’s stomach that I didn’t think I could find in a regular pet store. They are very friendly except for the one time when a greyhound growled at my dog.


3 years ago

The staff are attentive & sensitive to your needs when you need. You can wash your dog and they keep the grooming area very clean.

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Pet Vet Market, New Mexico, Albuquerque

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