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Carmine Catalano

2 years ago

We have gone to Feline Health Center for years and with different cats. Dr Ratti and the staff are the most pleasant people to work with in the care of all our cats.We have always felt they were in the best care no matter what the reason we were there. Whether it was a routine checkup or a more serious matter they always took the time to make sure we understood everything we needed to know in order to make the best decision for our cats well being.We just had the difficult decision to put our precious Sheeba to rest and would not want anyone else to attend to that but them. They allowed us as much time as we needed to say our goodbye. Dr Ratti, Denise and Patti even took the time to send a hand written card offering their condolences. We can't thank them enough!

Joan eisen

2 years ago

I used the services of this Vet for many, many years. Over time the qualiity of the care for my beloved felines deteriorated. The attiitude of Dr. Ratti and her staff became callous. The place is dirty and shabby and the prices have become sky high. In addition, Dr. Ratti doesn't follow up after major surgury with a phone call and is unavailable, refurring you to a clinic in Fairfield.

Carole Marias

2 years ago

First time there, food and service was good. Beautiful place, I will go back

Juan David Gamarra

2 years ago

Excellent and caring staff. Dr. Ratti is very informative and takes her time to go over the details of each visit.

Terence OBrien

2 years ago

Experts, we used for years

Marc Ferraro

2 years ago

I have seen and passed this health center for cats many times over the years. However, I always thought taking my kitties to the 'larger vet clinics' was the better choice. I was mistaken. I should have come to see these very nice and professional people sooner. Dr. "Ratti" was a gem. Her bedside manner, candor, and knowledge was exceptional. And, her staff was undoubtedly top of their profession. Don't make the same mistake thinking bigger is always better. It is not. This "Hometown" Veterinary Practice has my confidence without question - now - and in the future.

Andrew Rich

3 years ago

I wouldn't take my cat to any other vet. They specialize in felines. Very responsive. The best for cats!

ed barron

3 years ago

I called at 3pm Monday panicking as my cat wasn't acting as usual. Initially I was told they were booked unti Wednesday. After I described why I was so nervous they squeezed me in at 5:30 by. The Dr called not once but twice to keep me abreast of what she planned. My cat was in great hands and returned to me by 7:30... I highly recommend FHC, the staff was compassionate and extremely friendly.

Nick N

3 years ago

I was recommended to Feline Health Center by a friend and I am very grateful he did. This is a practice specifically for cats so their knowledge about our furry friends is outstanding Place went above and beyond caring for my cat: I was nervous but Pat was so calming. Dr: Ratti examined him and ran tests. She called me personally and went over each issue with me so I could understand what was going on. Fair pricing and great service Would recommend to any cat owner who needs a vet.

Moira House

3 years ago

Caring and real concern for my older cat. The office staff was professional and helpful as well. Dr Ratty is way more knowledgeable about cats than regular vets and I wish I had brought my cat here to begin with. Wonderful!

Mary Ellen Hong

3 years ago

Our cats have been going to Dr. Ratti for over 13 years and we have been thrilled with the care. The knowledge and comfort from her, Patty and Denise has been incredible! She has cared for several of our older cats and new kittens we have had and I have such confidence taking my fur babies there!

Laura Pflug

3 years ago

I like that this place is just for cats because I believe some animals cannot be around other animal types when they have nervous conditions. A vet that knows one kind of animal is more likely to know more specific conditions and behaviors without confusing it with another creature. The vets and staff here are very knowledgeable and offer different solutions without pushing unnecessary costs. Although pets are a part of the family, I don't believe that owners should be guilted into paying big money to do "animal testing" by using drugs and procedures that are used on humans. We have a voice and a choice for decide for our own care, but animals don't; they are not humans.

F Cat

3 years ago

Not clean nor professional. We found the staff ill informed about cats breeds and could not believe how they were man handling our kitten. To add further insult to injury, our kitten picked up an infection. Avoid this place if you happen to care about your feline friends.

Christopher Kraut

3 years ago

Definitely the place to go in Morristown if you have a cat...Dr's are great staff is great... easy to get to and has parking.

Annemarie Palmer

3 years ago

They are an amazing group of caring individuals who are on top of everything! Dr. Ratti, and Patty and her entire team are kind, generous and professional. The office is adorable. Strictly Kitty cat oriented. Very quiet and peaceful for the felines with heated examination tables. Highly recommend!


3 years ago

It’s terrible it gave my cat an infection they didn’t even know his breed. They made my cat get a fever. PLEASE don’t take your pets here. It is also overpriced my cat just came back from the fever you gave him. My kitten is not okay. Terrible service.

Nick Rapagnani

4 years ago

Love the staff and vet!!

Katie Flachsenhaar

4 years ago

After having a pretty negative experience with a local vet, I found Feline Health Center. My cat is 16 and diabetic, not to mention super high anxiety and stressed. Every single person I spoke to here was comforting, confident, knowledgeable, and best of all, left me with zero doubts that me and my little guy were in the best hands possible. Our last vet used to sedate my cat for every visit, but with some calming meds and the skilled staff here that was finally not needed. I was amazed! I can't say how relieved and happy I am to have found a place that I truly feel cares for my furry best friend. TAKE YOUR CATS HERE!!!!!!!!

David C

4 years ago

Dr. Ratti & team took care of my furry friend for 18 years. Sadly, on 8/26/19 I had to make the hard decision to put him to sleep. Dr. Ratti was incredibly understanding and empathetic and helped me through the process. Thank you all at the Feline Health Center for all you did over the years.

Rebecca Bertrand

5 years ago

Good vet, friendly service. Resident cat.

Ashley Chapman Sobkiw

5 years ago

They take great care of my kitty cat!

Wendy Rice

6 years ago

Dr. Ratti and her staff, Patti, Lauren and Denise, are everything that a cat owner could wish for: very well-rounded in their knowledge and options/choices for medical care and also helpful daily living with cats. I have lived in Morristown since 1999 and never found a vet either here or in surrounding towns that I ever came to trust -- it was about money-making and the feel of assembly-line, in-and-out, where's your money, period. The only reason i didn't go sooner to Feline Health Center is that I very mistakenly thought (by the name) it would be a fancy "boutique" high-scale cat place -- and I was so totally wrong as it is the 180 degree opposite. Dr. Ratti is so obviously up on the latest techniques -- often ones that are not so fast on the expensive drugs and procedures -- and they are always there when you need them -- just a phone call, VM or e-mail away. This year my prior vet in Mine Hill gave me such doom-and-gloom advice on my cat with Diabetes that I was just devastated about the low expectations for her life, and the expense and time. Dr. Ratti saved both my cat (and me!) with her way of diagnosing, treating and overseeing the positive, back-to-health process that was nothing like the nightmare future the prior vet outlined. The atmosphere is also very much ahead of every other vet's office (Madison, Mine Hill, Blairstown to name a few recents) that I have been to: no barking, scratching-the-floors, sniffing dogs to stress out either the cat or me. The absence of nervous barking is such a relief: one less negative stress after a cat is caught/caged/driven to the vet's office. Dr. Ratti and all of her staff also LISTEN to my concerns and questions about cat behavior -- I always learn something from them that helps me out and has saved me from super-stress when there is "mis-behavior" on occasion -- I could go on in more detail but will leave it at those main points. They will not let you down or take advantage of your pet, your situation, or you. I can't say that about any of the other places I have had to try to trust.


6 years ago

Knowledgeable and compassionate staff especially with Feline Leukemia cats.

Briceyda Rodriguez-Cancio

6 years ago

Our 2 cats almost didn't make the appointment due to their nerves. The office took my call in stride. Once the 2 cats got to the office, it was smooth sailing. They are "cat whisperers" there! The vet and assistant were calm and truly caring. They asked insightful questions, gave me tips to snip nails and prep the cats for the next visit. All around, a VERY positive experience. I recommend it!

James “JSKAR0822” Skar

7 years ago

Wouldn't consider taking both of cats anywhere else.

JP Robinson

7 years ago

Love these guys. They have been with us since the move from LA with our California born rescues. Great caring hearts and great care for our little furry ones.

Judy Gill

7 years ago

This was my first time at the CAT CLINIC, My cat, Molly, and I had a great experience. I got an appointment the same day I called. The atmosphere there was calm and soothing, perfect for a very nervous cat. The doctor and her assistant were professional and knowledgeable. I plan on bringing Molly and her sister, Penny to the CAT CLINIC from now on.

Lesley Fein

7 years ago

Initially when I took my 4 cats there it seemed perfect. They only see cats, there was never a wait and Dr. Ratti was very knowledgeable. Over time I felt that there was a lot of pressure to bring the cats it too frequently. Once they decide a cat is a "senior", they demand 6 monthly visits. Each visit cost up to $500 including testing and not vaccinations. When I was not sure which cat needed to be seen, one of the people who work there literally accused me of negligence because I was not sure which cat needed to be seen. When I became defensive and said I run a busy medical practice, she sarcastically stated that she has 6 cats and knows when each one needs to be seen. I should have transferred my records then, but continued going because I trusted Dr. Ratti. Over the past month, one of my old cats (161/2) has had terrible trouble urinating and defecating throughout the house. They knew she had blood in her urine the first time she went, but when I brought her back the second time, they did not repeat the urine to see if there was still blood. Instead of looking for the cause of her discomfort, she was sent home with 5 medications: high blood opressure, stool softener, pain medication, arthritis medication and potassium. None of these addressed her connstant need to urinate or the blood in the urine. The day she came home she urinated on the wall and a pee pee pad and it was almost pure blood. I now question her medical acumen. As a physician, I would make certain I repeated a urine if a patient had blood in their urine. I know how much my cat was suffering. She tried to either pee or poo every few minutes. She paced up and down and was clearly very very uncomfortable. Today she was euthenized because a specialist suspected malignancy and understood that the quality of life of both the animal and the human need to be respected. Although he could have tried steroids, he and I knew this would not cure her. He empathized with my agony of having to make a decision and supported my decision. He agreed that it was inappropriate to send her home with yet another medication and have her confined to my personal bathroom because by now she was urinating everywhere (the only other bathroom is very small). Until today, I felt no emotional support. It saddens me to write this because I put my trust in them since 2007. Before recently, the younger cats were not "seniors" and were only required to come in annually. The demand to have 4 cats come in every 6 months plus the other issues changed my mind.

William J Sisti

7 years ago

Great staff to keep your feline pets happy and healthy.

Darlene Jackson

7 years ago

Smokey and Bandit, my cats love the CAT Clinic. The gentle care they get soothes them. I love the atmosphere of healthy felines who welcome us and the price is right. I remind all cat lovers that I know about the CAT Clinic. Darlene Jackson

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