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Mary Budrawich

2 years ago

Amazing staff and service! They were extremely thorough, kind, compassionate and very professional. I especially appreciated the time the vet tech and vet took with me to discuss my cat's illness and treatment options. Highly expert care!

Myra Rappoport

2 years ago

As a pet owner it is so important to get clear concise answers in a timely fashion. With the entire crew at Cornell, your questions, concerns and support comes quickly and efficiently. It is easy to see that the staff All work together with the animals safety and best health the first consideration. As soon as I make contact through email, I receive a confirm that my question has been received and many times my answer is within an hour. I never feel rushed and no question is met with anything but concern. I feel so fortunate to have this care for my sweet Sophie

Stella Lemel

2 years ago

Dr. Thalheim treated my boy for an aggressive cancer. I appreciate her and her team very well.

Patricia Bonitch

2 years ago

Sadly I have to update my previous, extremely positive review. Trust me, avoid the headache and go somewhere else. After spending a very high amount of money to try to get to the bottom of my dog’s problems, I am now at a complete loss because I am not even able to carry out the treatment plan given by Dr. Falk because of extremely poor management at this office. I was prescribed food for my dog to be on for 12 weeks as an elimination diet, so now 7 weeks in I am going to have to go back to regular food because they cannot find a way to approve the food I ordered online because the dermatologist is out with covid. As though his records are not there for another doctor to access and simply approve the order through Chewy. I have been dealing with this since Thursday, it is now Monday, and his food will run out on Wednesday. I’ve never seen such terrible management. What a waste of time, money, and most importantly trust. First review: I am very pleased with Dr. Falk's approach and plan to tackle my boy's ongoing issues. I've felt very defeated over the situation and finally feel that there is hope to get him fixed up. Her assistant was thorough and sweet and they treated Templeton great, I could tell. He's very sensitive and he didn't seem traumatized at all, which is a huge relief for me since all of these covid protocols were put in place. The thoroughness and level of care of our visit were top notch.

kathy hart

2 years ago

We recently brought Rooney in for a hypoglycemic event. As a diabetic, his blood sugar was too low due to a shift in his eating and an increase in his insulin. Dr Rigoli and her highly trained and competent team diagnosed him in a matter of minutes, and then stabilized Rooney over the next few days. She and her team called with regular updates, answered all of my questions each time and enlightened me on some questionable advice I was given by another Vet Hospital on monitoring him symptomatically. Thank you to Dr Rigoli and Dr Stark for your outstanding & truly impeccable care for Rooney. I always say and continue to say that if you want your dog or cat to have the best chance of survival then you bring them to Cornell Veterinary Specialists - their critical care team is the very best, bar none. Thank you all so much for saving Rooney. I can’t say enough good things about the care and treatment he received up to and including his discharge.

Kiera Hyland

2 years ago

Mallory Horridge, DVM and her team took exceptional care of our dog, Cooper. The support and guidance in such a hard time is what helped us get through this difficult time and these difficult decisions. Mallory answered all of our questions (which was many) and made sure we were informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Cornell and we are very thankful for the time they put into helping our little man, Cooper. Truly extraordinary care, thank you Mallory and your team at Cornell again.

Madison Mangines

2 years ago

I took my old dog here for a serious medical emergency. They were able to get her in immediately however, it took over an hour for anyone to call with any news on her condition. It then took almost an hour for them to release her even though all the tests had been run & her condition diagnosed. I called 5 times over 2 days to get a refill for one of her medications. She ended up running out of the medication (wasn’t life threatening she ran out of the medication). On the 5th phone call we were told the medication was not prescription and where to find it. I’m not sure why I was not told that the four previous times I had called. I would never recommend sending an animal here unless it’s an absolute emergency and you are unable to get into anywhere else. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is how affordable the tests and medication were. I guess you get what you pay for.

Rachel Levine

2 years ago

The best vets and the only place I would come if my animal needs surgery. Very informed and talk you through everything to care for your animal. Friendly, informed and willing to take the time to talk through the care.

Alex Goodin

2 years ago

I have been worried about Coco Bunny's hip and leg for sometime. The last 2 years have been challenging. I know Cornell Animal Hospital has some of the best Vets in the business. I was thrilled to find one close, as I was preparing for the long drive to Ithaca for an appointment. The news I received that she does not need surgery was the best news ever. The kindness of all your staff was reassuring and calming. Thank you

Deanna Harris

2 years ago

#JusticeForVanessa DO NOT support a place that allows their nursing staff to be ignored and let her take her own life!

Fiona Kingery

2 years ago

Everyone was nice and the process was efficient. Dr. Falk is amazing. She spent considerable time explaining everything to me. She is very knowledgeable, professional and has a"great bedside manner". There is no doubt in my mind I brought my dog to the right doctor. It was quite expensive but well worth it to finally get my dog some help. The time you took to explain everything was impressive!

John K

2 years ago

A few weeks ago we had to make the difficult decision of putting our beloved Bruno to sleep. After giving us 16 wonderful years, it was heart breaking to have to say goodbye. We arrived at Cornell's critical care area after calling and giving them no more than 30 minutes notice. Even during these times with the pandemic, the staff quickly greeted us and took Bruno in and was professional, understanding and empathetic. They walked us through the process and gave us a clear understanding as to what to expect. I wish I knew their names so I could thank them all individually. Special thank you to Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro who performed the procedure (we know her name from the thoughtful card that she sent afterwards). She is truly an angel - very compassionate and so patient. She let us take our time to say our goodbyes and really made that sad day just a little better. Thank you so much :)

Sonia Herrera

2 years ago

Horrible Esperance! It is all about Money!!!! Regarding the death of my dog, I am writing this letter to express my extreme frustration and outrage on how my matter was handled on the date of 11/3/2021. What I have witnessed was a complete disregard on the urgency of saving my dog's life as she remained helpless and out of air due to her condition. What I have witnessed was an urgency of getting paid first before you had precious minutes that could have saved my dog's life. My experience with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital has been totally different it was all about money, I will see to it that my concerns will be heard and see to it that you do not harm another dog's life ever again. I wish my anguish on you and your greed will be exposed. You have failed on your sworn oath as a medical professional to save lives whilst the issue of money could have been not only dealt with but could've been handled with extreme urgency; a service you have failed to provide with extreme urgency resulting in the loss of my pet. With great disrespect,

Tom Fiumarello

2 years ago

I have read other reviews where it is said Cornell only cares about money. Let me tell you differently. My Dog Meg has been to Cornell several times due to Cancer. On this last check up I was paying with a different method of payment, and told them at pick up I would go on line and pay at the portal when I got home, as I had done many times before. I TOTALLY FORGOT. It was over a month later I got an email regarding the bill, and even in that email it is mentioned about an over site, and if there was something they could do to help work out this bill. OVER A MONTH. No finance charges, no threats, nothing but how can we help you. If this were my local vet, they would have either not released Meg, or would have been on the phone the next morning. If you want the level of expertise and care Cornell exhibits, they have got to keep the lights on, and my wife and I are not rich by any means, and Cornell is not cheap. I don't buy either the "money grubbing" or "lack or care" comments. Having dealt with numerous Dr's, and staff at Cornell, I cannot say one bad word about anyone...............AND BELIEVE ME, IF I FELT OTHERWISE I WOULD SAY IT. I care about my Britts that much. I am sure there are vets out there that are cheaper and maybe just as nice, however you will not be able to buy a Porsche at a Ford price tag.

Rosa Jacobson

2 years ago

Although we would have like to come in and meet Dr. Falk in person, we understand and accept the policy under today's circumstances. We were very pleased with Dr. Falk who was very articulate and thorough in explaining possible different diagnoses and treatments for our dog Finley. Even though we did not meet Dr. Falk in person we felt confident in her.

Catherine Gleason

2 years ago

This is how pet care should be done. I brought my dog there for surgery on her ACL and from start to finish the process was very efficient. The surgeon has an assistant available to help with questions and logistics so you can always reach someone (this was a 3 month process so having a point of contact was key) plus the surgeon himself called as soon as my dog was out of surgery as well as the next morning to let me know how she did overnight and to answer any questions I might have. If they had regular vet services I would bring my dogs here for everything.

Joanna Targonski

2 years ago

Great experience. Very thorough and knowledgeable vet (dermatologist) and staff with the ability to translate difficult medical explanations into English. I appreciate that everyone put my pet's interests first, and did not make my appointment feel like a transaction by demanding payment up front, refusing to release pet until payment or rushing the appointment (some of the practices I've seen with other large veterinary hospitals).

Melissa Guillen

2 years ago

The level of detail provided by Dr. Wynne in this consultation was outstanding. I was very pleased with the level of professionalism by the staff and how welcoming everyone was. I am very thankful for everything. The staff was so happy when they saw my dog.

William Vinci

2 years ago

I like the doctor, and would recommend the clinic The friendly and professional service

Melissa Novak

2 years ago

The staff here was very nice. Dr. Falk was very nice and explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. I also did not feel rushed like most vet offices.

Katia Facchetti

2 years ago

Really great experience for Kenya's consultation. Dr. Bentley was excellent at explaining her condition and treatment options. Jessica did a great job on intake. Cornell has great expertise.

Jean Blazey

2 years ago

My dog ate a plastic bag and they said it wasn’t an emergency. Enough said. Don’t take your pet here.

Evelyn Lee

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and professional as well as very personable. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Falk and her team here to diagnose and help our dog. The expertise of the doctor and thoroughness of all involved was appreciated.

Dominick Salvato

2 years ago

As usual: wonderful, caring, competent, top notch care!

Emerald Medina

2 years ago

They explained everything very well. We are very satisfied with their care of our dog Sally.

Irene Brown

2 years ago

I was pleased to be able to talk to Dr. Falk for an extended period of time on the phone and that I could ask as many questions as I needed. The appointment did not feel rushed and I felt included in the treatment decision.

Took DiNo

2 years ago

Hardcore liberals at this place, they turned me away for wearing a trump mask.. if you support this place you are supporting the problem

Angelina Mastroianni

2 years ago

Horrible experience. They are suppose to be specialists and they don’t know what they are talking about, made me spend 1000s on tests and still have no answers, made me get bloodwork done and then I was told no one can read them to me because my DR was away on maternity leave. Guess I’ll have to wait 3 months to get an answer on another 500$ test. Ridiculous and Money hungry. Overpriced for medication as well, they charged upwards of 50$ for medication when my local vet only charged 18$ for the same script. Such a rip off. And the receptionists are rude and unhelpful.

Sara Hadden

2 years ago

Dr Morgan was very thorough in explaining our cat's bladder mass, and what our options are for treatment. We were very impressed with him and the time he took to address our questions and concerns. We have great confidence that we are in the right place! We greatly appreciate time that we were given to ask questions and understand what we are dealing with.

Janet Segarra

2 years ago

Dr Falk is a Cornell University Veterinarian Specialist in Dermatology Department. Dr Falk was so sweet and knowledgeable she made me feel at ease knowing Toby was in good hands Dr Falk took her time explaining to me Toby diagnosis and treatment plan that I after many other searches no other Dermatologist was able to do that. Thank You Dr Falk.

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