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Craig G

2 years ago

So so pleased with the care of my family’s pet dog in the hands of Dr. Byron Cabrera. Our dog of nine years required intensive dental care. Dr. Cabrera was extremely professional, informed us of the exact problems with our dog’s teeth, and explained all the procedures that would be required. He was incredibly compassionate with our family’s pet and is extensively knowledgeable. Within a week’s time our dog was taken care of. I would absolutely recommend this veterinarian service. Thank you Dr. Cabrera!

Marcus G

2 years ago

We came in after my rabbit consumed half an ibuprofen. All research indicated she needed activated charcoal and possibly her stomach pumped. At this hospital, even though the doctor clearly had no experience with rabbits, the idea was scoffed at. Furthermore, there was practically no discussion as to what would be done, and Bonnie was swiftly taken into the back room, given 2 shots of who knows what, brought back to us and told we were all set. The doctor provided no info until I asked several questions to pry it out of him. He even told me it didn't matter where the shot was placed when I asked. The bill gave no info and there was no follow up suggested. The whole experience felt very transactional and very impersonal. Pet was brought in, had some stuff done in private, and we were sent on our way without as much as knowing what was injected into my pet. I know faith is somewhat necessary in these situations but it would've been nice to be given some sense of what was to happen to our and what was to be expected.


2 years ago

i took in my 12 year old bombay cat named Sierra here today, as i felt really concerned about her swollen nose. i felt really relived that the staff were able to squeeze an appointment in for me today, which was only a couple of hours after i had initially called. the staff here was so sweet to me and my cat and super compassionate!! Dr. Mitrovic cared a lot about my cat, he made sure to be really gentle with her while also checking her temperature and giving her a blood test. i am really happy that i chose this to go to this vet!!

Kimberly Wix

2 years ago

Dr. M and staff are so great with my dogs...recently had an emergency with one and they took such great care as if they were their own pets.

Keith Brown

2 years ago

Just had a checkup for two cats ????????. The Vet and the staff are excellent - reasonable prices.

ray o

2 years ago

Cute people really care about your animals

Michelle Christo

3 years ago

This place is beyond unprofessional. I got a rescue who had health issues. The rescue stated they would cover the cost of the culture and anything else as this is the vet they use. This place refused to give the results stating the doctor was on vacation. They refused bc they wanted my money, even after the explaining the rescue said they would pay for it. How dare you withhold medical information that is for a living breathing being. Horrible ethic and I’m reporting them to the board.

Chris 1701

3 years ago

Good place took care of my dogs well

Crystal Wrede

3 years ago

I feel so lucky and grateful to have found Dr. Mitrovic and staff. They went above and beyond to help my dog during an emergency. I found them while searching for vets in my area and so glad I did. I am forever grateful for their expertise, knowledge and care for animals. If your looking for a vet, this is the place to go. If your looking for someone who truly cares, this is the man! Thank you

Jessica Santos

3 years ago

Excellent vet! Great customer service!

W. Christian Gebert

3 years ago

First off WOW, they put the Wow, in Boww wow. The only Vet in the area to take care of my dear little dog, Slippy. Given the Covid crisis, and all the crapp that goes with it, they were the only Vet in the area to say "Yes bring him in today ". I contacted at least 15 local Vets who were unsympathetic, to my dogs plight. The generic answer was, " We can see him in two weeks". The two staff memebers I met were courteous and kind. I HIGHLY recommend this establishment.

Susie Curry

3 years ago

Love the Doctor and staff !

scarlett speight

3 years ago

Dr. M and the staff have been nothing but amazing the past few weeks. They came through for me during an emergency situation (I was not a current client) and have been caring for my kitty since. Autumn Sarah and crew have been nothing but patient with this stressed out mama and her ailing boy. I highly recommend them for the care of your precious fur babies.

Kay M

3 years ago

The vet is great as is most of his staff

Jeff Bronson

3 years ago

Dr. Mitrovic is amazing. He cured my dog.

Gerri Pallante

3 years ago

Love Dr. Mitrovich. He has been taking care of my babies for 20 years. Great staff and Dr. Coban was a pleasure to work with while Dr. Mitrovich is away.

Brandon Keene

4 years ago

Receptionist and vet techs are great. Have had mixed experiences with the doctor but he always gets the job done right.

Jessica Fletcher Logan

4 years ago

Wonderful and knowledgeable Vet and staff! Highly recommend.

Jim Roca

4 years ago

They take great care of both my pets

Jody S.

4 years ago

Dr Cerf and other doctors there took care of my dogs and cats and well. But DO NOT Bring a rabbit to them. They told me that they do take care of rabbits after giving them all the symptoms and our sweet bunny died four hours after leaving their office. I spoke to the doctor that was on call and he said they do not have any equipment to take care of exotics which I should’ve been told before we brought in the rabbit

Kim D'Agostino

4 years ago

Need Dr Ashmore back not same without him i go to the Denville center now

Nicole Rutkowski

4 years ago

Unprofessional, rude, pushy, un-friendly entire staff.

Richard Pisano

4 years ago

They have nice staff , and everyone was happy to help.he has both ears!

Timothy Shore

4 years ago

Dr. Mitrovic is a fantastic caring vet. One of the best.

Eleventh Hour Cat Neuters

5 years ago

Eleventh Hour Rescue has been using this vet for the majority of their cat and dog neuters in 2017 and now in 2018. We have sent literally hundreds of animals to them. They have been nothing short of amazing. They are very professional, treat the cats (and dogs) very well, they call Eleventh Hour with any concerns, problems and questions and are always willing to help us with changing days/times. I'm very impressed and grateful especially since so many of the adopters don't show up, come late, don't bring paperwork, and sometimes even give them a hard time. It takes patience and dedication. Thank you ACGS - we appreciate you!!!

Alicia Kovar

5 years ago

Dr Mitrovic and his staff are amazing! Been going there for many years, and we've gone through a lot with our dog lately. They've been kind, accommodating, caring and just plain fabulous. Wouldn't go to any other office!

Neil Maruca

5 years ago

The doctor is skilled and truly cares about the animals best interest. The staff is friendly, helpful and flexible. Highly recommended I wish I could give six stars!

Henry Bilenchi

5 years ago

My cat has been a patient here for the last three years and she has received the very best of extremely competent, professional and compassionate care. Every visit is a pleasure for all involved. They cared for her through a life threatening condition and performed a tricky surgery that saved her life. They continue to maintain her in optimal health. We are all so happy we found All Creatures Great and Small and would never think of having anyone else care for our girl.

Jane Martin

5 years ago

Been going here with my dogs for 12 years

Katelin Myers

6 years ago

So, yesterday I brought my puppy here. I adopted my puppy from eleventh hour rescue, and they go ahead and make a spay appointment for you when you adopt from them, Which is completely paid for with the exception of the medicine your pup needs to go home and the e- collar. I have to say that the staff here seems nice, but they really don't seem to know much of what they're talking about. When I arrived, they immediately took my puppy from me, without letting me say bye to her, and without filling anything out! Right off the bat, I was extremely frustrated about the lack of compassion. I was then handed paperwork with a bunch of questions I began to fill out, I answered them all, signed off and handed them back. Nowhere on this paperwork did it say ANYTHING about them having to do a mandatory heartworm test if your pup hasn't had one yet, the woman at the desk told me that i needed to have this test done in order for them to do the surgery. I can understand if this was indeed their policy, but after asking for an explanation I was again extremely frustrated. They told me that if a puppy is 6months or older, the test is mandatory especially because a lot of the puppies come from the south where heartworm is more common. Well that's great, and I understand that, but my puppy IS NOT 6 MONTHS OF AGE YET! Not only is she NOT 6 months of age, but she's been on preventative heartworm medication since she was adopted. I called my usual vet, and even my vet said that this is absurd! My vet explained to me that it takes AT LEAST 6 months up to even a year for heartworm to show up in a dogs blood stream, they also told me that the price of $63 I was charged for the test was unreasonable considering they do the exact test for $29. I'm extremely extremely disappointed in all creatures great and small, i don't believe this test was mandatory, but it sure was mandatory for them to reach into my pockets and make up for the discounted surgery paid for by eleventh hour.

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