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Laura Montanez

2 years ago

The staff showed compassion and sensitivity when our cat passed away. They arranged for a cremation and the price was very reasonable.

Margaret Fazio

2 years ago

I took my Pom Teddy there....he had 2 sets of xrays.....2nd one I was told his leg was broke...I asked about 1st xray...they said they couldn't find it. I took him to another vet....he had cancer that caused the broken bone....how did yonkers not see this? We spent a few thousand there at yonkers....only to have our pet pass weeks later. I'm sorry to say....ever since Dr.Howell retired....it's not the same place. I used them for 20 years..... but don't think I will ever use them again. Very sad...used to be a good hospital. Do not use.....I think it's all-out the money now....find a privately owned vet to use....like this place used to be. Vet I dealt with there talked to me more about my car than my pet.....very unprofessional. Still don't understand how they lost his X rays and never saw the cancer in his leg...when 2nd vet I went to found it the same day! I really question if yonkers ever did the 1st xrays....I was charged so much money.....don't think it was worth it....glad I got 2nd opinion....and really found out was wrong with my Teddy. Please be aware. And they only reply....they can't find your information in thier system....kinda messed up to say since I have gone there 20 years and brought so many pets there....but they are going to say they can't find me?????really???? Stay away if you care about your pets...also one time they gave me used medicine...the bottle was open and the dropper was dirty I called to complain...and got new ....but how do you give used meds??? Also....do yourself a favor...scroll thru reviews....ever since Dr .Howell left....very poor reviews. Stay away and find another vet.

Angela smith

2 years ago

This place killed my cat. I went to this place when my cat suddenly stoped eating, They discharged him after saying he was stable. The next day my cat died. They misdiagnosed him! That's malpractice! That place and that doctor should lose their license! Because of them I lost my companion for 13 years. No one should have to experience what I went through.

John Carlos

2 years ago

This hospital doesn't care about animals they refuse to treat my dog sent us to another hospital that was just as bad so we went to another place they received the results we called back 8days later & they told us they didn't have the results when they received it 8days ago so we called the hospital we went to & got the email results in 1min we was told the doctor would call us back but he never did. When we took my dog in we also ask to get his nails cut they charged us & didn't even cut his nails. We waited about 3hrs outside when other people would come & wait 10-20mins & get to see the doctor before us this place is not professional they don't care just want to make money off you.


2 years ago

Dr. Howell is the most knowledgeable and caring vet I’ve ever met in my life ! I have a 4 year old French bulldog who’s been dealing with food and seasonal allergies since he was a puppy. We’ve visited many vet clinics and even got weak diagnosis which helped my poor dog for a few days or a week than back to zero! ONLY Dr. Howell found the remedy for my dog: he gave us a plan and we followed it. In the past year my dog’s life improved so much : he’s healthier and happier. You will not be disappointed with dr. Howell, he’s an amazing veterinarian, just follow his recommendations. 11/29/2021 Updated Apparently a new company took over and when I called for an emergency after my dog had an IVDD surgery and was not able to pee even if stimulated, I decided to call Yonkers Animal Hospital upon suggestion of the hospital where he had the surgery (they wanted me to call the primary doctor first). The lady that answered to the phone explained that they only had one doctor and that he couldn't take Chico. I explained her it was an emergency, she responded "I can't take him, I only have one doctor" and HANGED UP ON me while I was still talking. Tried to call back, no answer. Called back after a few hours some lady responds (perhaps the same one?), claiming that "she doesn't believe she hanged up on me". She actually said that she believes "that I WAS PLACED ON HOLD", which clearly is not true, also why wouldn't you pick up the phone after calling you over and over? Also when I explained to her that I was very disappointed and that I would have to change vet because they're extremely unprofessional, she answered "that's fine, we are ok with that" ...GET YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN, Y'ALL NEED TO CHILL AND START BEING SENSITIVE TOWARDS PEOPLE WHO ARE CLEARLY WORRIED FOR THEIR PETS Being nice doesn't cost you anything, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WORK FOR A HOSPITAL. I didn't yell at this woman or was being rude to her, I was just worried about my dog and called them because I needed them. Goodbye!

Michelle Ramos

2 years ago

This place is the worst. I should’ve taken my dog out of this vet years ago. Please do yourself a favor and find somewhere else. They will find ANY AND EVERY reason to charge you for labs and tests and medicine. Misdiagnosing a dog with seizures, practically killing him with meds he wasn’t supposed to get. Thousands down the drain for my dog to pass with no clear cut reason, no proper diagnosis, inaccurate medicine. After fishing out hundreds, you’d think they’d at least give me the decency to know what truly I could do for my dog. Wish I could give 0 stars. The vets have never been kind and kind of made us feel like we were bad owners for not coughing up all the $ they require. If you have a pet with any issues, go anywhere else but here.

Renee Napoletano

2 years ago

After 30 years this office has changed !! I would not recommend 1 month appointment to treat ear infection when dog suffering tell me go to another vet ???? Not very caring at all

Virginia Gil-Ifill

2 years ago

The team has been responsive and respectful of our pet. They are patient and caring. We absolutely adore and respect Dr. Givan for providing the best care to our Lola. We are forever grateful.

Kelly Fernandez

2 years ago

No communication between workers. Book appointments for specific time but always have to wait 30 minutes to actually be seen.

Jessica Sayegh

2 years ago

They had my dog for almost a whole day Saying they where running test but didn’t wanna send me the results just the bill !!! Then the actual doctor at the vets office tells me to give my dog her meds and to call Monday to see is the meds are working AND NO ANSWER WHEN I DID REACH THEM THEY SAY YEAH ILL TELL THE DOCTOR TO SEE IF SHE CAN CALL ME BACK AND NEVERRRR DID I’m soo done with this place

Ashley Balcacer

2 years ago

These people are just money hungry thieves. They can care less about you or the well-being of your pet. They’ll know very well that your dog is sick and in pain but just keep recommending tests and medication to get money out of you. On top of that they don’t even have the decency to return your calls but if it’s about money they will! Pay attention to the negative reviews people leave here because they’re 100% TRUE. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone, and they’re extremely overpriced as well. Doctors and front desk need training on how to actually treat people who are going through things with their pets.

Annemarie Guarniero

2 years ago

I have been a client for 30 plus years. I have 6 pets. A new company took over & 3 days in a row I was refused an emergency visit…..very disappointed in the new company- no compassion at all - ER COst me over $4500.

Sandra Summer-Parks

2 years ago

Dr. Howell and Givan have been treating our dogs for the three decades we have lived here. In the last year or two they saved the lives of both of the dogs we have now and they have been terrific with our cats also. We feel blessed to have such great medical care for our pets.

eunice musto

2 years ago

Yonkers animal Hospital has gone straight down the tubes. This used to be a reputable location to take your pet. No longer. The front office who handles appointments and interacts with the clients are rude, uncaring, unprofessional, negligent, unreliable, nasty and causing this veterinarian hospital to lose many clients/patients. I know personally of eight families who are now no longer using them. The front office staff Ramon as well as the young lady with short hair. Should be fired immediately. The way they interact with clients/patients is extremely unprofessional. Mistakes are being made left and right and they do not apologize for their errors. Instead they hang the phone up on you when you confront them. my pet was scheduled for an appointment for surgery. We show up and told that there is no Sergent there and we had missed our appointment. Saying that our appointment was on Monday. We did not book a Monday appointment we definitely booked a Wednesday appointment. Rudely told that this was our fault. we callback after thinking about what just happened and was told that the surgeon could not do surgery on Wednesday so they rescheduled us for Monday. We explain to them that no one had contacted us about rescheduling. (Mind you no apology at all) they insisted that someone left a message. We explain to them why did you not follow up with another call if you did not speak to confirm that the change of surgery date would be acceptable for us. They said that is not their job to have to keep calling. Well no one left us a message. No one check to make sure we received a message of them canceling. But instead of apologizing and trying to make it right. Trying to reschedule us. We are treated extremely rudely with nasty attitudes. We had a few incidences with the front staff a few months prior when we came with our new pets. we have been clients for 20 years and we had in the past referred many many families to them. Now we are no longer going to be clients for this veterinarian hospital. Dr. Howell I advise you to get rid of your front staff. Each and everyone are costing you your business. You need to get them in check. It’s disgusting what they are doing to your business. You worked for many years to build up a reputable business And now they are single-handedly ruining it. Especially Ramon and the girl with short hair.

Samantha Kaye

2 years ago

They never took me on time always late

mariell sanchez

2 years ago

The guy in curly hair was very rude he raised his voice at me that so so unprofessional and he judge me off his harness

Margaret Pici

2 years ago

IDK what has happened to this place. Dr's. Howell and Givan are wonderful caring and compassionate people. The staff has always been caring and helpful, until lately. Early 2020 when he went for his annual was the last time I saw this great staff, however the last 2 recent visits it seemed the new people just don't care. Now to be clear this is not about the 2 Dr's. mentioned above. They are great. They need to really look at what is going on there and see how the new staff members and doctors treat patients and the feedback from the patients. I get the feeling that whoever took over the practice is all about the money now.


2 years ago

I’m very upset about the way my pet and family were treated at this hospital. My dog was having his first seizure, we were scared out of our minds and as we arrived we would not be helped. The vet simply told my mom they are appointment only and can not help my dog- my mom begged her, holding my dog as he was seizing, while I cried next to her pleading for the woman to take him. Another customer who had an appointment even said to her isn’t there anything you can do just help him and she refused. She ended up telling us to go to another hospital 20 minutes away but we researched online and found one closer (keep in mind my dog was still visibly seizing.) I am deeply hurt by this treatment and the lack of empathy shown for my suffering dog and worried family.

Mike F.

2 years ago

Would rather cut your dog's nails then help with emergency issues! Called in and was told that the office already had "too many emergencies" today and couldn't help my dog out. Was told to go to different ER's in the area (which have there own set of costs associated). My dog is fine now thanks to the ER but after this kind of let down from a vet office I had trusted I will be finding a different Vet ASAP after being with them for 4 years. They are priorities are in the wrong place.

Madi A

2 years ago

Never a bad experience with a doctor but horrible experience with reception and the wait time is always at least 2 hours long. Reception disrespected me and completely ignored my complaint--not to mention hung up on me and would not answer once I called back again. resulting in my cat to have a 104 degree fever ignored. I recommend you go elsewhere if you care about professionalism and people who actually want to help you.

Evette Ramirez

3 years ago

I am very satisfied with the service I received. I will definitely return.

Angelica Gonzalez

3 years ago

Took my dog for grooming at 9:30 am and only because I call to find out if he was ready at 3:00pm they realized he was there, I picked him up right away and the excuse was that he was placed in a top shelf and the groomer was not aware he was there all day which tells me my dog didnt use the bathroom nor have any water for so many hours, what about if I hadn't make the phone call?...smh

marcial Torres

3 years ago

I call to them told them what was wrong with my dog and they told me they can help me but it’ll be an emergency visit ok no problem . I took him in he seen the vet and for him to tell me he couldn’t do the Procedure that I needed a specialist and referred me and charge me almost $200 for everything that I explain over the phone


3 years ago

It wasn’t on the DR AT ALL. The issue was with the receptionist. I called in regards to my 16 year old dog, before I could even get my question out she cuts me off to tell me “ we close in 20 mins you have to take him to a emergency vet” and ends the conversation. I understand they were closing in 20 mins but she could have been a little more sensitive to the situation and at least try to give me a name for an emergency vet. Our animals are apart of our family the person answering the phone and questions should be a more sensitive to situations going on.

Marianela vega

3 years ago

Check your medicine in this animal hospital they always give your pets expired medicine they did it to me twice and I've only been there twice 6 months expired they seem to not care and it looks like they do not update the medicine cabinet and remember there fast to bill you for that old medicine the worst veterinarys office I've been to walking in there it's depressing smells doctors there seem to just care about the money not your pets.if you love your pet please dont bring them here take them to Amc in manhattan the drive from yonkers its worth it trust me.

Jennifer Mejias

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly, and the vet care is amazing


3 years ago

I very much appreciate the veterinarians here . Thank you so much for taking me and my rabbit in such short notice . Unfortunately I had to put my rabbit down but everyone here was absolutely friendly and made the process so comforting. Simon and I are very thankful . RIP Simon

Marianne R

3 years ago

I have known Dr, Howell for about 20 years. His dedication, knowledge and experience is exceptional. Dr. Gavin & Dr Howell both helped me so much when I lost my Persian Cat, Jasmine after 16 years. I was heartbroken. Dr Howell called me on a SUNDAY morning, as Jasmine was taking her step over the rainbow bridge. They were not only professional, but kind and supportive. The front desk is very friendly and hardworking. Now, I have 6 month old kitten and again they handle him with open arms. You may have to spend some extra time there, BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT! Yonkers Animal Hospital is AWESOME. Thank you again for everything you do! KINDNESS COUNTS!

Elizabeth Johnson

3 years ago

Called the hospital because my dog has been pooping with blood for the past 3 days. I’m terrified and trying to get her to a vet asap. I explained the to the the receptionist and she literally said, “NOPE. Not available until February.” I’m okay with them being unavailable until February but the way she said nope after I just told her the problem was heartless.

ashley rodriguez

3 years ago

I took my cat to get neutered here and the surgery went well. However they are very disorganized and personally think it’s too expensive. They asked for an incorrect payment. They also forgot to give the cone for my cat. You’d think they’d remember something so important so i didn’t bother to check. When i got home i noticed it was not there and had to drive back to ask for one and took way too long. I understand that with the whole covid 19 situation happening it’s hard but it’s still not acceptable. I also had the first appointment of the morning and they take hours to attend.

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