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Alex Demyanov

2 years ago

The clinic is located where my dog and I frequently walk. Every time we pass near the office, he pulls on the leash trying to "talk me into" stopping by. He *loves* his vet and all the technicians there! I myself am very satisfied with their approach and professionalism. Also like how our vet strategizes the examination and treatment plan to help control the expenses. A single-star review here talks about how inconvenient it was to wait outside during the Covid-related restrictions. I agree that it was not much fun but the staff were doing there best to continue providing the service in the difficult circumstances.

Bryan Cortez

2 years ago

It was amazing experience. My dog was happy and Safe.

Alyssa Gallarelli

2 years ago

Completely rude and unprofessional staff, that lack patience. You’ll never be able to reach someone on the phone, and when they finally call you back it’s clear they didn’t listen to any of the questions you stated on a voicemail. Will not be back.

Daniel Levin

2 years ago

Great place to get my dog's nails trimmed

Olivier Jamin Changeart

2 years ago

The clinic makes a point of creating a fear-free environment for all animals. From my experience, it's true that they do everything to create a non stressful experience. My dog is always happy to meet doctors and team members at the Brookline location, wagging is tail as we approach the entry door. I would highly recommend their services for all pet owners.

Nicole Stanley

2 years ago

My dog Sunny has NEVER been to this vets. The Brookline location is amazing. I made an online appt for my dog cause she was acting strange, just not her normal self. They contacted me within 20mins of making appt online , the vet contacted me herself( I wish I new her name). The vet told me that I needed to bring Sunny to an ER!! For being a little sick? I didn't understand. Well this veterinarian saved my dogs life!!!!!!!! She had bloodwork among other tests at the Er & I found out my babygirl had cancer!! She got into treatment right away . I will forever be grateful to this vets. I wasn't even a paying patient yet & they cared enough to take there time to contact me. Again, I will be eternally grateful. Thank u soooo much❤❤????❤❤????????

Alexandra Mataras-Schaefer

2 years ago

Great service. They take very good care of my dog.

Chris Flynn

3 years ago

I had a great experience bringing my dog here recently. I had historically gone to the Boston Veterinary Clinic in Bay Village but due to a last minute issue (compounded by my crazy schedule), the team bent over backwards to be flexible and was able to accommodate me with an appointment at the Brookline location. Great service , great people, and great care for my dogs! Top notch in my book.

Payton Huysman

3 years ago

BVC has been incredible! I’m a first time dog parent and I began bringing my puppy here as soon as I adopted her in October. Due to Covid I’ve never been inside the clinic with her, but the staff is fantastic and Rita is so happy to see them every time I’ve brought her in. The notes you get after the visit include a short report on how your dog behaved, which I love. Dr. Sarah always answers all my questions clearly and the front desk staff is always pleasant and helpful over the phone.

Eduardo Caquias

3 years ago

Dr. B & the staff at the clinic are the best. They were always available to answer questions I had with my new puppy and even helped me in the selection process since I was so overwhelmed with what breed of dog would best fit my lifestyle. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone who is looking for a vet that truly cares for your fur baby!

Joey M

3 years ago

First-time caller, the reception had a poor attitude. I called somewhere else. Bad customer service

Kay Bisig

3 years ago

The staff here was very patient with my anxious little dog with a kind of extreme trauma background. This pandemic has made a lot of things harder but I was relieved that I could still get reliable veterinary care for one of my best friends in a timely manner. I'm hard of hearing and the staff was patient and professional talking to my girlfriend who was doing most of the telephone interaction. The prices are also pretty reasonable on top of that, I would def recommend them to people new to the area looking to establish regular veterinary care.

Meghan B

3 years ago

Everyone here is so friendly and wonderful at their jobs! We can’t thank Boston Veterinary Clinic enough for taking care of our little pup and walking us through everything!

Paige Tormey

3 years ago

As a new dog mom, the staff at BVC have been amazing with my puppy Puka from the moment I brought her in for her first appointment. I rescued Puka at a young age without any prior vet appointments so we we’re both anxious that first visit. Due to the pandemic, I couldn’t go inside, but was part of the exam the entire time. The vet working with Puka answered all of my questions and gave me great recommendations. Everytime we came for an appointment, Puka could not wait to get inside to see the BVC staff, she’d paw at the door with excitement. I would highly recommend bringing your pet here, they take excellent care and work hard to calm any anxiety. The BVC staff is the best!

Roland Breneus

3 years ago

Super friendly and very informative staff. They sooth all pet worries.

Stephen Akian

3 years ago

The assessment by Doctor Brian was incredible! We take dog parenting very seriously and he gave us exactly what we wanted with a full and thorough examination!

Tara DuBois

3 years ago

Awful experience. During Covid you can’t go inside so you call when you arrive and they come out and get your pet. Many businesses have been doing this for months and it’s a streamlined, simple process. I arrive 20 minutes early in the August heat, and could not get a hold of them. I tried calling multiple times and they would not answer the phone, so I left voicemails. Finally got someone to answer two minutes after my appointment started who said they were still finishing up with a previous client and would call me when they were ready. I tried again after 20 minutes to which they told me they couldn’t find me when it was my appointment time and I would need to reschedule. I told them I would not reschedule because I was here at my time and the reason I’m here is a medical emergency; in fact I drove a far distance to come to the only one of their clinics that had an available appointment. The doctor got on the phone who didn’t understand why I was upset. Told her I’ve been here for almost an hour waiting, I heard her re-ask the receptionist what happened. It appears the receptionist lied to the doctor saying that she could not find me, when the truth is she never called me back even AFTER she knew I was outside waiting. I did speak with her at 9:32 when I called, and when my appointment was at 9:30. That was when she told me I would need to wait longer, and told the doctor she could not get a hold of me - leading the doctor to tell me I need to reschedule. They finally took my dog in, they called me with which test they want to run but nobody had a conversation with me about the symptoms my dog was even experiencing. I asked how they can know which tests to run without asking me what’s wrong with her, to which we went ahead and had the conversation then. I’ll never return to this clinic. I understand that appointments can be challenging, but the disrespect of lying to the doctor and saying I wasn’t there because she forgot to call me is unforgivable. This left me outside with the dog in August heat for 30 minutes, and then me personally outside for another hour sweating while they tried to fit my dog in between other appts. I can handle logistics challenges, but the disrespect was unprofessional, the ability to diagnose without asking about symptoms is concerning, and that is the reason I will never return and would advise others to go elsewhere. There’s lots of good vets in Boston.

Steven Parker

4 years ago

I take my dog Chewy to Boston Vet Brookline and the team there is always so friendly and professional and they make sure Chewy has the best visit. All of the doctors are great, you won't be disappointed! Highly recommend.

Moira McGowan

4 years ago

This is my first Google review and will probably be my last, but I felt inclined to share my experience at the Boston Veterinary Clinic in Brookline yesterday. As the owner of a Medic Alert Service Dog, I am stopped regularly by the public and asked if my dog can be pet or given treats. I always politely say no, and explain why she can not be distracted from her work or rewarded with a treat by anyone other than myself: her handler. The public is surprisingly very understanding about it and listens to my requests. Never in a million years did I expect to walk into the Veterinary Clinic yesterday and have the complete opposite experience. Not only did the technician and doctor not listen to me, but they also completely disrespected me as her owner / handler. I expected the Vet, of all places, to be a safe space for us, where there was mutual understanding around the importance of service dogs and why they need to be treated differently than regular dogs. That was not the case here. After first walking in and getting my dog weighed, I informed the technician that she is a Medic Alert Service Dog for my Type 1 Diabetes and can only be rewarded with a treat when she medically alerts, and that the treat needs to come from me. I asked her to refrain from giving her the treat she had in her hand that she was planning to give my dog after she was finished weighing her. Her response, "Well, we give treats throughout the visits here, so we will try to keep it at a minimum." Baffled by this response, we walled into the exam room where a few treats were given while we waited for the Veterinarian. When the Veterinarian walked in -- treat in hand -- I repeated what I had told the technician. I stated that she is a service dog and can only be given treats by me when she alerts. Her response, "We are a pet friendly vet with a fear free style, so we give treats to make sure the dogs are happy to be here and excited to come back." Meanwhile, my dog is sitting calmly with her tail wagging, being the trained service dog that she is, when I said, "I think her behavior right now is indicative that she IS happy, so that should not be a concern." Her response, as she redirects her eye contact from me to the dog and switches to a baby voice, "Well these are small treats and you'll know the vet is the only place you get them." Over the course of the 30 minute appointment, where nothing invasive was done, my dog was given an entire dental bone and 10-15 small treats. Not only did both the technician and vet send a loud and clear message of "screw your requests, we do not care", but also my dog was so distracted by being given all these treats (which has never happened before) that she did not medically alert to my rising blood sugar level during the visit. After coming home from the appointment and festering on my emotions, I decided to walk back and speak to the Vet face to face. I explained how I have spent thousands of dollars on this dog, been waiting years for her, and that she has gone through extensive training over the last 1.5 years and does not need to be rewarded for behavior that is EXPECTED of her as a service dog. Therein-lies one of the major differences between regular dogs and service dogs. She apologized and ended the conversation by asking if she could pet my dog... Clearly, this practice does not have experience with service animals. Even after the conversation where I tried to educate her on the topic, it was apparent the message was still not fully heard or understood. We will be looking for a new Vet that respects our wishes and is more educated on the importance of service animals.

Kymbeerly Irizarry

4 years ago

** EDIT ON 6/5/2019 ** Not more than 4 hours after I posted this review, Dr. B contacted me to learn more about my situation. He was so compassionate and understanding about the situation and explained why there was such a miscommunication with the daycare facility. I was completely won over by his candidness and I will definitely continue to use their services. In light of the prescription issue, he was kind enough to offer a free 6 month supply for Bailey’s flea & tick preventive and a free sample of a different heart worm medication (with some great insight about different types of meds). Additionally, when I arrived to pick up the medication, the person at the front desk, Tianna, was SO kind and professional. She answered all my questions and even gave me a free sample dental kit after I explained that Bailey thought it was a toy and chewed it up. All in all, a big THANK YOU to Dr. B and Tianna for being so responsive to my concerns and helping me come to a resolution. Bailey and I will definitely be loyal patients from now on! ************* If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have rated it 4 stars. Unfortunately, due to the lack of coordination at this location with the daycare/ grooming center they share a space with, it's been an absolute nightmare. It's absolutely aggravating that after coordinating via email with the clinic that I would be picking-up/ dropping-off something for my dog, the front desk is too incompetent to follow through. The first instance I was told I needed to drop off a fecal sample and could have left it with the front desk. After driving home for 20 mins, calling to confirm that I could drop it off the same day, getting the sample, driving BACK 20 mins to the clinic, the front desk informed me I could not leave it with them. As this was the first time, I was annoyed but understood that miscommunications can happen. The second instance was the last straw. I have been trying to get the heartgard and nexgard prescriptions for my dog and was informed I needed to pick them up as they couldn't be emailed. As I work in Westborough, which is an hour away, I explained that I wouldn't be able to make it by 4pm (the clinic closing time), but, if possible, I could pick it up with the front desk that is open until 7pm. They said that was fine. Due to rush hour, I arrived at 6:15pm only to find the doors locked. I was absolutely infuriated as not only did I have to combat rush hour to get into the city, I paid parking AND wasted 1 hr and 30 mins of my day trying to get these prescriptions. After calling the Tremont location, I was informed they would mail the prescriptions to me. After these 2 negative experiences, topped with the mechanical response of "Sorry that happened. Hope you'll still come back" when we called to complain, I don't think I'll be returning. There was no compassion for the time wasted nor an explanation or even a small gesture like "Really apologize for that - happy to offer your pup a small bag of treats as an apology for the inconvenience." Very disappointing, especially since the actual vet staff is very nice.

Ianna Wechter

4 years ago

I was really nervous when I first got my puppy because I had never been to a vet before, but these guys make it so easy! I can call/e-mail/come in any time and they make it super easy and convenient. They are also super sweet and sympathetic to my puppy's needs as he is a very nervous pup. They really take their time to make sure he's comfortable which is very important to me! Thank you guys!!!!!!

Cindy Lin

4 years ago

After reading positive reviews on Google and Yelp, I felt comfortable bringing my new dog (three-year old rescue) to Boston Veterinary Clinic in Brookline. My comfort ended there. Upon arriving, the man at the check-in desk was extremely curt and annoyed at something. The exam itself was okay and while I appreciate that the clinic is fear-free, it became clear that policy was only practiced in the exam room. When it came time to leave, my dog needed a bit more coaxing to leave the room, as she was still new to me and the surroundings. When I suggested carrying her out, the vet immediately shut me down and said my dog would bite and/or attack when I knew she would not -- she's never had any issue being carried and she's a timid dog who has never shown aggression to me, her foster, or her shelter. Instead, the vet dragged her out of the exam room, across the lobby, and up most of the stairs using her leash -- increasing any anxiety or fear she was already feeling. At the time, I was already a bit overwhelmed and did not realize how inappropriate those actions were. For a clinic that prides itself in being fear-free, that seemed like the complete opposite of what should have been done. As I was leaving, the vet also asserted that my dog would require intensive behavioral training and also responded incredibly negatively when I said we already had a training evaluation lined up, saying that regular training would be useless. Despite the convenience of this location, I definitely will not be returning and would much rather travel further to a different office.

Aaron Kronstat

4 years ago

I've been going here for years and have always had fast and thorough service. The vets and vet techs are extremely personal, professional and will usually call and check in to make sure everything went well after a day or so. Bring your pet here to ensure the best experience for your furry one!

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