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Kaileigh Hilling

2 years ago

EDIT: Unfortunately this office isn't what it used to be after new management came in. They've gone from 3 full time exotic vets to only 1 part time and are booked 3 months out. We used to be able to rely on this office for emergencies but they no longer have the flexibility that they used to. Dr. Powell is great so I'll leave this at 3 stars but unfortunately we need to look for a new vet due to a lack of availability. --- The best vet office in north NJ! My family had taken our pet rabbit with frequent stomach issues to vets all over Sussex and Morris county, and after Dr. Powell saved our little man after a particularly bad incident we’ve been coming here ever since. They’re extremely flexible and caring and are always wonderful to our animals, we take our cockatiel here now too. It’s worth the 40 mins drive for the amazing care and service.

Brian Kerian

2 years ago

I brought my dog here for over 10 years. Mojo looked forward to spending time during our vacations and couldn’t wait to go inside. The handlers were amazing, as were the staff and doctors. His final day was met with comfort and care and we are grateful for everything they have done.

Justin Fencsak

2 years ago

it's closed due to a fire last night

Kristen Rillen Cappadona

2 years ago

Once VCA bought Animal Clinic of Morris Plains the service has been terrible. I took both my cat and dog there for years without incident- now it’s 10+ weeks for an appointment for an animal that needs medication. When I asked why the long wait I was told there are only two full-time vets, which is insane for a place that size. So disappointed and will not be bringing my animals here anymore.

Eddie G

3 years ago

Very disappointed. Have been using them for about 20yrs called last mouth (March 2021) for an appointment and was given an appointment for June 2021. looks like they're too busy to take care of my dog. Looking for a new Vet

Mike Higgins

3 years ago

Good service! Make sure you schedule your appointment to get your animal fixed while you schedule the 1st exam. Very busy.

Elizabeth Braun

3 years ago

The Animal clinic has been our veterinarian for the life spans of at least 3 dogs, 4 ferrets & a bunch of birds, oh and a bunch of small animals. We have never had anything to complain about. In fact, they have always done a wonderful job and been very supportive. There have been staff changes over the years but, at least for us, the transitions have had no blips. Their prices are well within reasonable, especially considering the quality of care they receive. The staff are also very patient when dealing with me. I am deaf.

Anthony Strelec

3 years ago

Very good ???? ???? always friendly and helpful and through been going there for years

Christine Millar

3 years ago

Been their client for almost 10 years. When my 6 year old dog was sick they have no time for him. Horrible.

Norman Rosenthal

3 years ago

Very disappointed have been using place for over 10 years and ever since new management has been a train wreck. Called for a sick appt and was told it would be 2 weeks. AVOID they are not what they used to be

Michaela Cielo

3 years ago

Was introduced to this place because I was looking for a rescue dog. They have adoption day there every Sunday by Second Chance Rescue. Fosters bring their dogs (and some cats I think) and you can meet them. I got two seniors there already. Love that the clinic provides their facility for that. Also had my rescue kitten neutered there last month and liked everything about it. People, place and work done. They also take care of all kinds of animals (wild live), not only dogs and cats.

Michael O'Dell

3 years ago

Two things they need to hire more doctors. They use to have as many as 5 doctors here before the practice was bought out. Now there’s only like one or two doctors. Second of all you still can’t go in there and pick up medication or food or pay . They still have to bring it out to your car . Come enough is enough already with the Covid nonsense. It’s really time now to start allowing people to go inside. It’s going on way too long . Enough with the Covid nonsense once and for all. Things are never going to be prefect people. So people have to stop waiting for things to be prefect because it’s not happening.

A. Rosa-Gonzalez-Avila

3 years ago

I went to this Animal Hospital many years ago and I was not happy with how rushed I felt the Veterinarian was but since Sugar Gliders are considered an exotic pet and I could not find another Veterinarian in the area I called this Hospital again... I was rudely told they are not taking in new patients and told they could not help me at all get my Sugar Glider care and rudely hung up on me. I am in the medical industry and I am appalled at how this place cares for their patients and have no empathy for a sick animal. Stay away from this place!! Read the negative reviews carefully...

Alexey Kashpersky

3 years ago

If you are looking for really quality care for your COLD blooded pet - this place definitely NOT recommended. I brought my 1,5 year old iguana to the clinic. It is a rare albino supercrimson morph that cost over $4k. He stopped eating for two weeks. Doctor in the clinic has absolutely zero knowledge of what is happening. He did not even have the slightest idea of what it could be. All the exam results/blood tests were in the range of normal. As I said the doctor did not know what to do and said will call me back and that he needed to consult with someone. After he called back my iguana was prescribed antibiotics and Vitamin B. Full course of injections. Reason for that - his white blood cells a tiny bit over norm (reason for antibiotics) and we need to raise his appetite (reason for Vit B). Forgot to mention that before all this treatments animal looked and acted fully healthy and normal. Except of appetite drop. After only one week of injections Iguana from normal active animal transformed into creature that sleeps 24/7 with zero activity. Skin color changed. But what the worst - his perfectly straight and beautiful spikes on the back began to thin every day more and more. Then bloody cracks start appear on mostly all of them. (see photos). I understand that something is going very wrong, stopped all injections (was prescribed twice a day) and start looking for someone who has a real experience with reptiles. Luckily instagram reptile community was very helpful. I talked to 7 veterinarian doctors from all over the world, while I was finally able to communicate with doctor from Russia, who without even knowing that Iguana was prescribed anything said "- You know, from what I see looking at his back spikes - I can tell that animal has Vitamin B overdose". Imagine how shocked I was. I told him then that animal was prescribed Vit B injections, the answer was "- It's very irresponsible to prescribe a medicine "just in case", not knowing the real causes of the disease". End of story - as it appear later - there were no any illness at all. A little bit high white blood cells level came from albinism and refusal of food because the iguana began puberty, which successfully ended after a while, and he got back to food. But the spikes will stay damaged for the rest of his life, as most of them broke and length shortened on 1/3. There are only few iguanas of this kind in the world and the damage that was done to visual look of the animal by not knowledgeable doctors in this clinic is inexcusable.

Alyson Spagnola

3 years ago

I have not liked this vet from the beginning, but when I fostered a dog, this is the vet the rescue picked to do his heartworm treatment. Once, we adopted the dog, we stuck with this vet to finish out the heartworm follow up, which has been a huge mistake. Their prices are absolutely ridiculous. The Veterinarians are very knowledgeable, but the receptionists have no idea what they are doing and are very unfriendly. I was told one price on the phone and the bill was way higher. My husband called about it the next day and the receptionist had the nerve to tell him, I wasn't specific enough when I called to find out the price. I was more than specific and a receptionist shouldn't be questioning the customer. Extremely rude and unprofessional. Def won't be going back

Anna Tamariz

3 years ago

A little bit a pricey but doctors and staff are very sweet and professional so it's definitely worth it. I’ve been taking my dog here for the past year and they helped him so much with his allergies. I had to take my dog for his appointment and because of covid I couldn't go inside. At first my dog was scared and of course he didn't want to leave without me, but the lady took him and when he came back he was very calmed and happy, I could tell he had a good time! so don't worry, your pets are in good hands


3 years ago

This place is great! I brought my dog here before and he's not afraid to go inside the building unlike with other places. Now that I have a cat, I will definitely be bringing her here as well since they show a lot of passion for animal care and can explain everything regarding her health in an easy to understand way.

Cami M

3 years ago

I have a pet hedgehog who's very hard to handle. However whenever I take him we're in and out no problem. They get the job done quick, easy, and it always results in perfection.

chauna owens

3 years ago

They are the best. They take good care of my bunny.

Jackie V

3 years ago

Wonderful vet. The staff is always extremely pleasant and the doctors are exceptional. Highly recommend.

Lisa Toth Salzman

3 years ago

Our kitten appears to have been well cared for but I was highly turned off by the disposition and demeanor of the staff member I dealt with. I don’t know her name, but unfortunately, customer service is everything (especially these days) and we will not be coming back.

Jodi Dornfest

3 years ago

My family loves VCA Morris Plains Animal Hospital, and most importantly so do our dogs! Our furry family members are eager to greet and associate with any staff member, and their team is always just as excited to receive them. In addition to well care check-ups and monthly grooming appointments, VCA Morris Plains has a safe boarding facility that provides peace of mind to any dog owner when they need to leave their pet for an extended time. One of my dogs is extremely difficult to deal with, and the staff here is very patient. They even have specific people with whom he has bonded that they assign to him when he is there. This practice deserves every star of our five star rating!

Jessica Liatys

3 years ago

Great staff and doctors. I had a sick bird and they took him in right away as an emergency without an appointment. The doctors here are very detailed and call to check in on how their patient is progressing if they need to. Definitely my preferred vet! I also love that they take in a multitude of animals. I brought my cat there, birds, and turtles. Thank you for always taking great care of my animals!!!

Jamie Fekete

3 years ago

Dr. Robinson and her team are above and beyond! It was an emergency situation during the pandemic and she happily took my guinea pig in to see him. Dr. Robinson provided the best care up until the end of my sweet boys life. She worked late, researched different methods and communicated super well with me. They even recorded videos to show me how to give medicine and food to him when I wasn't allowed in the building. They even were going to figure out a way for me to be there when he had to be put down. The staff there is caring, compassionate, and super helpful. During the hardest month with my boy they were my comfort and went above and beyond. Dr. Robinson also talked with me about pricing and all my different options with NO judgement. She understood the struggle and thought of many different and affordable ways that I could get him the care he needed. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Robinson and her team.


3 years ago

My wife uses this place to have her bearded dragon check ups done and so far the staff is nice, friendly and professional.

Debbie Keeffe

3 years ago

Good care and very nice staff

clarisse taber

3 years ago

My second time taking my cats there and all the stuff was great. Affordable prices for their services.

colette andrea

3 years ago

Limited access in emergencies. Not sufficient staffing

Lorrie Murdock

3 years ago

This has been our go-to vet for over 20 years. The staff are always very professional and friendly.

Eskie Doc

3 years ago

They did well with my difficult pet.

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