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Tom Zotollo

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Veronica Lopez

2 years ago

Dr. Mosad is wonderful! He was so good with my doggie and answered all my questions.

Renate Thiermann

2 years ago

All of our cats love Dr. Mosaad. Each one has a long history with him, saving their lives. I trust Dr. Mosaab in his professional opinion 100% supported by his crew Robin, Daria, and of course his lovely caring wife Salwa. We are so happy to have him in our lives.

Liz conrad

2 years ago

Great place to bring your pets. Eveyone very caring

Kathy Stanton

2 years ago

Great personal service and they make you feel like you & your pet are the only one there.

Jack C

2 years ago

The vet was very quick to give an incorrect diagnose, without any further testing.

Debra Lawrence

2 years ago

In June 2020, during the height of the pandemic, my dog had his yearly physical with his long-time vet, Dr. L. During that visit, it became apparent that Dr. L didn’t believe in masks or that Covid was worse than the flu. Realizing he didn’t believe in science, I knew I needed to find another vet. My son did a Google search and found that Dr. Mosaad of Farview Animal Clinic in Paramus had a five-star rating. Since my dog, Trooper, a 9-yr old Yorkie, was having stomach issues and was taking heart meds, I made an appointment with Dr. Mosaad to follow up. After examining Trooper, Dr. Mosaad was surprised that my dog was taking heart meds and quickly made arrangements for more tests and consulted with a cardiologist. It turned out, while Trooper had a slight heart murmur, he didn't need the meds the previous vet had put him on. However, during the visit, Dr. Mosaad felt a lump on Trooper’s underbelly, which wasn’t noticed by Dr. L weeks before during his physical. Dr. Mosaad recommended immediate surgery but advised me it would be risky due to Trooper's age and heart murmur. I made the difficult decision to go ahead with the surgery, and Dr. Mosaad successfully removed the tumor and spleen, where the mass was attached. Obviously, I was so grateful for his exceptional skills that got Trooper through the surgery, but the sincerity of his compassion was truly outstanding. He said and acted as Trooper was his own pet. He answered all my questions and gave me all the information, empathy, and time I needed, which was a lot considering how upset I was. While the surgery was a success, and the spleen had no indication that the tumor had spread, Dr. Mosaad had a biopsy done as a precaution. Unfortunately, it was blood cancer, so apparently, the smallest cell remaining could still grow and be fatal, even though it wasn’t visible. Dr. Mosaad recommended we see Dr. Bailey, the Oncologist at Oradell Animal Hospital, which we did. Even though, except for some blood work, Trooper’s care was given at Oradell Animal Hospital, Dr. Mosaad called me and sent a thoughtful letter of sympathy when sadly, Trooper died 6-months later. If you are looking for a vet, you will not find better than Dr. Mosaad. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He is so kind, most caring and thoughtful, not only to your pet but to the owner too! I am so grateful to him for everything and sorry that it took me so long to praise him in a review.

Chester Verceglio

2 years ago

As everyone knows our pets are our family members dear to our heart. At Farview Animal Clinic great care is taken to ensure your pet is well and stays that way. Doctor Mosaad is a caring doctor who demonstrates warmth and professionalism in his practice. His staff, especially Robin, knows your pet and is extremely helpful in ensuring every visit is a positive experience. I highly recommend Farview Animal Clinic for professional care of your pets.

Diego Lopez

2 years ago

Had a great experience. Brought our puppy in for an initial check. Dr was wonderful and gentle, our puppy was right at ease. Check up was very quick with vaccinations and a reasonable price. Will be going back.

Erik Enersen

2 years ago

You don't feel like you are just another "customer". Doctor and staff are thorough, kind and professional. Farview Animal Clinic is not just another a big, uncaring factory operation!

Monique Walker

2 years ago

Fairview Animal services are one of the best places to care for your pet. Very professional, knowledgeable when it comes to the needs and health of your pet. All the staff are amazing and go the extra mile to assure that you will be seen. I recommend Fairview animal clinic paramus due to the quality of service and skills of pets needs. My kitten Cream was suffering from a terrible case of fleas and when the Dr. There at Fairview gave her treatment she remain in the best health and comfort than ever before. You will certainly receive the best treatment, quality and care as desired and more. Thank you doc and staff from your patient Cream and pet Mommy Monique ???? Look forward to seeing you our next appointment????

Patrick Chapman

2 years ago

Caring, professional and very knowledgeable.

su mecky

2 years ago

Dr. Mossad and his staff are amazing. They work so well with my 175# dane who is a big chicken. They are knowledgeable, patient and kind, and I highly recommend them!

Antoneta Drejaj

2 years ago

I don’t know where to begin with Dr. Mosaad. He has been Godsend to my family when it comes to care and compassion for our fur babies. We recently lost our first furbaby. Dr. Mosaad was so gentle and compassionate during the hardest moment I had to face with our furbaby. He doesn’t push medicine or procedures unless it’s the last resort. I am so thankful to have such an amazing Dr. for our fur babies.

Carolina Moreno

2 years ago

Dr Mossad is very patient by taking his time to listen and analyze your concerns. I know my dog is in good hands when I take him there.

Christina Bellini

2 years ago

Dr. Mosaad and his staff are wonderful. He is a skilled Veterinarian and Veterinary surgeon. He always had your pets best interest at heart and doesn’t push unnecessary, costly procedures; he does not treat your pet as an “upsell” opportunity as some clinics have begun to do. My dog is almost 15 and has had several surgeries with Dr. Mosaad all of which were in office and affordable. One of which was recent and pretty major. The follow up care is also comprehensive without extra charges being added. I truly believe his good intentions with your pet and affordable prices can really make a difference in your pets quality of life. He does not price you out of being able to get your pet the care they need. He has also gone to great lengths to keeps clients an staff safe during the pandemic which I appreciate. My dog absolutely LOVES him and his staff, she waits impatiently for her turn to see him and trots off with them into the office like she is going to see old friends. After recently moving 25-30mins away I would not even consider changing Vets. Highly recommended this practice even if it’s a farther distance then you planned to travel it’s worth it.

Christine Watson

2 years ago

Love him he was with me and treated my skinny with dignity till the end. Now he takes care of his brother fatty. Best vet ever.

Lindsey DeBellis

2 years ago

Dr. Mosaad and his staff have done an excellent job during such unprecedented times to ensure quality care for their animal patients while keeping everyone safe. Even in the pouring rain Dr. Mosaad stood outside of my car to answer every question I had about my new rescue puppy. He did not make me feel rushed and took the time to answer every concern I had. Each time I have called the office with a question or concern his staff has been so helpful and responsive. I am so glad I found Dr. Mosaad to help take care of my puppy.

m p

2 years ago

Like all the reviews here, Dr. Mosaad is truly amazing and the staff here are just as caring and dedicated. I've been coming here for over year now and they are incredible. Before coming here, a very dedicated veterinarian at a previous clinic suddenly left and I desperately searched high and low for affordable, yet honestly caring veterinarian clinic. To be honest, at first I was hesitant to come here due to the exam rate, but really, it's truly more than fair when you think of all the money you'd waste at any other place who do not take servicing your pet seriously. Also, their services are all VERY affordable and effective and efficient. Just excellent. To briefly highlight just how amazing and genuine Dr. Mosaad and his staff are, they truly saved my loving dog from being put down. My dog has a liver shunt and it causes her so many issues, such as serious seizures, epilepsy, etc. Before coming to Dr. Mosaad, I went to a highly reviewed clinic after days of searching because my dog suddenly had an hour long seizure and constant vomiting (as in literally every 30 minutes 24/7). The other clinic did xrays, comprehensive bloodworks, ultrasounds, and after thousands of dollars, said more needed to be done to figure out the issue. I became broke and couldn't afford it, so when I desperately asked them if there is any other way. They told me either "get on the boat or don't", as in put her down. ???????? I took my precious dog to Dr. Mosaad, explained the situation, and also asked if she should get another ultrasound. They took me in with all the crazy covid overscheduling everywhere and said let's start with bloodwork first. Literally after one quick bloodwork, he saw that she had an infection in her pancreas. He prescribed a little medication, and truly one week later she was healed and eating and active again. My rescue dog with her liver shunt, who was told she'd live barely a year back when she was a puppy, is now 6 years old, healthy and well, and better than ever to this day, thanks to the truly amazing doctor, Dr. Mosaad. I can't say enough about him and the clinic but there are so many long reviews here so I'll end it there. I truly recommend Farview Animal Clinic and Dr. Mosaad. I hope you never have to leave, Dr. Mosaad!! Thank you!!!

Nahomi Enrico

2 years ago

I am a new dog parent. Learning how to take care of your fur baby is intimidating. The staff at Farview Animal Clinic are friendly and make the experience very comfortable for both human and animal.


2 years ago

Not only is Dr. Mossad very, very kind, my two dogs are not afraid of him AND, this guy is GOOD. I have a neighbor in Jersey City ( yes, we battle wretched traffic to get to him) who told me her pit mix, BOBBY, had had an infection for months, that several vets, including Oradell, had not been able to treat satisfactorily. I gave her contact for FARVIEW ANIMAL HOSPITAL. A few weeks later, I saw BOBBY running in the park, and his owner was thrilled with the results ! We both marveled at his energy and strength. So grateful we found Dr. Mossad and his team !

Rachel Jauhar

2 years ago

Bella never complains about visiting even now that she goes in without me

Caroline Schmidt

2 years ago

Farview Animal Clinic has consistently been wonderful. They are attentive, accommodating, and professional. I feel safe bringing my fur-baby here. Dr. Mosaad is incredible. He is very knowledgable, understanding, and it's obvious that he cares greatly for his patients and their owners. His staff are also top-notch. I have no complaints at all. My only regret was not finding this place sooner!

Chloe Branch

2 years ago

Dr. Mosaad is an incredible man. He is so kind and caring. He wants nothing but the best for his furry patients and their human parents. Myself and my family have been going to him for years now. He provided such meaningful comfort to us while saying goodbye to one of our beloved cats. We will continue to bring all of our pets to him for years to come.

Debbie Cavo

2 years ago

Dr Mosaad and his staff are excellent! They are such caring and friendly people, won't bring my dog Buddy anywhere else!

Mary Ehrenberg

2 years ago

I can't say enough how great the staff is here!! They are just the kindest people I've ever met. When I call, they are all so nice on the phone, especially Robin. This last time I felt awful because my puppy was going crazy when the tech (Heather I believe her name was. My memory isn't the best lol) came up to my car to get her. She was soooo good with her! When they came back she explained everything in detail that I needed to do and answered all of my questions. I just love them all here so much I recommend them to everyone!!

Renee Lomelino

2 years ago

We absolutely love Farview Animal Clinic and Dr. Mosaad for the care of our fur babies!

MaryAnn Trivisonno

2 years ago

Dr. Mosaad and his wonderful staff always take good care of our furry family members-In sad times and happy times. We lost our Oliver in November and Dr. Mosaad and his staff treated him and our family with warmth, kindness and compassion. We just welcomed a new puppy into our family and we know Tucker will be in good hands.

Eric Soler

2 years ago

Farview Animal Clinic and Dr. Mosaad are amazing. He is so thorough and informative. We have been bringing our Boston Terrier here for about 13 years. They are about to start caring for our French Bulldog puppy too. Looking forward to it. More than anything else, they show how much they care. Thank you.

Marisa Gjini

2 years ago

Dr. Mosaad is the best! He is very kind and compassionate as well as very accommodating.

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