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Marianne Brigando

2 years ago

1/15/2022 I returned to the vet for the second time with my pet Oreo. The care was exceptional. After finding out that Oreo needed surgery, I was obviously distressed. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that my questions were answered and helped relieve some of my fears. The vet did a thorough exam on Oreo and I couldn’t ask for better care to be taken of him. He also needed to be started on a special diet which the vet explained his lab work and the need for the diet in specific and simple details that I could understand. I will definitely be bringing the rest of my animals to this vet For all their care

Julita Czajkowski

2 years ago

My dog was receiving a very good care, compassionate and professional staff. Highly recommended . Julita

George Garcia Jr

2 years ago

This place lost my trust in their business today because of Kamal's lack of professionalism as it relates to customer service. Kamal is the guy that answers phones occasionally and sits at the front desk with whatever other responsibilities he has. He is not the vet. I spoke with him over the phone to explain that my dog is experiencing a negative side reaction at the injection site after getting vaccinated 3 days ago. Kamal started getting defensive, explaining that the clinic uses clean needles and that the issue wasn't caused by the injection. He wasn't even in the room when my dog got the injections. Also, I didn't even accuse them of not using clean needles or threaten them in any way with a lawsuit, so I don't know why he got so defensive right from the start. I simply called in an effort to get my dog some medical care as a result of the issue. However, for Kamal to tell me that the injections didn't cause her to swell, bleed, and cause pus to come out of the injection site "because that wouldn't happen in 2 days and isn't where she received the injections" is an offensive thing to say to someone that is calling with concern about their pet and that was there during the shots. How about saying "let me put you through to the vet" or "let's schedule you in for a visit to further investigate." Instead, he makes these comments over the phone without ever having seen the wound.

Dana Alexa

2 years ago

To be very honest, I had always really liked this veterinary office. Very affordable and sweet staff. Today it changed when my fiancé brought our 14-year-old dog in to have his eye checked and his nails clipped. I understand that most vets charge office visits regardless, however they didn’t even have the appointment on file for today, and said to my fiancé that he missed our appointment last week. That couldn’t have been possible because we called only two days ago for an appointment. Although he did not wait long, my fiancé brought in our dog and the vet was in there for only a few minutes. He had his nails clipped, his eye was looked at, and then the vet said he needs surgery to remove the abscess. Either way, I guess he would’ve had to come back, but it seemed a bit unprofessional and insulting to charge an office visit for loyal customers that have come in numerous times with good experiences for such a short amount of time, blaming for missing an appointment and only for a few minutes for a nail clipping. The eye was not even treated at all, when in the past, it was treated, whether the issue was larger or not. When I called to talked to a manager on the phone, she placed guilt on me, being that because we are in a pandemic and everyone is struggling, things are different now and sorry that the communication was unclear. Although she seemed calm and tried to speak in a professional tone and vernacular, now I just feel undermined for even bringing up the issue when the world is in the height of a 2 year pandemic and businesses are all suffering. It was all about the business and not about the animal or the customer. I am sorry for the world we live in, yes we are all suffering in one way or another, but I did not need to be undermined or reminded of that very obvious fact. Animals are still going to get sick and need veterinary care. Maybe the focus should be on the animals and the clients satisfaction with your business. Very sad.

Joann Khoudary

2 years ago

My dog had a tumor which proved to be cancer. We scheduled a spade operation at the same time. Dr Raj discovered she had pyometra during the surgery and took care of that as well. He saved her life. I am so grateful. Best vet around.

Joe Forman

2 years ago

My 12 year old cat suddenly fell ill either from a stomach bug or from eating a sandwich bag tie. I was not sure what

Linda Feick

2 years ago

Everyone is very nice and professional. Dr Raj and his female vet are great!Questions are answered and prices are better than other vets. I have had a good experience everytime. Evy likes going there too.

Rene Raynes

2 years ago

New to this vet. Idk yet

yara madera

2 years ago

TOBY llego muy mal rápidamente lo atendieron me dijeron lo q pasaba y si estaba de acuerdo con su gusto ver la preocupacion ante la situacion por la q estábamos pasando y hacer todo lo posible para salvarle la vida Gracias son EXTRAORDINARIOS..

Kimberly “Kim”

2 years ago

The vet here I think his name starts with a V. HE is VERY RUDE, doesn’t fully listen to your questions and concerns , rushes you off the phone /out of the office. He does not actually clarify what he’s talking about. I just adopted my cat in March and My cat has been having UTI issues, since April/may due to a botched spay/neuter surgery he had prior at a low cost clinic. He had to get surgery here and the surgery and everything else was paid for by the Franklin township animal shelter where I adopted my cat from. I then brought my cat back in November, for a possible UTI?? Again I asked the doctor if the UTI from April/May has any correlation to the UTI in November. The doctor straight lied to my face and told me no! I went through my cats insurance to File a claim for reimbursement of his doctor visit. The pet insurance denied the claim because it’s a pre-existing condition????? How is it a pre-existing condition when the vet specifically told me that they were not related? Obviously this veterinarian did not go through my cats medical records to actually give me the correct information. The way this veterinarian writes medical records is stupid and not clear cut. The pet insurance emailed the veterinarian for clarification on my cats medical records and the veterinarian did not provide or give clarification on my animals medical records at all. He literally said he was unwilling to clarify to me as well . I would not recommend this place at all!!! Find an actual veterinarian that actually Cares about your questions and concerns

Joseph Consoli

2 years ago

Dr. Narala goes above and beyond to help any problem or concern you might have about your pet.

Girly Girl

2 years ago

First time taking granddaughters dog to the Vet. A wonderful experience. Very caring staff.

Nadine Andersen

2 years ago

Very nice vets. And assistants also.

Mohamed Ali

2 years ago

Love the hospitality. Great staff. And low prices

konstantino petrakis

2 years ago

Its like going to jiffy lube you need this flush and that flush etc Only every line item is another dose your pup gets only to increase the bottom line. Get in get out pay. Me. My puppy had round worms and one other40 dollars for the test but didn't even follow up on the phone with what to do but 4 text and 4 e mails to review them and confirm follow up Sad i can walk there from my house i will be driving to old bridge. Didn't care the price didn't even ask i felt like i was buying a used car at my puppy's expense .


2 years ago

Amazing facility - warmth received from staff was amazing. Top Notch customer service

Jesus Gomez

2 years ago

Took good care of my chocolate lab. Friendly staff.

Deepak Kumar

2 years ago

Even though the place is busy, Dr. Raj and staff gives special attention to our pet. Very reasonable price and that's one of the reason why it can get crowded. But making sure showing up before your appointment and letting them know you are waiting outside helps. I'd recommend the place to my friend.

Andrew Palazzola

2 years ago

TERRIBLE, we brought our dying suffering cat to be euthanized, only to be told they do not handle emergencies. Mean while on their website they claim to be totally equipped emergencies. They have no compassion at this place.

Anna Thomas

2 years ago

We have been taking our corgi puppy since we got him. Such a great experience - very friendly staff and great doctors. The neutering was so smooth and very nicely done.

Dennis J.

2 years ago

Great prices, great and friendly staff!

Jose Jaime

2 years ago

Great staff and reasonable prices. My pets are in good hands here.

Mona Patel

2 years ago

Excellent care given to my little kitten during his visit. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Embar

2 years ago

Recently moved to the area and needed a new vet for my cat - I regret choosing this one. We had to wait for upwards of 30 minutes which was very stressful for her. Once the vet finally saw her, he had not read any of her previous records and had to be prompted several times before he finally glanced at them. After only one glance and without running any tests of his own, he started prescribing a ton of medications and was very dismissive of my questions as to why they were necessary. One of the medications he prescribed was an antibiotic injection, and ever since then my cat has been vomiting at least twice a day (which I read later is a side effect of the medication) and barely eating. They did not warn me about the possibility of these side effects. The antibiotic was supposed to treat her respiratory infection (which her previous vet had determined was viral and not treatable by antibiotics - I told the vet this, and he dismissed me) and it has done nothing to improve her respiratory symptoms and just caused her needless suffering. I would not recommend anyone take their pets here.

Rupesh Tiwari

2 years ago

Very nice pet clinic. Helpful members and doctor was very polite. I had to go for my dog neutering they offered less money compared to other clinic. Also they provided excellent service and I was able to pick up my dog earlier than the committed time. It was very pleasant experience. I will again visit for any concerns of my do to Faith Veterinary clinic only.

William Clinton

2 years ago

Very good services, great staff. A

lirca indiana King

2 years ago

Like this place they take good care of my tyson

Lauren Maria

2 years ago

I am giving 1 star because of the customer service not for the care. I never found anything wrong with the care they provided for my dog and the prices are great. My concern is the customer services. It takes multiple phone calls to get them to do anything. Most recently I needed my dogs necessary medication filled before I went on vacation. I started calling 1 week before because I know it's always an issue with them. Each time I was told they'd call it in. Finally the day before I had to leave I called obviously frustrated after daily attempts at getting her meds. I was told they will not call the meds in because they can provide the meds at the office. I explained I won't buy them from them because it's $60 more expensive at their office compared to my pharmacy. They continued to refuse me my dogs meds unless I purchased from them. I was also told that the doctor is too busy and it's not their job to write prescriptions. I explained I knew the doc was busy hence why I started calling a week in advance, but still no luck. How dare they not call in the meds (that they prescribed!) that my dog needs for her seizures just because they wanted a few extra bucks. And don't get me started how they came out to tell me my dog was euthanized when she was just there for a routine visit. This was during covid when we had to give them our dog and wait in the car. It was in error and thank god it wasn't true, but NOT something you mess up on. I could go on and on about other issues, but instead I'm just switching my dog to another vet.

Debra Baginski

2 years ago

Friendly & professional staff. Reasonably priced. Very happy with our 1st visit.

Priya Pamnani

2 years ago

This vet clinic is very affordable and you can tell the staff truly care for your pet, but I ended up switching to a different practice for a couple reasons. Overall, the office is very busy, which causes a few issues; the doctors are pretty rushed between visits, they are pretty much always an hour behind, and it is very noisy which stresses out my cat (even in the exam rooms you can hear people talking loudly/dogs barking because the exam rooms are adjacent to reception). Dr Narala is very knowledgeable but it can be hard to get the chance to ask him questions about the condition of your pet. Outside of these problems, I also have to agree with many complaints about the business manager as he can be very unprofessional.

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