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Rachel Sugar

2 years ago

Arie's Dogland is such a special place! I did both in-home training sessions with Arie and playgroup sessions with my puppy. Arie and the whole team are so knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming! I learned so much from the training sessions and taking my puppy to Dogland is always a wonderful experience for both me and my puppy! I would highly recommend Arie's Dogland to anyone!

Cassandra Crenshaw

2 years ago

Kind and knowledgeable staff, always take great care of my little pup. So thankful for them!

Pat Paiz

2 years ago

Only real problem is ot is very far away from our house. Ot was clean and the employees were very nice. Love that the staff wears masks. I feel much safer and will remember that Aries Dogland cares enough about its customers to mask for health reasons.

Jean Brown

2 years ago

The staff at Arie's Dog Land is impeccable. They are kind, caring and professional.

Helen Biederbeck

2 years ago

The staff up front are very helpful and attending when we come in! This is the best doggie daycare around!

graham timmins

2 years ago

We love this place. Really, try it out with your dog(s), you will not be disappointed

Anne Cumming

2 years ago

I could not ask for a better place to take my little Basil. Everyone on the team is beyond outstanding and they truly care about each dog. I never worry about my little one when he is there, I know he is well taken care of and loved.

Mary Clark

2 years ago

My dog has been going to doggy daycare at Arie's Dogland since it opened 8 eights ago and the astounding difference in her personality was almost immediate. When I got her as a two year old from the pound, she was fearful, timid, and not socialized with other dogs or people. Arie and her staff, with their patient and kind guidance, have helped her to become a happy, playful dog that plays well with others. I highly recommend Arie as a trainer and Arie's Dogland as a safe, caring place for your dog's daycare.

NattyLou Falcon

2 years ago

Could not possibly love this place more!! Our boy is already doing so much better thanks to Arie's training. And the play group. The whole staff is wonderful!! ????

Ian Christopher Abrams-Silva

2 years ago

We really enjoyed our individual session with Arie for our new rescue. She helped us outline a plan for teaching manners and generally meeting the dog's needs for exercise and stimulation. She had a range of recommendations from toys to treats to leash lengths, all of which helped make this exciting but daunting part of the process to be less random. My wife enjoyed learning ways that she could take part in our dog's training despite having fewer hours to spend with her. Also, she let us know what we were doing right -- who doesn't like that? I strongly recommend a consultation with Arie if you want to have a clear picture of what to do to shape your dog's behavior using positive, reward-based methods.

Katrina S.

3 years ago

Edit: 06/04/2019 I'm editing to note that Ziggy was not confined in a crate for the "closet" incident. She was put in a "small room that contained cleaning supplies," and was loose running around and freaking out without supervision, and it didn't seem "puppyproofed" to me, brooms were knocked all over the floor - the issue isn't the size of the room, but lack of water and supervision. It was the room located to the right when you walk into the building, parallel to the booth used for sign-ins. If she was crated it would have been better, she wouldn't have been able to get into anything. I'm attaching the emails and highlighting what I got confused over. This could have been a communication error, so I'm highlighting what I found confusing in the language. ---- Cont (minor edits for word count): We brought our GSD puppy here in Summer 2017 for puppy training and daycare. Each time we would ask if there were any issues. We had “report cards” and verbal assurances Ziggy was thriving in this environment. My husband conveyed the same during his pick ups and drop offs. We always asked when we picked her up “Were there any issues?” And the only thing we were ever told was that she eats her feces, and whined when crated, but nothing to be concerned over. One day I drop her off and the attendants for the day are were acting odd “Well. We’ll see how she does.” The attitude seemed like they didn’t want Ziggy dropped off as though this was previously communicated, yet this seemed out of the blue; they had never noted a serious issue in the past so I thought the hesitant behavior from the staff seemed random. I headed to the library, then I got a call that I had to pick up Ziggy right away. I return to the daycare to find Ziggy locked in a broom closet with no water. She was about 3-4 months old at this point, and admittedly, still mouthy. She was banned from daycare. Ziggy is a high-energy dog. However what I had expressed to me was the suggestion she was aggressive to their handlers, which is why she was removed from daycare. The email I had as a follow-up also said this, but Ziggy was apparently not aggressive enough to NOT go to daycare all together. I made sure to reiterate this: If Ziggy was “aggressive” and **BITING** their handlers (not mouthing, but apparently BITING), I should see a behaviorist. She wouldn’t be fit for another daycare, correct? I was told a behaviorist wasn’t necessary, and to just try a different daycare. So was she actually aggressive/dangerous to her handlers? If she was, I don’t think they would have advised I try a different daycare. So I have a few issues here. 1. The largest issue is the fact they locked my puppy to be loose in a closet without water. 2. Telling me my dog is aggressive instead of just telling me my dog is high-energy/difficult to handle. At the end of the day, her high energy *seemed* to be the issue when I had a conversation with Arie, but it was still unclear. I get a super high-energy dog is problematic, especially since they can cause other dogs to react aggressively or also become to energetic to handle. To exaggerate the issue and claim that she was aggressive and dangerous to her handlers - well to make the point short and simple: You euthanize an aggressive/dangerous dog. You continue to train and work with a high-energy dog because there’s no danger other than being annoyed. We haven’t had other handlers/trainers/daycares ect. claim she has any aggression issues since. Even immediately after this incident. The daycare staff needs to communicate with dog owners better if there are issues that arise. Don’t downplay them, and also, don’t exaggerate them. If issues aren’t communicated timely, they will inevitably get *worse.* If the dog is too high energy, say so. No need to exaggerate and claim the dog is dangerous. A dog that’s a “brat” “bouncing off the walls,” and “annoying” is also a good reason, and I would actually prefer to know this rather than be told my dog is apparently straight up “biting” people when they... weren’t? I still don’t know.

Laura Pruitt

3 years ago

I’ll start off by saying this review is long overdue. We have been bringing our Harley to Arie’s since September 2019 when she was 4 months old, and recently just started our second new puppy Max. It’s a fantastic and safe place for puppy socialization – Max started after his 2nd set of vaccines. I can honestly say I don’t think you will ever find another doggy day care quite like this one. We had initially brought Harley to another day care in ABQ, only to have her overwhelmed and in a corner within 20 minutes. They actually recommended we check out Arie’s, and I’m so glad they did. The initial interaction was night and day different, and she has flourished into such a happy playful pup since she started. They really make an effort to know your pup, and know it’s not a one size fits all. Harley was great after 1 intro, Max needed 3 before he was ready for a half day playgroup. I can’t imagine bringing our pups anywhere else. First off when you walk in, the facility is welcoming, clean (actually smells good!), and not noisy at all. The staff is incredibly warm and welcoming, and they really do feel like family. I don’t know if I can accurately put into words the joy our pups show every time we arrive – entire rears wagging, jumping to get out of the car, pawing at the front door, and running right up to the staff! They truly care for your pup like their own. Having jobs where my husband and I work long hours, it makes a huge difference knowing our pups are happy, well taken care of, and wonderfully exhausted when they come home. And not only is this doggy day care, we also enjoy that they offer grooming, pet food, and treats! It’s very convenient to drop your pup off for all day play and have them clean and fluffy after a grooming session when they come home! We also just started training sessions with Arie for Max, and having used a different trainer for Harley, I wish we had just switched to Arie at the time. Her expertise in dog training is VERY noticeable, and we feel so fortunate to be working with her.

Suzy Frick

3 years ago

Arie's delivered for an awesome grooming job for our young pup! This was the pup's first cut and every day had become a really-bad hair day. Thankfully, we remembered Arie's offers grooming because the result is just awesomeness. She's looking good (and she knows it too). Thanks Arie for a job well-done!

Elaine Deal

3 years ago

My old pup is extremely nervous and anxious by nature. Xaviera has over a decade of experience in grooming and was very patient and forgiving with my little pup and exceeded my expectations. Amanda kept me updated through the process thank you.

Ty Levesque

3 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Arie and her whole team. We brought our dog Boots since she was a pup and they made her (and us) feel comfortable and welcomed every single visit. Through Arie’s puppy training, we learned so much about how to train Boots and we gained the confidence to get through the troubling times of puppy ownership. Overall, Arie’s is an honest, loving and truly commendable service that I would recommend to anyone in the area.

A reviewer

3 years ago

Edited to add: Arie's revealed my first name and my dog's name (likely a unique combination) in their response, against my wishes. I asked them to remove them but they refused, as retaliation for me "choosing to leave a review" (their words). Disappointingly, they have no respect for privacy, and no grace in accepting a less than glowing review. For an adult dog of a family-friendly “companion dog” breed, Arie’s can be a fine playgroup choice. If you have a puppy or a dog of a herding/working/hunting/guarding breed, read this review. Try to interview their staff about their approach and experience with your specific breed, then cross-check what they say with other sources. 1) Practices: -They do not tolerate 10-week old puppies nipping. What puppy isn’t mouthy at that age? Puppies get trained out of this behaviour, and grow out of it, but almost never by 10 weeks old! -They delay class to increase profit. We scheduled my pup's intro right after his second set of shots, but by then the class due to start two weeks later had already filled up. I enrolled him in the next class due to start a whole month later because of the holidays. But Arie’s postponed that class by another week because it wasn’t full. So I asked Arie to send me the course curriculum so that I would know whether it was still worth attending, since my pup and I had already learned much on our own. Arie refused, saying she "didn’t have time to type the entire curriculum by hand for me". I was surprised, especially since she had been teaching the same class so many times before. When we finally started class, we indeed found it of little use. -In leash walking class, she suggested to some of us that we get front-attaching harnesses. I thought that was premature since we hadn’t even finished the 1-hour class yet. I found it sad that Arie’s Dogland seemed so interested in maximizing revenue, sometimes at the expense of the dogs’ best interests. -Some of the staff told me they believe in “spite peeing”. Research shows that, unlike humans, dogs are not capable of feeling “spite” or a desire for revenge. I worry that such beliefs affect how they deal with dogs with “issues”. 2) Dishonesty: -Our puppy got hurt at a dog park, but stopped limping after an hour. Next Friday at Arie’s Dogland he re-triggered the injury. We picked him up to take him to the vet and were told they’d need a letter from the vet saying when it was safe for my pup to return to playgroup. The vet sent a letter saying my pup should rest for a few days, and if the limp/pain didn’t return he could go back to playgroup on Wednesday. But after the weekend Arie’s Dogland changed their mind and, against my vet’s recommendation, said they would only let my pup return the following Monday. If they will make subjective decisions, then at least they shouldn’t lie to their customers. -At puppy class, Arie told an Aussie owner that it was normal for her dog to be shy/nippy with strangers and children, and that her dog was even above average in terms of friendliness for this breed. But Arie told me that they had not seen a 10-week aussie puppy nip “so much”, and that we needed to find a way to "fix” this behaviour. This shocked me, because my aussie is unusually friendly: he sits and leans into everyone he meets, gives them kisses and requests belly rubs. So this feedback did not add up with what she told the other class attendee about her puppy. Either Arie’s Dogland don’t have experience with Aussies, OR Arie was dishonest with either me or the other attendee. Even if you have no issues with Arie’s, I still recommend the new place we chose (the nearest doggy day care place south-east of Arie's). In addition to all the positive things that Arie’s has, it is cheaper and has live webcams, better hours, indoor AND outdoor space, boarding and smaller classes. Most importantly, my pup always comes home happy and exhausted after a day at the new playgroup. At Arie’s the environment is rather military, with so many rules and restrictions that my pup was often still full of energy when we picked him up.

Alice Barczak

3 years ago

If you can get in!!!! Way before the COVID Problem, back at the beginning of January, I tried for a month and a half to get a lesson for my dog with Arie. Arie cancelled four times! A cold, too busy, a scheduling problem, Arie said she has to be on the other side of town. I never heard so many excuses in my life. I went to Acoma Training Center on 333 Wyoming SE. Which has inside training, and a great outside training yard and another huge agility training which is outside with trees for shade!!! Best part ever-you will save a fortune! My dog is trained thanks to Acoma!!!

Andrew Browning

3 years ago

Guys, now that I've got a little free time on my hands, I thought I'd take a moment to let everyone know that Arie's Dogland is one of the absolute best places in NM for dogs and their people. We discovered them when we enrolled our new boxer puppy in obedience class last summer, and we haven't left since! They care so deeply about what they do and for the dogs that are left in their care, that we have never once felt any bit of anxiety over leaving our baby boy with them for a day of fun play and exercise. Not that we took them for granted before, but during this time when they're unavailable, we appreciate what they do even more. It's hard to tell with a boxer, but I could swear that he is at least a little depressed about not being able to hang out with Arie and Miranda a couple times a week like usual... Baxter can't wait for this to be over so he can get back to his Arie's friends and family! Thanks for all you do, and hang in there until things normalize! *Edit 4/21/20: Just got my first online dog food order delivered! Amazingly Awesome! That's all I have to say about that. Thank you guys so much...

Christopher Skeen

3 years ago

Very nice place people were nice I went here to inquire for a job working with dogs I give them my resume they gave me a free doggy magnet to put on the back of my car I would bring my dog here

Donna Thacker

3 years ago

Amazing trainer love Arrey she is the best with your dog loves her job wonderful with dogs

Elisa Smith

3 years ago

I took my pup there for puppy training and we both learned so much! I would highly recommend it, plus you can purchase food, treats and accessories there!

Ellen Rosales

3 years ago

She was fantastic. Worth every penny for her help. She even met us on Sunday for a private session. We highly recommend Arie's.

Erin Dwyer

3 years ago

What a great puppy class! The emphasis on social interactions really helped my pup become confident!!!

George Bartels

3 years ago

This place is the best! I took my dog here for puppy school and still take her here to this day for grooming. She has high anxiety when it comes to grooming and they always make sure she is taken care of and Jade always does such a wonderful job! Highly recommend.


3 years ago

Arie’s Dogland is amazing! They take dogs/puppy care absolutely seriously there and it shows. My puppy Raven was so nervous when she went for her intro, but Arie and her crew recommended multiple short intros and eventually short play group trips to ease her in to the idea of playgroup. This slow and deliberate approach allowed Raven to become confident and now, Raven literally runs in place with excitement whenever she goes to playgroup. We also did the PuppyPlus class and it was fantastic!! Arie’s teaching style is so relaxed yet she is serious about her stuff, and she knows her stuff for sure. She provides instruction, literature and research to backup her methodology. Her passion for puppy/dog training is evident and refreshing. I am so glad I found Arie’s Dogland, and so is Raven!


3 years ago

Jade is a great groomer. Has patience with my feisty Westie that no one else will groom! The whole crew is very accomodating and helpful.

Jasmine Ziska

3 years ago

I am one of those insanely overprotective dog parents. Since I haven't had a puppy in over a decade, I had no experience with doggy daycares and wasn't sure what to expect or if my puppy would even like it. Especially during a pandemic (although not the only reason), I wanted to give it a shot as well as give my puppy an opportunity to play with other puppies. We absolutely ADORE Arie and the whole staff. I am absolutely 1000000% positive that when I leave my beloved puppy there that she is looked after with the utmost attention and care. In fact, my pup knows the parking lot now and all but rips her leash out of my hand to go play. My pup absolutely LOVES it there! She doesn't even look back once we get there. Arie's is exceptionally clean, they are very helpful and knowledgeable, and Arie is an outstanding trainer. I'd give it a million stars if that was an option :)

Jeanne Long

3 years ago

We love bringing our long-haired Chihuahua here. It's fairly quiet and Jade does a wonderful job grooming. They do have dog food and dog treats and other thanks and I understand they do puppy training. We chose them initially because they had so many positive reviews.

N Anaik

3 years ago

Arie's Dogland is more like a fun, well-run dog school than a free-for-all camp. They offer outstanding, learning-oriented dog day care, excellent one-on-one and group dog training by Arie Deller, and great grooming services. (If your pup hates having his/her nails done, give Jade, the groomer at Arie's, a try.) Every single employee seems to truly love and connect with dogs. Our dog has been going since he was a pup, and when my niece found and adopted a starved, abused Heeler with lots of anxiety and biting issues, Arie did wonders with at-home training sessions. One of the best dog resources in the city.

Pamela l Savary

3 years ago

I took my dog Nickolai, a very huge, dirty Borzoi, in for grooming. Jade was the groomer and did a beautiful job with him. I thought it would take all day to get the mats out of his fur but she was done within 2 hours. He also was happy when I came to pick him up, so I knew he had a great time!!

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