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Cheyan Jacobson

2 years ago

I absolutely love my baby. He is a pomsky that I purchased from fashionable pets. Well…. He had a DNA test done and let me tell you he is not what we were told we purchased. He as supposed to be an F1 pomsky . That is what we paid for. OVER 3k for. Well one parent was a mix breed and the other was full Siberian husky. Like I said I love my boy but his dad was supposed to be a Pomeranian and his mom was supposed to be a Siberian husky but that is not the case. When you pay for something so specific that is what you should be getting not a diluted version. UPDATE: yes a pomsky is a mixed breed but I paid for an F1 pomsky meaning father Pomeranian and mother Siberian husk as per the signed documentation. What I have as a pomsky father with a husky mother. That is not a first generation Pomsky as you know. Like I said I love my dog but vet who you get your dogs from better. As a customer I trust YOU to know what you have and what you are selling. Especially when you sign contracts stating I am guaranteed what that paperwork says. I have had many dogs and it is not my fault nor is it not me misunderstanding what the situation is.


2 years ago

I love fashionable pets ! I was referred to them by a friend who had purchased two dogs from the store. I wanted a specific breed ( Cane Corso ) and they were able to deliver. They went out of their to work with the breeders to find me my beautiful pup. The staff took the time to teach about the breed and gave tips on how to start the training process. The staff was so knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my questions. I was able to sit with the pup in a designated area to get acquainted with him. I truly appreciate this experience as a first time dog owner. I HIGHLY recommend visiting and purchasing your next pup from Fashionable Pets.

Carla Pineiros

2 years ago

Amazing experience. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and really care about the puppies. They take the time to ask about your lifestyle and wants— to make sure the puppy is a good fit for your home. The store is spotless and appointment only which I appreciate especially during our current world pandemic. I was able to spend plenty of time with my puppy before hand and had their full support when I called them with questions post purchase. Thank you for the best experience and my furry friend.

carol freschi

2 years ago

It was fun, we left with a puppy. However, they definitely overcharge.

Jorelie Anne Guirao

2 years ago

I’ve been with my Sushi for a few months now and she is healthy and came already crate trained. She still doesn’t bark. She is very smart and can do all sorts of tricks. She loves to cuddle on our laps. I appreciated their patience while I played with her for 30+ min before making the big decision and for answering all our questions since we are first time dog owners.

Roseann M

2 years ago

Took kids inside and requested to pet I understood they didn't allow petting. But one of the sales rep held the puppy up for closer look but alas taken away by the rep who said no touching and took the dog behind the counter not allowing any type of interaction. Enough to turn me off ever considering entering or purchasing. You need better customer service . You lost my business.

crystal trujillo

2 years ago

I purchased both of my cockapoos from this pet store and they are the best! My dogs are healthy, smart and extremely loving. The staff is friendly and answered all of my questions about this breed and also helped me with some training tips. I recommend this store if your looking to purchase a puppy.

milena michalopoulos

2 years ago

This is THE place to find your next family member! I recently found my fur baby golden doodle with fashionable pets and could have not asked for a better experience. My puppy is happy & healthy.. the overall process was smooth. The workers are all knowledge, helpful, and definitely passionate about what they do. Another plus is the place is spotless! Make sure to make an appointment before hand so you can get the private time interaction with the puppy of your choice. Thank you fashionable pets for such a wonderful experience!

Whitney Goldstein

2 years ago

This place looks like an upper class puppy mill - the poor little puppies on display like in a zoo. They all look miserable and half-dead. Their staff was equally unfriendly and unwelcoming. There are far far far better options and safer places to get a dog from. Don't go here.

Nayelis Torres

2 years ago

I purchased my beautiful red Mini Goldendoodle from this pet store. I want to thank all the ladies working there who took such good care of her and were so helpful with answering all my questions. My baby is healthy, happy and growing!!

Missy Landon Aj baker

2 years ago

We got our Goldendoodle from this place about a year ago. We brought her to the vet they recommended and was told she had a parasite which we treated. Didn’t think much of it until my friend recently got a dog from the same place and it has the same problem. I don’t know how many more dogs have it from here just be careful. I think they need to be more aware of the dogs health conditions. It is very contagious.

Hilda Lepe

3 years ago

I am so lucky I found Fashionable Pets. My son & I suffer pet allergies and they were able to find a mix breed that we are not allergic too. This is almost 7 years ago and I adore my puppy!! She is happy, healthy & so very loved. I am definitely looking to get another dog and will certainly go back to get another mix bread from Fashionable Pets. Thank you❤️❤️❤️


3 years ago

I went just to look at the puppies with no intentions to buy right away. Then they brought out my very sweet adorable Toy poodle Mitch. I had him for a little over 2 weeks ,and he is Great! The people at the store was very friendly, and answered all the questions I had with ease .I would really recommend Fashionable Pets

Vance Degroat

3 years ago

Great Experience...The Employees treat you like Family inside..If you want a good Dog The Fashionable Pets Ladies are the ones to see.

Angela Monaco

3 years ago

I got my Golden Retriever “Riley” from Fashionable Pets and he is the most wonderful dog. He is healthy, smart and so well trained. He has brought so much joy to our family. The staff was so knowledge and helpful with all of our questions. I highly recommend this place!!

Emmaly Paladines

3 years ago

Just purchased a Pomeranian and have an excellent experience. Store was smelled super clean and and neat. Went in there twice to interact with the pup and the staff especially Alision was very friendly and very knowledgeable!!!!!! We definitely recommend fashionable pets to all.

Jose Santiago

3 years ago

My wife and I recently purchased a Toy Poodle from this location. We were greeted by great, friendly and knowledgeable staff. This was our first pet and they answered all our questions and assured us if we had any questions after the purchase they will be there to answer them. We wanted a male toy poodle apricot in color & they made our dream puppy a reality We have been with our BEAR (our puppy’s name) going on two weeks now and I must say the only regret we have is not getting him sooner. I HIGHLY recommend getting your next pet at this location.

Karina Avila

3 years ago

Got my toy poodle from here recently and she is amazing very smart and active she brings much joy love her !

Melanie Conklim

3 years ago

Friendly staff good selection of animals and well priced. Will be back thank you

Carlos Morales

3 years ago

I bought a Pomeranian from this puppy shop. The store is clean, the puppies are adorable running around and they have great selection of accessories. My Pomeranian is beautiful, healthy and has brought so much love into our family. I recommend Fashionable Pets if your looking for your next dog.

Ungarbled-tech #ungarbled tech

3 years ago

Service is " HELLO ! Anyone work here. " Prices are insane . Maybe they forgot about the internet. Maybe the owners meant this to be self serve and checkout? Doubt they will be around for long

Sophie Morales Acosta

3 years ago

Purchased two Pomeranians from Fashionable Pets and they are the best dogs I’ve ever had. The staff was very helpful and gave me plenty of training tips. I would definitely recommend this store if your looking to add a new member to your family!

Pricilla Lopez

3 years ago

We got a Shi poo . At first the puppy had a cold but They did say it would be normal with the new environment. They covered the vet visit and medication. The puppy has been bringing a lot of joy to our home and is pad trained. It’s been a month and I’m hoping we can enjoy him for many more years, would definitely recommend this place .

Abby Rina (Jenna)

3 years ago

Horrible.. poor animals. I can’t believe places like this still exist. Do your research people.

Michael L

3 years ago

Bought a puppy from here last Saturday. She’s the sweetest girl, but unfortunately she has two parasites - coccidia and giardia. The store says they give medicine for these, but that’s not the case. I went to a different vet then they recommend because if you do some research, a lot of the attending vets will cover things up. The second thing is they put the puppies on a grain free diet, which is a lead cause of heart disease in the type of puppy I bought. If you buy a puppy from here, PLEASE ensure you take them to a different vet to get the true results of if the puppy is in good health. I’m so happy we got the pup because she’s amazing, but this place is awful. Please reach out to me if you have any questions around my experiences with this place.


3 years ago

I took home a (male) Bichon Frise from here 3 years ago. My dog is the cutest, smartest, most perfect and kind dog anyone could have. The facility was clean and staff was friendly. My dog wasn’t old enough to be put out or taken home at the time, but staff gave me updates when I called and told me I can come by as many times as I want to see him. At about 8 weeks old I was able to take my playful and healthy puppy home. Best Day Ever! I was given so much information and paperwork about my new puppy and still have all of it of course! I can’t wait to eventually get another dog from them.

lisa jefferson

3 years ago

Wonderful experience and great customer service care!!!

katie yes

3 years ago

They neglect the dogs this isn’t a proper way to adopt pets and the owners aren’t caring for them correctly

Nicole Golub

3 years ago

The puppies were absolutely adorable but it kinda saddened me that they were j locked up in a glass case and looked very tired and neglected. The customer service was not the best. I went up to ask the lady a question and she goes "one second" and proceeds go scrolling on her phone doing God knows what. On top of that, she never answered my question and was overall very dismissive.

Nina Lewandowski

3 years ago

Amazing service. I highly recommend.

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