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Rosario Rodriguez

2 years ago

I want to say how thankful i am for the care for my new dog Coco. The name of the doctor is Javier Ramos Rosado. He was very caring and detailed and the staff was awsome. I highly recommend this clinic.

Helena Kemper

2 years ago

I took my dog there for fleas and they ended up keeping him there overnight to do a flea bath. Getting into the room wasn’t a long wait but seeing the dr. Did take a while. He explained everything well as far as the process but they didn’t explain why he needed two medications after the fact. They also forgot to put his cone in when I picked him up but they rectified the situation after I called. When I called to speak to the dr. He was very helpful. I would take my pe back again.

Eve Sinaiko

2 years ago

Riverside Vet is clean and professional, with up-to-date equipment, at a very affordable price. Dr. Ramos gave me good information. There was no wait time. Even though it was a holiday weekend, he got the kittens' test results to me quickly. I'm happy to recommend Riverside Vet. Also, the location is super-convenient, near both bus and subway lines.

Chio R

2 years ago

Great customer service. Stuff are very kind. Also service is very fast.

Drachir Ogaitnas

2 years ago

Great place to eat ????

Julia Westbrook

2 years ago

These folks really know their stuff and they’re quick. My cat had an infected ingrown claw and they fixed him up with stitches, antibiotics and a new regimen within an hour. Sweet people. Take your baby animal here!!!

Maya Jingles

2 years ago

We had a great experience here! They allowed us in the room with our cat and explained everything they were doing! We even got an estimate for future appointments and the staff was really friendly! Definitely coming back for future appointments!

Susana P

2 years ago

Great customer service. Vet made me feel comfortable to ask all the necessary questions for my peace of mind.

Cindy Garcia

2 years ago

Death trap. Negative 5 stars.

Jacqueline Garcia

2 years ago

My friend recommend this clinic when my cat was very sick. Luna wouldn't eat and was losing weight very fast. I decided to call them up and they were very accommodating when fitting me in the schedule! The wait time was appropriate, the office was clean, and the staff was helpful! The Dr. was very knowledgeable and he even explained to me, showing me pictures in a textbook, what was happening with Luna! He later suggested Luna get an x-ray as well as other options. I kindly rejected some options, while keeping treatments I thought was best for Luna to get better! Glad I did get the X-ray, it showed fluid build-up in his lungs and explained why he didn't want to eat. Days later, he is back up & running around the house. We will be back, thank you to the entire staff!

Maria Cruz

2 years ago

I would definitely not recommend this place. They seemed only interested in billing you. Dr. Ramos was hasty and when confronted, was annoyed and agitated. This afternoon I took my cat Oreo (14-15 yrs old) because I thought she had a UTI. Dr. Ramos came in did a quick check on Oreo and said she had a very large mass, maybe a stone or tumor and that they might need to do an x-ray to see what it was. He left and the technician took over, brings me two different plans of action, one is antibiotic treatment, the other surgery. X-rays were recommended first - he gives me a bill of $172, $107 for x-ray and $65 for what seemed a 10min checkup. Payment before any procedure is done. It turned out to be a very large stone and the bill for surgery would be a little more than 3,000. Since we could not afford the surgery (no payment plan was offered) and the antibiotic treatment would not be the solution, my son and I agreed to have her euthanize; we didn't want her to continue suffering. That bill was $250.49: $85 for euthanasia, $147 for cremation, $5 NYS mandated biological waste and $13.49 tax. We told the technician we wanted to be with Oreo during the procedure, he said ok. After 30 mins of waiting in the waiting area, the Technician signals us to come in, when we enter the room my cat is already lifeless. My son and I were very upset and told Dr. Ramos that we had requested to be in the room with Oreo during the procedure. He got upset and said that it goes very fast and that is why we were there. (There was no explanation of the procedure, we were not informed or aware of the steps that would be followed.) Not sure if they sedated her first before they euthanized her. I walked out of the room and asked the Technician, what happened he was suppose to wait for us. He told the Dr. Ramos and he came back in the room trying to justify things, which we were not accepting and he walked out again. Again I would not recommend this facility, found it heartless and cold.

Wyze Child

2 years ago

I wish I had read these reviews before I went. Never again. I took my kitten in because one of her eyes were swollen and leaking discharge. When I got there I waited for almost 45 minutes before I was seen. The room was messy and had no place for me sit. The vet tech came in and didn’t even ask why I was there but started trying to upsell me vaccinations for her. I had to ask him to forget about vaccinations and focus on why she was here… the swollen eye. He handled my kitten so roughly I was appalled. He was the one essentially diagnosing my kitty with an eye infection and brought in a paper with payment plans. I had to tell him I need the doctor to come in and examine her properly. Then enter Dr. Ramos who stayed all of one minute listened to her heartbeat and said yes eye infection, No explanation, no warmth, no real care nothing. Not even a proper actual physical exam. He seemed almost annoyed when I started asking questions about her diagnosis and left for the vet tech to finish doing his job. Icing on the cake is the other tech coming in to inform me they would be charging me $20 for a same day appointment fee! For what? The inconvenience of having to book an open slot on the same day. Ridiculous! They charged me $18 for a plastic econe that had a piece of gauge through it, that they probably bought for a couple cents. My poor kitty is so miserable I had to order a more comfortable one for less than half that price. I paid $328 in total for what I can’t even tell you. This establishment is the quintessential example of the fact that some vets only exist to charge money and have no real concern for the care of your animals. If you care about you fur babies I’d recommend you go elsewhere. I’ve never been to a vet office before and left feeling so upset and disgusted, I literally cried on the way home. I hope you guys see this. Aim to do better, we come in because we’re concerned about our pets the least you can do is feign concern and treat your patients kindly.

Chelsea Cappadona

2 years ago

We are new to the area and were in need of a vet quickly to address my pups gooey eyes. Riverside got us in next day! When we arrived a staff had us complete new client paperwork and weighed both my boys for their check-ups. We were taken back to a room within about 5 minutes, where both boys could be together. The vet and a staff person were in right away to check out the boys, prescribe an ointment and show us how to administer. They gave us the option of taking a culture now or waiting to see if the medication worked, which was appreciated. They were so great to work with, professional, explained everything clearly and most importantly my pups left happy and taken care of.

Eilyn Gutierrez

2 years ago

I appreciate that they’re fast but they Are messy. The wait time is pretty low but it seems like they’re training the entire staff from how lost everyone else seemed. As for the doctors- they’re in such a hurry to see the next patient (which is good and bad) that they Assume things. Also, be warned- a trip to the vet is Always expensive, but here they will charge for every nominal thing. If you don’t want the bill to pile up to the equivalent of rent- be wary.

Shalise Banks

2 years ago

The staff was great and they took great care of our fur babies while away.

Chetia Bethea

2 years ago

Good staff great vet and very quick

Madison Ivy Ripley

2 years ago

Friendly staff! Very professional and helpful with are new puppy!

Rosalba Ruesga

2 years ago

Dr. Ramos has been the best vet for my baby since she was born and also my other dog Pulga who lasted 17 years with him. I’m very pleased with the staff. They are all so nice. God bless them all always. ❤️???????????? I love sonia and Dominic too.

tanisha concepcion

2 years ago

The staff was so kind to my family and I..and the doctor was very gentle putting my family cat dow to rest.

Madeline Abreu

2 years ago

The staff was friendly and professional. I was seeing at my appointment time. The doctor was direct and did not beat around the bush, and I liked that.

aly be

2 years ago

Not a place worth going to, the staff is basic, they answer your questions if they know the answer to it with a serious tone but they arent rude. The doctor sees your pet in one minute and just tells you what is wrong but without doing a full assessment. Now that is my problem. For me the place over charges, yes they give a all these prices for the test that is needed but you can decline it. Nothing is forced on you. My only issue is with the doctor not doing a proper assessment on my dog and the appearance of the place. The place is like a hole in the wall. Looks trashy with all do respect.

Elena M

2 years ago

This is the worst place you could take your pet/furbaby to. A few months ago, I noticed my doggy had a bump on his paw. I took him to this clinic because it was closer and my usual vet is all the way in Queens. 1. I was not seen at the time of my appointment. 2. He has teenagers working with no professional experience, customer service, etc. 3. The teenager that came in to take my dog's vitals, pushed the thermometer into my dog's ears. My dog was whimpering and he kept pushing inside. 3. Finally when the "vet" came in, because I don't know where he got his license from, he saw my doggy for 2 second, didn't use gloves and claimed it was cancer. He said be right back and then that same teenager came back in with an estimate of $900.00 and saying that my dog needed surgery to remove the bump and then chemo, etc. No exams were made on my dog for this diagnosis to be made. 4. This place is very expensive for no reason and the service is horrible. I paid for that day and left and made an appointment with my doctor. Preferred to go all the way to Queens and see this wonderful vet who after examining my doggy, came to the conclusion my doggy was having allergic reaction and recommended medicine and my doggy was fine after that. If you really care about your furbaby, Go to the Humane Society if you want affordable service, ASPCA or do your research and look for a vet that really cares about your pet/furbaby. If you have a car and want a vet that loves animals and will do what's best for you and your pet without trying to rip you off, go to Veterinary Care Group in Maspeth. Dr. Sanabria is wonderful.

Jose Ubaldo

2 years ago

I have two beautiful dogs, I’m really happy with the way they treat my girls. Bailey (the pit) came in with a bad allergic reaction and they knew right away what to do . It’s been 4 months and she’s back to being healthy. They also gave me instructions on how to prevent from happening again.


2 years ago

So I've been to this vet twice this year already. Both times my death seeker of a cat got his lil fur butt saved by the Drs and staff here. I'm super grateful for them. They're very professional and understanding. They will give two separate sheets with price estimations. One has the bare minimum for what's needed for treatment and the other with what the Dr. recommended to be more thorough. Again the staff is awesome and the prices are honestly not expensive considering the amount of treatment my cat needed both times he visited. Thanks again to the staff here. Y'all are awesome. ❤️

Debbie M.

2 years ago

Dr. Ramos is great w my baby Happy.


2 years ago

I would not recommend this facility to anyone who cares for the life of their pets. I am so disappointed with a place that values what they can charge you over the care of an animal.

Shah Williams

2 years ago

My cat was really sick and after a 5 minute exam they knew exactly what was wrong with him. They even had different options so that I was able to afford his treatment. Love this place and will come back!!!

Babs Pena

2 years ago

Friendly staff. My furry family member never gives me a hard time here. His vet is awesome ???? Thank you guys for all you do!!

Aja Worrell

2 years ago

The staff there is amazing from the receptionists to the techs (Richard included- he named my cat) to the vet Dr. Ramos himself. He educates you on what's going on with your animal. You can tell they all really love what they do.

Liette I Pedraza

2 years ago

Don't recommend at all took our feral cat who was obviously sick place suggested by local rescue. In the doorway they immediately diagnois the cat with diabetes then a 3 day estimate of $1,500+ultrasound . Next day phone call she needs to be put to sleep cancer vet not in until 12 30 same day before . Went in told cat had diabetes?cancer? suffering needing to be put to sleep took one look at this stunning feral peting her yes she was sick possibly poison possibly sick who knows I do know NO LITTLE CLINIC IN LESS THAN ONE DAY GETS A DIABETIC AND/OR CANCER DIAGNOSIS . They are charging the FULL 3DAYS plus ultrasound and legally I don't see a way out ! The one star is for the office cat a real beauty . This vet thought we were " newbies" in the neighborhood they are wrong been here since the 1970s.IM APOLOZING WHOLEHEARTLY FOR MY FIRST REVIEW IT WAS A MISTAKE ON MY PART . THEY OUTSOURCE THEIR TEST THEIR TEST COME BACK ON AN AMAZING TIMELY MANNER. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL AND EXPLAINED IT SHOWED IT ALL INCLUDING ULTRASOUND TO US . SO I WE MY FAMILY GIVE THEM A FULL APOLOGY FOR EVERYTHING WRITEN HERE . I DO RECOMMEND THEM .

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