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Lisa Fuchs

a year ago

I have never been to Oradell Animal Hospital until today. I felt confident because I only heard excellent things about them. Without going into detail, I want to say that I can't say enough about this place. Dr Miller was very nice, …

Feles Mala

a year ago

Hit or miss when it comes to their emergency services but for internal medicine we can’t recommend Dr. Zerrenner enough. Knowledgeable, thorough, never pushes unnecessary procedures/tests, compassionate and very kind with “difficult” patients. We were lucky to have such a wonderful doctor during very difficult times.

Melissa Jones

a year ago

After calling multiple “emergency” services all over the state that advertise that they service exotic/avian, desperately looking for help with my Green Cheek Conure who was having breathing issues, Oradell was the only one that was willing to see him. They advised me that they didn’t have an exotic specialist in but they would see what they could do to help. I was desperate and I went in extremely nervous that they wouldn’t know what to do with my bird. The staff and the veterinarian were incredible. They took great care of my baby, thoroughly discussed their evaluation of him, prescribed medication, and 3 days later he is on the mend. We’re following up with our avian vet but I’m relieved that in an emergency situation I know where I can go for help.

Julia Kumari

a year ago

They hide important information from you about your animal that could potentially hurt you or another animal and then say it was a “miscommunication”.

Erin Camille De Castro

a year ago

Went there because I thought something was wrong with my dogs eyes because they were bleeding. Waited 4 hours to be seen and was charged $190 for an emergency visit, they allowed dogs that came after us in first. If I waited 4 hours for an emergency visit they shouldn't have changed that much. After that visit my dog has been having liquid diarrhea and its been going on for days. I suspect that he got it from there. I do not recommend this place at all.

Reannah Sanglay

a year ago

We initially took our baby Everest to Oradell Animal Hospital but we waited there for two hours despite them knowing our emergency and they still couldn't take us. Meanwhile there were dozens of dogs and cats being called in one by one before us, MOST of whom came AFTER us. Oradell Animal Hospital is incompetent and would've let our baby DIE!!!!! with no remorse. You can tell by the way they treat you upon first entering the building. 2 hours, my poor baby was bleeding with his guts wide open, crying, whining, and they couldn't give their time of day. Anyways we went to VEG Paramus Hospital and was immediately taken care of upon first inspection. As soon as the receptionist Mary saw our baby she took us in knowing the gravity of the situation! She, along with EVERYONE we met today was so warm and filled with compassion. You can tell the difference between the staff that cares about what they do, vs the staff that just does the bare minimum. Skip Oradell Animal Hospital. They'll let your baby die right in front of your eyes and you'll be in the freaking waiting room when it happens. Hopefully we won't have to return for emergencies but if we do, VEG will be the place we go to. So thankful for the staff here. Hope they open more locations. Oradell Animal Hospital, don't you even dare reply to me with "we're so sorry for your experience here, as mentioned in our site, we treat our patients according to the order of severity." We were there for 2 hours and even with our situation, WE NEVER EVEN MADE IT TO THE TRIAGE!!!! How do you people sleep at night. Seriously.

Elizabeth Mikos

a year ago

I usally don’t write bad reviews but I was really upset with the service I got.I went today with my dog because of emergency.My dog got cut on stomach because she jumped by front door glass and followed deer.She is 18 months puppy.I am new in area so not familiar with doctors around.I was told that is a long wait but I don’t have choice since she was a little bleeding.I did all paperwork and sitting for an hour when got message-number 5 in line.Couple dogs and cats where taken before and I asked when will be my turn.They told me after 2 hours that now I am number 4.Wow!Its Christmas Day so everyone has something to do.I live 5 minutes from hospital but they told me if I leave I will loose my spot.I took a chance.Drive with my dog 5 minutes from Oradell hospital to Veterinary Group in Paramus.What a great experience!Everyone super friendly and my dog quickly got help-couple stitches.On the way home I got called from Oradell hospital saying I am number 2.

Alex Brumel

a year ago

Simply the best. I don’t trust anyone else with our dogs. We have worked with cardiologists, oral surgeons, eye specialists — everyone is so great at what they do and the staff is FLAWLESS. Every single call or visit, they are comforting, easy going, accommodating, pleasant — Oradell is a blessing. We live 45 mins away in Jersey City and recently made Oradell our primary vet for our two dogs because we simply don’t trust anyone else. Thank you, everyone at Oradell, for what you do and how you do it.

alex c

a year ago

Took my dog here on Sunday morning. After one hour and a half of waiting, we were told we had 7 patients in front of us. Nobody from the waiting room has gone inside in that one hour and a half so not sure why the wait. Never going back and not recommending the urgent care at this place.

Harry Sabesan

a year ago

Our cat needed surgery, they quoted us over $7K after we had already spent thousands with them figuring out the problem. We called around to other vets, got a quote of $1200 for the exact same procedure. When we called Oradell to let them know we got a much lower quote and wanted to move her, they agreed to do it for the same price. More than an 80% discount, because we were going to have someone else take care of her. They will price gouge you if given the chance. They don't give AF about your pets, they care about profit.

Jan Hilgeman

a year ago

Love, love, love all the doctors and staff at Oradell Animal Hospital. We don't trust anyone else with our Great Danes. BUT - the process of getting to actually speak to a veterinarian outside of an appointment is just about the most painful experience you can imagine. Wait times of 20+ minutes on hold, leave a message, the doctor calls you back - you miss the call by about 3 minutes and have to start all over again and you're the 8th or 12th caller in queue - or worse. Physicians are using patient portals to communicate with human patients - why can't OAH do the same? UPDATE - In addition to the somewhat canned reply to this review, I did get a phone call from administrator within 24 hours of my initial post who was kind enough to give me 15 minutes of her time to rant and make suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I hope OAH is able to sort this out for both their clients and their staff.

Shabaz Ghanie

a year ago

They are money hungry predators. Go somewhere else.

Stephanie Bloschak

a year ago

I highly recommend Oradell, and specifically Dr. Shah, for anyone with a hyperthyroid kitty. I originally scheduled an appointment for my hyperthyroid cat to inquire about getting the radioactive iodine treatment. I felt that Dr. Shah had the best intentions and interest for my cat from the first appointment, which is why I have returned several times for my cats continued treatment. I can't speak to any experience but my own, and I don't have recent experience with the emergency department, but I would disagree with other reviews regarding money being prioritized over the pets health. The radioactive iodine treatment is a costly one, however, I was presented with sound medical advice and ultimately Dr. Shah and I carefully elected to not proceed with the treatment because of potential risk factors. If money was the primary concern here, I doubt I would've been dissuaded to move forward without that treatment. Every time I visit Oradell, my cat and I are both treated with respect and dignity. While yes, the services can be costly, I never felt like I was being "nicked and dimed" or taken advantage of. Even in the case of medication, if something didn't work out I was able to switch it for something else instead of paying double. I immensely appreciate Dr. Shah and staff for taking such great care of my cat!

Vicki Farber-Keehner

a year ago

I brought my cat in last Saturday morning (approximately midnight), 11/13/2021, because she had thrown up and there was a steady stream of saliva coming out of her mouth along with her constant meowing. We arrived there at about 12:15 a.m., saw the nurse and was told my cat was fourth on the waiting list. The receptionist told me it would be a 2-3 hour wait and asked if we wanted to leave her and come back when they were done, we stayed. Then while waiting I got a text it would be a 3-4 hour wait. A man had just left, two other people left after speaking to an employee, there was a woman with a dog, she went in at approximately 3:00 a.m. My son asked how much longer and the receptionist told us as soon as the woman with the dog came out, we would go in, she did come out at approximately 4:00 a.m., but went back in. At this point, I found this absolutely unacceptable and since my cat seemed better at 4:30 a.m. we walked to the receptionist again and I asked her if there was only one vet, she said no there are two, but she mentioned something about transfers and the year has been hectic. This isn't the first time I have brought my pet there was an emergency in the early am hours, I never ever had to wait this long and I was extremely disappointed. I can understand if there are a number of patient's waiting, but it was only myself and the other woman with her dog. We left. The receptionists were very nice, but the waiting time especially at that hour was absolutely ridiculous, I was extremely disappointed and if I ever have an emergency with my pet (hopefully not) I will not be going back to Oradell.

Matt Brunner

a year ago

Very disappointed with the service here...

Sonia Velez

a year ago

I was waiting for a very long time (reason weekly I don't give dice stars)and decided to read reviews. Scary. I felt like walking out! While I took time deciding what to do, a tech came and asked for to follow... I'm glad I stayed. The vet, Meghan, was wonderful. She was kind and knowledgeable. She was also truly honest, which made me very grateful.

Melissa J

a year ago

I see so many negative reviews and I have been fortunate enough to only have pleasant experiences here. I have a rabbit who has a chronic issue that there is no cure. We are there pretty much every month. Probably the number one bunny patients. Dr. Boren is a fantastic exotics doctor. He has been so helpful to me and my bunny. He puts up with my nervousness and my 80 million questions.and my constantly cutting him off when he talks. (Sorry. I try so hard to curb it) They always return my phone calls. My only issue is as much as I love Dr. Boren it’s hard to get an appointment with him. He is the only exotics vet there. If it’s an emergency (during business hours) he will squeeze me in and I greatly appreciate that. I also feel so much better to know that the doctors that staff the ER are knowledgeable about rabbits. I had a horrible experience at an ER that didn’t know anything about them. I have had professional experiences there from day 1 and I’m glad I found Dr. Boren and his staff. Thank you Dr. Boren and the Oradell staff.

Matthew Brunner

a year ago

Extremely impersonal... Charged $500 over the already high estimate and then suggested further testing. Thanks for draining my bank account for nothing.

Samantha Wilkinson

a year ago

My perfectly healthy 2 year old puppy DIED here from their lack of care. I would NEVER want anyone to go through what me and my family did. Attached is a summary of what happened—it’s unbelievable how they’re in business

Diella Packman

a year ago

Absolutely under any circumstances DO NOT bring your pet here! Horrible neglect! Can’t believe they are even in business.

Jeannie G.

a year ago

DO NOT BRING EXOTIC ANIMALS HERE. Today, this hospital killed my rabbit & then proceeded to yell at my mom for it. They left food (he was in stasis, unable to eat) & a water BOTTLE (which he doesnt even know how to use). i hate this hopsital. they let him sit for hours in a room alone untreated without TELLING us he wasnt being treated. if he was treated sooner, he would still be with us. rest in peace Baxter, you are gone too soon. Brett Flynn, you failed us. Receptionists & doctors extremely unprofessional & i am DISTURBED after hearing how my family pet was treated in his final night.

Jun Kim

a year ago

They charged $350 for unnecessary injection and fluid therapy for 60lbs dog ingesting few chocolate chip cookies. My son made mistakes to bring the dog for emergency visit but they'd better know those treatment is unnecessary.

Lucia Marchese

a year ago

For a serious vet emergency I always knew I would come here … if I ever had this happen … and now it has. The team is very professional and well run. Specialists are in the practice so he saw a neurologist within 12 hours of being admitted (at night). The communication levels are very high and thorough. When they say they will call, they do. Everyone was kind, and went out of their way to make you feel good. From the doctors to the techs the nursing staff the cashiers the front desk welcome crew. I was visibly upset sitting by myself in the waiting room and someone brought me water snd water for my dog - that person is special. I was informed repeatedly of wait times snd when I would be seen. Thank you.

Morgan Anderson

a year ago

They killed a puppy two years old because they let him aspirate on his own vomit. Neglected and lies. He wasn’t even sick he went in for basic surgery.

Tessa Blanco

a year ago

The wait was a bit long (about four hours the first time we went) and spent about $1000 bucks in the emergency room, but heck they literally saved my cockatoo, my best friend from dying right then and there. I’m so so thankful they literally managed to bring my bird back from the dead. If I ever need emergency treatment again the two hour drive from my house is completely worth it. I called just to thank Dr. Boren and left a message with staff, my bird is happy and healthy again!

Dave Reisender

a year ago

EXCELLENT Hospital! On the cutting edge of cardiac Veterinary medicine and treatment. Staff are helpful and friendly. Not cheap, but great medical treatment and a very knowledgeable staff.

Diane Wilkinson

a year ago

I’d like to inform you about Oradell Animal Hospital and one “doctor” in particular Alexandra Locke. I’d also like to beg you never, ever under any circumstances to bring an animal there for any reason. I just lost a legal battle and I am forced to pay an astronomical bill. Aside from incompetence what bothers me the most is they know they were responsible for the death of our dog yet could care less. They want money, so congratulations you got it. In short, our puppy was admitted to be neutered. All went well and he stayed overnight as required. Dr. Locke was in charge of him until his discharge. Under her care he vomited. Under her care he ingested it Under her care he contracted aspirational pneumonia Under her care she did not take his temperature. She released him with a 103.5 She released him after agreeing with us that he looked like he was having trouble breathing. She released him when he was observed gaging. He never made it home. We turned around as he was gasping for air in the car. When he came back the admitting doctor was desperately trying to find out when he aspirated in order to start treatment. Dr. Locke stood silent. He died one week later. I am being held for over $ 25,000 because this incompetent, incapable, uncaring disgusting excuse for a doctor was too busy to watch a dog. I have come to accept what has happened however what still amazes me is the fact they knew she was responsible, and didn’t care. In fact they covered for her. An example of how disgusting this hospital is was when after his death I asked for his records and they wouldn’t respond to numerous requests until I told them the insurance company was asking me to provide the information to them. When they knew money was involved the flood gates opened. In closing Dr. Locke is no longer there. I don’t know when or how she left. I don’t care. I hope by posting this and your help this information will warn potential patients to stay far away. Her actions were inexcusable, deplorable, and dishonorable.

Ashley Roca

a year ago

DO NOT bring your pet here! They do not care about your pet. They only care about money.


a year ago

I brought my dog in for a check up due to blood in urine and spent a hefty amount of money which would’ve been 100% worth it if they didn't simply send me back home only for my dog to die soon after over something that should've been checked. The nonchalant veterinarian is why I lost my best friend.

Diana Geraci

2 years ago

I brought my guinea pig in for a foot infection. I wish I could bring an exotic into any animal hospital but I can’t since they don’t specialize and they referred me to Oradell. They told me 45 minutes when I arrived. I waited over 4 HOURS to see a doctor because of other emergencies and appointments. I don’t understand how you can tell a patient who is paying and waiting for emergency services 45 minutes and then it becomes over 4 hours. They are unprofessional and poor communicators. If I had a dog or cat I could go anywhere but I can’t and I got bumped because it wasn’t as critical. That’s so wrong, on every level. They need to work on customer service but my Guinea Pig got great care from the ER doctors.

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