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Carrie and Kaden

2 years ago

An unpleasant reason to stop in, handled with care, consideration, and professionalism. They abide by the oath to do the best for creatures . . Respect. I work in the veterinary industry. We have to be graceful with all animals . . Those that have guardians are lucky, those who are strays have angels. This team did good.

Licia McLoughlin

2 years ago

My dog LOVES going to the vet -she loves everyone who works there especially Dr. Kiani -she always goes above and beyond and is soo thorough and caring. I highly recommend Harlem Animal Hospital.

Linah Pinah

2 years ago

Too expensive for basic products & services - you can find cheaper elsewhere

M Lopez

2 years ago

I no longer see the nice young girl at the front on Sundays! Every other receptionist are very rude and don’t know how to talk/deal with the client in a nice way! This place is very unprofessional when it comes to the doctors as well. Dr Colon in general can sometimes come off very rude while speaking to me and aggressive with my pet! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Rachel E Patterson

2 years ago

I have loved this veterinary clinic for 6 years. Dr Kiani saved Monty-cat when he had a complicated UTI, semi-blockage, and I am grateful for the excellent surgical and post-op care he received 3.5 years ago. Ms Marion in reception has always been kind, even if occasionally harried; the junior receptionists have been a rotating crew, some nice and about 70% are sullen. The vets are knowledgeable, and there's one vet tech (i wish I remembered her name-- it's a virtue...) who is an angel. Covid has been rough on businesses, and the changing protocols; and I had an especially rough experience last Monday (late Sept 2021- had an appt, was there 4 hours, a few communication snafus, then they gave me meds for the cat but not enough for the course, charged my card the wrong way-- care credit gives you 6 months interest free to pay a big bill, don't put it through as a normal MC charge). Anyway, many new staff and I'm glad the practice is growing; one bad day but the whole of my experience is why they drop only a bit, and down to 4 stars.

Tyshema Green

2 years ago

I very rarely write reviews, but I have mixed feelings about Harlem Animal Hospital. As a small business owner of a grooming business, I strive to give outstanding and quality service. I was very grateful that Marion (receptionist) was able to squeeze my poodle mix I adopted not long ago in for an appointment. He has been suffering with some GI issues, it was causing him some on and off vomiting and diarrhea. We arrived at the Vet for a 6:30pm appointment, had a long wait time. I was fine with that because I was just grateful we were going to be seen. Blood was taken and test were ran. I was told by Dr. Colon Possible inflammation of the bowl. The only way to be sure was to perform a sonogram. Second visit, 10am appointment to drop Pax off for his sonogram. We arrived on time, still a wait not as long as the first visit. At 5:28pm I received a call from Dr. Colon. She informed me my dog's small intestines were inflamed. She recommended More Testing. This would include a urinalysis and More blood work. I want everybody reading this review to understand I love all of my dogs as much as I love my daughter. I would do anything in my reach to make sure they are cared for. I gave Dr. Colon the "go ahead" for the uranalysis. I did not want to run blood work again when I just did it. we both agreed it might be worth a shot to change his food and see if this would help him. So the final plan was Dr. Colon was gonna perform the urinalysis and she was going to give him some sample food. We would run blood work at a later date. I go to pick up my dog, pay a bill of 746.46 dollars and this is were they loose me. A Tech comes out ask me if I spoke with the Vet, basically going over the same things that Dr. Colon and I went over on the phone. She was very nice. She brings Pax out and while I'm putting on his coat Dr. Colon comes out and said I'm sorry, I did not charge you for the food. This could be me in my feelings. CHARGE ME! I HAVE BEEN CHARGED A TOTAL OF 1,055.96 DOLLARS IN 2 VISIT. MY DOG'S ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED! NOW YOUR CHARGING ME 20.00 SOME ODD DOLLARS FOR SAMPLE FOOD. REALLY! IT DID'T SIT WITH ME WELL. That's just me! I can't say the service is horrible, but it is costly!

Carlos Escudero

2 years ago

Never again. Not only did I have to wait 2 months for an appointment, but I was waiting over an hour in the waiting room before anyone would see my dog. Unacceptable! I understand this is a small facility and there might only be one doctor or whatever. But don’t schedule me for 3p when you can’t see me until 4:30p. Definitely looking for another vet after this experience.

David Wong

2 years ago

Our dog has been going to Harlem Animal Hospital for 5 years since he was a puppy. Dr. Kianni is a great vet, always taking the time to explain treatments and provide a longer term outlook for our pets issues. Her staff has grown over the years and have always been pleasant to deal with. Harlem Animal Hospital is a gem for Harlem, providing not only normal vet services but also surgical services including teeth scaling that other vets don't. I would recommend bringing your pet to Harlem Animal Hospital.

Kristen Diaz

2 years ago

Great drs friendly staff; they explain in detail don’t try to nickel n dime you. Have been going to them for about a year n half very pleased with the care n service of my fur babies!!! Even adopted a stray cat that was dropped off to them! Will recommend honesty great people and service ❤️

N Acevedo

2 years ago

We have been taking our pup, Chico, to Dr. Kiani since we rescued him from the Brooklyn streets the better part of 10yrs ago. Dr. Kiani and her staff have always been helpful and kind. She and her Veterinarian colleagues have helped us navigate several medical issues over the years and Chico has benefitted from their care. I would highly recommend Harlem Animal Hospital to anyone with pets.

Nellie Beavers

2 years ago

This has been my cats' vet since I've had them. We love this neighborhood vet and Dr. K Remembers us and our needs every time we visit. It can be tricky to get an appointment, so its best to call with plenty of lead time for your regular visits.

Nicholas DiDonato

2 years ago

not sure why people are complaining of long waits; every where you go there is. This place takes the time to answer your questions, understand why you're there; physical of your pet or because they are sick. I have gone to others and the care here is exceptional. One on one with doctors caring and understanding. Will continue to have them care for my luna girl

R. Martin

2 years ago

I love Harlem Animal Hospital. In addition to years of regular care, vaccinations, etc., I've gone through two veterinary emergencies with them, and both Dr. Kiani and Dr. Colón are incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, thoughtful, and sympathetic. I am continually impressed with both the depth of their expertise and their deep compassion. Marion and Ashley at the front desk have been continually kind, friendly, and helpful, and the team of techs are fantastic. When they say they'll call you back, they always do... I should add that this is a VERY BUSY practice. They do their best to help you when you don't have an appointment, but they tend to be booked solid for weeks out...as a customer, the quality of service you get is greatly improved by being on time to your appointments, calling ahead of time with any questions, and being understanding when there simply aren't enough hours in the day...

Samantha DiDonato

2 years ago

I've always had wonderful experiences with my cats at this practice. The staff at Harlem Animal Hospital are very personable and truly care for each and every animal that comes in the door. The doctors are warm, attentive, and do their best to give you and your pets a good experience. The technicians are organized and kind. The receptionists are also very helpful on the phone when trying to schedule my appointments. I've experienced wait times, but for the care provided, I don't mind. The prices are reasonable, the care impeccable, and overall a great place to bring your pets.

Teddy Thomas

2 years ago

Called for a second opinion on a giardia case in my dog, was told they couldn’t see him until December and refused to quote me their price for a particular medication for no apparent reason, and the phone manner of the person was just unbelievably short like I was somehow asking something ridiculous. I will be going elsewhere now and in the future.

Owna Ownca

2 years ago

Overpriced, doesn't fill important prescriptions on time, they don't respond to emails unless it's about billing. I also have to add that the vet (theres multiple so im sure not all of them) missed something really crtical on my pet that i caught later which i ended up going to the ER for. That was the only reason ill never go back there. I need a vet that thorough and catches things before they become pathologic.

Leah Schneider

2 years ago

I waited a full hour for my appointment. This was not a last minute thing either; I scheduled over a month in advance. My cat is very nervous and doesn't do well with new situations and he was terrified for an hour. I missed an extra hour of work. The front desk people were very nice but that doesn't really help me when I waited a full hour for the vet to decide to show up to work.

Garrett Simmons

2 years ago

The Harlem animal hospital is so unpleasant and unprofessional. I had a appointment that I was never called for and my dogs and cat needed there appointment. I called to see how this could be resolved and I was met with a Nasty employee and I was told that there was nothing They could do and I ask to speak with someone in charge I was told there was no one in charge this place is a joke


2 years ago

Front desk is horrible with communication. There’s a receptionist who is very rude and snarky on the phone, comes across like she’s bothered speaking with you.

Brennan Johnson

2 years ago

This is the worst experience I have ever had with my cat, Jasper. I only came to this place because I live in the neighborhood, not for any other reason. What an unprofessional low class tacky “business” with violent doctors who actually put hands on their pets owners by pushing and kicking? I was physically harmed by the doctor at 10:35 am on October 22, 2021 after she failed to perform the appropriate services for my cat and arrived 1 hour late. This place never starts on time, and expects you to wait all day to be seen. This sick doctor and awful customer service at the front desk then tried to tell me that my cat needed additional services that I never agreed to or was told needed to happen to get vaccine shots. Basically trying to get me to pay for more than what I need. I ended up having to drop off my cat which should have never happened when it was suppose to be a quick be seen and leave and when I came to pick him up the doctor didn’t have my cat on the examination table. He was in the corner terrified after having peed on himself in the carrier. Needless to say I have video recordings and will be sure they are made public on review platforms and media platforms. I plan to report the doctor and get her certifications removed as she physically harmed a patients owner and is not fit to serve others.

CNiambi Steele

2 years ago

I'm a 1st time fur mama & the place is wonderful! I was put at ease by the staff & the cleanliness. My baby had her first vaccines & a tear to her little paw looked at. They have free treats for the babies & plenty of hand sanitizer for us parents. Ask for senior/fixed income adjustments on your bill... every little bit helps @Harlem Animal Hospital. I recommend highly ???????? ???????? ???????? ???? ???? ????????

karoline Hood

2 years ago

I first brought my cat in to get a check-up and because she was always throwing up. After doing tests on my cat, the vet put my cat on medication for an issue with her stomach, the vet also told me I would also have to do some dental work, but first I would have to put my cat on medication and come back in one month. I came back after a month and had a different vet. What the first vet failed to tell me, is that I would have to come back within five hours of the cat taking the medication for the blood test to work. So my visit was a waste of time, but they were nice enough to not charge me. I was also not told during the first visit that the cat would be on medication for life. The other issue is that even though the cat has been on medication for months, she is still throwing up. There have been two different occasions when I have called the vets to get a refill on the medication and when I called back again to see if it was ready, I found out my refill was never processed. I have called the vets up twice over the last couple of months to find out when I need to get the cat's dental work done and let them know that my cat is still being sick and no one has got back to me. They also dont respond to emails. Most of the front desk girls are unprofessional, they look miserable, and act like you are bothering them when you ask a question. (There was one older lady behind the desk that was very nice and vet techs were also really nice). I am now looking to take my cat somewhere else since this vet has proven to be incompetent. I feel I have wasted my time and money at this vet and regret ever going.

Charles Maguire

2 years ago

Despite being an established patient of this clinic, and having had several visits over the past year, we have had incredible difficulty in speaking to a vet or vet tech over the phone for emergencies. The final straw: when we were camping last week and ran into a pet emergency, we rang the vet office to ask a question about whether or not we could use a medication from our first aid kit on our dog in order to prevent infection until we could get home and have her checked out. However the clinic refused to offer any assistance and stated that they could only help us if we bring the dog into the clinic....we were well over two hundred miles away!! As an established patient of this clinic, I thought this was poor practice. I had to call around to find another vet willing to help us over the phone. Update: Dr. Colón reached out to us over the phone to apologize, which I appreciate, and told me she has spoken to her staff to ensure this will not happen again. I appreciate her efforts to reach out, and have updated my review to add a star. While I am disappointed that it took a Google review to have her reach out to me, despite repeated requests I made with the front office to have her call me before, I hope this means we can repair our relationship moving forward.

Tracey LaBarca

2 years ago

Update 5/14/21: I am updating my review from 1 star to 5 stars. After leaving my review, Dr. Kiani reached out to me to discuss my concerns and worked with me to resolve it. I am happy to know that they do value their relationships with their clients and I no longer have to look elsewhere for care for my dogs. They do really care for the animals and are honest about their approach. Posted 5/12/21: My dogs have been patients at Harlem Animal Hospital since 2017 and I have taken all my dogs there since. I chose Harlem Animal Hospital because of the quality of their service, reliability, and genuine care of my pups. However, recently during COVID, when everyone was getting pets, the reliability and care has diminished considerably and it seems that they have no time to accommodate all their patients. If you call for an appointment now, you are told by a very cold and extremely uncaring front desk team that they are overbooked for the next 3 months and there is nothing they can do. The last time I called I was told that there was a meeting going on and they couldn't even take my call which was during normal business hours. Perhaps they should look for additional doctors or not have taken on so many clients that they can no longer provide the personalized service they once offered. Unfortunately I am forced to look elsewhere for the care of my pets.

Ana Ramos

3 years ago

Amazing doctors and staff, in a centrally located neighborhood office. They have been pretty busy during the pandemic, so it may take a bit to get an appointment.. Dr.Kiani has the best clinical eye of any vet I've met in my 20+ years of having pets.

Paulo Kasnodzei

3 years ago

When we moved to NYC, we chose the Harlem Animal Hospital to take care of our dog’s veterinary needs. Naturally, we also decided to use their services to file the international travel certificate when the time came for us to move back to Brazil. Trying to be conservative in order to avoid any problems, I scheduled two consultations with the only person responsible for international certificates emission. I’ve never been so disrespected in my life! She did not show up for the first one, and another vet administered the required vaccines to my pet but I could not clarify the questions I had about the international process. On the second time, 9 days before our flight, and after driving 2 hours from long island to the hospital - the vet again did not show up. I told her on the phone that this was the second time I was trying to reach her and that I thought she was being disrespectful. She responded that it was my problem and that she could just not come at all - as if she was making me a huge favor, showing up for her appointments. I will now do my dog’s documentation at the University Animal Hospital. I wish Dr. K, understood that we were not there waiting for her because we wanted to, we trusted the Harlem Animal Hospital help us in something that was sensitive and very important to us. As I learned that she is the vet responsible for the whole clinic, I would not recommend anyone to trust their pets to people who just could not care less about it.

Glenn Buckner

3 years ago

My wife and I had our first visit today with our almost 4 month old Bella (BostonTerrier). Before this visit we went to another veterinarian that was not as professional and we wasn’t even able to go into the facility. I am so happy that we researched this veterinarian because it was wonderful experience. Not only is it close to our home but they are very professional and took the extra mile to answer any questions we might’ve had . Bella has found her vet. We highly recommend Harlem animal hospital. Thank you from Anneline & Glenn Buckner!! ????????????


3 years ago

Wouldn't help us after we told them it was an emergency


3 years ago

I never had a problem at this place.Love it&their price is reasonable

Benjamin Jones

3 years ago

Great vet, but have never waited less than 45mins with an appointment, sometimes as lone as an hour and 15 mins. People arriving later with ostensibly non-urgent pets seem to go ahead of you. I live next door, surely there's a system where I'm called 5mins before they're ready so I'm not filling up the tiny waiting room, distressing my animals, and wasting my own time.

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