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Sarah Schaf

2 years ago

Great doctors and staff. They are very competent. Great reception and response.


2 years ago

Great staff, helpful, kind, etc. Knowledgeable when answering any questions we have. Been at this location a little over 2 years. Her teeth cleaning went smoothly.

Charmaine Brody-Smith

2 years ago

Very clean efficient and excellent service.

Heather Jones

2 years ago

Not very happy at all with our experience here. Besides not getting solid answers for what the sores on my kitten are, and waiting hours to hear back, which I could live with. Places get busy. However, the fact that my kitten came home covered in pee was a no go for me. Her carrier did not smell or feel like she had an accident. And it is soft and would hold the pee smell forever. She had to have peed there and was just put in her carrier and given to me. When brought up to the vet, he told me she had been wet when he examined her hours prior and someone wiped her down. First, that means she sat somewhere in pee twice. And had been only wiped. Though she has open sores on her. I'm not a person to complain, because I understand things happen, but this is my furbaby and her health. Not acceptable in my book.

Gen Emery

2 years ago

Terrific response to scheduling my dogs surgery.Great doctors. Thank you Banfield!!

Danika Daniels

2 years ago

Cherry Hill location never has appointments and they are not professional or helpful when you call.

Neal Moore

3 years ago

Had an appointment for our cat. Waited 20 mind with no one coming to the desk. Had a line of people forming a line with there pets. Very unprofessional. Will not be returning.

Laura Defilippo

3 years ago

It was clean, well staffed, and the pet we adopted is very well adjusted. To me, it means she was well cared for.

Yz W

3 years ago

Dr. Ziner was awesome! He was very patient, made sure all of our questions were addressed properly (vaccination, traveling with pets, micro-chipping, etc); he was nice to our dogs, handling them gently; he was detail-oriented, made sure the microchip was ISO compliant before giving it to our pets. The vet tech was very informative (unfortunately I did not get his name), not trying to push us to buy products or plans. And he was very nice to us and our dogs too! I have to say we came here with low expectations because of all the bad stories I heard about Banfield. But this Banfield in Moorestown proved to be a great one! If I come to Banfield again, I hope Dr. Ziner and the vet tech will be the ones treating our dogs! :D

Ana Sanabria

3 years ago

Staff is super friendly and they go above and beyond to help.

Brandon Braverman-Saltiel

3 years ago

The staff at Banfield Moorestown always goes above and beyond for my dog, Rebel. I would highly recommend them.


3 years ago

The staff at Banfield are excellent in character and was/is very respectful and courteous. A flowing system of communication and also compassionate to the pets brought there and to the customers ,as well. I've recommended this facility to all of my friends and family (with pets). Again, it's always a pleasure visiting Banfield! Respectfully, The pet pop!

Debrah DiCenso

3 years ago

Banfield offers pet insurance plans that can offset the cost of emergency and well being visits. We have multiple pets and I can honestly say that for the most part the vet techs are exceptionally good with engaging with both you and your animal by explaining procedures, costs, options, and what to expect. The veterinarians are compassionate and always patient to answer all your questions and address your concerns. Some locations offer both veterinary care and grooming services which is always convenient. We've used Banfield for our gang for over 5 yrs now with very limited issues.

Gio Garcia

3 years ago

My family and my dog love this place! The care and attention is amazing every time we visit the Moorestown NJ location. Dr.Singleton and his team always make my bulldog feel like family. They are always friendly from the time we check in up until we check out! Love this place!

Jenifer Abbott

3 years ago

I never want to use this place again after being part of Banfield for 10years! After I was woken up this morning by the rudest person ever! I am a Covid nurse working overnights in the nursing homes right now and was told I needed to make appointment now for my dog and when do I plan on doing so?? I explained I just finally got to sleep and would need to call back as I am working Covid and do not know my schedule and this person screamed at me "I'm essential too!" Well excuse me, do you have people dying in your arms every night?! My dog is important and not neglected, I actually tried to make her appt last month and was told I can't cause it's not time so excuse me if my FRONT LINE ESSENTIALS JOB interrupted your day and excuse me for trying to sleep after days on end MISS ESSENTIAL


3 years ago

Very nice place for your pet

Robert Ector

3 years ago

I love Banfield and the payment plan for what almost becomes pet insurance for my dog and cat. The Vets are really good and the rest of the staff is always awesome and friendly. Ive been using Banfield for 4 years and in 3 different states (NJ, PA and CO) and they are consistently good and honest about what is best. I dont always agree with Vet or staff recommendations for food and supplements, but Im a nutritionist and used to do research and design for supplement companies, so I am going to have different knowledge or opinions than about everyone else. They still give good advice for their patients, and the various meds my older dog has needed have always been spot on (and greatly discounted because of the membership).

Wanda Daniels

3 years ago

First of all, they did not hurt my dog when cutting her dark nails!! My home hospital cut my pup so many times!! ☹ They had a very smooth curbside pickup, and called me as soon as they got my pup inside to do her intake. They called me right on time to give me available times for pickup. I miss staying with my dog at the vet, but this was a great visit!

Warren Jones

3 years ago

Pet Smart and Banfield is a one stop shop for your pets needs.

Robert kotzin

4 years ago

Great docs and assistants at cherry hill

Nina M

4 years ago

I went to this Banfield 6 years ago and had a terrible experience. We decided to give them another try. The staff was completely replaced, with friendly and caring people. Will give them another try. I was very happy with the service.

Lauren Reid

4 years ago

Great service and super friendly. We had an abandoned kitten. They took him right in and provided the care he needed. Amazing staff and Vet.

October Wren

6 years ago

Amazing staff and Dr. Kushner is so nice! My dog is never scared and has no issues with going to the vet! This place is a diamond in the rough.

Christie R

6 years ago

Today was a very rough day for us. We almost lost our dachshund. The staff at Banfield took immediate action and saved him. Dr. Kushner was with us every step of the way comforting us, updating us, and doing everything necessary to help. I can't thank him and the staff enough.

Pamela Addison

7 years ago

I took my little Toby in for his comprehensive exam to see Dr. Kushner & he is the Best!! Dr Kushner is Personal, Caring, Knowledgeable & gave the Best Care for my Pet!! Dr Kushner explained all Toby's tests & blood work results to me thoroughly. I've had Pet's my whole life & Dr Kushner is the Best Veterinarian I've ever had for my Pet. Dr Kushner gives the Best Care!! & the staff are Great!! Thanks to Jennifer B., Dr. Kushner's assistant too from little Toby & P. Addison

Nina McCloskey

7 years ago

I took my dog to Banfield in Morristown. My dog had SEVERE separation anxiety. Dr. Deneen told me my dog would be "better off in a shelter" so he would be with other dogs. What a disgrace. I go to Marlton Banfield and they are AWESOME! The person who answers the phone is completely RUDE!

Matthew Meidt, Sr

7 years ago

Dr Kushner and his staff are the best! Friendly, courteous service and they seem to always go the little bit extra to make our relationship the best it can be! My dogs actually pull on the leash to go in!

Angie Schrenk

7 years ago

I've never had a bad experience @ Banfield Hospital. Had it not been for the v et & the staff my dog would've died. When I took her there, her sugars were off the chart along with Keto Acidosis & Pancreatitis with a UTI. They all reacted in a quick & professional manner making my dog's health issue their priority. Some time after that, the original vet had left the practice and another had taken his place. The new vet maintained the same bedside manner & care for my dog. They still monitor her health & it's not for the money, sure I pay a lot more for the insurance because it also has to cover her diabetes & do I end up with little money left over each month, yes, but it's worth it & you can't put a price on a life. I've been told by several friends to get a second opinion & I tell them every time that it's not an option because 1 mistake by another vet can cost my dog her life & I won't chance it. I wouldn't change from Moorestown Banfield to any other vet even if they gave me free lifetime treatment for my dog. If it wasn't for Moorestown Banfield, I wouldn't get to wake up every morning with a fury little dog licking my nose. Thank you Moorestown Banfield for everything you've done for me & my dog, Puppy !!!

Bruce Aristeo

8 years ago

Although I haven't visited the hospital for a while, I was never a huge fan of this place. Although the veterinarian assistants were great, I was not pleased with the veterinarians themselves. I felt it was more about the money than the wellness of my cat. I left disappointed many times.

Sejal Patel

9 years ago

I saw Patricia Dineen for my visit because the actual vet was unavailable. My dog had her weight and temperature taken as well as her heartbeat. All of which my husband, a doctor, could have done at home. Patricia took a look at my dogs tick bite-previously most of the tick was taken out at night time by my husband. She said there's nothing she can do about whatever is left in there unless she is sleeping. I know that costs more money and she said she can give me ointment. I told her I can get the same ingredients of medication over the counter for a cheaper price. I asked why I'm paying $50.00 for a 10 minute visit when nothing actually got done to resolve the issue. She said, "Well I did do an exam on her." No she didn't. Everything she did, I do at my own home. Patricia needs to learn how to consult. She could have easily come out and said there's nothing that can really be done and let me make the decision of whether or not I still want my dogs weight, and temperature taken. I am in a very high position myself and when someone has a simple question, I don't charge them. I just advise/consult them and that's the end of it. Banfield has lost my business and this is just the beginning of my complaint. Next, I will be going to the Internet. Everyone will know that Patricia is unhelpful and it's obvious she is not compassionate by the way her tone was towards me. It's highly advisable that Patricia learn to explain ingredients and why something can't be done instead of stumbling words and looking at a customer with a stone cold face. Enough on this website-I will ensure everyone knows that this sort of practice is unacceptable. Consult-Advise-Educate. Not, Weight-Temperature-Heart-rate-$50.00.

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