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Daniel Samodio

2 years ago

They always take great care of my 2 kitties, Lovey and Dovey since 2020. Thank you to all that staff at Banfield of Watchung!

Sarah Shell

2 years ago

This is in regard to Dr Mosquera. I have had good experiences with all the other vets at banfield watchung. As a doctor myself, this vet has the worst *WORST* bedside manners, or manners in general. Worse though, I sincerely question his competency as a veterinarian. Our dog requires a standard vaccination annually to work as a therapy dog where she helps children and elderly. I found out through our therapy association that she didn’t receive this vaccination from her annual appointment with dr Mosquera. This was our first year with Banfield. They had her previous location’s files. Dr Mosquera not only didn’t refer to her history before checking her (as every doctor is required to do before an exam), he also did not offer this vaccine nor let me know he omitted it. I’m left wondering what else he omitted. He simply didn’t vaccinate her with this annual vaccine that she has received every year prior! And when I called to ask why he omitted to mention it to me and whether there was a medical reason why, he ignored my calls. I called multiple times, each time was told he would get back to me. After a month, I tried again. He called back. In his incredibly condescending tone, he basically said he just assumed I didn’t want it, without actually admitting he made a mistake or even apologizing. In the meantime, my dog couldn’t perform her therapy duties. He “squeezed me in”. When I arrived, they claimed I came at the wrong time. It was like some really long horrible joke. When he finally appeared, he came out to lecture me about my coming at the wrong time (I came at the time he told me to come) even going to far as to say “I have a really good memory”. That’s an actual quote. He then mumbled under his breath “I don’t need this” as he showed me his computer screen in some sort of attempt as proof. Which I only saw as his mistake for telling me one time and typing in another. He stood there for 5 minutes (wish I was kidding) trying to convince me I was wrong. What doctor does that!? I am a doctor. I organized my day around patients and child care for my infant. I waited a month and a half for this appointment. I, mister Mosquera, do not need this. Looking forward to seeing any other vet at banfield.

Nitra Jain

2 years ago

I requested an in-room appointment vs the drop off appointment they offer (they offer both), upon reaching and AFTER completing all the paperwork.. they informed me the in-room appointment means I am allowed to wait in the lobby while they take my fur-babies inside ALONE... I had two appointments booked in advance, requested to see the VET and the vet just "walked into" another surgery. Found the whole process very shady and misguided. Please clarify what your "in-room policies" are BEFORE booking an appointment and not once you have wasted an hour for someone.

Lou Brockway

2 years ago

North Plainfield is lucky to have a veterinarian of Dr. Chris Nardi's calibre. His sensitivity, competence and compassion are refreshing. No animal care professional in the area comes close.

Ale Amores

2 years ago


johanna calvache

2 years ago

awful customer experience that my family and I had. First we had a drop off appointment which indicated 10 AM- 12 PM and we arrived there at 11:45 and were advised that there was an error with the information given to us as the drop off should have been 11AM clearly not an error on our behalf. Soon after we were told that we needed to make some changes to the account as the account was made under my sisters name in which she’s not over 18 so we understood and said okay then we can make the changes I advised if it’s possible to make it easier as I already have a Banfield account to just add her to my account. The receptionist asked for a second to get another colleague, two young ladies came out who really need customer service skills, they were frustrated about the situation and said “there’s too much going on this will take more than half an hour to correct so you’re not going to be able to drop off your pet today”. The message was not received gracefully as we were being told these news with an attitude so there was a discussion to understand why if it’s not our fault that someone told us we can drop off by 12, anyway long story short we booked another appointment and I asked the young lady for her name, she said Breonna. To be very honest I asked because I was dissatisfied with the service she provided but I didn’t loose my temper or speak at her rudely, I asked her politely but I’m sure she knew what was my intention so as I said thank you she said “have a nice day buck teeth”

Mark Burgos

2 years ago

Banfield pet hospital located in Petsmart off off of route 22 in Scotch Plains has a great staff. Very caring and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Check out their pet insurance as well. ????????????‍⬛???????? #Louie????

nina karakash

2 years ago

Very disappointed! The whole staff is one more rude than the other! WAS a customer since 2004!

Steven Zheng

2 years ago

I have a Banfield wellness plan and wanted to order some routine medicine for my dog through an online store. However, they found all sort of excuses not to approve the medicine order. First, they asked me to bring the dog in for a test before approval. After the seemingly unnecessary test, they still did not approve it. Every time I called I was told the specific doctor was not at the clinic. It has been a very frustrating experience.

nuno Costa

2 years ago

I had the worst experience with Banfield today. Called trying to get an appointment and Ana answered the phone. After telling her what was going on she began berating me why haven’t I gone to an emergency vet. I pay you money every month and your vets know my dogs history. Looking at the reviews Every 1 star review has her name on it. I don’t know how this person still has a job. Canceling my Banfield tomorrow, never again

Lizzy Obispo

2 years ago

They were wonderful with my anxious puppy, very helpful too!

Relative Business with Felix Garay

2 years ago

Absolutely disgraceful that the people that work here do not care about animals. Ana put me on hold all day long and never came back on the line so I have wasted a day trying to make an appointment for my pets. I called Pet smart and Andrea the person that calls herself the manager of pet smart said she doesn’t know anyone’s name at banfield so she couldn’t transfer me. I asked her so you never say hello to the people in banfield ? You just ignore each other? Does this sound like nonsense ? Yes it absolutely does! Andrea should be re-evaluated in her commitment to the company and to the animals and Ana clearly hates her job or needs help doing it.

Nadia Garay

2 years ago

I have tried all day long to make an appointment for my dogs and the people at banfield do not pick the phone. I called pet smart who says it’s not their problem since they are not affiliated. Strange, since they are in the same building. I first spoke with Liam who guaranteed me a call back from banfield, then for a moment banfield picked up spoke with Ana who put me on hold and never came back on the line. I then called back petsmart since they are at least Picking up their phones and Andrea who says is the manager picked up, but I find that hard to believe because Liam who is not a manager helped me More than she even wanted to. I then called banfield back and Ana picked up again to only put me on hold and 2 minutes later she picked up and hung up the phone. When I called back she had shut off the phone system so no one could get through. This is the guy of people they have working with animals? This is shameful and an embarrassment. Andrea do better as a manager you are definitely not qualified. Ana do better clearly do not care about the fur babies. Liam at least made an attempt.

Maria Rodriguez

2 years ago

I am highly disappointed in Ana at Banfield. I have to question does she work by herself? Because she puts you on hold and never comes back on the line. I called 6 times today to make an appointment and she wouldn’t let me two words in. I made a last attempt at 4:45 she picked up told me to hold and then hung up on me. I called right back and the phone system was already shut down at 4:48pm stating they were closed. How is that possible when they close at 5:00pm. What a disgrace. I also tried pet smart and Andrea the manager was rude and dismissive and told me to deal with banfield. How do they still have business?

Hugo Rodriguez

2 years ago

Horrible service Ana pick up the phone and help people make the appointments for their loved fur babies. Putting people on hold and not coming back does not solve the issue! Andrea at pet smart is not any better she picks up but is rude to people, but this is a manager.


2 years ago

Always nice and my dog seems to like them

Fatima Harris

2 years ago

The doctor w a s friendly and didn't rush you out the office. He actually sat and talked to me about my Sweet Spiffy., cat. That was refreshingly different!


2 years ago

Pup got spayed. My wife called a bunch of times before for more details and they were always helpful. The doctor was kind and good, they told me about additional charges for the cone, meds etc and explained the options. Pretty happy with it.

Samantha Victor

2 years ago

I was hesitant to bring my puppy to this location for her spay due to all of the mixed reviews, but none of the other Banfield locations that I contacted had any other available appointments. That being said, we had a wonderful experience there! The new(?) receptionist was very courteous and helpful (she said it was her first week there, I guessing the other receptionist that everyone was complaining about either wasn’t on shift or was let go), and Dr. Tara was SO, so sweet to my anxious puppy and helpful in instructing us on how to take care of her after the surgery, and even stayed a little bit past closing time to get us the relevant information. We probably won’t come here regularly as this location is a little bit far, but would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to make an appointment!

Tony Tone

2 years ago

They was ok... My Chihuahua had a eye infection and wanted to charge me a arm and a leg and I showed them a product and said it wouldn't work and wanted me to register my dog and pay all these fees so I didn't do and bought the product anyways and it work perfectly. His eye was healed up in 2 days and saved me hundreds in dollars

Tania Castellon

2 years ago

They have a type of insurance that really saves you money

cristina dulche

2 years ago

They charged me 1000 to do a surgery for an open wound on my cat that was not even performed !!!! They stopeddd and called before they did anything while she was under anesthesia and told me they couldn’t do it because she had cancer . I went to go pick her up and they charged me 1000::: and I ended up putting her down . DOO NOT GOOO HERE they robbed me .

Josselyne Martinez

2 years ago

This specific location has never gave me any issues with my last 4 pets! HOWEVER.... with my current pet they signed me up for the basic plan after I specifically asked and said my make dog would be neutered. I even MADE AN appointment for this service just to be called and told it is not a part of my package! When asked to speak to a manager I was informed THEY HAVE NO MANAGER UNTIL SOMETIME IN JUNE! Customer service had me reach out back to the store and yet they only offered to charge me almost $80 a month to include his neuter when it was supped to be $55 monthly! So un professional I will not be renewing a contract or bringing any future pets here!!!!

Lamar Priv

2 years ago

Great place to take your animals

Sanka's Farm LLC

2 years ago

I took my dog to the Watchung one and all I have to say is that new vets with no supervision make terrible decisions that cost my baby's life. Terrible place terrible terrible

Lekeya Shipley

2 years ago

I love it there! Staff makes you feel comfortable with them taking care of your pets. Very informative and helpful!

David K

2 years ago

Even with a membership it's hard to get an appointment. Doctors are very nice and respectful though!

Kenneth Jones

2 years ago

Nice cut from the groomers, really listened to what I wanted and delivered!

ana maria

3 years ago

Great staff! Great service! Happy I was recommended to this location for my puppy! All questions and concerns where answered....thank you!

Pablo Vasconez

3 years ago

Great hospital that cares for my pets

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