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Marlena Brown

2 years ago

I've been coming here six years with my dogs, both special needs. They have always provided excellent care and take the time to address my many concerns (I'm that dog mom). It's always wonderful to find providers who love your pet as much as you do.

Susana Jones

2 years ago

friendly and welcoming for my pets needs

Elena Fernsler

2 years ago

Great service, very understanding and caring. Called around to compare prices for a couple services and they beat out competitors in that area as well. They’ve been a local spot for years and I’ve lost track of how many neighbors continually recommend their care and services.

Carolina Brito

2 years ago

Wish I could give zero stars. Have been to this clinic with my old roommate’s cat and my partner went with our 3 month old kitten. The staff is rude, inattentive to the needs of the pets, and never gives clear and concrete answers to questions. Our kitten definitely had health issues that caused an early passing and all we were told after spending hundreds of dollars to bring her in was to “watch her weight”. My kitten has now passed sooner than she would have had I trusted my gut instinct and brought her to a much better clinic that is FREE and actually cares about the pets that walk through their doors. They over charge for their services and don’t provide pet owners with all of the info they should know. I would be charged about $400 for a check up with my old roommates cat just for them to cut his nails and say “he’s fine” even at times when he was clearly sick. Please save your money, save your time, and save your furbabies by taking them to a clinic that actually cares about their health and well-being and not just about making some money. This place is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Michael Rogan

2 years ago

My usual vet was closed so I called Inwood Animal Clinic. Lady who answered phone was very helpful and got me a same day appointment. They were on time and the vet tech and vet took great care of my dog. He's feeling better already. Might be my new vet going forward.

emily gutierrez

2 years ago

This clinic is so rude. The vet and assistant were so disrespectful and kept making smart comments to me over my dog. They were belittling me about my dog. They didn’t fully examine her, they didn’t even weigh her. They didn’t do anything to her yet they were trying to charge me $600 without even telling me what was wrong with her.


2 years ago

I take my furbabies to this clinic because they are professional, gives one on one care, follow up once they leave and are active listener's. I would highly recommend this Animal clinic to anyone who wants excellent care for their furbabies

Melissa Abreu

2 years ago

This is not the first time we been at Inwood animal clinic. Both of my dogs have been at there care for years. Last Saturday November 27 I took them for some vaccinations and grooming , when we went back to pick them up we were very dissatisfied with the services we received because they did not cut the hair correctly. We spoke with someone at the clinic and we explain the inconvenience and that person said that it was okay to bring them the upcoming Friday and Saturday. Today Friday the 3 we brought both of my dogs because they will fix the haircut. We arrive at 10 am and the appointment was at 1pm but they decided to take them because it was okay. After hours of waiting they call saying they are not able to do anything because I need it to pay extra after they agree to fix it because that was not my fault. How is it that they have each of my pets profiles and they put someone else to do the grooming and on top of that they don't even get it right. Honestly we am very disappointed and it is not fair that we pay the amount and the dogs looks exactly the same way we brought them. On top of that we wasted hours of waiting for literally nothing because the staff in charge of grooming need it me to pay extra money for a mistake that I did not make. Next time do better because it is not fair at all and this things should not happen especially when I have been going there with my dogs for years. DO BETTER and organize your staff as you clearly said I was sending pictures of my dogs and talking to someone who is not from the clinic.

Ashley Alvarez

2 years ago

I wish I could give zero stars I really do. I was there back in March for my cat who had lost appetite. The doctor was rushing through everything and barely explained what she could have. They did an ultrasound and blood work. Come to find out later there’s no record of her ever getting an ultrasound but I clearly remember paying the big amount and picking her up with a shaved belly. The doctor began to list multiple diagnosis’s, only one that made sense was malabsorption but then she prescribed me DM, on my end i didn’t do enough research i was just desperate for any form of remedy. DM is reportedly for diabetic cats which my cat is not and It’s targeted for overweight cats which my cat is not. She is underweight. In august I came back and the doctor came in and said oh she’s skinny you should just feed her more. She has no appetite yet they wrote in the notes that she did and just gave me more medication for her suspected IBD which was never fully diagnosed. They’re money hungry and don’t get to the root of the problem. Just blind guesses. Got a second opinion and she’s finally eating better without the help of medication. Never going back again

Anaisa Garcia (Nisa)

2 years ago

Dr. Curt / Curtis was absolutely awesome, treated my tripod awesome ????

Alyssa AC

2 years ago

Our cat-daughter, Sophia, was a patient at Inwood Animal Clinic for many years until she had to be put down just shy of her 17th birthday in April 2021. Sophia was assigned to Dr. Jennifer Tsung as her primary vet. At first, Dr. Tsung saw her many times until they shifted their policy to assigning whatever vet was in-office that day. This resulted in a carousel of providers who saw Sophia over the years, often with very little knowledge of her health history or our concerns, which we would have to explain on the spot. This happened many times. The office is small and the waiting room often crowded. Our wait times with Sophia were very unpredictable, ranging from 5 mins to an hour. At one visit in the last year of her life, the office was so chaotic that instead of obtaining a urine sample from Sophia on-site, we were sent home with a collection kit. This was incredibly inconvenient and ultimately, they rejected the sample we gave them, requesting that she come into the office again, still charging us for all these services. But the lack of empathy is really what is most troubling about this practice. In the last 6 months of her life, Sophia took a more dramatic turn in her need for care from a lymphatic cancer affecting the lining of her intestine. We spoke with Dr. Tsung over the phone several times to order medicines or ask advice at certain stages. Dr. Tsung also called us unsolicited in Sophia’s final month to pressure us that we “should really put her down” even though Sophia was showing no signs of pain. Dr. Tsung seemed readily available. That availability was abruptly cut off during and after the trauma of finally putting Sophia down after a weekend when she was clearly now expressing her pain. Losing our cat-daughter through that process, although an expected progression for a senior cat, was so devastating. Sophia was put down on a Sunday afternoon by a young male vet we had never met before. He was compassionate and communicated clearly. After 12 years as Sophia’s vet, Dr. Tsung never contacted us to recognize Sophia’s death, something we had talked about with her so often in that last year. Instead, a couple days later we got a generic card from the practice. I’ve included a picture of it here so you can see that the sentiment on the front makes NO sense, clearly a printing mistake or maybe a batch they got at deep discount. Whatever the circumstance, no one at Inwood Animal Clinic even bothered to pay enough attention to this ridiculous card when communicating with us at the most sensitive time in our journey with our pet. This reflects a deep level of carelessness, chaos, and disrespect at the clinic towards its patients and their families. When we’re ready to get a pet again, we will be going to a different neighborhood for care, unless a competing practice opens nearby. I certainly hope so.

Carlos Broadbelt

2 years ago

The staff is amicable, understanding and supportive.

Giancarlo Osaben

2 years ago

Inwood Animal Clinic bends over backwards to help their customers. They have been nothing but fantastic with assisting us with our pets and providing them with quality care. They have been extremely helpful and we will continue to take our pets here.


2 years ago

Save your time and money ! This place does not know how to treat their animals. I took my cat to get neutered and came back with an infected paw. Additionally, he had some testing for FIV. The staff mishandled my cat terrible— going to the extent of placing something in his mouth so he doesn’t hiss. However, this could have easily been avoided since I told the staff my cat does not do well with others and if I held him he would not hiss etc.

Riahna Rodriguez

2 years ago

The first time a vent there my dog got vaccinated and ever sense he started to shake a lot and it will come and go randomly and he’s mood will change I took him today and when a few hours later the shaking came back and he was limping and he was tierd it might of been at home that happened but I’m not sure but the people who work there seem pretty friendly over all

Nolan Doran

2 years ago

Great neighborhood animal clinic with friendly staff.


2 years ago

They are amazing and the best

Kristi Williams

2 years ago

The staff is warm, friendly and informative. Recently (last night)my husband and I had to have our cat euthanized .The staff was very supportive and sympathetic to our loss.

Amronn Smith

2 years ago

Very professional, great customer service. Dealt with my pet well

Dwayne Lowe

2 years ago

My baby "REMY" love to visit her Vet they always take care of her. I give them 5* and thumbs up!????

Eli Gonzalez

2 years ago

I brought my dog in in a panic and the staff and nurses and doctors were quick to help me and inform me on the condition of my dog. And less than an hour before closing. I'm very appreciative of them.

Caroline P.

2 years ago

The so called “veterinary doctors” that work in this clinic DO NOT CARE about your animals. All they care about is MONEY. And they WILL RIP YOU OFF! They charge 5 times more for prescription meds, and they schedule unnecessary labs, vaccines, and procedures just for the profit with no regard to actual animal care and needs. And don’t get me even started on “groomers”… NEVER AGAIN! Do your pet a favor and go elsewhere.

Estephany Cabrera

2 years ago

My go to animal clinic ! Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Tsung has been great with me teacup Chihuahua Charlie . They have good hours and a new app that helps me know when any upcoming shots are due or medications. Love it !

Michaela Pauers

2 years ago

I have been here two times with my cat and have been extremely disappointed in this clinic. When you first walk in, there is a tiny waiting area that is always full and super loud, which, for my 17 year old cat, is very stressful (especially with multiple dogs barking and jumping around). This would be less of a problem if they were ever on time - both times I have been 10 minutes early to my appointment and then been told there were multiple animals before us and there would be an indefinite wait time. Why even make an appointment if they make same-day appointments for other people and just push back your appointment time?? The second time I was in, I went up to the reception desk to check on the wait time and expressed that it had been 30 minutes past my appointment time, and that my cat is stressed out with all of the other animals, and the receptionists just IGNORED me.. They literally just kept looking at their screens. When we finally made it to the back, the exam room had other pets hair all over the floor and was clearly not cleaned properly.. The tech was not prepared or careful handling my animal. Then she said a doctor would be in shortly and we waited for an additional 20 minutes before I went out and asked what was going on.. My cat was in a corner under a chair in the exam room because she was so stressed out. The vet seems like she knows what she is doing but rushes through the exams and doesn't explain anything unless you keep asking probing questions. My cat most likely has cancer and is nearing end of life care and the way she was treated during these appointments is unacceptable. The bill I received was way more than I anticipated and when I asked to see a list of charges the receptionist handed me one and didn't explain anything, just held out the card reader until I paid. They called me today to check on my cat and after I said that she is okay they said "thanks bye" without seeing if I had any questions or concerns. Overall, I get no sense that Inwood Animal Clinic gives personalized care and it doesn't feel like the vets, techs, or receptionists care about your animal's health at all. I will not be bringing my animals here again and I would not recommend this clinic to anyone.

Raul Landeo

2 years ago

I took my pet there and they were super patient with her. She was hissing and not being very friendly. Everything went well until I got my medicine. I got home and one of them was open and spilled in the bag, so I went back. I told them my side and the tech said he closed the bottle, but would fill it again. Then they charged me $90 for that. Everything was going so well and I was thinking to switch all my pets to them until this happened. I feel ripped off and they knew I needed this medicine for my furry one, so I coerced to pay it. I can't believe this happened when all the reviews were so good. I don't know if the people changed or what, but this isn't a place I want to take any of my pets to ever again no matter the emergency. *** UPDATE 9/25/2021 *** After talking with someone else at the clinic, they agreed that I should not have been charged for the replacement medicine. I am extremely relieved this was resolved. I truly found their services very good and I can't for the life of me explained what happened to make that bottle open up. Because this was resolved, I changed my rating from a 1 to a 4.

Stephanie Black-Schaffer

2 years ago

Couldn't have improved my experience--thank so much, guys!

Victor Morales

2 years ago

Caring knowledgeable staff. Clean all around.

angel rosario

2 years ago

I brought my maltipoo there cause he was having some back leg issues. The vet gives my dog I guess cordizone shot or something and tells me he needs bed rest. Well after 7or 8 days of that my little guy wasn't getting better. I took him to a emergency room and low and behold he needed major spinal surgery $8000 like the day the vet said to put him on bedrest unfortunately because the vet clearly had no idea what she was doing she reduced my dogs chances of using his back legs ever again by like 70 to 80 percent so instead of the 90 percent chance of him using them again, if the surgery would have been suggested right away. Now has like a 20 to 15 percent chance physical therapy is expensive and acupuncture is too, but I love my little guy and he's a fighter . So yea terrible doctors dont know what they are doing. Go somewhere else.


2 years ago

There a great animal clinic

Martha Felipe

2 years ago

Love the place, very clean and always willing to help

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