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Odiles Cardines

2 years ago

Awesome place for my pups. Very convenient location also.

Peter Liu

2 years ago

Place smells good. Clean. Friendly staff. My dog was tired. Camera useful.

Sunil Khanna

2 years ago

The staff was organized, well prepared, and friendly. The Rockaway location was clean and I really love the interview process as it ensures that my dog will be able to adjust. The interview process also made me feel comfortable that my dog wouldn’t be around violent dogs - These types of dogs would fail the interview. The best part is that my Lab had a blast! Looking forward to bringing Bentley here regularly.

Scott Florack

2 years ago

Our dogs love coming here. Very convenient for daycare when we need to get them out to do some house cleaning. We've only ever boarded our dogs here when going out of down, as their prices are very reasonable.

R Moreno

2 years ago

I love camp bow wow my pet Luna love’s it too. She is so happy to see the stuff member every time we go.I really like how professional they are and how nice they are.very friendly people and they seem to take care of my Luna every time we go.I really recommend camp Bow Wow to every one and especially I feel peace of mind dropping my Luna there cause I know she is in very good hands. Thank you Cam Bow Wow and crew for everything.

Joe Hakim

2 years ago

Great staff, my dog loves it there. The camp hours work really well with my work schedule and it's a really good option for socializing him while the parks are closed

Annette McInerney

2 years ago

The peace of mind I get when I need to board my dogs here is priceless. the staff and groomers are pleasant, the facility is well run and I love being able to "see" my dogs on their webcams while they're there.

kathy sullivan

2 years ago

The staff is great, very attentive and caring to my dogs' needs. They run to the door to get in and are happy and tired when I pick them up. Discounts for packages are appreciated. Would love a multi-dog discount too!

Michael Pacella

2 years ago

My wife and I went to Camp Bow Wow either our pups for an "interview " to see how our dogs would do if they were to stay. Our dogs have NEVER had an issue with other dogs or humans. And have never really had any interest in playing with other dogs but certainly don't have a problem being around other pups. Our pups were denied a stay because they were deemed "too nervous, and didn't want to interact with the other dogs". We also have a set of friends that received the same feedback about their dogs. The building is beautiful, and staff seemed great. But there seems to be a disconnect or lack of understanding the nature of dog behavior, as not all puppies act the same. Hopefully in the future, these "interviews" can be done with a more open mind.

Randi Rispoli

2 years ago

I really wanted to like Camp Bow Wow, but unfortunately my experience was not a good one. I filled out the application for my puppy online and after waiting two weeks without a call, I decided to call them to set up the appointment. On my puppy's first interview day, I was told that one of her vaccines wasn't acceptable because it was given orally and for them that one expires in six months (I wish I was told this in advance). After getting my puppy's vaccine updated, I took her back for her another interview day. The girl who came to take my dog immediately grabbed a Milkbone to give to my dog and I asked her if there was chicken in it because my dog has a chicken allergy. All she said was, "It's a Milkbone." I said only give her what is in this bag because there is usually chicken of some sort in Milkbones. Once we go through this I was basically run through how loud the place was, if my dog was nervous the loudness wouldn't be good. Basically the opposite of selling me on this place. My dog was brought to the back and after 10 minutes I was told my dog was too nervous and was then given a sales pitch on training. 1. My dog has gone through training with a very reputable local business in the area 2. Yes my dog was nervous to start, but was in a new place with new dogs and handlers that were basically swarming her in the pen. I would be on guard too. 3. 10 minutes? Really? Imagine if a parent brought their child to daycare for the first time ever and was told after 10 minutes that they aren't a good fit. I'm sorry, but this facility really needs to reevaluate their practices. Bottomline, I'm really glad my dog was rejected. I had a bad feeling as soon as I walked in and based on my dogs reaction to the handlers makes me feel even better that she is not there (I believe that dogs are very good judges of character). Now she is enrolled in a very reputable, credible, locally owned establishment and she is doing great. On day one, today, she went right off with the handler and she played with the other dogs wonderfully. I truly believe my puppy's reaction at this Camp Bow Wow was get me the hell out of here. Thank you for the rejection!

Alexander Benavides

2 years ago

I'll start with this: my dog has stayed at multiple Camp Bow Wows and has never had an issue. When we came to this location an interview was required. I understand I suppose and I cooperated. This was the interview: they kept my dog on the leash, put her in a room, and brought dogs in. This lasted less than 5 minutes. They denied our reservation for her because she was too nervous. Of course she was nervous. She was being kept on a leash with a stranger while meeting other dogs. I politely accepted their rejection and walked away because there was nothing else I could do. You know what the other Camp Bow Wows did? Her interview lasted anywhere from 3-4 hours long. They each told me "We understand it can be nerve-racking for them to be in a new area, with new people, with new dogs and away from mom and dad. We'll keep a close eye on her over the next few hours to make sure she warms up to the place and everything is okay for her." Their kindness was greatly appreciated and it always went well. Until I came to this location. Due to the rejection, we were forced to find another option. We went to the PetHotel with PetSmart in Parisippany. They were incredible and welcomed her with open arms. They told us that she was a little nervous at first, but after a while she did great and was playing with other dogs. They loved having her there and can't wait for her next visit. I've seen the fairly unprofessional responses posted to other reviews similar to mine. Respectfully, I do not need to/want to be told what the "trainer" or interviewer has already told me once. I simply want to share my experience with others. Thank you.

Sonia Gonzalez

2 years ago

I went for our interview last week. Love the staff in Rockaway. They were friendly and explained the process and how important is for our dogs not to. E too stress when surrounded by multiple dogs. I will definitely go back for daycare and boarding!

Bharav Patel

2 years ago

I waited a few weeks for a 15 minute "interview" for the interviewer to say that the dog is not a good fit, but rather should be trained. Her reasoning was that he was nervous and didn't interact as much with the other dogs despite the fact he was not aggressive or wild. My goal was to socialize him with other dogs and it made sense to bring him to daycare, but to be told that he should see their trainer prior to daycare says a lot $$$. I was able to watch my dog for the 15 minutes via webcam, and it's as if this "interviewer" has never seen a shy/nervous dog before. Is the fact that he was shy/reserved really a valid reason to not give him 3 more hours to see how he interacts/acts, or was the staff just feeling extra lazy that day and not wanting to watch over a shy dog? Sometimes it takes longer for one to accommodate to an environment. So, how can you judge so much in 15 minutes? If it really takes 15 minutes to judge a dog, do you really need me to wait this long for a dog interview? Shouldn't an actual trainer do the interview rather than someone else referring me to a trainer? While I hate to be one of the negative reviews, I have to say be cautious if bringing in a shy dog for the first time because it's as if this daycare is looking for a certain type of dogs which require minimal supervision. On a side note, the front desk girl is very nice and informative. Thanks for the 15 minutes.

Star lined

2 years ago

My dog was there for one day and one night, and came home vomiting. She reeked as if she were left sitting in her own throw up for a long period of time. I suspect she was not given her daily medication. Not attentive at all

Edward Cortez

2 years ago

Great place to leave your dog for the day, with friendly staff .

ann marie

2 years ago

I had posted a negative review on the Morris location with my dog not passing her interview. I was called the next day by Jen the head dog trainer from the Rockaway location. She asked if I was interested to have her see if out dog was a fit. After meeting Jen she fully explained why our dog might not be ready for that type of environment which I full appreciated the explanation. She tested our dog to see if she could be a cabin camper. Molly did well. Jen was so patient and responsive and worked with me for a week. We finally decided to board her there. I was a nervous dog mom to leave Molly. Jen was responsive with updates and photo. I can not thank Jen and the Rockaway staff enough for caring for Molly and working with her. I am sure she cannot wait to go back to camp.

Carolyn Johnson

2 years ago

We had a great experience at Camp Bow Bow in Rockaway! Our dog, Rolo, was there for 8 days and he was very well taken care of. I called throughout his time there and received detailed updates and caring feedback. Our pooch had fun as well! Thanks Camp Bow Bow! Carolyn Johnson

Maureen Falgiano

2 years ago

My dog is happy do I’m happy!!

Marie Skelly

2 years ago

Our Sarge just loves doggy daycare. He is a very active puppy. I can see on their cameras he is busy all day. He loved the pool pawty ????

Kathleen Harju

2 years ago

My four Goldens love going to Camp Bow Wow. They are always super excited when they enter the facility, and very happy when I visit them on the webcam. The staff and facility are top notch!

Jim Roca

2 years ago

Was terrified dropping off my pooch for the first time. He loved it, and we will be sending him back Place is spotless with great people could not be happier.

Michelle K

2 years ago

Jaxson is a much happier boy since we switched to Camp Bow Wow. As full-time working pet parents its great knowing he's getting all the play, socialization & luv he wants & needs. All the staff are so professional, knowledgeable & caring which is so important to us. I really like the flexibility, value & convenience as well. We recommend Camp Bow Wow 100%! ????????????❤

Jen Grinberg

2 years ago

Aging yet again. They are so friendly

AL Lazore

2 years ago

I had used Morris Plains previously. Since Rockaway is same owners assumed Rockaway would be fine. Boarded our Dog 1 week and during beginning of our vacation they called to say "my dog was ok but was playing hard and sustained a cut and putting her into cabin". When you are 700 miles away, you rely upon professionals to determine next steps. I was assured she was ok, cleaned the cut little limp but she's resting. I pick her up and she is NOT Okay! Immediately to the vet we go that night. Vet couldn't work on her leg cause of the swelling. Next day under sedation vet diagnosed her with multiple puncture wounds from a bite into her ankle - severe swelling, limping, inflammation! I allowed the management @ CBW adequate time to make good on this information by providing pictures, vets diagnosis and all I got was a "we're sorry"! 2 weeks on antibiotics, another rabies shot (because they couldn't care what dog had bit my dog) and pain killers added to diagnosis! Save your fur baby: DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS THERE! this is nothing more than a glorified accommodations without adequate training or supervision for your pet(s).

Tracey Ruggiero

2 years ago

The dog trainer is inexperienced and afraid of dogs. I found the facility to be lacking in basic knowledge of dog behavior. When my dog sniffed the trainer deemed that aggressive. She clearly doesn’t understand dogs don’t have hands and use their sense of smell! When my dog was afraid to go into the playroom she said it wasn’t a good fit for my dog. Who doesn’t remember a child who was nervous or afraid the first day of school. When I asked if she had provided any reassurance or touched her she said no, she was afraid to. Why would I want to take my dogs someplace where the staff of afraid of dogs. Clearly the staff aren’t capable or competent

tamika Quick

2 years ago

Great place for daycare boarding and Grooming

Karen Gorski

2 years ago

The staff is great. Very aware of the dog's needs and patient with those that are shy. My girls have never boarded before and I was concerned, I was able to watch them on the camper cams and they had a great time. I will definitely go back.

Samantha Schachter

2 years ago

We love Camp Bow Bow! Our goldnedoodle, Roxie loves going and playing with all of her friends! She runs straight in and is always happy to go! This is a true testament to the people that work there and care for the dogs!

Rebecca Grant

3 years ago

We LOVE taking our pup here for doggy day care! He always comes home tired and happy! Plus we can watch him most of the day!

Michele Steepy

3 years ago

Very friendly atmosphere, awesome staff and clean facility.

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