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Melissa Kanapaux

2 years ago

I've used Paws-itive Experience for three of my dogs over the last 18 years. The owner, Rob, continues to uphold everything Paws-itive was built on! The group classes are informative and orderly, and nothing compares to the doggy daycare they operate. The facility is always clean. The dogs are managed well, and cared for as if they were the very own personal pets of the staff. It's always a good day when our goldendoodle comes home exhausted from playing all day after we work.

Margaret Keyser

2 years ago

Great experience. He looks cuter than ever!


2 years ago

Awesome place to get dog food and supplies. High quality dry and raw food.

Dean Carlotti

2 years ago

We take our Black Russian Terrier, Lhasa Apso, and Chihuahua all here for all of their needs. The groomers are great with the fluffy breeds and do a fantastic job of shaping their coats. Other businesses were unsure of how to cut our breeds’ coats but at Paws-Itive Experience they were familiar with the breed standards and more than delivered with the results. They seem to genuinely care about your pet and even had notes to reference from our past visits, which was a huge help! It is well worth the wait to get on the books with these groomers!

Scott Haigh

2 years ago

Outstanding, Great Staff, Awesome Owner(Rob)- Everyone is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions! I highly recommend Paws-itive!!!

Rebecca Grant

2 years ago

We had a great experience bringing our Pup to training and the Obedience 1 Class with Rob! They accept any dog, even ones that are barking/loud. The class wasn't just obedience, but also behavior correction, which has help a lot. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great group training class!

Todd Olsted

3 years ago

This place is the best. Our pup completed preschool here and now goes to daycare twice a week... everyone on staff is so great and it’s obvious they all genuinely love dogs.

Mike Moglin

3 years ago

This place is great. The self dog wash is great, their selection of food and treats has something for everyone. I look forward to Scrappy starting his training there in May.

Jamie Mac Rae

3 years ago

Awesome staff and trainers. I've brought multiple dogs here and it's been a great experience every time.

Shannen Lawlor

3 years ago

I brought my 1 year old rescue to Pawsitive for a groom session and he loved it! They even put a cute holiday bandana on him. The facility is huge, but incredibly clean. They have a lot of treats, CBD, food, toys, etc. Upon check out as well. Will definitely be going back and plan to check out their dog day care as well.

Scott Donegan

3 years ago

Went for obedience class. Rob is very knowledgeable on dog behavior and wants to see your dog succeed.

Michelle Wheeler

3 years ago

So far good because today is Bosco's 1st day at dog day care But staff very knowledgeable

javier mendoza

3 years ago

The best vet services you can get for your doggies

George Collard

3 years ago

Great place! We took our puppy here for puppy preschool and it was amazing! Now we take him for grooming and it was equally awesome!

colette andrea

3 years ago

Get place for doggy fun and training

Doug Kuring

4 years ago

My wife and I did the puppy training class with Rob, the owner. We loved it! We could tell from the start how much Rob enjoys training dogs, and how experienced he is. We received a ton of advice during each training session and Rob was very attentive to our dog Remi. We highly recommend Rob’s training classes!

Henry Ruiz

4 years ago

I utilize their grooming, daycare and retail store. I am very satisfied with everything they do,

Jayna Gulan

4 years ago

John is amazing and I am so happy to have Obi in his class. He really helps you understand training your four legged family member. Learned so much and look forward to going to more classes. I had to update my post. Your training saved our dog's life today. Obi slipped out of my husband grasp today. We live right next to 80 west. Obi was running right to the highway and my husband followed exactly what you taught us. Obi-Wan came right back!!! Thank you!

Joe Polillio

4 years ago

Excellent Staff. We took a private training course for our large puppy who was out of control. John immediately helped us. We then took the basic training group class. It’s money very well spent. There doggy day care is clean and well supervised. This is an awesome place!

Kelly Sahler

4 years ago

Are dogs loves this place the staff is friendly and the animals are well monitored

Michael McCarthy

4 years ago

I’ve been a customer of Paws for 25 years since it’s inception. All of our dogs have been trained there and attend daycare. John and Erin McWilliams built a K9 ShangriLa! Recently new owners Rob and Allie have taken the reigns and the business continues to EXCEED my expectations. The facilities, the staff and the sheer passion for dogs is unparalleled. Simply put, we would not have been able to have dogs if it weren’t for Paws’ daycare, training and multiple other services. Just an outstanding operation!

Nancy Feola

4 years ago

Omg. This place is great. My dog had a great day. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep ur baby active. I am so happy this place was referred to me. If they had 10 stars I'd give them a 10 star review

Neil Maruca

4 years ago

We went for agility. Nice facility and friendly staff!

Joey P

5 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs here for grooming for 2 years now. Tim does a fabulous job with grooming. However, he is not the greatest with timing and scheduling. Last weekend I had an appointment for one of my dogs, 8am opening time. I was there 10 minutes early. Not a single employee even showed up until 5 after 8. Tim showed up 10 after 8. Fast forward to a week later, I have an appointment for my other dog 9am. First, today they are open an hour later, which I found odd. I made sure to show up 5 after 9 after the way last week went. I left at 9:20 when absolutely no one had shown up. Yes 20 min after opening, not a single soul. What kind of way is that to run a business!? I'm done. Time to find someone else.

bree estabrooke

5 years ago

John is a wealth of knowledge. My wife and I are extremely happy with our decision to enroll our puppy in their preschool program. If you want to be able to take your dog anywhere, I sincerely recommend that you attend some training programs with John.

David Polo (Inspector Polo)

5 years ago

Great people, great services, great prices!

Elisa Fries

5 years ago

Absolutely love this place. John and the entire staff are friendly, helpful and downright amazing!

Jim M

5 years ago

We have used Paws-itive for puppy classes and daycare in the past. Most recently, we took a therapy class with Tracy. I can't say enough good things about her. She is a top rate instructor, there is no wasted time in her class, and she keeps it fun and positive. She is there before and after class and is happy to spend extra time with you if you need it. We had a great experience with her and all of the other classes we took from Paws-itive.

Katie Timpone

5 years ago

When we went to pick up our pup he wasn’t in the room with all the others. He was in timeout, which is fine I do timeout at home for him. What bothers me is how it transpired. I was told he seemed tired and went to lay down on the side and when the other dogs approached him he barked so they tried to “correct” him. Now what they mean by that is basically hanging him from a slip lead. I was then instructed that at home I need to be hanging him by his collar until he complies and sits. I personally use positive reinforcement training. I feel negative reinforcement is not an acceptable form of training. If the staff had known anything about dog behavior my dog had already put himself in timeout and should have been put in the timeout area before any of this so called correcting even took place. It was completely unecessary and completely avoidable. I do not agree with negative training and will not be bringing my dog here ever again. He is a rambunctious adolencent who is in the most important stages of development for being socialized. This experience was a very bad one for him. I personally feel they just get a high off of asserting dominance on animals. To make matters worse he now has kennel cough because they do not require the dogs to be vaccinated against influenza or kennel cough. This place was close to my home and very convenient. It’s a shame. I would be giving negative stars if that was an option

Lydia Belott

5 years ago

We have been very happy with our grooming experience at Pawsitive Experience. Today they also did a very nice groom on our dog, but I was concerned by behavior I saw at the counter we paid at. This is not part of the grooming facility - it’s in the main part of the building where all the dogs play. Behind the counter is a pen where they keep dogs that are waiting to be picked up. We went up to the counter and a girl who worked there started banging on the mettle pen and shouting at the dogs to shut up! It was very disturbing. Her hitting the pen made a very loud bang and if any of those dogs were the nervous type to begin with it would have traumatized them I’m sure. I confirmed with the groomers that the dogs they take stay with them the whole time and I really like the lady who grooms our dog, but I wouldn’t bring my dog there for day care for sure. Also thinking that if they act that way while people are watching, I’d be nervous to see what happens behind the scenes. It was disappointing.

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