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Richard Festa

2 years ago

I have an American bulldog (named Wilson) I brought him there since I got home from Arizona from six months old . I always got along with the doctor I brought my pets down my family pets they’re always been a pleasure Thur always help my dogZ. Most recently unfortunately my dog got a cold and the Vet???????? turned me away forMost recently unfortunately my dog got a cold and the vet turned me away for two weeks to the point where my dog can barely breathe and he’s about to die I’m on my way to an animal hospital to put him to sleep because the vet will not see my dog I will never forgive this veterinarian and I will never respect him again! How do you listen to me crying on the phone knowing you saw this puppy since he six months old he’s 14 I begged for help and he turned me away what kind of Vet???????? and a person are you! So my thing is to everyone just because he’s taking your money and he’s being nice make sure he has your dogs and pets rights intentions. Because I just lost my soulmate because he wouldn’t take him for two weeks I begged him to take my dog in and he wouldn’t take him

Minerva Ventura-Soriano

2 years ago

Stay away from this doctor if you love your pets! Completely unprofessional and no compassion! I regret visiting this office and will seek a real veterinarian for my dog. Disgusted!

Leiny P

2 years ago

No bedside manners, extremely rude. I’ve been using this vet as my second option for the last 12 years. I’ve always felt this doctor was just money hungry, which is why i would only use this place as a last resort. Just yesterday I gather all the strength in the world to finally put my baby at peace, we get there and he tells us that only one person is allowed in the room and “ once it’s done “ everyone can go in… We were upset and told him it wasn’t fair to do that, no one wants to see their dog dead. We were literally parked just a few parking spots down, because we were saying our final goodbyes, I was going to bring in my dog. When I finally walked over, mind you … they close at 7. It was 6:40pm. The doors were locked and they shut the lights off. You guys are wrong for that. What you guys did was traumatizing. I need my pets to get treated with some dignity. I will never return here. You’ve made all my experience horrible.

Brittany Taupier

2 years ago

My previous dog Jet was a more aggressive German Shepherd. We had taken him to Ambassador for as long as I remember. He loved the people there! Fast forward to now, and I have a havapoo who I am taking there as well. Excellent staff and great communication when you are worried about your pup. I highly recommend Ambassador to anyone with a pet!

Maria Poblete

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets here ever since I got my first pet. My Cat Michi. She is 13 years old now and still looks great. I now also have 2 shih-tzus they are 8 years old and a 5 year old Golden retriever. I have so much trust on Dr. Manoharan when it comes to caring for my pets that even after I moved out of Union City (about 20-30 min away) I still continue to bring them there. I have never had any issues with them. They are very accommodating, caring and straight forward with what my pets need and have kept them healthy all these years. My dogs have been neutered, have had dental cleaning and routine check ups all without a problem. I Highly recommend Ambassador Veterinary Hospital. ????????????????

Yvonne Miller

2 years ago

Besides using Ambassaador Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years, I was extremely happy that my new adopted cat was neutered yesterday and back in action today! Already on the sofa and looking out the window. I work in the medical field and I've seen other different animal hospitals for emergencies only. They not only overcharged me but misdiagnosed all my rescues or fosters. And the rooms were dirty and smelly. Ambassador is a family run business which is even a plus; not all these money hungry, so called-high class vets taking advantage of people's fur babies. In all my years of going to Ambassador I have always had a pleasant and professional experience. One that I would expect for all of my animals. I recommend them to all my friends and they loved the doctor and the staff. To add a plus, all my animals love the doc at first sight and that to me means alot!

sonia rodriguez

2 years ago

Called to see if i take my cat to be seen by a vet the staff the picked up said they don't do anything only vaccination when i had friends who were seen the week before for surgery and normal illness. i explained to them what happens if a pet gets sick or goes to you for any other reason she told me they get send somewhere else very poor and not professional or explained to me or refer me else where please don't go there> as to a response how can you decide a specialist without having a physical examination and for specialist " just like human" you need a referral which i cant have without a a vet referral all i need was a vet to examined my cat and get a professional response as to what do next even if it meant going somewhere else but your establishment simply denied me of getting an appointment for a simple examination and recommendation all i got was go to the hospital or another vet we don't take sick pet. It broke my heart for my sweet baby there are places such as this

Sergio Barrios

2 years ago

The receptionist is always fast to get us in the room with the doctor for any check ins, vaccines, or anything else we might need. Grizzly loves going there and the staff loves grizzly. They are very fast and professional. They are so nice with my dog and that's why we have been going there for the past 3 years.

Rosanna Lora

2 years ago

My experience was horrendous. The level of customer services is zero. They are not friendly at all on the contrary They act very rude with customers like if you not go there for free or something i. I will never trust then with my dogs again. When I was at the office that argued with me that I didn’t have an appointment which an hour a Earlier they call me to confirm they are very disorganized and went the finally find me because I show then my cell phone with the message then they send my out side to wait with my dog for 1 hour. I done drive went there in an Uber . They didn’t think about mi or my pet. I decided to cancel the appointment and never go back there. I have a really bad experience (NO CUSTOMER Service).

Jade Paredes

2 years ago

This is my go to place for my dogs wellness checks (blood work), vaccines and teeth cleaning. I've been coming to this place for about 5 years now and love their friendly/funny/compassionate staff and doctor. If anything requires specialty care he will refer you out. I had 2 dogs three years ago and had some issues with both. One had to see a specialist for a cancer diagnosis and my other dog had issues with her eye so we saw an ophthalmologist. I now have a new puppy who I am bringing for vaccines. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

George Cartagena

2 years ago

Really good service! Friendly staff! I was flying with my cat as a carry on and I need it a health certificate and they helped me right away. They also called me the next day to check up on Mimosa( my cat) if she was ok and to ask if she did great at the airplane.

Kenneth Batista

2 years ago

The vet doctor here is very knowledgeable and has years of experience. he does a great job of explaining the situation and finding solutions. He is caring and super effective.

Erykah Martinez

2 years ago

long story short: vet was not attentive, will not come back here, would advise no one to come here So i've come here twice. first time my dog had a broken nail, the vet clipped it off and all was well. he injected something into him but didnt explain what it was, however my dog was fine i assumed it was something to help with the inflamation. 2nd time my dogs paw was very irritated, red and he was in some discomfort. i came here and the vet immediately told me it was atopic dermatitis (a rash/allergies). he didnt bother actually analyzing the paw, he just looked at it for a minute and said it was atopic dermatitis. i paid $215 for some antibiotic pills, allergy shampoo, and a topical spray. so i put these things on my dog and his paw got WORSE. a week later his paw was swollen, he was yelling in pain, so i called the vet and he told me to see a dermatologist instead. i had to wait more days for my appointment with the dermatologist, and the problem with my dog wasnt a rash! he had something in his paw that was causing him pain and inflammation. technically, i didnt even need to see a dermatologist because there was no allergy. so im very disappointed that my dog has been thru all this pain just because the vet quickly diagnosed him without properly examining him, and the meds i spent money on just made it worse!!

Lin Villa

3 years ago

I really tried to be positive whenever I visit this place and deal with this guy but I won't be returning. I can't even ask a question unless I pay him which is ridiculous. He is rude and all he cares about is money. I rather make the travel to my old vet as they really care for pets and I can ask them whatever questions I have without charge.

shen rainy

3 years ago

Both receptionist and doctor are rude, not professional, not well organized, and not clear price and documentations for their services. They get annoyed easily if you have a slight doubt on how they do things and want to follow up any questions. Came in for my puppy’s vaccination shots. Called in for a walk-in appointment and the doctor kindly took us! Was truly happy to visit because all of other vets in the area were fully booked. The doctor showed his like for our little fella, and I appreciate that, he’s rude to humans, tho. I don’t feel very comfortable during the treatment for numerous reasons, such as the constant yelling and a loud environment, doctor and receptionist kept being interrupted by other calls and other stuff, the doctor kindly let my puppy run in the corridor but the floor was not clean and my puppy picked up things easily. anyways, an anxious and not very comfortable process in general. After the shots the doctor asked us to come for appointments for following weeks, and I accepted without think further. After I came back, I found their receipt, vaccination documentation, and next steps are far from clear. I called them to check the specific vaccination that my boy got. The receptionist said she’ll check and call me back but didn’t call me back after hours, so I called them again to check and she wasn’t so sure and ask me to bring all the questions to doctor for my next appointment. Fair, not very useful but I don’t blame her as I already knew they are not very organized. So I went online and searched for the difference between these vaccines by myself. Then I called to reschedule our appointment but they don’t seem to have patience to do anything for me. So i finally decided to look for other vets near us, and I’m so glad that I did because after this I felt almost refreshing to know what a professional vs unprofessional service looks like... Then its when the WORST thing happened to me. I called the doctor to cancel my upcoming appointment, and he is, even 10x ruder than he originally was when I was still considered a patient. He yelled at me and said it is not acceptable to cancel the appointment, and said I can’t do that (made an appointment and not be able to make it). He then (offensively) asked me if I can’t make it or did I changed to other vets. I being honest and told him it’s the latter. And then he said (almost yelled, and rudely) ‘GOOD LUCK!’ and hang up on me. I didn’t even get the chance to ask him can I also cancel all other appointments if we still have any, but I guess they already knew now since they were so mad that I switched to other vets. This is a bottom line unprofessional and abusive behavior. I have every right to change to other vets if their service are not good, and I also gave days of notice in advance. I tried my best to respect doctor, but they didn’t seem to respect me mutually. Unfortunately I have to write this review to let you know what to expect.

Sam Cruz

3 years ago

It was my first time there, the person I spoke on the phone told me one price, when I got there the veterinarian told me a higher price. He was a bit rude explaining they charge more Sundays and that I was wasting his time. I had never had a more unprofessional experience in my life.

Anielle Reid

3 years ago

I only go here cause it is the closest to my house.I feel like they overcharge me and are a bit rough with the animals.

Brian Caraballo

3 years ago

Great place fair prices good people in ????

Carlos Zinkevich

3 years ago

Tried to get an appointment for my cat. The lady was not kind at all and useless.

Damian Cooper

3 years ago

I do not write reviews but this is a MUST!... this was my fist time going and the veterinarian/owner there is very VERY RUDE!. I immediately walked out. If you love your pet and value your respect DO NOT GO THERE!..

david clary

3 years ago

Excellent place to bring your pets. Kind and caring Highly recommend

Kevin Campbell

3 years ago

Believe the other reviews! Incredibly rude and hateful service!

Joseph Zimmer

3 years ago

Friendly, knowledgeable staff & convenient hours.

Ruben Velez (Ruuen)

3 years ago

Fast friendly and courteous veterinary

Mary ann Pahlck

3 years ago

I brought my cat to Ambassador Veterinary today 2/11/2020, because he was not feeling well. I love the Doctor and Asstisant. He was very good with my Holly. I recommend him highly. Nice clean rooms and very experienced in his field. Thank You Dr. Manoharan for everything.

Kirssy Arroyo

3 years ago

I love Ambassador Veterinary Hospital, because the doctors do the best they can to save animals. My Jimbo passed away because it was God desire, but they gave him the dignity I expected him to get in his last moments of life. They ????????????????????????

Lorissa Fittry

3 years ago

Fast and gentle. My little Luxurious' first vet visit was a success. Thank you

Evelyn Hammer

4 years ago

Good and caring doctor, very quick so your pet is not waiting too long. He is very affordable. Took two of my cats to him already and great experience. The vet tech is great with animals. People come from far away to see him. Definitely recommend, found my new permenant vet.

Jaquin Abreu

4 years ago

Honestly one is the best doctors out there. They never disappoint

Maria Saldarriaga

4 years ago

The Doctor was very nice, he spoke to me on the phone and told me what to do until I went to see him. He was very sweet and gentle with my dog, he gave her a shot and she didn’t even flinch. His assistant was also very nice. Also affordable. I recommend this place.

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