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Connie Montesino

2 years ago

The staff is very nice , being that we are in thesr times with covid couldn't stay with my pup, so I can't answer anymore questions.

Cora Bergantiños-Crespo

2 years ago

During COVID the appointments are drop off only which is good to keep everyone safe but I miss being able to talk to the vet directly with all my questions as a new dog owner but they have been good responding by email or phone to minor issues. Several times they gave us recommendations to treat issues at home (like diarrhea) before/instead of making an appointment which we appreciate and shows they are not only for the money but considering the best for the pet. While I can't say my puppy is thrilled to go to the clinic she seems fairly ok going there and always seems properly taken care of. We are happy with them.

Paulina Vazquez

2 years ago

Highly recommend! Had to get a travel certificate for my pup and some other paperwork. They even emailed me a form that the airline needed the day of flight, which I really appreciated it. My dog usually is nervous at the vet but was calm and excited to meet the staff even after her examination. Their hours are great as they are open early and close later.

Ms j Wright

2 years ago

My experience at the heart of Harlem veterinary clinic was so amazing . Its like having another family. They care for you and your pet so personally and professionally. They ca you the next day to check up on your pet ti

Kenny Hines

2 years ago

Nice..clean...no offensive animal odor. Sraff is efficient and helpful.

Davida Staten-mccray

2 years ago

The experience was great staff was very attentive to my 2 kittens. Also called the next day to see how they where doing

Le Lani Hines

2 years ago

Very caring people but expensive

Robert Murray

2 years ago

Great and knowledgeable staff. UPDATE: they will take as much money from you that they possible can. zero interest in well-being of the animals and only focused on revenue.

Madlen Wagner

2 years ago

I get my cats nail trim done here for $20. They do walk INS only for that and most of the time we are in and out in 20min. Sometimes you have to wait long before they let you in the door but overall I am happy there and most of all my cat is fine with her short nails.

pejman ghaemi mohammadi

2 years ago

They refused to sell me an antiseptic cream that I could buy from chewy or Amazon without an assessment. Basically wanted me to pay 90 bucks for a diagnosis I already know. And give me the thing I already asked for

Siena Dante

2 years ago

This vet office is great. The staff is so friendly and helpful and they are really through, calling to follow up on my sick cat to see how she was doing. The prices are more reasonable that other vets in the city I've been to. I definitely recommend this vet, the only issue is that there can be a long wait. You drop off your pet and then get a call when your pet is ready to be picked up. On my last visit I was told it would take about 30 minutes but it took closer to an hour and a half. But really that is worth it for me because of how attentive and friendly this office is.

ome lome

2 years ago

The receptionist that I spoke with (Elaine and Amanda) are simply unprofessional, they do not know if they are coming or going. They pick up phone and put you on hold for minutes before coming back! Elaine was making up her own prices- it was just ridiculous. 'We are busy and if we squeeze you in then we have to up charge you? ' Who did that. I do not recommend! Service is sub par to say the least! Who you put in the front of clients speaks volumes!

Daniel Worroll

2 years ago

Recently had minor health issues with my cat and am very happy with the professionalism and service provided by Heart of Harlem Veterinary Clinic. I reached out to multiple area vets but am extremely happy I ended up going with Heart of Harlem. The staff were very courteous and compassionate regarding the issues I brought to their attention. They were happy to go into detail about the diagnosis and treatment plans. I highly recommend their services for anyone's pets' needs.

Brian Weinstein

2 years ago

We are very unhappy with Heart of Harlem. We boarded our dog with them for 3 days. Upon picking our dog up, we noticed a new medication with her other belongings. When we asked what the medication was, the employee said, "Oh, they didn't call you? Your dog got into a 'little tussle,' and we gave her antibiotics because her nose was swollen." Once we got home we realized the full extent of her injuries: multiple puncture wounds on her snout and jaw. We completely understand that dogs have the potential to get injured while boarding, but it is completely unacceptable that we weren't notified, especially considering they assured us they'd notify us if there were any issues. They also lost one of the belongings we brought when we dropped our dog off. We will not be boarding with Heart of Harlem in the future. This 1 star review is for their boarding services and handling of our dog's injury while in boarding.

Alex White

2 years ago

Very good impression after the first visit with my cat! Super nice people, didn't try to charge me for anything extra, easy to communicate with.

jennifer martinez

2 years ago

Heart of Harlem is absolutely awesome! Dr. Sola made sure my cat was in good hands! Staff was amazing and super helpful as well, the best clinic in NYC if i do say so myself! Overall a great team who really does care for the animals & have their best interest in mind!

Luis Rosario

2 years ago

I truly loved my experience at heart of harlem. I am a first time pet owner, I have a kitten, and was extremely nervous about taking him to the vet. He’s very attached to me and I was a bit nervous dropping him off but the staff made sure not to only put me at ease but my cat Niko as well. When I got there, I told them how nervous I was and how Niko was nervous too. The receptionists asked if they can help and started to pet him and entertain him until the tech came out to get him, once the tech came they also played with him and made him feel really safe. Once I left, I even called to check in on him and they sent me a photo so I knew my boy was okay. Heart of Harlem cared for Niko like he was their pet and it means a lot to me. I was also happy with how thoroughly they explained the vaccine process, they took their time to educate me so I can make informed decisions. Thanks guys

Evette Porter

2 years ago

I am looking for another vet as the service has declined over the years. The staff are obnoxious, and audibly complain about clients who insist that they perform their job. There is constant turnover in staff and they are always disorganized. I was given a rabies vaccination tag for the wrong cat and only became aware of it when the owner of the other cat contacted me. Still HoH refused to admit the mistake, even when I told them that they had entered the wrong weight in my pet's record (2 lbs more than her normal weight) on the day of the rabies shot; it was the weight for the other cat whose rabies tag I was given in error. They have dispensed the wrong medication (overprescribed steroids instead of antibiotics), and on more than one occasion I have had to remind them of my pet's medical history even though it's available in their online records. The techs are not very good at handling cats--in particular, skittish cats like mine, as evidenced by the fact that the last (and final) time that I boarded my cat with HoH, I had to retrieve my cat myself because the tech had let her out of the crate and was afraid to put her in the carrier for fear of getting scratched. The final straw was when they refused to authorize a refill of a prescription for a topical treatment for my cat's chronic atopic dermatitis, and insisted that they would not refill the prescription unless I brought her in for an exam even though she had been in for an office visit/exam a month earlier. This has become a pattern with HoH, insisting on unnecessary office visits for what should be routine services, in order to increase their billing.

Stephanie Lee

2 years ago

FYI they charge a $90 deposit to book an appointment ????????‍♀️


2 years ago

The vet services are good but the grooming is not. Asked if the groomer could do the breed cut and she said she had not done it before but she felt like she could do it. I asked her to call me if she felt like she could not do it ...she did not. Called to get a partial refund for the cut and was rudely told that "if I go to the barber and get a bad haircut, all I would be offered is a free haircut." Don't know about you, but if I get a bad haircut I do not go back for another . You can see what the breed cut was supposed to be and what I ended up with. You can also see razor burn on his chest I did ask for one modification, to keep the mohawk cut. Instead I got a round ball.

Adriana Miranda

2 years ago

This place is very clean and follows safety protocol. I took my dog there for the first time and I was very impressed. The staff are friendly and professional. There was a minor miscommunication but overall great place to take your animal babies too.

Anja Harmon

2 years ago

We've been going to Heart of Harlem Vet Clinic for over 5 years. We have a French Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix and Dr. Sola and the staff at HoH have taken great care of her! They are kind, thorough and make sure to give pricing before any procedures are done. They also take a wide range of pet insurances. The only reason I'm giving this place 4 stars is because during the Pandemic, the office was a bit disorganized. My dog got sick in October of 2020 and so I dropped her off multiple times to be seen and checked out. Often we'd have to wait 6 hours between drop off and pick up and when we got her back the doctor would have only partially looked her over (because we weren't there to reinforce the multiple things she was being seen for). So for instance, she'd be sent home with an anti-diarrheal medication but the doctor would have forgotten to look at her ears (which were inflamed/infected). I totally understand and actually applaud Dr. Sola and his team for implementing strong COVID precautions to keep everyone safe. However, I do believe a few things fell between the cracks. That being said, if you are a pet owner in Harlem, this is a wonderful Vet clinic and I'd highly recommend them.

Chris Wyman

2 years ago

tl;dr: don't go if you don't want to 1) wait days for a call back 2) let your dog sit in a crate for hours for an "appointment" or 3) waste your time coming and going several times to get what you need I'm deeply concerned by the way that this vet operates - we waited 2 days for a call back and when we called back a third time they told us to come in for an emergency visit. The emergency visit was scheduled for 3:00PM and my dog was left in a crate for at least 2 hours before the vet saw her. I received a call from the "tech" letting me know that they were running several tests and prescribing her medication and that the invoice would be $400. I had to insist on talking directly to the vet so that I could understand what was going on. We picked our dog up and they sent us home without one of the prescriptions (special dog food). We walked back in the rain to pick it up and they sent us home with 3/4 cans being the wrong kind. When I called asking for ANY of the fees but offered flea and tick medication??? (I would've been happy if just the food cost was waived), they told me that they wouldn't be able to change any of the costs. I appreciate the empathetic woman I spoke to on the phone who even offered to walk over the food. Sadly the manager wasn't able to get on the phone to own their decision to do nothing but make a bad situation worse.

Christina O

2 years ago

My puppy was super happy when I picked her up! Clearly they’re taking good care. Thanks fits!

David Moore

2 years ago

Hoh is pretty good place for your cat or dog?!

Tajauna Miller

2 years ago

Cost to much, for everything

Natalia Solano

2 years ago

Excellent, friendly staff. They took the time to answer all my questions and were kind and loving to my fur baby. Love them!

Izzie Hernandez

2 years ago

My first visit here with my 3 year old American bully went great besides being there 3/4 hours. He was seen by Dr.Segielham and the nurses that day were great. They called to follow up on Bear which made me feel like they cared and were sincerely concerned. They are just as expensive as other vet clinics, with pet exam full blood work and medications, injections totaled to almost $800. Second visit seen by Dr.Sola, he was very patient on the phone, made recommendations and gave good explanations. But was unable to diagnose my dog for seizures and could only recommend me to a neurologist which sadly I cannot afford, and while my dog May be suffering from seizures he will remain untreated. When I received my dog his leash was drenched in pee and my dog also smelled like pee.

clara rosario

2 years ago

The staff are very rude!! And the prices are too high

Julian Morales

2 years ago

Honest Review. I've been going here for almost 3 years. I mainly stayed because the doctors seemed very skilled and experienced. The quotes I received were sometimes questionable and high but for me personally I have pet insurance so I had the luxury of not worrying about it too much. In my previous NY vet I had similar things done for much less. Through the 3 years I've noticed often changes of the front desk nurses, so much so that I received a different person almost every time I called in. Very often when I came in someone else had to assist someone on basic things they needed to do on their computer. It was as if they were always training someone everytime I visited. A recent surgery that was scheduled was the last straw. It was made very clear to me that I can drop off my dog early on 3 separate occasions 2 times over the phone from the front desk and 1 time from the manager. All appointments are drop off early because of Covid and I made it clear that this what I needed to do and it was approved. The day I came to drop off the front desk nurse shut me out of the intercom without even letting me respond to her. They didn't even let me in until they opened and visibly ignored me through their see through glass door. I explained that I had approval to drop off earlier than opening time and the front desk nurse had the audacity to curse at me and yell at me. That's when I got loud and stood my ground. Was I in the wrong? Sure. But I am the customer in this situation, at no point on the job is it acceptable for the employee to start being disrespectful first. I'm not going to sit there and let her go off on me. This front desk nurse clearly knows nothing about basic customer service and she had a belligerent attitude with me out of no where from the start. The icing on the cake was after I brought it to the managers attention he had the audacity to say I was lying about approval to drop off early and her front desk attendant was not being disrespectful. I literally have it recorded in my calls where someone says it's ok for me to drop off at an earlier time. The manager may respond to this and reiterate that this is a lie or say that his nurse did nothing wrong. I have recorded evidence and I'm not the type to disrespect someone first. I've never had a situation like this in my life where I bring up a clear and obvious concern and the company blatantly lies to out the customer. I have integrity, I'm a army veteran. My dog is a service dog. I don't recommend giving this veterinary any money. While there doctors are skilled for appointments and operations. The reviews on google alone (let alone other sites like Pinterest) clearly show a slow downhill trend in positivity. There's very recent reviews of 1 star that are becoming common about the service this place gives. Internally there must be something wrong since they replace nurses so often. When I first started going here 3 years ago the average google review was 5 stars and now it has dwindled down to a 4.5 - 4.4.

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