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Michael Feliciano

2 years ago

Came here with my dog because he has massive swelling in his ear. I don't know if it's an infection or hematoma or what's going on. I came here to get some answers and after 3 hours I still haven't seen a doctor. We called, they said check …

Alison Fitzgerald

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about VEG-Paramus. We brought our 9 week old puppy Henry in for ongoing tummy troubles and a Parvo test. He ended up having a bad infection that required an overnight stay. We were seen immediately on a …


2 years ago

The level of care is amazing, the staff is SO compassionate, Cash and I can not thank VEG Paramus enough for being there and the level of care we received ????

Mariya D

2 years ago

Came today at 1 am to put my cat down. The doctor, nurses ,the whole personal were very kind, supportive, professional and understanding. Very clean, beautiful and up to date clinic. You get what you pay for. This night was very sad for me, but these kind people made everything easier. Thank you for working night hours and not letting our pets suffer.

Kathryn Habecker

2 years ago

We took our cat there last night and had such a positive experience. They were friendly and professional and kept us updated every step of the way. The space is very organized and clean. We were in and out in a good amount of time and have clear instructions for care to make sure he is okay. So grateful to the entire team! If another emergency ever were to arise, we will go here.

Reannah Sanglay

2 years ago

We initially took our baby Everest to Oradell Animal Hospital but we waited there for two hours despite them knowing our emergency and they still couldn't take us. Meanwhile there were dozens of dogs and cats being called in one by one before us, MOST of whom came AFTER us. Oradell Animal Hospital is incompetent and would've let our baby DIE!!!!! with no remorse. You can tell by the way they treat you upon first entering the building. 2 hours, my poor baby was bleeding with his guts wide open, crying, whining, and they couldn't give their time of day. Anyways we went to VEG Paramus Hospital and was immediately taken care of upon first inspection. As soon as the receptionist Mary saw our baby she took us in knowing the gravity of the situation! She, along with EVERYONE we met today was so warm and filled with compassion. You can tell the difference between the staff that cares about what they do, vs the staff that just does the bare minimum. Skip Oradell Animal Hospital. They'll let your baby die right in front of your eyes and you'll be in the freaking waiting room when it happens. Hopefully we won't have to return for emergencies but if we do, VEG will be the place we go to. So thankful for the staff here. Hope you open more locations!

Olga Hladun

2 years ago

Very disappointed in the communication amongst staff. I was told many things from different people and I Did not get a straight answer. $1250 later I still don’t know what’s wrong with my cat. They can’t give me a straight answer. I dropped him off at 2:30 in the afternoon & picked him up at 10:30 in the evening. Some of the was staff is helpful and the others need an attitude check. Needless to say I didn’t leave with Many answers. Actually the vet told me that I’ll probably be back! I waited for over six hours to find out what was going on & come to find out they did not even do a blood test Until I requested one. To top it off they neglected to give me the medication to take home. No one mentioned the medication he needs & Made it sound like it was my neglect. Needless to say I have to go back to pick up the medication. I will describe the facility as organized chaos & I will not be returning


2 years ago

You never want to have a need to utilize an emergency vet, but when you do you want to know it is a good one. Highly recommend VEG in Paramus. When our sweet cat "Alfred" needed emergency care on New Year's Eve we called the Emergency Animal Hospital closest to our home that we had used in the past and there was an 8 hour wait. They referred us to VEG. We made the 50 min. ride as we didn't feel we could wait 8 hours. What a wonderful place. Kind and compassionate staff. Welcoming and very clean environment. There was virtually no wait as their case load was light when we arrived. Alfred was taken in quickly and attended to by two wonderful Vet Techs, who's names I'm sorry I did not get. They were amazing. So warm and caring. They took all the vital stats and the symptoms Alfred was experiencing. The Vet (Dr. Nicole Poppenger) then came in to evaluate Alfred. She was equally as kind and caring and addressed all our questions and concerns. Alfred was having coughing and some breathing issues for the prior 3-4 days that were getting worse so that was his reason for the visit. After some x-rays and blood work it was diagnosed as feline asthma. He was treated with an inhaler and a steroid injection before being discharged. We will be seeing our regular vet for follow up today as he is still having some symptoms although much reduced from last Friday afternoon / evening. Staff was wonderful, caring and thorough. Alfred was well cared for. Wonderful place!

Bryan Slominsky

2 years ago

I have taken my dog here 3 times for various reasons. Each and every time the staff is professional, courteous and willing to go above and beyond for you and your pet. Whether the time is 8am or 3am they are always great. Thank you VEG!

Lisa Pawlowicz

2 years ago

It’s disgusting that you will not operate or take action to assist a helpless animal unless you are paid up front. Then make the cost so unaffordable that the only option is to euthanize an animal.

Cassidy LoRe

2 years ago

Amazing team!! The Dr. Was super helpful & knowledgeable!! Both the techs & assistants did an amazing job of taking care of my dog! Very clean & friendly office. Would 100% recommend for emergency vet visits! Thankyou for helping me with Sophia! :) SHOUTOUT to Dr. Cleman, Kayla, Meagan, Rico & Alyssa! You guys are AMAZING.

Miranda C

2 years ago

Veterinary Emergency Group in Paramus provided us, without a doubt, the best emergency pet care we have ever received in over 30 years of pet ownership. We brought in our very sick puppy (Finn) and from the moment we arrived, we felt a sense of comfort and relief as we were warmly welcomed, and Finn was showered with love, attention and care. Dr. Stitzel met with us right away and showed great knowledge and understanding of Finn’s situation while also offering genuine care and patience towards both Finn and us. We were never rushed, and she took time to explain the situation, options and costs in detail, and answer our many questions. She wound up having to perform a 4+ hour extremely challenging emergency surgery on Finn – the surgery was successful, and recovery went well thanks to her great work and the above and beyond aftercare she provided during Finn’s recovery at home, checking in frequently and making herself accessible in case we had any questions (which we did!). We also were able to watch her care for many other pets during our time at VEG, and it was clear that she is passionate about her job and cares deeply for each pet/owner. We feel so lucky that we wound up at VEG and under her care. The entire staff was attentive, friendly and helpful and the other doctors that briefly cared for Finn while he was there were also fantastic. The facility is kept neat and clean, and has an open design so that you can be with your pet every step of the way and have easy access to the staff and doctors if you need anything – absolutely no time spent anxiously sitting around in a waiting room or exam room alone wondering if they forgot about you or what was going to happen next. We prefer not to have another emergency in the future, but it is so great to know that in the event of an emergency, we have a place to go that will take such great care of our pets and us too!

Eva Czerny

2 years ago

Went there with my daughter cat, they are excellent. They truly care about your pet. Cat needed surgery and had to go back because he removed some stiches, the saw him quickly and remember him after 10 days. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with a medical emergency.

Steve C

2 years ago

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful Veterinary Emergency Group is. There’s a reason why they have so many great reviews. The veterinarians, the vet techs, everyone there are literal angels, just kind and caring. And it’s not necessarily something you expect from an emergency vet clinic because, unlike normal vet practices, emergency clinics probably don’t have the opportunity to build a relationship with you since you may only visit them a few times. But Veterinarian Emergency Group is one of the best Vet practices I’ve ever been to. I hope you won’t be in a position where one of your pets needs emergency care. But if you do, please don’t hesitate to go to VEG. *(My visit) My 3 year old cat had a heart problem we didn’t know about. She went from being totally normal & lively to suddenly vomiting and not being able to move her hind quarters. It turned out to be blood clots from sudden heart failure. VEG saw us right away when I arrived bc it was a life and death situation for my cat which I’ll be forever grateful for. Unfortunately her prognosis wasn’t good and I had to make the heart breaking decision to euthanize. While it’s not the first time I’ve had to go down this path with one of my pets, my experience with VEG is one of the best. Thank you so much again.

Tamara S.

2 years ago

all the staff & dr. wagner was amazing. my poor puppy had parvovirus & is doing great today! thank you guys so much

Kimberly Ostrander

2 years ago

I will never be able to say enough good things about this location. I brought my 1 year old cat in needing emergency surgery after another facility had basically tried to pressure me into having him put down. Not only did they perform the surgery, they also made sure he was cared for and loved every second he was there while reassuring me as I ugly cried and paced the floor for hours. I can never thank them enough for giving my baby a chance at life.

Brian Benito

2 years ago

I unepectedly lost the love of my life yorkie, ❤ Buddy ❤, after 15 years of enjoying his unconditional love, affection, and loyalty. The VEG was very compassionate and sympathetic and I am extremely grateful that I decided to bring him there in last and final moments. They made him absolutely as comfortable as possible and let me enjoy my final moments with him after receiving his diagnosis. I will be forever thankful to the staff of VEG


2 years ago

I was always skeptical with a walk-in emergency vet clinics, but Dr. Sarah Stitzel and a veterinary tech Rafael at Paramus location completely changed my view on that. …

Corinne Eskenazi

2 years ago

Very hands on and truly cares about the animals. All the vets are very qualified and triage quickly. Saved my dog’s life in heart failure and two birds I have . I’m so happy they are now in Paramus and much less costly then Oradell. TY

Karen McDonald

2 years ago

Probably the best ER for a pet I have ever been to and I have had dogs, cats, snakes, etc for 50 years!!!!

Jocelyn Cuvi

2 years ago

Thank you!! After trying to get several appointments elsewhere, i called this place and they picked up right away and helped me so quick.

Kathy Z

2 years ago

One hopes to never need an emergency vet, but when you do, you hope that they are going to give your pet the best care possible. From start to finish I felt confident my cat was receiving the best care. My outcome didn't result in my sweet cat going back home with me ???? ,and even during the process of saying goodbye one last time everything was handled with the utmost care and concern. If you need an ER Vet they are the place to go. Thank you to all the staff.

Liz Santos

2 years ago

Although we got the terrible news that we expected, the people at this establishment provided exemplary care, both physically and emotionally. They were thorough, kind, and wonderfully supportive as they guided us through a horrible diagnosis and situation. There is literally nothing I would change about this place. Much appreciated.

M. V.

2 years ago

This veterinary emergency clinic is a true gem. The best place anyone can trust their pet with. They are extremely professional, courteous and kind. I was deeply impressed with Dr Jordan Cleman and all the technicians and assistants and the care they gave my dog They made my family and our precious dog feel very confortable...My family and I left knowing our dog had a thorough and precise examination and that all the necessary tests were done.

Mary Paluge

2 years ago

I am so grateful for Dr. Knoell and the entire staff of Veg Paramus. From the moment you walk in everyone is so attentive and caring, but especially calm. I brought my dog in around 10pm because he was not acting himself and extremely out of it and was brought right in, no waiting. My dog ingested some remnants of marijuana it seemed, and he was kept overnight on iv and some monitoring. While he was there, I was sent pictures and a small update on how he was doing. I was able to pick him up earlier after calling to check in. The check in & out process is extremely easy. I recommend them 10/10.

Natalie Molina

2 years ago

I took my puppy Paris in last night because she jumped off the bed and bent her nail pretty bad. The nail was hanging by a thread. I brought her in here, everyone was extremely nice and comforting too as I am super dramatic about my dog. I feel what I liked the most is the fact I got to actually stay with her while she was being examined and see what they were doing. In the past, I didn't get to do that. Anyway, I left super relieved with the care I received. You guys are the best. Thank you so much!


2 years ago

the sweetest staff ever they were all so lovely and extremely helpful. they made sure my little pup was comfortable and properly treated. would definitely recommend . thanks again!

Madison Foley

2 years ago

I called this group, that I had never been to before, around 1am on a Sunday night because I was concerned about my kitten licking her flea and tick medication. They picked up very quickly, I explained my situation, and they connected me straight with a doctor. The doctor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. I unfortunately do not recall her name, but the service was amazing and reassuring.

Val Guzman

2 years ago

These people are angels with scrubs! I came in with my baby boy crying my eyes out expecting the worst. As soon as I walked in the staff was ready to take my baby boy and start to treat him! I did not have to wait at all which made me feel so good because I was literally shaking in fear. I am eternally grateful for those who saw my baby boy and took care of him. Two of the staff members offered me water and snacks because they saw how depressed and anxious I was. I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE WHO HAS AN EMERGENCY WITH THEIR FUR BABYS! They know exactly what to do and what to say to makes things better <3 Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from baby boy for what you guys did for him yesterday night!!! <3

Camille B.

2 years ago

Thank you so much to VEG for exceptional care. I brought Paws in in the early hours of the morning due to a saddle thrombus/FATE event. The doctor and techs were very knowledgeable but honest and gave us the time we needed to say goodbye. Before he passed they tried everything and worked quickly to resolve the event but unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done. I appreciate everyone there for being with us during a very sad time.

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