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Crista Ceribello

2 years ago

I haven't lived in NJ long, and I was still traveling to NY for my vet so I didn't have to switch. My dog, a 16.5 year old Chihuahua, wasn't doing well and I didn't think he'd be okay on the car ride. VCA got me in as a new patient within a week. Unfortunately my instincts were correct, and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. The entire staff was so wonderful to us. Despite never having met Nemo, they treated him with such care and compassion. The procedure went easily - I had been present at one before, and I was amazed at how peaceful everything went. They had his remains for me in just a few days, so I didn't have to spend Christmas without him. I also received a sympathy card from them. I'm so appreciative that I ended up in their office for this horrible time. I will definitely come back when it's time to add another pet to the family. Thank you again.

Dawn Arnone

2 years ago

Love love love this vet! Staff very nice, all the vets and assistances have made my dogs experience pleasant! Which has made the visits a pleasure!!! ???? Kobe and I would highly recommend them!

Amanda BG

2 years ago

While the front desk was amazing, I would not recommend this animal hospital. It took them an hour to see my dog and they said everything they could to get the most money from me. They told me my dog had a heart murmur, and when I went to get a second opinion from another animal hospital with more experienced vets, we found that she actually doesn’t. They told me she needed to get blood work and X-rays on top of multiple other tests. They tricked me with the prices as well. When I asked for another option they charged me for the same thing they originally offered, just separate tests and couldn’t tell me what the difference was. It was a very expensive visit.

Richard talmo

2 years ago

Very friendly and very professional people work here.

Edward Salmon

2 years ago

Took me in on the shortage of notice.Kind caring and concern about my doggie.My new vet for life.????????

Peter Lefay my siwzo

2 years ago

I made an appointment with toms River Veterinarian more than three weeks in advance of the appointment which was at 10 AM Upon arrival ((I was 10 minutes early)) I was instructed that the doctor was running a bit late and he’d be able to see me in 20 minutes - more than a half hour later there was no indication that I was going to see the vet anytime soon. Complete total disregard for my time and schedule as I instructed the front office that I had planned a 11:15 conference and when I make an appointment I keep it Her response to me was I’ll let him know. After 30 years in business if any of my employees would respond in the same manner there would be a problem. In my business we always treated our customers with the upmost respect and punctuality was always at the top of our concerned list

Ken A

2 years ago

Called this business on 10/5/2021 at 4pm to report that my cat Lynx had what appeared to be a injury to his left eye, I was informed by this office that they were booked and had no openings for my cat and that I should call a emergency faciality like Priority Vet which I ended up doing. I find it disgusting the lack of concern for my cats well being, and what makes it worse is that I've been a customer of this business for over 30 years. I am now in the process of finding a new veterinary office that can handle emergencies during their business hours without being sent to someplace else

Scout “Squishy”

2 years ago

First appointment we waited over 45 minutes after our appointment time to be seen. Next sick visit and we hit traffic and every red light and they canceled our appointment when we were 16 mins late and called them to let them know we were going to be late. Would not see the pet at all and wouldn't even tell me how to use the medication they gave for our pet. Also, they did a fecal analysis and never called telling me he was positive for parasites. You HAVE to be on top of them it seems or they don't care at all. I will be looking for a new exotic vet that cares for their patients.

Jeanette Dahlgren

2 years ago

Love Dr.Ross he has always treated my puppy with love and care.

Doug Field

2 years ago

Dr Rue and the staff at FVH helped us through a very difficult time with our 13 year old Golden. Charlie had severe hind leg issues, and of late, was not able to hold down any food. Charlie had always been extremely anxious anytime we had to visit the office and I had always hoped to somehow avoid his discomfort when it was time for his last visit. After more than one discussion with the office, we finally had to bring Charlie in to confirm our worst fears. The staff brought out a stretcher to the car and gently transferred him over, doing everything they could to minimize his anxiety. He barely looked up as he was wheeled into the office. He seemed more relaxed and somehow, he seemed to know it was time. After an exam, Dr Rue offered her medical opinion and discussed our options in a very caring and thoughtful manner. My wife and I had to make the horrible decision that most of us have to face at one point or another and were given all the time we needed to do so. They treated Charlie, my wife and I with dignity and understanding while we spent our last moments with him. The staff was unbelievably kind, compassionate and understanding, I can't thank them enough for making a difficult experience as comforting as possible. Their caring actions and expression of sympathy, both verbally and written were more than we would ever have expected and we appreciate it immensely.

Madhulika Singh

2 years ago

Angels On Earth. These three words sum it all. Not one vet in our vicinity was ready to help our rescue dog who is extremely fearful hence appears to be aggressive. We had reached a phase where we thought we will have to take a decision that will haunt us for life. Finally I sought recommendation on FB after trying for an year to make appointments with various vets as his own vet of four years gave up. Most people suggested Dr. Danowitz at Fischer Animal Hospital. I gave him a call and he heard my case very patiently and said he will give it a try. All I can say is that everything went extremely smoothly. Not a moment he made us feel that this was an impossible case as other vets had been telling us. He sedated him, although my dog was never totally out but he was even able to put a muzzle on him which was an impossible task earlier. My dog was ready to go home after an hour, fully vaccinated, blood drawn, nails trimmed and absolutely without any stress. All his staff were excellent - everybody knew what they were doing! Charges are so accurate - no need to break a bank. Extremely positive atmosphere ! All I can say that I will recommend him for your pets ! They will be in good hands ! No words will ever show my appreciation for everybody working there! Hats off to Dr. Danowitz and his staff ! Extremely grateful (my baby went for an hour ride to his favorite places after an year). Thank You !

Ed Saldarini

2 years ago

They treat your animal like cattle. Not professional at all . My dog just had all her shots and a check up . Gave me my dog back with dirty ears . Check up ? I’m writing this because my dog just passed . I feel if she had the proper check up something might have shown up ? She had a tumor explode in her stomach . Thank God I found a professional vet In Monmouth county. There all about the money … not the dog !

Tara Davies

2 years ago

I have been bringing my dog to this office for about 10 years and have been happy with their services from start to finish. I recently moved and as it happens my dog needed a refill of his flea and heartworm pills. Since I moved too far away to go pick up the prescription I ordered them from Chewey who requested the RX from his vet. I received an email from the vet stating they won’t send the RX to Chewey as they have their own online services, okay that’s fair but Chewey was cheaper so my only option would be for them to physically hand me the RX to mail to Chewey myself. At this point my dog was going to miss his dose this month so I decided to just order online from VCA since they have the RX and can just ship the pills to me. Almost a week later I get another email that VCA can’t fill the order for the pills because my dog is due for an exam. The first email I received was not an automatic response, it was sent to me by someone who works inside the office and typed this email so why was it not conveyed in the first message that my dog needed to be seen? In the amount of time that has passed I could have taken my dog to Petsmart up the street and he wouldn’t have missed any pills, now he’s about to miss his second and third doses because VCA made it sound like it would be so much more convenient to just let them handle my dogs needs.

Lauren Papale

2 years ago

Unfortunately I just brought my two dogs in for check ups. My one dog is a rescue (she was severely beaten / in hoarder situation) & I have told them that prior over the phone. I’ve asked specifically for a more experienced vet techs / vets. When I brought her a couple days ago I was asked questions over & over again by the tech & the vet.. questions that I have already answered... so no one cared or bothered to look over her file prior to us coming in. When I have specifically told them in notes please do not reach over her head & that was done.. because someone wanted to hand me something. Over all at that point she snapped because she thought she was going to be hit. So it was downhill from there & her adrenaline was through the roof at that point. Meanwhile she is fine with family & close friends.. I still brought her with a mussel & instead of getting compassion I got looked at like a had 5 heads in the beginning of the experience even to me walking my dogs out. I had a group of 5 employees just starring at me.. There is clearly no communication from the front of house (office) to the back of house being the vets & vet techs. I rescued an animal that would’ve been put down & instead of getting compassion I got treated like I was doing something wrong.. I’ve had her for a month & half.. so obviously I am going to work on her issues with her. This visit that I had was overall SHAMEFUL. No pet owner who is trying to do the right thing should feel like that esp when you spend $800 on a visit. & VCA in Lakewood I have spend thousands of dollars at with getting my other animals fixed. So whether it’s the same or different location.. the VCA IN LAKEWOOD ALWAYS treated me like I was a friend or family member. I’m disgusted with how I was treated & the care that should’ve been taken to look over a file takes minutes. I have usually brought all of my animals to the Lakewood animal hospital that is also VCA & they are much more professional & “with it” I will be more than likely taking the drive out to Lakewood then coming back to this office again. Highly unprofessional & Not organized.

Russell Viets

2 years ago

My 12-13 year old rescue cat had stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. I assumed she was nearing her end of life, but wanted to make sure she wasn't going to suffer, so I brought her in to see Dr. Dan and staff. They understood I wanted to just make sure there was nothing that could be done for her, and were very compassionate and understanding. The Dr. gave her a quick exam, and confirmed my suspicions. I made the hard decision to put her to sleep, as there wasn't really anything that would give her any quality of life. My kids and I were very upset, and Dr Dan was very compassionate and walked us through the procedure. We got to spend a few extra minutes with Betty and were able to say goodbye. My girlfriend's cat had passed away the week before, and she had a far different experience at another vet. I'm very thankful for the experience I had here and would recommend Dr. Dan and staff to anyone.

Stacey Rogers

2 years ago

My chihuahua was seen by Dr Roe. Because he couldn’t go to the bathroom ( poop) She came out and said that she couldn’t do anything and that no matter how much miralax or lactose we give him he still will not go and that he would need surgery and probably would not survive the surgery because of his age. We were devastated the only other option was to put him to sleep so we looked up what we could do well it said to add natural fiber to his diet. We did and now he is fine and going like a champ. Dr Roe should have known and to give that option. But she didn’t. She panicked. It’s just unbelievable if we would have listened to her. I am so grateful to god that we didn’t listen to Dr Roe. People do your research with what any veterinarian says.

William Goodloe

2 years ago

I want to thank you all, special thanks to Dr. Danowitz for your help and compassion in helping my Zeus cross the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks❤❤

Donnie the Robloxian

3 years ago

Absolutely love this vet! So do my cats!

Jay S

3 years ago

Everyone is super nice and helpful

mary ellen jacobs

3 years ago

Yukon checking in with best Veterinarian in Ocean County

Richard Jones

3 years ago

Excellent care for my cat spayed,and affordable.

Victoria Roxas

3 years ago

Very nice staff. They took great care of my new puppy, and the prices are fair.

mary jane schuler

3 years ago

Vca has always been accommodating having 3 cats sometimes it is difficult to get them in carrier. I have had to call last minute for an appointment and they have been able to get me in. Of course I fully understand if they were not able. It just has not been the case. I truly appreciate this.

Juan Torres

3 years ago

A good place for my doggie kids......

Angelina Testa

3 years ago

This place is the best vet I have had in years, and I love that I can reach them anytime day or night and dr Briggs is a favorite of mine!

Dawn Ferraioli

3 years ago

Always amazing ???? the techs in the office and the docs!

Jenn Bachman

3 years ago

Love the staff! Dr K is so sweet and informative. My Nala is always in good hands here.

Brian S Foreman

3 years ago

Very friendly and compassionate staff. Able to get last-minute appointments and prompt care on arrival. The coronavirus protections and policies work well and the staff are great with keeping you informed on what is going on with your pet.

Ashley-anne Elley

3 years ago

Love this place always so great to my animals and very tender bedside manner

Carolyn Fierro

3 years ago

I unexpectedly inherited a new dog. Tricia and Dr. Danowitz are absolutely amazing. Not only did they take my new pup the same day but their kindness, professionalism and understanding gave me a new hope in the future of humanity. I will being transferring all the other members of my zoo over to Dr. Danowitz. So happy to have found a vet that goes above and beyond.

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