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Jaye Walker

2 years ago

I had to have one of my cat's teeth removed. They did a good job and she's feeling better

Gus Cam

2 years ago

A vets first responsibility is to be focused on the pets health...not selling a whole bunch of services before they have even seen the pet. I brought my two new pups...two separate visits and the first thing the staff wants to do is sell us a bunch of unnecessary services, without even having seen the animals. I find that totally irresponsible and almost criminal. I have brought my cats there and never had this happen before. They are praying on people who they think are vulnerable because they want the best for their dogs. Any vet that works for this organization and accepts this practice should be equally labeled as greedy and irresponsible, even if they are not the ones selling. I will not bring my pets there anymore until they retrain their staff..or they apologize and refund every unsuspecting client for the unnecessary services they pressured them to buy. How can I trust the vet anymore?

Marie Santaita

2 years ago

They take excellent care of my dog and cat.

Catherine Bruschetta

2 years ago

Love the women that work at Banfield. They are so accommodating and nice. And they always answer any and all of my questions or find out the answers for me. They treat me and my boys very well ????

Sue L

2 years ago

I just recently started going to Banfield for my two puppies and I really have had great experiences. My dogs are seniors, so their exams were thorough with so much information. They both have a few age related issues, but their dental needs had to be addressed before anything else. My one boy has a heart murmur so he's considered at risk for complications with anesthesia. He's been under before, but the care taken and the timely info on how he's doing has been exceptional. My other boy is older but isn't a high risk, yet we have gotten calls from Banfield just to update us on how they both did with anesthesia and how they were progressing. Love this place!

Elana Dabkowski

2 years ago

Dr. Chung and staff couldn't have been more caring and professional! Dr. Chung took great care of my cat Nickie who was suffering from a uti!

Sandra Byers

2 years ago

Max is getting great and wonderful care there

Frankie A

2 years ago

They treat my pet(dog) with care and have been very good to me!!

Anamaria Biscaro Quick

2 years ago

Good doctors, friendly staff. They really care about their patients


3 years ago

Great friendly staff and veterinarian..I highly recommend!! too bad I have to change vet due to distance, they closed Manalapan where I used to go, Ocean office is a bit far.

Chloe gunnell

3 years ago

i would leave 0 stars if possible...on 5 different occasions, even though i pay monthly, they wouldn’t “have time” to see my dog for upwards of 4-5 weeks. it’s like pulling teeth to get them to answer the phone, and when they do they act like you’re the biggest inconvenience possible. don’t waste your money on the puppy plan...worst investment i EVER made.

Jerry Colello

3 years ago

THIS PLACE IS A CHOP SHOP!! Routine visit for mild ear infection turned into a 230$ Science experiment... Dr spent 10 minutes with my dog and declared he take 8 tablets of Benadryl or Zyrtec everyday for the rest of his life , he’s only 6 years old . The 67$ ear ointment he prescribed isn’t even enough for the week .. they completely over charged for terrible service ... And there excuse as always is blame corporate . Take some responsibility !

Chantal S

3 years ago

Great place for all you pets needs!!!

Alexandria Maxcy

3 years ago

I highly suggest paying the money to see a real veterinarian and seeking outside pet insurance if you truly care about your pet. My 10 year experience with this company has finally come to an end where I am currently making a case with corporate to not only cancel my membership but to return my money from the past year. I have dealt with technicians not reading charts and making mistakes with my dogs- where one time I heard my dog from the exam room and charged into the back room to see how he was being mishandled and held down to receive a test for a comprehensive (tech did not see chart with severely arthritic left hip), to a doctor (still there) making her own choice in sedating my cat without permission for a blood test because she was clearly not good with cats- I came to pick up my cat looking totally out of it and I should have been asked, to dropping off my cats for a teeth cleaning with the current doctor I liked and have been seeing for a year and after not seeing her name on the board and long time of questioning, and pressuring- they did not call and DID NOT NOTIFY me to tell me that my doctor would not being doing surgeries since she recently lost a pet on the table during a teeth cleaning and they were giving my cats to another doctor I did not know- that doctor turned out to be the same one who sedated my cat without permission and I specifically asked to be put in my chart to not have her handle my cats any longer. So once again- we have a team that does not read charts. They make mistakes in appointments- one time I took off work and when I arrived they told me they did not have me in the system and I showed them their confirmation texts to my phone- and the best is they ARGUE with you making this your fault. Today- after a year of no services (and 3 years of no teeth cleaning even though I pay for the full plan for both pets) I walk in for my comprehensive appointment at 8:15am with a new doctor there who seems to be good with cats and liked. I spoke on the phone explaining my past situations saying I want to stay there while the comprehensive is being done- the tell me to come in at 8:15am- it will be one of the first appointments- the doctor will take them right in the back- do his thing and bring them out when done. I arrive and they tell me the doctor does not come in until 9am- and tried to explain it was my fault- that is was drop off at 8:15am- and I went right back at them explaining how due to my past I specifically wait and was told to be in early so I could wait. One was nasty and directed me to a team leader, Sara, who basically just looks at you and says "What would you like me to do?". Ummmm... I would like people to read charts and make notes in charts when requested when it comes to the people paying your salaries, to please make correct appointments and know the times of your doctors on the phone, read charts on your pet patients to know how to hold them and handle them, call the family and owners for permission if your pet requires sedation for a simple blood test, call the owners if you scheduled a teeth cleaning with a doctor you trust if that doctor is not available and then not put you through an hour of lies before the truth is finally revealed and to please not be nasty and argue with your clients when it is clear you have made the mistake- and you have a history of making mistakes. On top of it, you never see the same people there.- several are the same but having a constant shift of staff tells you something about the workplace. I am tired of large corporations taking advantage of people and not living up to their end of the deal when it comes to what we pay for. Corporate needs to send in a team to sit this Ocean team down to make sure they are trained in professionalism and in their handling of day to day appointments as well as making sure their pet clients are well taken care of. Being nice, talking in little voices and being cute with the animals in front of you does not cut it- I pay for more than that.

Alexandra Kamenel

3 years ago

The doctors and staff at this Banfield all are very nice. However, Banfield is really a horrible company. and the medical director for this Banfield is a witch. Beware the wellness plans they push. You think you are getting a good deal but you are not. Here is my story: I wanted to get my cats' teeth cleaned, and the wellness plan seemed like a great option. You not only get a bunch of vaccines, tests, free office visits, and meds, you can get a teeth cleaning included! Also ten percent discounts on most other procedures! I had signed up for a wellness plan for my late cat, and had felt a little screwed over by the company (I signed up when he was having medical issues that turned out to be terminal, so I only had him on the plan for three days but was stuck with the payments because apparently, the value I obtained from the discounts exceeded the plan amount). However I thought I'd give it another go. Big mistake. My one cat's teeth got cleaned just fine. My other cat did not react well to anesthesia and they couldn't do the cleaning. Since a teeth cleaning wasn't actually performed, I got charged for every procedure they performed. Mind you, I 'paid' for the teeth cleaning when I signed up for the plan. And now I can't do a teeth cleaning so I paid for a teeth cleaning that can't be performed, and charged extra for their attempt to boot. Additionally, they had us sign paperwork agreeing to not exceed an extra $200, but they charged $260. When we tried to negotiate, the medical director called my husband rude and told him she'd send the charge straight to collections, which she did. Finally, you would think a place with decent customer service would allow you to downgrade the plan. Well of course Banfield does, but only by starting a new 12 month contract. The money you paid for the higher plan up til the downgrade? You won't get reimbursed. Also you have to cancel the plan before the twelve months are up or it auto renews. There are SOOOOOO many problems with the wellness plans and the medical director at this Banfield, I highly discourage anyone take their pets there. Dont let the nice staff and vets fool you. Also my cats got sick every time I went! I don't think they do a good job cleaning the rooms between visitors.

Elizabeth Torrez

3 years ago

I took my dog for her wash and grooming. When I got there to pick her up. She looked so pretty since she just got her grooming done. Once we got home I noticed she kept scratching when I looked on her tummy area it was really red. I decided to give her a bath and washed her with her oatmeal wash and her oatmeal conditioner. Once I was all done with her she was like ''ooh what a relief''. So I'm just sharing this just in case someone else's pet experiences this.

june denicola

3 years ago

Banfield Pet Hospital handled everything extremely well. The Veterinarian took the time to explain all procedures and answer my questions.

Madeline Valente

3 years ago

Wonderful Staff & Caring Doctors! ❤

Mike Kienitz

3 years ago

Great vet service at Banfield. We love Dr Dev.

mr. B

3 years ago

Very happy with staff. Vets are very thorough and caring.

Wise Eternal

3 years ago

Terrible, they over priced and didn't have all the dog food they usually have and no sales!! Way different from when I started shopping there 6 years ago!!

Mike Forgie

4 years ago

I love them. They show my dog all the love and care possible and I appreciate it.

M Wilkerson

4 years ago

Thank you dr dev for everything that you do for us

john Cavanagh

4 years ago

My experience has always been positive here. They know my dog and love to see her. The front desk is helpful, competent and welcoming, they are often busy though. The vet care is good. The vets take their time to diagnose and explain proceedures and medications. They always call the next day to check up. I love their drop off policy but they dont provide emergency services and sometimes they are a little hard to reach.

Jay Soul

4 years ago

Love Dr Gibney and Nick the Nurse! All staff is sl lovely. I wouldnt go anywhere or trust anyone else for my pups

Harriet Cook

4 years ago

Our anxious dog had his nails cut and a very successful visit. The tech handled him well.

AJ Dragoni

4 years ago

Terribly unprofessional and inconsiderate of clients time. Misleading about plan coverage. Pet care is supposed to come first, but unfortunately it doesn't here.

ServerGeek Wow

5 years ago

The lady Jessica that works the front has to be the most unhelpful costumer service person I've ever seen. Not helpful at all in fact just not a people person, why is she working customer service?? I actual left because her attitude and made a immediate appt at long Branch vetinarian. Where the front desk receptionist was so nice over the phone explaining all the shots and what's most important, like a pet center that cares not just some generic vetinarian. I like for my pooch to be known and loved on arrival and I didn't get that vibe there. Always used a private pet doctor but thought this may be easier since I moved but it's just like a sweat shop. And Jessica needs a job stocking dog food!! Good luck!!

Maureen Casey

5 years ago

What ever you do stay clear of Dr. Cassandra Quinlan! She deserves 0 stars but it won't let me post if i don't pick one. She used her soft spoken voice to make me feel like the worst pet owner in the world. The medication she prescribed and barely explained when I was clearly distraught caused my poor dog to get worse instead of better. I had to put my dog to sleep on New Years Eve! The worst experience I have ever had at a Vet appointment and my baby was almost 15 years old.

Cara Kovats

5 years ago

Dr. Dev is amazing- my dog has special needs and she has gone above and beyond for him. I left banfield a few years ago and came back specifically for her.

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