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Alexandra D.

2 years ago

We have been taking our dog (an energetic two-year-old rescue) to Doggie Shrink for training, daycare, and boarding for several months now. Of all the places and people in the local dog care world we’ve interacted with, their staff have been the most knowledgable, experienced, loving, and reliable. Plenty of people love dogs but Kim and her staff get dogs, know dogs, respect dogs, and work with them according to their nature. That approach is very effective and has worked really well for us, but seems to be quite rare, unfortunately. The DS team love dogs and provide a gorgeous setting for them to play in but also know how to be firm and consistent. We highly recommend it!

patrick rooney

2 years ago

They are absolutely ridiculous they want you to pay for having your dog evaluated and it's extremely expensive before you even get to bring your dog there to stay overnight. It's seriously absurd to have to evaluate your dog before they will allow your dog to stay overnight.

Frank Maelen

2 years ago

Great staff. Extremely patient working with my puppy who has anxiety issues. Looking forward to continuing working with them.

Dr Dooright

2 years ago

Took my puppy there a few times a week to learn basic obedience. Particularly to heal on leash. They recommend a collar for him and trained him for about a month. When we asked why he still does not heal they said we can continue paying for "private lessons". Also you are not allowed to see the training nor will they show you what your dog has learned. Our pup learned absolutely nothing here after a month. Felt like we simply dropped him a a doggie day care. They will never say let me show you what your puppy has learned ..even after hours of "training". ????

brad schneider

2 years ago

My pup was in need of training to work on leash reactivity, obedience and other challenging issues. After his stay with kim i couldnt believe his improvement - nearly all my puppy drama is gone. He seems more relaxed as well. I tried a few trainers prior to Kim and she is the one i would recommend to anyone.

Tom Petrosky

3 years ago

Everyone here from Kim. to Jen are all Doggie professionals very informative very engaging and passionate about what is best for your dogs well-being and training.

Fred Russenberger

3 years ago

Let me tell you about Kim. I called her mid-week as we made the decision that it was time to put down our almost 16 year old dog and wanted to get her pretty for her last week here. I called literally every groomer in the area explaining my situation. Kim was the ONLY one, no questions asked, to make room in her schedule for me. Everyone else shrugged me off, which angered me because if you truly loved what you did there was no way you would've turned me away. She showed so much love and attention to a dog she never met, it absolutely touched me. There will definitely be another dog in our future and this is the only person who will be training, boarding or grooming him/her. Thank you so much Kim for letting us send our beloved pet out with dignity.

Jaclyn Reichenberg

3 years ago

Doggie Shrink is the absolute best! I never take the time to write a review for anything. But this place deserves a huge shout out for their dedication, professionalism and sincere caring and love for your dog. It's not a cookie cutter doggy daycare. It's not a babysitting service like most places seem to be (I've never used one of the franchise establishments and never would). Kim and her staff go the extra mile to be unique. They train your dog to be an even better version of your furry family member. I trust them implicitly and if you're lucky enough to know Kim and her staff, you will too! Taking our dog to Kim was the best decision our family made for him. He is thriving and is so happy to have so many friends! He smiles ear to ear when I pick him up. Call Kim. Inquire. Your dog deserves the best and this place is it!

valerie gilmore

3 years ago

IF you are looking for a place to board your dogs, then I highly recommend Doggie Shrink. It is the most glamorous place I have ever used, no? However if you are looking for a place where you know that your pet is being well taken care of, a place where the staff are professional, a place where the staff knows about the special needs of animals who are away from their home, a place where the staff is knowledgeable about your pets habits, a place where the staff recognizes and follow ups on your pets medical symptoms, a place where the almighty dollar is not the priority, a place where you can rest knowing that your pet is safe and loved, then Doggie Shrink is the place for you. They have and continue to treat my pets and me like we are family and I can never thank them or pay them enough. God Bless Lars, Kim, Jennifer and all the other staff.

Tanya Krochta

3 years ago

Wonderful place - Jen has done such an amazing job with our dog! He looks forward to going to Doggie Shrink! They are the best!!

Vikki Rivlin

3 years ago

We feel so lucky to have found Doggieshrink! Our puppy loves going and I wish he could go everyday. Kim and the Doggieshrink staff are so friendly, helpful and supportive to your needs. I feel better that we found Doggieshrink. They are helping us train our puppy and make it calmer in our house. I know we will continue having our puppy go to Doggieshrink for training and socializing with our dogs.

Wendy Weiss

3 years ago

I’ve never met anyone who cares about dogs (and animals in general) the way Kim does. She always keeps their best interest in mind. My dogs are incredibly happy at Doggie Shrink.

Suzanne McKaba

3 years ago

The trainer Kim called me on the first day with her evaluation of my pug. Feedback was exactly what I thought was missing. Kim and her team are helping my rescue pug learn to meet and play with other dogs and build up her confidence in a safe setting. I’ve seen very favorable changes in my dog after just two days. I highly recommend Doggie Shrink.

Risa Corson

3 years ago

Kim and her team are very interested in each dogs well being and making sure your dog is learning and training. Great for socializing and training!

Noel O'Shea

3 years ago

My dogs love staying here and I love knowing how well cared for they are during their stays.

Linette Iacobellis

3 years ago

I love Kim and her staff! They’re actually trained professionals who know what they’re doing. I’ve been with them for over two years now and I would not trust any other place with my fur baby. The best referral of all is when I pull up with my Moo and she gets so excited to see where she is and when I pick her up, she’s tired out from her day of learning, play and fun with her friends.

Lindsay Oettinger

3 years ago

Our dogs love going to the kennel! They have so much fun that they don’t want to come home. Kim,Lars,Jen and staff are wonderful with the dogs and genuinely care about them

Linda Hirst

3 years ago

My dog Darla has been going to Doggie Shrink since she was a pup. She absolutely loves the play dates and Kim does a terrific job! She cares over-the-top about the dogs and mine has so much fun she doesn't want to leave. Also, Kim can help you with any problem or issue you may have with your dog she is so knowledgeable! Linda

Katherine Morris

3 years ago

Just started my pup here and I feel very comfortable with them and love the overall concept for socialization especially during the pandemic and the variety of play and training. Kim is super passionate and attentive to everything!

Karen Jacobson

3 years ago

Hands down. Favorite people. MY dogs are so happy going and I honestly never worr for a moment. My 3 dogs are happy and well cared for when they stay for boarding or even have baths. So happy to post this review.

Flora Hochenberg

3 years ago

I am very happy with the thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional service which is provided by Kim, and her excellent Staff at Doggie Shrink, Boarding/Grooming in Norwood, NJ. Whenever I take my basset hounds, Eli and Maggie, to Doggie Shrink, I feel that the staff is kind, responsive and pleasant. I highly recommend Doggie Shrink!

Eric Seifert

3 years ago

We were referred to Kim by another dog owner friend (shout out to Hugo!), once we told them about the fighting troubles we have between our two boxer pups. Our dogs are currently at The Doggie Shrink for some board & train. Kim knows her sh*t. She has an incredible passion for dogs ("there are no bad dogs") and that seems matched only by her understanding of their behavior and why they act and respond the way they do. This should be the key to solving any issue or just regular obedience training. We are still in the process with our dogs but I trust Kim implicitly. Behind the fences there seems to be a doggie paradise, with lots of room and friends to play with. Kim's own dogs are trained incredibly well, as we have been able to see in videos where they assist her in the training of my pups. We will come back and report more after we have more info and results but very impressed in the first few visits and boards, as well as Kim's availability to me to explain everything going on. Highly recommend.

Chace Lazarus

3 years ago

Finally a program for your pet run by a family who truly.cares!!!????????????

bonnie leddy

3 years ago

I just started with doggie shrink but I am impressed with the knowledge of Kim and her staff. Bean is 3 months old and learning to socialize and be a well behaved puppy. She is so excited when we get there!

Anna Kelly

3 years ago

We rescued an Australian cattle dog who was abused and had so much fear we couldn’t pet her. After bringing her here for training and guidance we have a new dog. The staff is exceptional and are always available to answer any questions. They love their job!

Ani Bournoutian

3 years ago

Kim is a terrific trainer! She has given me the confidence that I need to live happily with my new doggie!

Leigh Broitman

5 years ago

I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to share my experience with Kim Karlon the owner of Doggie Shrink. After much research finding the right breeder, we came home with a beautiful Havanese pup Alejandra. At 8 weeks she was adorable and sweet but soon there were signs of fear aggression. Having owned dogs my whole life I knew in my gut something was wrong. She was a baby, yet growled when she was picked up, and trembled profusely in certain situations. I knew this behavior was abnormal for a puppy this young. I reached out to the breeder and asked if he'd ever seen this behavior before and he told me it was completely normal. He said she was "very smart" and an "alpha female" so I needed to let her know she wasn't allowed to be in charge. His advice was to "scruff" the dog, yell no, and stare her down in this position until she diverted her eyes. I was very uncomfortable with this but he is a professional dog handler and well known breeder in NY, I made one gentle attempt and the dog was absolutely terrified. My instincts told me this was terrible advice and i needed to find a different solution. My vet recommended Kim. Undoubtedly she is the reason we were able to transform this poor pup! We went to the evaluation and after a few minutes of seeing the puppy she told us Alie was not an aggressive or "alpha" dog. She gave a more reasonable answer explaining that she was very likely dropped before we even got her. She was terrified of being picked up and additionally was not properly socialized. I was at a loss because we never dropped her, however when we picked up her from the breeder he explained how his rough and tumble 3yr old would wrestle with the litter and put the puppies under his arms and walk around with them. The story started to come together. He told me this was great socialization for the littler. How could a well known breeder give such bad advice?? I felt relieved that our new family member would be ok the moment we started working with Kim. She analyzed Alie at length and walked us through every step. She demonstrated how she came to the conclusion and gave explicit directions on how to manage this puppy's fears and behaviors. I've met a few trainers in my life but since Kim is also a behavioralist, she goes beyond "training tips" and really understands the psyche of the dog in the the dynamic of the family. She was able to read our family's behaviors and clearly point out where our actions may hinder progress. She is honest about the time required to care for the dog, and details what needs to happen in order to get the desired behaviors that a dog should have in their new home. What struck me the most was not just Kim's technical knowledge, but her unrelenting support and dedication to keeping dog and family together. A truer animal advocate you will never find! If you are willing to put in the work, you will find her as a constant source of support, whether it's a phone call or a txt. I can only imagine how many dogs were saved because the owner was finally educated with accurate and actionable information, which apparently is not so easy to come by. Our 18 week old puppy is now thriving and we owe it all to Kim Karlon. From the bottom of my heart Kim, I thank you!! Leigh

Mike Oettinger

6 years ago

Kim is by far the one smartest people when it comes to any kind of animal or pet. She has worked with my family hands on over the past several years to PROPERLY rehabilitate, dicipline and train both my English bulldogs (Toby and Boo) and has restored peace in my home. Not only has she been extremely helpful training my pets she is a down to earth understand person and easy and flexible with scheduling appointments.

Karen Huber

6 years ago

This was the best decision I've ever made! Kim knew exactly what my dog needed and gave my dog a new lease on life! My dog Zuri was petrified of other dogs. Now working with Kim, Zuri and I are finally making progress and "making friends!"

Jennifer Criso

6 years ago

I've tried a few trainers for various issues my German Shepherd has, including fear aggression. Bailey always pulled on leash and was reactive to other dogs and more recently, to strangers as well. After a few sessions with Kim we were able to take him to a downtown shopping area where he walked past strangers without even acknowledging them! He also no longer pulls! I owe that to Kim 'resetting' the way I handle him and giving me a confidence boost which went a long way toward making my dog feel comfortable as well. She was the first trainer I found who knew exactly what was causing his barking and lunging. She is very responsive and adjusts training to the individual dog and his progress. What is just as incredible as the transformation of my dog is that of her K9 team, when I read their stories I knew she'd work wonders with my dog. To watch them know not to make eye contact or otherwise engage my dog was so amazing. The highlight was when another reactive dog was there one day for training and my dog, who used to be just like her, sat and ignored her as she tried to get a rise out of him! I would recommend Doggie Shrink to every new dog owner or anyone experiencing issues with their dog!

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