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Crystal King

2 years ago

Princess, our 10 year old boxer pit had to much play time with my daughters. 4 month old, Belgaian Sheppard on the day before. The result...Princess aggravated right leg, existing, cruciate ligament tear. The VEG team counsrled me through the night and welcomed Princess to come in, anytime for an assessment. Princess is 48 kilagrams and often needs a muzzle. The VEG team was great, they were on point and treated Princess as though they knew her all her life. She was even lifted into the car for the ride home. No fear just outstanding care. Thank you.

Kristi Schulze

2 years ago

We brought our 8 week old puppy here on Christmas Eve after she drank soapy bathwater (we think) and was vomiting and lethargic. Dr. York was great and the nurses were helpful as well. Although some tests they did were redundant, all were necessary for peace of mind. Our little girl took a couple days to get back to normal but thanks to VEG,, she's back to her devil self.

Leigh Colby Greenwald

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Morrissey, Kassandra and staff for going above and beyond for Cuddles. We are heartbroken about our kitty but could not have asked for better care and concern. We didn't answer the phone on Shabbos and Kassandra CAME TO MY HOUSE to explain what was going on with our dear cat. Dr. Morrissey was so compassionate and pet us spend as long as we wanted with Cuddles. My 9 year old was very reassured that Cuddles had the best care possible and said she loves Dr. Sarah. Thank you to the whole team.

Richard Freedberg

2 years ago

We have nothing but praise and thanks for everyone at VEG in Nanuet. They saved our dog after he ate what could have killed him. The staff at VEG knew exactly what do and acted quickly. They handled our dog and my family with great care and compassion. I highly recommend VEG.

Shauna Ford

2 years ago

I had to take my kitten there very late at night after she swallowed a foreign body. Dr. Camilo and everyone working that night were phenomenal and very compassionate. They all went above and beyond to help her and prevent the need for surgery or more serious complications, which they accomplished! Kudos to the entire team. I would highly recommend going here if needed (but I hope you don’t)

T Pascarella

2 years ago

The vet's office was closed, and my sweet little old lady needed to see a vet for a likely UTI. I was so pleased by the kind care that my Emma received. Plus, the care and compassion for other fur babies and their people. I hope that the orange kitty is ok. The lovely care and concern for its worried mom was heartwarming. Been thinking of the since we left.

Isa Fernandez

2 years ago

Amazing staff. They took my cat in immediately and were very concerned and attentive with him. I am thankful to have been allowed to be with him in the back throughout the visit. I am not sure I would have them do the diagnostic again, as it was very expensive and still ended up inconclusive. I would recommend that they try using catnip for the X-rays, as other facilities do that and it works. My cat needed to be a bit more relaxed and soothed. I understand that they are there all night though, and they sacrifice a lot. It did give us a rough idea, and everything else was thorough and very helpful. Overall very grateful for this experience.

Daniela Silva

2 years ago

My dog was brought here in August after he jumped out of a car and began limping. Dr. Mildred Camilo assessed him and negligently misdiagnosed his fracture as only being a sprain. She did not perform and/or suggest x-rays and only prescribed pain medication for 3 days. After continued limping, and not using his front leg, I brought him to another emergency group where he was immediately diagnosed with a radial and ulnar fracture of the front leg. The vets at that location were shocked the previous vet (Dr. Camilo) negligently misdiagnosed my dog. They said they could see that my dog's leg was fractured from 5 feet away. At the time he was a 9 month old Pomeranian and these breeds are susceptible to front leg fractures which Dr. Camilo should have been aware about. I am extremely disappointed with Dr. Camilo.

Ashley Stanley

2 years ago

-ATTENTIVE -FRIENDLY -COMPASSIONATE -CARING -CLEAN -PROFESSIONAL -AMAZING Tonight was my first time at VEG. Although I forget the name of the staff, they're SUPER ATTENTIVE from the minute my fiance and I stepped in the door with our dog, Daisy, to the minute we left. The staff is also SUPER FRIENDLY, SUPER COMPASSIONATE and major ANIMAL LOVERS, we could tell our dog was in good hands! The facility is EXTREMELY CLEAN! Overall, amazing visit! We will now make it a point for them to be first choice if we are in the area and in need of their services!

Alyssa Oneill

2 years ago

Tonight was my first time at VEG. I had an incredibly positive and relieving experience that puts VEG in first place when it comes to an animal emergency dept. From the compassionate, caring, professional staff to the cleanliness of the facility, I felt safe, understood, and stress-free knowing that my dog, Daisy, was going to be taken care of! There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation of the entire staff!

Alice Rosado

2 years ago

VEM has very loving and caring professionals that not only cared for our fur baby Bentley but also took time to take care of his family whom were a nervous wreck. Someone was always available to give updates and we were encouraged/ welcomed to visit anytime. Thanks to their professionals our Bentley recovered and is enjoying extra treats at home. Extra wags from Bentley to Dr. Camilo.


2 years ago

Every staff member was amazing and compassionate!!! They all go above and beyond to make sure your pet and you are comfortable!!! Communication from the doctor was top notch, she called frequently with updates and talked us through every step and procedure our pet was dealing with. We were also allowed and encouraged to stay with our pet as long as we wanted to make sure our dog was comfortable and felt safe!!! I would definitely recommend bringing your pet here for any emergency!!

Danielle Finn

2 years ago

If you have an emergency this is the place to go to. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. They care A LOT about animals. I've come here twice so far (one time was a minor issue and most recently it was an immediate emergency) and on both occasions my animals were treated wonderfully. This is the first emergency clinic I have been to that they let me hang out with my cat in the back since they wanted to keep an eye on him. I've never been to an emergency hospital that allowed that, usually they want to keep you out of the back. This place is welcoming and they will do everything they can to help your pet out.

Helene Saidi

2 years ago

I had a sick kitty and took her to VEG , Dr. Antonopoulos was great. Although I thought I knew what was wrong it wasn't. Dr. "A" asked if he could run a few more tests because he didn't want me to leave with no idea what was wrong with Manhattan (my cat). Melissa the vet tech with me in the room was kind and compassionate as I was anxious and worried about my cat. I highly recommend this group , if you need a vet right away or near by you. They Rock !!! Thank you Dr. "A" and Melissa ????

Larissa Namchini

2 years ago

Thank you all for making a very difficult night a little easier. The staff was so caring , knowledgeable and up front. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff was with my sweet Henry and how supportive they were our whole visit. Thank you.

Maryann Fitzgerald

2 years ago

Bailey (1 year old Terrier mix) had vomiting and bloody stool so I rushed him to VEG and he received the best treatment possible with a great deal of compassion from every single member of the staff. Dr. Morrissey’s care and knowledge was superb and she did not try to recommend unnecessary procedures. Bailey is much better and I highly recommend VEG!

Michelle Luchetti

2 years ago

Had to rush my dogs here after they got into a pack of sugar free gum at a friends house and the staff here truly saved their lives. I had such a hard time finding a vet in such a stressful situation who took my concern seriously and assured me my pups would be treated right away. The staff at VEG was waiting for us at the door and sprang into action, saving my dogs lives for certain. Everyone who we spoke with and dealt with was amazingly kind and compassionate. I highly recommend this place and I thank everyone who took care of my pups.

Susan Fratangelo

2 years ago

I just returned from VEG and it was the most unbelievable, wonderful experience any pet owner could imagine. The entire staff helped me when a stray cat that I've been feeding showed up at my doorstep carrying kittens, just born. I went there for advice, at a loss of how to take care of newborn kittens and their mother. Their kindness was overwhelming and they offered to keep the kittens overnight for me and then transfer them to a no-kill shelter in the morning. They went above an beyond and I would never go anywhere but there in an emergency. Only wish that we could use them as our full time vets.

Jennifer Watkins

2 years ago

I’ve been here twice within the past few years, and both experiences have been excellent. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very welcomed and they let me stay with my cat the whole time while they were taking care of her, which helped ease her bad anxiety (and mine!). I just really like the staff and feel confident that my baby/best friend is in good hands.

Amy Lindsay

2 years ago

Beginning with our frantic phone call, everyone at VEG treated us & our 14-year-old Cavalier with tremendous caring & professionalism. They let us stay close by our girl’s side, always referred to her by her name which made us feel like they treated her like ‘a person’, or the valued member of our family that she is. They communicated with us frequently and clearly and even texted me pictures of my furry girl first thing in the morning along with a hopeful message—a great thing to wake up to. Shout out to all the staff in both Nanuet and White Plains—Drs Camilo & Bien, Olivia, Melissa, Jasmine, Loreli, Annette, Kelly & Antonio. Could recommend these clean, friendly, professional facilities warmly enough.


2 years ago

Highly recommend this place, I stopped by last night with my dog and they attended my puppy immediately. They listened to all of my concerns and helped ease my puppy who was in pain. I'm so happy I stopped by. Thank you for helping Kobe!

Jasmine Olson

2 years ago

If you care about your sanity and fur baby don’t come here. I came here because my baby seemed to be in pain and nervous. The nurse was immediately rude by taking my dogs leash to force him on the scale rather than me as the owner do what I had to do to make the situation less stressful. Than she suggested right away that we put a muzzle and hood on him even though he was already scared and confused. Dogs aren’t objects that you can just force to do things; I walked right out of there because my baby is the sweetest boy even when he’s in pain and when humans go to the hospital they don’t restrain them immediately for no reason. This place is sus af why are your operating tables in a giant room for every to see? That can’t be sanitary or good for any dog owners mental health.

Marcella Riggs

2 years ago

Beyond awesome. Took such amazing care of my injured pup, and my family. Can't recommend highly enough!!

Sandra Serra

2 years ago

I can’t say how amazing and fast acting these veterinaries where with my cat. We called got there they opened the door grabbed my cat and immediately working on him. Even though he couldn’t be saved they did everything in their power to bring him back, and I’m forever grateful for that. They where sweet, compassionate and caring. They gave us plenty of private time with our cat to say good bye. Thank you all Veterinary Emergency Group you went above and beyond and you hearts of gold.

eileen callahan

2 years ago

we took our dog here yesterday. we spent the day there, as he needed urgent surgery. Dr Madill was excellent in every way. she took so much time with us. she explained things in such detail several times and made sure we understood everything. she showed such kindness and compassion throughout the day, even as they got busy. i can’t say enough about the staff. i didn’t get their names but everyone went out of their way to help us and our dog. one person brought me a cushion when i sat on the floor next to my dog. another comforted me and brought me a box of tissues when i was crying. one even offered to include me in their lunch order! lastly, we were offered a bed to sleep in if we stayed overnight or send us pictures of our dog overnight. i hope i never again need their services but i know we’d be in the best hands!!!

Lisa Tredici

2 years ago

I don't typically write reviews, but I definitely read them! Every thing you read about VEG from reviews and their website are true. I had to bring my pup here twice in 2 days so I met two completely different doctors and staff members. When you call on the phone the person is so kind - listens, asks questions, empathizes with you, and let's you speak directly to the doctor. When you get there, you are greeted as if they are waiting just for you. The technicians are so friendly and nice. When the doctor comes out she immediately goes on the floor. Both doctors did this - and listened intently to every word I said, never rushed me, watched videos I took at home (so they could see how different my pup was there) and was so thorough. On the second visit, the exam was right in the lobby not to add stress to my pup. My dog was not sitting or lying down and he was crying a lot. The doctor felt it is was a pulled/strained muscle or ligament based on her exam and how he reacted. Other places may have run 10 different tests, taken X-rays, etc and got the bill up high, but they didn't. And now 5 days later, he is back to his old self! Their diagnosis was spot on. I am so grateful to have found such kind and compassionate people in the event of an emergency. Thank you!

Timothy Mendez

2 years ago

This clinic is a god-send and the people who work here are as well. Dr. Mildred Camilo, the technicians, and the receptionist were absolutely excellent and lovely people. They were all so helpful and caring. The emergency visit cost $149 plus medication/treatment costs which is, in my opinion, a more than fair price point. Most other clinics will charge around $200 just for the emergency visit. To say I was extremely pleased with my whole experience here is an understatement. Thank you to everyone who works here and helped my family pet. I absolutely recommend this clinic and believe it is a necessity to have in our county.

Mohamed zahran

2 years ago

This is my first time at a vet, the staffs were amazing very kind and helpful.

Joshua Klein

2 years ago

The staff was exceptional. They really helped us with Charlie. They rushed us in and took care of Charlie immediately. I would definitely recommend this hospital. 10/10

Joan Walch

2 years ago

Staff were very responsive and compassionate during our critical visit. They were quick to attend to our dog and helpful at all stages of the visit.

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