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Steve Bouhadana

a year ago

I just want to start by saying I am writing this review solely based on their emergency care for my pet, who we ultimately decided to put down. …


a year ago

I'm going to edit my review and change the rating : Because my dog had to go to the ER vet yesterday for pneumonia. I would like to say that the staff I encountered over the last 24 hours has been responsive and nice. My dog ended up staying the night in the hospital there and I was updated immediately when they found out a treatment plan for him. He was discharged and came home feeling much better. The doctors and vet techs were very caring and kind. Do I think there were unnecessary charges? Sure , but my dog desperately needed help. This was an entirely different experience than I have had the last few times and I thought it deserved a better review. I hate dealing with this clinic at the robbinsville location. The front desk staff is 95% of the time rude & I usually have to call back 4 or 5 times before I can find something out. They're unreliable & unprofessional. Nothing is ever done In a timely manner. Unfortunately this is the only specialty clinic that my dog can be seen at for his medical issues. I can't wait to be finished with this location. Brick location is by far better in my opinion. Which I took my dog to because he needed to go the ER and then they finally gave medicine for him. this was only after multiple visits with the specialist who wanted to keep doing tests & not supplying any medication.

Roberta Hantman

a year ago

I found the front desk staff abrupt, dismissive and unfriendly. Since I see this written frequently in the reviews, I wonder why management has not offered their front desk staff additional customer service skills training. …

Tracie DeOcampo

a year ago

Our skunk Buckwheat hurt his leg, we tried to take him to our regular vet but the exotics doctor had left the practice but no one took the time to let us know. I brought Buckwheat in and I waited a long time to see a veterinarian but I am very pleased with the service, compassion, kindness and love everyone showed for my pet skunk. I think I found my new veterinarian office for Buckwheat.

Ricky Estrada

a year ago

Today was a tuff day, we lost our precious cat. I brought my cat in for an emergency and the staff immediately attended to my cat. They did a lot of procedures and were quick to say what was wrong with my cat. Unfortunately, my cat did not …

marsha eden

a year ago

A month ago I had made a appointment for a ultra sound for our dog. I called last week to verify the time and day and to make sure it was good to go. They verified it and so we showed up this morning to the appointment and the lady behind the desk told me she didn't have one. I then proceeded to give her the details of the appointment trying to help her out, maybe it's just lost in the system. She just kept looking at her computer and not really helping to give a outcome to get him in, then another women comes from the back and said to me, oh ya I called you like an hour ago to cancel the appointment, I said no you didn't what number did you call? She gave some random number from someone who had the same last name. I told her she called the wrong person, her suggestion would be to wait in the emergency room and wait to see if a doctor can see us. I of course had to be late for work to make the appointment and there was no guarantee that We would be able to get in. Horrible customer service,. I will never go there again. Your solution ladies would of been to reach out to some one who would be able to see us and find out for sure, your mistake so you should of came up with a solution. Not leave it on the customer. We all know with covid and how the world is today stuff pops up, but you calling the wrong number and not finding a solution was wrong. Also apologizing repeatedly with no solution makes people annoyed doesn't make it better, because its fake.

Jess Finn

a year ago

We brought our bird with a broken leg in to be seen. Waited 10 hours before she was looked at by a doctor. Around hour 8 when inquiring on how much longer the response received was “if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else”. Not once during this wait time did anyone ask how we were, if needed anything or if the bird was okay. As someone who works in emergency vet medicine I am very understanding of the wait times we are experiencing but, I was baffled - We would NEVER have someone waiting that long without any updates or continuously triaging the pet to make sure they were okay. After finally being seen they admitted her for care and to have the leg splinted. On the next afternoon received a call stating she would be ready to go home late that night or the next day, as the split was not even put on till about 4pm the next day. 26 hours from original arrival time. Unacceptable, it shouldn’t not take that long to put a splint on a birds leg. The doctor then stated she had an enlarged heart and was a “ticking time bomb”. As someone who works in emergency vet medicine I am disgusted by the use of language of a veterinary professional. I don’t know one doctor that would use that language to a client. My bird also came home with excessive bruising on her face and informed us she was aggressive with them and they needed to use force on her. Will never be using NorthStar again for the lack of empathy and rudeness from staff.

Charles Kremer

a year ago

My dog wasn’t acting right and wouldn’t eat. Took to my normal Vet and ran all kinds of tests and bloodwork and bloodwork was slightly off. My Vet recommended us to go to NorthStar and see Dr. Hammer. So we took Sophie our yellow lab to see her and they took her in and said we had to leave her for the day so they could run tests and they would let us know. They called us around 4pm and said they were pretty positive she has Addison’s disease and they asked if they could keep her over night and give her a treatment and recheck her in the am. We agreed and they called us around 11am and said we could pick her up and that’s exactly what she had was Addisons and that its easy to treat considering it was caught early. We have had Sophie home now for 4 days and giving her her daily medication and she is back to her wonderful normal self. I can’t thank Dr. Hammer and the staff at NorthStar enough as my pet is priceless and the money it cost was 100% worth it. When you get a pet you are 100% responsible to care for them so sometimes things may happen and need to go to a specialist and its not cheap but worth it. Thanks Charles and Katherine Kremer

Robert Redington

a year ago

Twice I have taken my cat ???? to NortStar Vets for appointments and to the staff , pet techs and Dr you get a big five stars for the compassionate and outstanding care ???? you have given to Little Wolf and a big Thank You from me !

Laura Cremente

a year ago

The doctors are really good here but more than a six hour wait when I was told two hours beforehand. If I knew it would be six hours I would have gone elsewhere. Receptionist is rude. Her name is Shana or something like that

Heather Elliott

a year ago

On Wednesday we rushed our chinchilla, Coke, to North Star. Other emergency hospitals turned us away because they said they were at capacity or didn’t see chinchillas. North Star said we could take her there. Sadly she passed right before we arrived. We still went in because we were going to have her cremated. We changed our minds to bring her home and bury her. I didn’t get her name but the girl who worked the front desk was very kind, empathetic and let our family mourn her loss in a room. She also gave us a little box to bury her in. I want to thank her and North Star for willing to try and help her when no one else would. ❤️

Samantha Steffey

a year ago

One star only because I can’t give zero. Worst night of my life. This place was recommended by our vet and I will never return. No idea was triage means. They do not triage according to acuity level or they are just too dumb to accurately assess their animals. Made my acutely ill sweet boy wait in the waiting room for 2 hours before his death. Tech came out and Said his pulse was normal when the vet said it was weak and thready. Poor attitudes and lack of empathy on top of lack of skills. DO NOT RECOMMEND. If your pet is your world go elsewhere

Rose Ryel

a year ago

Dr Grootenboer is the best vet for exotic birds! I love Dr. G❤. He has amazing patience and explains my birds health care plan in ways I can understand. He responds to my emails quickly and gives great advice. He loves what he does and we love him! Dr. G also helped my parakeet when she was sick. He takes great care of my best friend. ???? I'm forever grateful!

Pat Pollack

a year ago

Just before Thanksgiving this year we had to bring our cat Peanut into Northstar. It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do, knowing that she would not be coming home with us. The entire staff was so helpful, so compassionate! They gave us as much time as we needed before and after. We highly recommend Northstar for all your Fur Baby needs.

Kelly Boyer

a year ago

I have been to North Star twice for my cat Biggie. Once was in January when he was having seizures due to insulin issues. I was not allowed inside at that time, however the front desk and vet called to keep me posted. After an overnight stay, North Star called the next day to follow up with information and to check on his status. It is hard to recalls names without faces in mind. However, upon my second visit on December 6th, I distinctly remember the kindness of Dr. Higgins and several female vet technicians. Everyone was patient with me and gave clear steps and explanations as to what was happening. Although my visit was because Biggie was in distress, I never felt panicked or confused. The end result was euthanasia and everyone was sure it was done in a peaceful and respectful manner towards Biggie and myself. I have read reviews about prices of visits and I can only say that medical attention for humans, without insurance, would be just as high. In an emergency, there are options for payment without pet insurance. But round the clock access to professions with instruments, knowledge and answers costs money! It was well worth the bill for me.

Kainoa Chun-Moy

a year ago

Stay away! There seem to be other closer options and I would highly recommend those before choosing NorthStar. High stress environment but staff are not empathetic and don’t make you feel welcome. They are borderline cold and never reassured that our pet would be okay. BE AWARE: 1) One human per pet in the waiting area. If you come with more than one person, the other one has to wait outside. The waiting room was empty with plenty of seats available but they still enforced their policy. 2) Masks are not enforced. Rude staff for overpriced service. Furthermore, the doctor wanted to run additional, expensive tests and X-rays that only seemed to jack up the price. Be prepared to pay $800-$1000+ minimum.

blake b

a year ago

Reception staff were very kind, helpful and professional with myself and everyone I saw come through while I was waiting. Someone assessed my pup to make sure she were stable before I could even finish signing in. Wound up having to wait an hour or two to be seen but it is an “emergency room”, that is to be expected seeing my reason for visiting wasn’t time sensitive. Once seen, Veronica Jones, DVM was fantastic. Took plenty of time with us to make sure she understood the situation fully and made sure to give a couple min at the start and end of examination just for giving my dog some love. Very impressed with all aspects of my visit.

Andres Pintos

a year ago

If u go there for an emergency be ready to wait all day !!! I can’t believe this huge facility operating that slow !! First and last time !!

Kristin Kline

a year ago

Singleton is tops, bar none.

Kelly Ann

a year ago

Literally can never get these people to help my pets I always sit here for hours for absolutely nothing. Trash and not worth a fraction of what the money they extort from their customers.

Jennifer Overfield

a year ago

Our golden retriever had CCL surgery here. We could not be happier with the service we received. The front desk, techs, and doctor were very considerate, knowledgeable, patient, and understanding, especially with this being his first surgery. I see reviews complaining about only allowing one pet parent inside. They may only allow one pet parent in the building due to Covid-19 precautions, but the doctors and techs still allow you to have a phone call, and even FaceTime with the other parent so they can be involved. Our dog is recovering well so far, and we are very appreciative of how this will help better our dog's quality of life. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Torres

a year ago

Service was awesome today! From front desk who welcomed me, very informative and let me know How long it would take. The tech and then the doctor were so patient and thorough. Couldn’t have had a better experience!!!! Hope not to need them again but if I do, I’d do it all again. Thank you!

DogStar Training NJ

a year ago

I had been trying to get a diagnostic procedure for 1 of my dogs for several weeks. Finally called Northstar in Robbinsville, git her an appointment and the procedure was done in about 30 minutes. The previous place, closer to my home, took her in at 8:15 am and at 12 noon STILL when I took her home! She had been fasting since 4:30 the day before.


a year ago

Two times I brought my bird in. The first time to get a splint for his broken leg. They charged me for an emergency but.. It took this place two days to put on the splint and two days to take the splint off. They charged me to board my bird although it was their emergency that caused them not to perform the work at the appointment time and keep my bird overnight. There is no such thing as an appointment here. I told them I live two hours away. They told me to stay in the area at 11AM and at 6 PM they told me to go home. The doctor would not be able to take care of my bird til the next day. They did this two times. They have no regard for you or your pet. Don't even bring up how much they cheat you. They charge an admittance fee, a consultation fee, an examination fee. They charge $1000's and they treat you and your pet like garbage. Specifically stay away from George and the lady with the big ear lobes. These people are rude. They lack any empathy. They gave me back my bird more bruised and sneezing as if they left him in a cold place all night. Go anyplace else. This is the bottom of Healthcare as we ever knew it.

Alex Stas

a year ago

My rabbit needs surgery and this place is holding up a life saving surgery by not sending the X-rays they took to my new vet. Joan replied to my wife that they’d be happy to send them immediately but it’s been over a month and they still haven’t sent them. Unbelievable!

Allexis Anne

a year ago

I was referred to North Star by my personal vet, that is the only reason I even went to this 2 star animal hospital. My 8 month old Frenchie appeared to have a spider bite or some type of bite. I sent a picture of the bite to my vet and was advised to take her to this E.R bc my vet had no available appointments today. I walked into North Star emergency room with my mother and Frenchie. I was advised by “Georgi” after an hour of my mother and I sitting in the waiting area together with my dog that only one of us could sit there and the other person would have to leave, go to quick check or sit in the car.. Now North Star does not require masks .. my mother is 65 years old with health issues of her own. She was honestly concerned about my dog , I’m 25 years old I’ve never been in this situation before.. She sat in my car for three hours in the freezing cold intermittently turning my car on and off to keep warm. That is my first issue with north star. How do you not require masks but only allow 1 person per pet? This is an emergency room and winter is approaching this facility needs to reevaluate their Covid protocol because it makes no sense. After waiting two hours I was advised by a rude staff Bridget who was shoving food down her throat at the front desk that one person was in front of me. She said if a critical care case came in before my dog was seen that they would go before me. Now hour three still the same person in front of me not seen, a woman walked in with a dog in a diaper. She was advised there was a 5-6 hour wait time but she could go to a satellite location and be seen much much sooner… georgi even called that location and told them she was going to bring her dog. I was immediately dissatisfied and felt discriminated against. Why wasn’t I offered that when I walked in three hours ago? I ended up voicing my opinion and walking out. Most of the people walking in through the “E.R” had appointments anyways. This place is a joke. I’m sure a satellite location also charges much less than an emergency room. I posted a pic of my dogs foot just so everyone can see for themselves. I’m not saying my dog should have been seen right away but why an emergency room operates this way makes no sense. I will be filing complaints against this facility , if it wasn’t for people like me places like this wouldn’t exist.

Beth S

2 years ago

Drove an hour to get to this place and then waited 5 hours! There were hardly any other patients! I called in the morning and specifically asked if there was a rabbit specialist and they said yes. Finally see the Dr. to hear her say that this is not her specialty and she can’t even look at a rabbit’s teeth. I wore a mask the entire time and when my masked husband came in to help me carry the crate (since I have a slipped disc in my back) they approached him and told him that he had to leave because only one pet parent can enter due to Covid. I should have gone to Mt. Laurel. Do not take your rabbit here. They just want to charge you an arm and a leg for NO diagnosis! Thank you Joan for your reply but I requested the X-rays be sent to my new vet on 10/6 and they STILL have not been sent as of 10/19.

Brandon Martin

2 years ago

This place is absolutely wonderful. My 13 year old diabetic, high blood pressure, kidney failure cat was having diabetic seizures and when I took him in they immediately took him in and gave him the care he needed. If it wasn't for the excellent team there, my cat would've died. They literally saved his life and I am forever grateful. I will be taking my cat to this great facility from here on out. Dr. Burns and Dr. Drazenovic are two of the best vets I've come across. They explain things crystal clear and take care of your pet with the utmost care. As for the price, they don't make you feel like your being taken advantage of. Very honest and trustworthy people working there. Thank you guys for everything.


2 years ago

Beware stay away!! This vet company is not going to last! Do not be another one they harm before they go under. The owner of this company belongs in jail! They are seeking opportunities to exploit and take advantage of pet owners in vulnerable circumstances for their financial gain, do not allow yourself to be added to their long list of victims! North Star Vets has no ethical or moral boundaries and are willing to infringe upon your rights in any way they please, at any time they desire. North Star Vets is not only routinely driven by grossly incompetent practices but are endowed with their guiding principle of a malicious dereliction of a duty to aid suffering animals. This is the owner's arrogant response to my problem. He/she does not apologize nor do they care or value their customers at all. This response perfectly encapsulates the uncaring, solely profit seeking attitude of the ownership at the customers expense regardless of what harm they cause to you or your pet. This company has given me every impression from their behavior to their attitudes and in every thing that they have conveyed that they do care about your pet or you and are willing to hurt you financially, emotionally and psychologically. This owner is a leech. They have no idea what’s best for your pet. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was incompetence or ineptitude however it’s far worse, it’s criminal negligence and Northstar vets will add on many wholly unnecessary, sometimes harmful medicines to give your pet, simply to jack the price up. Also take a look at the bill I have provided they will tack on various "administrative" fees that make no sense. The various nonsensical fees are added just to boost their charges. Take a look at the $100 administrative fee to write up the estimate. Just to write up the bill! Also another $50 just to be “admitted”, for example. If you look at the medicines, and google them, several are redundant, merely different brand versions of drugs serving the same intended purpose. This is a grafting criminal enterprise not a place to care for your pet. Do not be conned here! Stay away from this vet clinic at all costs! You’ve been warned!! They’ll kill your pet without any remorse and blame it on you! Through their incompetence and uncaring attitude they will allow your pet to die when they are in need of assistance and they do not see a problem with this at all!!

r r h h

2 years ago

Used to be good, now is too understaffed and frazzled to care. Very sad as they were our pet ER for many years.

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