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Melissa Sciancalepore

2 years ago

I would give zero stars if that was an option. My dog was seen this past Thursday for neck spams and pain- they gave me a low dose of Gabapentin and Predisione- and sent me on my way. It seemed to work for a few hours- I called Sunday …

Jessica Hurley

2 years ago

I called this hospital while on my way with my cat. She was barely breathing. The lady who answered the phone put me on hold. She came back to tell me she asked the doctor & he said not to bring my cat in. When asked why she said they didn’t have the staff to handle an emergency!! I asked what I should do as my cat was dying in my lap. She stated “well, it’s the holidays so we don’t have enough staff, sorry”. I am shocked how an animal HOSPITAL can’t treat an emergency & will turn away a dying animal. Thank god for Oradell Animal Hospital - they said we got her there just in time! DO NOT USE BLUE PEARL!

Dr. Jossana Ghobryal

2 years ago

Very pleased with my dog being under the care of Dr. Pacifico. She has been very thorough and informative with the testing that needs to be done as well as what the next plan of action is. Thank you, Dr. Pacifico for making this process as easy as possible for my dog and I. Also, the staff has been nothing but pleasant and helpful!

William Ehrenreich

2 years ago

They don’t care about animals. I have proof as well dm me.

Katherine Barker

2 years ago

Horrible place, Do not take your animals here unless you want a death sentence for them!

Abby Washuta

2 years ago

People usually only take the time to write bad reviews, so take that with a grain of salt when you read all these. I've had nothing but great experiences here with all the staff and Dr. Bloom and Dr Christian. Our dog suffered with chronic respiratory issues for most of his life and this was the first hospital that was able to put him on a regimen that really helps to relieve his suffering. They took great care of our best friend

Angela Cheng

2 years ago

I sent my cat to BluePearl, as she had a high fever and was not willing to eat. My cat stayed there overnight and got really good care. I got calls from two different doctors there regarding her situation. The doctors are very patient and explain everything in details. The check-out process went very smooth as well. The nurse gave a very detail instruction on what I need to do after I take the cat home. Everyone there is friendly and professional. I understand that it is ER service and is very pricy. This is what people are complaining about. However, for the good care that my cat got, I think that it is totally worth it. Also, the reason that our Vet referred this pet hospital to us is that BluePearl has really good facilities, which can offer all sorts of comprehensive exams for the pets.

Attira Boyd

2 years ago

I am truly traumatized from my experience I had this morning. The staff there are highly rude, neglectful and dishonest. I have never in my life been so hurt from how they treated me and my 7 month old French bulldog today. From the emergency nurse Ava ignoring me and slamming the door in my face after I asked a question to the supervisor Josh calling my cellphone telling me to not talk to any of the other patients about their appointment. I was being treated with no manners and courtesy or gracefulness. They made my puppy not a priority and we’re very very hateful. I was crying on my ride home because there is people in the health care field for Animals who honestly do not care. I am going to try my hardest to have this blue pearl reported and investigated. I have been to other Animal hospitals and was never treated with this up most disrespect. I recommend take your dog to orradel or just anywhere else.

Christen Edwards

2 years ago

Blue Pearl is terrible. My 1 yr old cat had vomiting and diarrhea enough to send her to the ICU. $1400/day for ICU care. Then they couldn't even diagnose her, they just put her on prednisone until further notice. She almost died! I got a referral from a friend to another vet who took her off prednisone immediately and got her on a regiment that helped her recovery. She's 100% now. I was so mad at Blue Pearl for not telling me even the simplest thing I could do to help heal my cat: for example, cats have a hard time digesting kibble, so when a cat is having digestive issues, they need to be fed a high quality "wet" food, preferably raw. For how much Blue Pearl charges, to not even try to communicate something like this is maddening! (edited)

Jen Hoerauf

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this hospital! Our 14 years young cat had a pretty large cancerous tumor on her back, we were referred here not only by our vet, but a few other friends who have also used blue pearl recently, and we felt it was the best choice, and I’m so glad we did!!!!! From the moment I made the appointment I just felt like it was going to be ok! We met with Dr. Bonczynski , who was caring, informative, knowledgeable, yet straight forward on the road we had ahead of us. She got us in for a CAT scan, and our baby was in surgery 1.5 weeks later! While she was there, I got several phone calls updating me on how she was doing and assured me I could call as many times as I wanted through out the night to check on her. EVERYONE I came into contact with at blue pearl Paramus was nothing short of AMAZING, and I can’t thank them enough for caring for and saving our baby! We are 4 days post op, I think I have called them everyday with one question or another, and I’m always treated with patience, kindness and true compassion. Thank you blue pearl! We are forever indebted to you! DO NOT be swayed by the bad reviews, I and a handful of people I know have all had amazing experiences with this facility! Emergency care is scary (and pricey) but that comes with having fur babies, they are doing an amazing job over there and deserve all the acknowledgment and praise in the world! Thank you again!

Meghan Quin-Sayad

2 years ago

There are few experiences comparable to having a sick pet and watching them fade away in front of you. It’s devastating and heart-wrenching; coupled with the fact that they themselves have no way to communicate their pain. I wish I could give this hospital 0 stars, especially Dr. Carly Bloom. I brought my dog here after his regular vet determined he likely had a mass in between his lungs and was coughing up blood. We wanted to go to Oradell however they had an 8 hour wait and we needed him admitted immediately and so we brought him here. After his overnight stay which consisted of a Chest-TAP to drain fluid around his lungs, an ultrasound, and CT, our worst fears became reality. Our dog had cancer. He returned home only to return to do an aspirate biopsy so better understand what type of cancer we were dealing with. Results were not 100% conclusive but it was likely hemangiosarcoma. Instead of recommending we consult the in-house medical oncologist or any medical oncologist, we were immediately referred to a radiation oncologist. I was told my dog’s case was “very precarious” even though they did not definitively know the type of cancer nor did they recommend a more conclusive biopsy to do so. This, I followed these recommendations as I wanted answers and options ASAP. It took 8 days to secure an appointment by the time BP had FINALLY submitted his records to the RO. I followed up multiple times during that period. I should also mention that when I called the radiation oncologist to book this appointment and told them what type of cancer my dog had and that we were recommended for radiation treatment, they seemed perplexed. I replied that I was following the instructions of the “professionals” who administered treatment previously. I am not a vet but we as pet owners rely on them to administer the best quality care. At the very least, since this was “very precarious” you would think BP would have had some type of conference between all parties to discuss the best course of action. Apparently spending over $5K does not entitle you to that level of care. However, an hour after I secured the RO appointment, they called me back and said they recommend we see a medical oncologist first. Dr. Shurger in particular. I assumed this was a doctor at the same practice and asked them to switch it to the MO instead. They then told me that doctor was at BP. Had BP done their due diligence for my DYING dog, I wouldn’t have had to wait 8 days for someone to tell me to essentially begin at square one. When I called BP to express my anger and frustration, the quickest appointment they could get for me after their screw up was a week later. I guess they are under the impression cancer pauses to convenience them. Now, I am currently 4 days away from the medical oncologist appointment and 10 days away from the radiation oncologist appointment (which as I mentioned earlier, were extremely difficult to get) and my dog has taken a turn for the worse. With cancer, every moment, every day counts. I will likely have to make the hardest decision of my life if this decline continues before we even make it to either appointment. For the record, my dog is only five years old! If you love your pet, I highly recommend you do not use this hospital. They only care about taking your money and referring you off as someone else’s problem the minute things get tough. I’ve never been more disgusted by a veterinarian in my life. Oh, and the kicker is that the heartless Dr. Bloom called me the next day after I complained to the practice manager and sneakily asked me “What I thought she should have done?” Hmm, how about a moment of critical thinking, recommending we see a medical oncologist FIRST before deciding without adequate evidence that radiation was our only option, and maybe having some compassion and acknowledgment for her poor judgment. She should be ashamed of herself for trying to justify her incompetence. Again, if you love your pet, avoid this place and Dr. Bloom like the plague.

Pat Santolla

2 years ago

Dr Matthew Sherger was the oncologist for our 8 year old boy that was diagnosed with cancer. This took us on a 6 month journey with lots of ups and downs and so many questions. He responded to every email promptly to help us navigate our way to the end. I would reccomend him to anyone and everyone that unfortunately has to go through this process. Thank you again for all your support.

Jaime Torres

2 years ago

Horrible service with horrible staff. Took my dog there with a swollen right leg. Dr. Said the dog has fever and some type of infection gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. I looked at paperwork and it said if the matter worsened I needed to see a surgeon. The diagnoses on the paperwork was cellulitis. Today my dog is in pain and I called them back and the nurse was so rude. She said the paperwork says you need to see a surgeon and I was like why? And she said I that’s what the paperwork says. Horrible horrible

Nancy Vinciguerra

2 years ago

Misdiagnosed my dog, and charged a ridiculous amount of money: When I could not get an appointment at my regular vet I brought my dog to this Paramus location because she was in having difficulty breathing from her nose and could not stop reverse sneezing. Fees charged were not only for the visit and vet fee, but included an Xray fee for 3 views ($395), a Radiologist fee to read it ($130), and for an injection of Benadryl ($48). My bill came to $791. The office manager took about $200 off by "adjusting" some of the charges. The chest Xray was clear, and Dr. Annunziata told me my dog had gastric reflux and to give her Pepcid. I inquired about an antibiotic, because I believed my dog had an infectious process going on based upon knowing my dog and my own assessment of her symptoms. Dr. Annunziata told me she did not believe an antibiotic was warranted. Continuity of care was also poor: I received discharge instructions that did not include the Pepcid that this vet told me to give my dog, and I had to inquire about it in order to get dosing instructions. They released my dog at around 6pm and told me she doing fine (the Benadryl probably masked the symptoms temporarily), and when I brought her home and she continued having symptoms. I was very frustrated at this point, and I got a prescription for Amoxicillin for myself at CVS, and I calculated the dose for my dog. After 2 doses of the Amoxicillin my dog showed remarkable improvement, and I never gave her the Pepcid. My regular vet called me several days later when she was available and told me I did the right thing with the antibiotic. I told her my experience with Blue Pearl, and I that I would never return there or recommend this business to anyone.

Leila Miller

2 years ago

Very professional and competent with our cat who was experiencing oral pain. Our mobile vet does not do dental work and this facility was able to see my cat on an urgent care basis. The process, however, took over 3 hrs which caused my elderly cat a lot of stress. Due to Covid-19 protocol, we were not allowed to enter the building and had to wait outside. My cat was extremely upset at being separated from me and had to endure this for several hours. He had to be placed in an oxygen chamber to calm his breathing. I would recommend implementing a procedure that would minimize wait time. City MD has an online queue and they call you to come in within 15 minutes of their call. My hope is that BluePearl would consider reevaluating their current waiting process and minimize the stress of animals separated from their owners. Other than this one issue, we are very satisfied with the care received at BluePearl.

Barbara Mancini

2 years ago

BEWARE! Read other reviews with the exact same problems! They’ve ruined my dog’s quality of life. We took our dog to Blue Pearl because it was the closest vet that would perform surgery on my dog’s tendon. Everything was ok until a few weeks post-op. During one of the routine bandage changes, they wrapped everything too tight and cut the circulation off to my dog’s leg. He developed a fever, was lethargic, lost his appetite and developed a putrid smell from the bandage area. He developed a nasty infection that nearly took his life. We tried to schedule bandage changes and Blue Pearl told us to wait for the surgeon who was on vacation. When they finally saw him, instead of immediately trying to fix the problem, Blue Pearl tried to put blame on us for negligence even though we followed their exact instructions. Thankfully, we found an amazing vet that took great care of him and let us know exactly what caused the injuries (tight bandage wrap). It took my dog months of recovery and he still cannot go on walks. He eventually had to have one toe amputated and half of his paw pad never recovered. He will never be the same again. They are shameless and not to be trusted. When they say they care for your pet, it’s a complete lie. They only care about their pocket.

Donna S

2 years ago

We adopted a cat with polyps in his ears that were making him extremely uncomfortable. He used to scratch his ears incessantly. My primary vet referred me to an animal dermatologist after rounds of medication did not clear up his bacterial infections. After about a year of trying different meds (Osurnia, Tresaderm), my cat's ears weren't getting better and he grew even more polyps. The animal dermatologist thought it would be best to remove the polyps, so he referred me to Blue Pearl. Dr. J.B. at Blue Pearl did an amazing job of performing total ear canal ablation surgery on my cat. My cat seems so much more comfortable. It has been about two weeks since he had his surgery. He just had his stitches removed yesterday. He's no longer scratching his ears or shaking his head. I hope that he is much happier and more comfortable for years to come.

Joyce Tirri

2 years ago

Unfortunately, we were EXTREMELY disappointed with the lack of service, concern or care we received from Blue Pearl. When we arrived with our 8- week-old puppy who was writhing in pain and screaming we were told, very curtly and matter-of-factly, there was a 6 or 7 hour wait to be seen. It was our first time experiencing an emergency with our pet. We thought Blue Pearl was a legitimate place to take an animal with an emergency problem since the name is Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Stay away from this place. Clearly taking care of sick animals is NOT their priority.

Julie Oh

2 years ago

Today our 2 year old dog had a seizure while playing in the dog park…I was beyond scared so I scooped him up and rushed here. I called the hospital in tears and said what happened and that I was in front of the door. The woman told me to not hang up and that someone was coming down immediately. Within seconds a nurse came down to the door and told me she was taking my dog to the emergency dr. The staff was very compassionate and the vet called me immediately after checking out my dog to ask me questions and assure me he was ok. They were very thorough and I’m grateful they took care of my Prince today!

Sherri Leahy

2 years ago

The absolute rudest staff for a place that people are entrusting their pets too. As most of New Jersey continues to open they will not allow you to come in with your pet even with a mask, you have to wait in your car in a very crowded …

Youngmahn Moon

2 years ago

It's been 3 times that they have misdiagnosed my cat and charged me for things that she didn't even need. Seems suspicious that it's things that can't be proven. Also, they tied her legs together and muzzled her. They said she had problem …

Xxin Chen

2 years ago

This is the most irresponsible hospital I have ever seen!After my cat went here, he was paralyzed when he went home. I contacted the hospital, but their doctor did not reply to me and the email did not reply.My cat died last saturday.His lower body was rotten and bleeding

Jean Gathman

2 years ago

The office told me to cancel my dog's appointment( she has a cyst on her leg) on July 26th because my cat Jingle could be seen that day. My cat needed to have a fine needle aspirate because an x-ray from a previous vet showed a mass in her abdomen. Blue Pearl should never have given me an appointment for my cat that day because to do the procedure Jingle needed to have an ultrasound which meant she had to fast for 12 hours. The office called back and changed my cat's appointment to the next day. That being said, my dog's appointment was given to someone else. I still haven't been able to take my dog to the vet. Dr. De Witte saw my cat. A vet from another practice gave my cat an injection of Cerenia. I told Dr. De Witte that Jingle had some common side effects from the medication. Jingle experienced lethargy and anorexia (no appetite). Dr. De Witte e-mailed me Jingle's report and stated that she wanted me to consider giving Jingle Cerenia to help decrease her vomiting. She further stated that Jingle's lethargy was caused by her underlying condition. I sent Dr. De Witte an e-mail explaining that the Cerenia caused Jingle's lethargy and I definitely would not consider giving it to her. She responded to my e-mail by addressing me as Mr. and spelling my last name incorrectly. Dr. De Witte stated in the e-mail that Jingle wasn't lethargic and she was sorry for the confusion. She further stated that she didn't give Jingle Cerenia at Blue Pearl. That wasn't the issue, I wanted her to understand that I wouldn't give Jingle Cerenia again. It is extremely important for a veterinarian to listen to what the owner is saying about their pet. Obviously in my case this was not done.

Jess Ritchie

2 years ago

Brought my dog Rosco to this vet last evening after having multiple bouts of vomiting yesterday afternoon into the night. We showed up at a time when there was no wait which was great. The staff was extremely kind and friendly and was communicative every step of the way. Truly extremely professional! The only reason I rate them with 3 stars is because their costs are absorbent. Just to be seen is $215 and by the time we had 2 x-rays to rule out abdominal obstruction, a full panel of bloodwork, administered anti-nausea meds and pumped fluid under his skin to help rehydrate we had a $1,250 bill. Now I will say, I knew it would be this amount up front so there were no "surprises" like other reviews mentioned. I just know this cost is WAY high as we went through something similar last year and went to Westwood Veterinary Hospital at around the same time during the day and paid ~$850 for the same exact services. At the end of the day, we are thankful for their services as Rosco was able to come home and actually get some rest and seems to be doing much better this AM with no more vomiting episodes thanks to the anti-nausea meds, but would recommend Westwood if they have the capacity to take your pet in an emergency as their care and staff was also exceptional alongside a fairer price.

Juan Martinez

2 years ago


Laura Ryder

2 years ago

Our family is extremely grateful as the doctors & staff members saved our dog’s life. The entire staff was extremely kind & compassionate during a very stressful time. The effective & ongoing communication was reassuring & comforting. Our dog, Raider, is here today because of the knowledge, care, & TLC from the doctors & staff. Thank you to everyone who cared for my buddy. He’s doing great!!

Meghann Ray

2 years ago

The reviews made us nervous that we were going to be jerked around by the hospital and staff but we were pleasantly surprised. Idk who these ppl deal with but Dr Bocyznki (sp?) and her staff was nothing short of amazing with our baby Bambina. I didn’t feel like it was about the money at all. Thank you guys again for taking care of our baby, we truly appreciate you all

Ellyn Oliver

2 years ago

i took my dog to see dr. bloom at blue pearl paramus .my vet needed an endoscopy for my dog. dr bloom decided she could not recommend this because my dog was not symptomatic. she told me to bring her backwhen she was.well 3 days later i …


2 years ago

THEY PUT MY DOG TO SLEEP IN THEIR FOYER . We went there at the advice of a neighbor since our regular vet was already closed. They would not let us be present when they put the IV in which caused my …

Alexis Castillo

2 years ago

We had to bring our beloved cat to BluePearl as an emergency. His health was declining rapidly and we knew that he may need to be euthanized. The staff and doctor were highly compassionate while we made the tough decision. We were given all the options and costs up front. We ultimately had to allow our cat to cross the rainbow bridge and they were kind and patient with us. Throughout the whole experience, I can tell our cat was feeling relaxed and calm. He was a fickle cat for sure, but he must have known how kind and gentle everyone at BluePearl truly were, because he behaved like he knew them all his life. They allowed us all the time we needed with our cat and spoke to us with utmost respect. When it was time, the doctor walked us through the procedure. Once he was gone, they took him in the back. They came back to us with him and gave us his paw prints. Few days later, we received a lovely heartfelt card from the staff at BluePearl sending us their condolences. It was a beautiful gesture that helped bring a smile to our faces after being so heartbroken. Thank you everyone at BluePearl. ❤️

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