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2 years ago

10/10 highly recommend ! My previous groomer had to shut down because of staffing issues. And I really needed my pup to get a haircut. So we found pawllywood. A cute little shop tucked away. The staff from the moment I walked in greeted us with warm smiles and compliments. My pup was in heaven. She loves attention. I instantly felt comfortable leaving her here while I went back to work. They were very flexible in scheduling as well. Check in was quick. And check out was quicker. I even purchased her a bunch of cute little sweaters. However they are a little on the pricey side my pup is under 5 pounds and her cut was more expensive than my big dog where we normally go. But overall I am pleased.

Adrienne Ali

2 years ago

I have been looking for a new grooming service and they are perfect. My fur baby looks amazimg. The owner and staff are very friendly. I highly recommend Pallywood!

Elena Diaz

2 years ago

Thank you Pawllywood. Mickey always looks extra handsome when he leaves your shop.

Emily S

2 years ago

I’ve had issues at this location. I never really had problems with the Cherry Hill location but they aren’t following grooming instructions. I always get the same cut and this time I don’t really recognize my dog. I’ve been a customer for a few years at both locations but I’m not sure I’m returning this time. I used to have the mentality that it was worth the 30 minute drive to Union for the nice grooming but my Oliver’s face botched and this is not the cut he normally gets. Also the declaw wasn’t cut so I had to go back in. Also I’ve had prior issues with them cutting the nails. I always request a full face and long beard. His beard is completely gone. The quality is no longer worth the additional road time. I’m truly upset to have to restart my groomer search.

Kelly Gaspar

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog to get her hair groomed at pawllywood for a couple years but this last time was horrendous. I go to pick up my dog and there is an issue with her toenail and proceeded to ask what happened. They told me they didn’t know and her nail was just really long and it was growing in weird. They proceeded to tell me that they didn’t clip the nail and didn’t touch the area and the got super defensive about it. When I get to car I check my dogs foot out and you can clearly see the nail was clipped and partially ripped into the toe bed and there was dry blood around her whole toe. My dogs toenail completely fell out and she had the go to the vet and get her food bandaged. And I’m sure she was in so much pain that they didn’t even groom her properly. She has patched of long fur and short. Don’t take your pets here please.


2 years ago

Pawllywood in Union took very good care of my puppy Mars. They were very professional, punctual, and kind. Not only am I impressed with Mars’s haircut, I am impressed with the care provided with the time she spent there while being groomed. I am now a permanent customer.

Sarai Wilkins

2 years ago

I have been a customer at Pawllywood Grooming for over 5 years and the customer service was excellent when Lynette was the Manager. After COVID-19, I found out Lynette left the business. I was reluctant to continue my business there but decided to given them a try. First off, the turnover in the place is horrendous! There's no way I was able to request a certain groomer because there is high turnover each month. On this month, my dog came home with a very bad cut under his front leg BUT it was not reported. When I picked him up last week, the groomer was there alone and could not provide any information. I waited to speak with the Owner on today. I called before I arrived to explain the issue and felt a sense that I was not being taken seriously as a customer. The owner told me she was busy and would call me at the end of the day. Since I was in the neighborhood, I told her I'd stop by. She was able to research the groomer who cut my dog right away. She assured me that this person will no longer be working there as of next week (new job). She assumed that would make me feel better as a customer. I explained that there should be more for her to offer me as a long-term customer. SHE DISAGREED and believed I WAS unrealistic to think their groomers "would not have accidents WHEN DEALING WITH SHARP OBJECTS". SHE asked me what I THOUGHT WAS FAIR and REFUSED TO OFFER A SOLUTION for this issue. THEN, SHE TRIED TO INTIMIDATE ME TO SAY, "If you are asking for a refund, YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!" I realized she had no IDEA how to offer proper customer service, I tried to meet in the middle and asked for a 1/3 of my payment to be refunded. As she gave me the compensation, she further said with a NASTY TONE, "YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!" If she is treating me in this manner, it's clear to me why there is HIGH TURNOVER and the customer service for business has terribly gone down. There's no reason to treat customers in this manner...clearly she doesn't have proper manager etiquette. It was a demeaning experience!!! SHE TALKED TO ME LIKE I'M A CHILD IN A CONDESCENDING MANNER!

David Babb

2 years ago

I love these folks. My dog always leaves looking great and feeling great

Lillianna Vazquez

2 years ago

The friendly staff here took amazing care of our two Pomeranians. This was our first time trying out this location and the boys came back neat and tidy with bow ties and big smiles. Thank you to the team, you did an awesome job!

sheri mann

2 years ago

They took such great care of my baby prince..had my dog looking like a young puppy again. Thanks

Nikita Cobb

2 years ago

Very professional place, me and my dog always have a great experience with everyone there. The staff is so nice and friendly and my puppy looks amazing.

Michael H.

2 years ago

What an amazing Friendly place. Friendly to the Dogs & the Owners. So professional, so Clean, ‘Sister’ (everyone call her that) did a great Job on our 3 dogs, with a HUGE Happy smiles, was so patience with them, even the dogs smiled….she was just amazing. Very reasonable price, like most of Groomers, but doing much better job than the others we’ve been at. Helped us a lot with scheduling 3 dogs, did all three in a very reasonable time. Highly recommend this Groomer. Love them very much. Thank you SISTER

Andres Godoy

2 years ago

My dog loves this place and she is so good to him... only problem is since the real estate boom and the boom of new pet owners... she is very busy

Ahniyah Batts

2 years ago

I won’t be bringing my dog here again. His appointment was at 12pm. I called at 4:15 to see if he was ready and I was told that he was “next in line”. That means that my dog was sitting in a cage for 4 hours. Why make an appointment if you won’t adhere to the time? My dog does have severe anxiety and I cannot imagine how scared he must have been. I then received a call at 4:45 telling me that he was ready. Needless to say, the cut was clearly rushed. I’m not sure how he could be properly washed and cut in less than 30 minutes. It is uneven and choppy and there was hair left all over my car. I expected much better after waiting almost 5 hours. We will not be returning. The staff was very polite, which is the only reason you received more than 1 star from me.

Ana Paula

2 years ago

The best groomers in town, hands down!

Landin M

2 years ago

This place is amazing!! I recently got a 9 week old kitten that had a major flea problem. All the other local groomers were booked and no one would take him. I called Pawllywood Groomer and immediately got a walk in appointment two hours later. The groomer Bonnie, was super friendly and took good care of my kitten. And the grooming itself only took about two hours. They did such an incredible job! Thanks again guys!

Roger Cavallo

2 years ago

I have been taking my shih tzu here for 3 years and I am extremely happy with the grooming services that my little girl receives from their outstanding groomers. If you are in need of a groomer for your dog, I fully recommend you to go to pallywood.

Kevin J. Moniz

2 years ago

They always turn my old stinky dog into a sweet smelling gal.

Joan Stark

2 years ago

I have cats. She has been grooming them for years. I love her work.

S. Chew

3 years ago

I wish I could give this place a half star. I don't know where to begin the lady who answered the phone seemed to be super stressed. Took my pup in to get a cut and when I got there. There was only one lady working she looked stressed and not to mention when I got my pup back she was cut to short and one side of her face was longer than the other ... totally uneven I would of took her back to get fixed but it would of been messed up even more. I rather had her reschedule than to take her and be over whelmed. Needless to say I will not be returning

Sheila White

3 years ago

This was my first visit for Kitty. It was her first grooming experience. She had a bath, brush and claws trimmed. She looked so nice when I came back to get her. I was very satisfied. Bonnie handled Kitty well. She was so passionate with Kitty. I will return.

James Gregory

3 years ago

Very nice caring people....grooming is professional

Marco Pinto

3 years ago

Great place and friendly staff they take really good care of your loved one.


3 years ago

UPDATE: we took our pup to the vet very next day. he is now wearing a cone and has to take medication for his ears and private area due to excessive razor burn, chaffing and inflammation. he was clearly treated with little to no care, kenneled for too long and the owners and groomers (as they usually do when someone isn't happy with their work) did not take responsibility and tried to imply our lack of parenting as pet parents. the audacity. i will be forwarding a final response and his vet bill to the owner via email as reference for the trauma this place has caused. whether or not we decide to take this further, at the very least people are aware. to the owner: your response means nothing at this point. save your energy. INITIAL REVIEW 2/23/2021: i wasn't going to write a review and just take this as a loss but, i have time today. since we have been home (less than 24hrs) our Goldendoodle has not stopped shaking his head, his privates are inflamed and bleeding, he has bald spots near his eyes (his eyes!) and his hair is completely uneven. they also cut his ears and tail which i was very adamant about them not doing and they said "okay, we wont!". they chopped the hair off anyway. and all of this somehow took almost 6 hours. when i arrived he was under the register in a dark kennel facing more kennels with barking yorkies, cant imagine how he felt that whole time. they never called me to get him-- he was brought in at 11 and they said he would be done in about 4hrs. i had to call twice (once at 3pm to see when he needed to be picked up and it seemed as if he was not being handled yet. called again 45 mins after they said he would be ready because they never reached out. THEY LITERALLY NEVER CALLED ME TO GET HIM. when I showed up almost 5.5 hours later because i thought this was taking too long, he just wanted to RUN. i don't blame him. the groomer made me pay first before giving him to me which is a red flag, she knew the job wasn't done well. minimal matting or not, it was no need to kennel him that long and then give no notice on how he was doing. the groomer that shaved him never looked at me or said how he did. to those unsure, contemplating, already had bad experiences but were too tired to post a review (i see you) or those just simply researching new groomers: go elsewhere (or give them a try and get your own experience). either way, there are tons of amazing professionals who can calmly clean, shave, trim and shape beautifully. and i know i should have trusted my gut instinct of walking out after they gave me a hard time about the services i initially wanted (another red flag). they were simply too overbooked to actually care. find someone who is not afraid to do the work and takes the time to get to know you and your pet.

Mariana Berrios

3 years ago

completely butchered my Goldendoodle. there was minimal matting and we were very specific about his needs but unfortunately we listened to their advice and they kenneled him for over five hrs. they simply did a lazy job. now he is left with an inflamed private area (bleeding and red), ear discomfort and kennel trauma. thankfully we won't be back. im sure they will still get plenty of people who are naive to their lack of expertise, but for those who actually consider that ONE not-so-great review: take the time to find a professional that has experience with your breed of dog and who does not overbook or kennel you dog when they arrive. please. (we don't care for a response from owner or groomer, don't bother)


3 years ago

I have been taking my pomeranian Mango for over a year here. They do a good job, I get her bathed and hair trimmed. She always comes out looking beautiful and smelling so good! They always put a bow, scarf and rhinestone stick ons, depending on the occasion, like Christmas, Spring, etc. We are loyal to Pawllywood. When we first brought our baby girl home, we called everywhere to get her groomed and bathed but we were turned down because we needed an appointment. We decided to just walk in to Pawllywood and even though they were closing, they did not turn us away. They took one look at our little girl and took her in and took great care of her from day one.

S. H.

3 years ago

Friendly staff and very accommodating. They did a wonderful job on our puppy. He seemed to have enjoyed it as well.. would definitely recommend this place for anyone in need of a groomer.

Paul Baran

3 years ago

Bonnie from the Union branch has been Toby’s groomer the last two times. Both times an excellent cut! Very good personality as well! Thank you, Bonnie!

Nikkole Ellington

3 years ago

Great service and very friendly staff!

Lana K

3 years ago

I’m so speechless... how my dog comes out. Those ladies do a Fantastic job. Love this place

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