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Lauren Entrekin

2 years ago

The vet and the staff behind the scenes at Lap of Love were so wonderful. They helped make a horrible day go really smoothly, and they helped ensure my sweet pup’s passing was as peaceful as possible. Everything else was also seamless, from initial phone call to when I picked up my baby’s ashes. Putting down a beloved pet is an extremely difficult decision and is a process fraught with grief and sadness, but Lap of Love made it all go as smoothly and peacefully as it could. I would recommend this service to anyone and I would give more than 5 stars if I could!

Nancy Mitchell-Kvacky

2 years ago

Our beautiful Darby crossed the Rainbow Bridge this evening. She was such an important part of our family and we dreaded this final transition of her life. Amazing compassion, caring and respect was exhibited by Dr. Jessi, that has eased the pain of loosing her. Thank you for all you do.

Dawn Lynch

2 years ago

My soul dog, Thor had been sick for a long time. I knew it was time to let him go when he could no longer walk and his back legs were extremely painful. I work for an emergency and specialty veterinary hospital and I could have brought Thor there, but given the fact that he was in so much pain, I didn't want to put him through a car ride, etc. I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible and I wanted him to be at home, in his own bed, surrounded by his family. I knew about Lap of Love (we recommend them to our clients that want to say goodbye to their pets at home), but to say that I was happy that I had chosen that path for my own sweet boy, would be an understatement. I had very high expectations going into that day and Dr. Jessica and Lap of Love exceeded every one of them. Dr. Jessica was so compassionate and kind and she showed my baby the utmost respect in his last moments on this earth. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Jessica for making Thor's last moments with us beautiful and peaceful and I can't recommend them more. Thank you Dr. Jessica and Lap of Love.

Sydney Kesselman

2 years ago

Dr. Brad was incredibly kind, compassionate, and gentle with my dearest cat Robin. He made sure her last moments were filled with peace, dignity, and love. While incredibly sad, I feel tremendous relief knowing this process was peaceful for my Robin and she is in a better place. Dr. Brad is a blessed man and this would not have been the same without him. I highly recommend Lap of Love for in home euthanasia. They were all amazing and so thoughtful and kind.

Shannon Kelly

2 years ago

My husband and I had to put our bulldog down. The appointment was easy to make, the lady on the phone was so kind and caring in explaining everything. Dr. Angie was so kind and loving. She made a difficult situation a better. She showed love and caring bedside manner.

lisa dougherty

2 years ago

They were sensitive and caring. Gave me the best experience possible under the awful circumstances.

ed j

2 years ago

Made a very difficult decision a little bit easier. Was able to say goodbye to our beloved dog in our home. He was treated compassionately and lovingly. Can not say enough good things

Antonia Wagner

2 years ago

At 22 years old, it was time for our Charlie Cat to cross over to his next adventure. Dr. Brad was extremely compassionate, allowing us the ability to say goodbye to our Charlie boy as he napped in his favorite outdoor spot in the sun. The entire process could not have been a more peaceful experience and we are forever grateful to have this as a gentle and stress free option, on such a sad day. Tori, the Veterinary Care Coordinator, was also very soothing and allowed me the time that I needed while making the appointment. Our family is grateful for lap of love.

Elaine Cooper

2 years ago

Sad as all hell day. They made it doable in the best interest of my great pal.

Shawn Manuel

2 years ago

They took very good care of my sick and dying cat. They made the experience of losing my cat more bearable. Very professional and compassionate.


2 years ago

All I can say is this was the best decision we could have made for our beloved 14 1/4 year old Bun Bunz. It started with the wonderful veterinarian care coordinator Mike M. who was such an amazing, kind and caring person and couldn’t have explain the process any better. Thank you Mike! Next, I can’t say enough about Dr. Sara B. To start, my daughter was so worried about the process and didn’t think she wanted to be part of it but after meeting with Dr. Sara and being in the comforts of our home, she was able to participate in the process, which honestly helped me too. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sara as she was our angel yesterday. It’s so obvious Dr. Sara found her passion in life. Thank you Dr. Sara!

Francesca Brotman

2 years ago

I want to thank both Alyssa and Dr. Sara Barlowe for there support and guidance during a very hard time. I highly recommend this company if you are choosing Hospice Care or In-Home Euthanasia.

Daniel Christo

2 years ago

Left a message to have my dog put down and was not called back for three days. She was already dead for a day when I got a callback

Mister Anthony

2 years ago

Dr Sara turned what was a day we dreaded and were absolutely despondent over into a day we got through without jumping out of our window. We were physical and emotional wrecks over our little boy Piney and his last day with us. We felt tremendous guilt over the decision to place him with all the other angels. I can honestly say I’ve never cried like that in my life. Dr. Sara was an angel straight from heaven. It’s been over 3 months now and I’m finally able to sit and write this review without falling apart. If it’s time for your fur-baby to go to heaven, DONT do it at the vet’s office!! They were never happy to be there so don’t make that their last memory! Call Dr. Sara at Lap of love and be comforted in the fact that your baby is in its own home with someone that cares deeply and understands your heartbreak. My Piney was so comfortable he didn’t have any idea what was happening and not an iota of pain or fear. For this I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Sara. Anthony & Nicole.

Bettina Johnson

3 years ago

My family and I had to make the decision to euthanize our beloved Prince. Lap of Love was very responsive. They arrived on time and explained the procedure step by step. They allowed us to take as much time we needed with Prince. They we're so caring. My family is so grateful for Lap of Love. We are able to keep Prince at home and say our final good byes at home.

Anthony Lerro

3 years ago

Highly recommended. We made the heartbreaking decision that it was finally time for our cat to be put out of the misery his jaw tumor was causing him. We contacted Lap of Love and within 24 hours Dr. Lucy was at our apartment with total kindness and compassion. It was quick and seemed to be totally painless for Ty. He would get so stressed the second we took him out of the apartment so this helped to make the whole process much easier on him. Many thanks to Dr. Lucy for helping us during this terribly difficult time.

John Mcguigan

3 years ago

Let me start by saying this company is such a group of nice and compassionate people. So two weeks ago we found out our 6 year old Calico named Miss Minnie had lymphoma and kidney cancer and we were told that she wouldn't last very long so we were giving her steroids for the pain and to just comfort her. She was doing OK and then last night she took a turn for worse her head was literally turned sideways and like she couldn't really focus so we took her to the vet and they gave her a stronger steroid and said they think that the cancer spread to her brain, she was very week and it pained us to see her like this with her head tilted. So we decided to reach out to lap of love as soon as I called the receptionist who took my call did everything in her power to fit us in on a emergency and she was so compassionate and she made it happen. So around 6 pm the vet came out his name was Dr. Brad and he was so gentile to our poor baby and basically made us feel better about having to do this hard decision, she literally went so peacefully I could not have asked for much more then that. I was very pleased by the way this company handles everything and I appreciate them for everything they have done. My minnie is in a better place now and couldn't ask for much more then that thank you laps of love and dr. Brad.

Michael Cornacchia

3 years ago

The doctor was so nice he made us feel as good as possible for the situation. He was very caring and made sure that our dog was at peace during the whole process. I would highly recommend them. So great the way it was handled.

paige pickering

3 years ago

Made a sad day bearable. So compassionate from the first phone call. Dr. Toni was so professional and kind. We are all so grateful. Thank you!

Victoria Ferguson

3 years ago

I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with them. Danielle, the kind woman who answered the phone, was so caring and supportive, walking me through this very difficult phone call/process. Dr Lucy was AMAZING. Never rushed, explained everything, made sure Duke was always comfortable and that his passing was peaceful. She was so respectful of the process and of my dog - allowing him to pass with dignity and peace. I have another dog, and when it's her time, I KNOW I will be calling them to help her.

Tracey Cohen

3 years ago

They are very kind and compassionate, while also being professional and competent.

Thomas Betteridge

3 years ago

These people are the kindest and most helpful - when you need it most! I recommend their caring assistance and love to anyone who needs to make this hard decision! Thank you Dr. Karen for joining our family for the hardest might of our lives! Thank you holding our hands and Elsies Paw! ( and Elvis loves the treats!) Thank you Jessie and Hanne! ❤️????????????❤️❤️

Terence Heenan

3 years ago

Very compassionate and they make a difficult choice much easier on the heart and mind. You'll never regret using them.

Stephanie B

3 years ago

Using this service was one of the best decisions I ever made. They are so caring and helpful I can't thank them enough. Would recommend laps of love to everyone!!

s f

3 years ago

Thank you Dr. Brad. You made an unbearably bad situation somehow survivable. I would definitely recommend this service. Very professional and compassionate. Took great care of my good ol' boy while dealing with my cat's hijinx. Rooting through his bag and whatnot. Haha! Also grateful for Dr. Brad coming around to our backyard to take our boy out after being put down after showing up. Just wanted my buddy to go out through his yard. It was his territory after all.I didn't specify on the phone even though I was asked. I couldn't help it at the time. Was very upset and not thinking clearly. I'm terribly upset about my pet's passing but this was a great, respectful and considerate experience.

Rebecca Kohl

3 years ago

I'm so grateful that this service exists. It is hard enough to make the decision to end your pet's suffering, but to then have to stress the animal even further by the ride to the vet's office, and the anxiety of the unfamiliar setting, to your pet's last moments makes it even worse. I have used their service 3 times now, and although nothing could make it a pleasant experience, at least it is more of a calm environment for your pet, and they couldn't be kinder or more understanding of how sad the occasion is for everyone. They know just what to say to bring comfort to the pet family, and they treat your pet with gentleness and respect. My only wish is that it wasn't so costly, because there have been a few times when I would have called them, but just couldn't afford it. (In case you're wondering, I run a small nonprofit cat rescue, and typically have 9-12 cats to care for at any given time, many of them senior or with health issues.) I highly recommend them for the wonderful work that they do.

Rabiha Antar

3 years ago

I would give this place more than five stars if it was possible. Compassionate and caring people. Highly recommended!!!!

Lenore Price

3 years ago

I recently laid my handsome boy to rest Duke Ardell Price and Dr. Brad Bates was the vet on hand that came to our home. He made us and duke feel at ease and was very professional and compassionate during this difficult time. Also the office staff Jessie was there for me with anything small or not to help me through this. I highly recommend this compassionate group of providers for our four legged family members

k l

3 years ago

Lucy helped us say goodbye today to our lovely best friend who was in such a pain,, she was very professional , understanding, and overall her presence made it much easier ???????????? even tho its very hard, he is in better place now, and Lucy helped him to get there ❤ thank you ❤ true professionals and very empathetic ????

Kimberly Labno

3 years ago

Needed service. Wish it was 24 hours. A little troubled by parent company values.

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