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Ary R

2 years ago

First off I came in & my dogs appointment was not written down. Thankfully they still took him. That should’ve been the warning sign for what came next. I told her multiple times on the phone that my dog is wild & very strong. & he would probably be a bit of a pain. (It takes 4 ppl to get his nails cut at the vet. Which I told her). So she told me $70-$80 depending on how he behaves. I walk in to pick him up & they tell me $100! We call the lady again (who I assume is the owner) & she tells us that there’s an up charge of $20 if they’re hard to handle. & claims she told me that on the phone. She did not. I specifically told her he would be hard to handle & she said $70-$80. Won’t be coming back & suggest y’all don’t come in either unless u want to be robbed. (Also they charged me more when they couldn’t even blow dry him because he was scared… Not even a discount for the service they couldn’t do)

Rebecca Martino

3 years ago

As much as I really wanted to like this place and have been wanting to try their services, I was really let down. I have a one year old corgi and while I admit he is certainly not the easiest going puppy, his last groomer did not have an issue other than with touching his paws. Booking went well & I received (probably too many but better safe than sorry I guess) confirmation texts all week confirming the date and time of his appointment. I was REALLY looking forward to it and was planning on getting a few additional services to spoil him for his upcoming birthday. When I got there, they had no idea who I was and were claiming that I was "late" (I was 5 minutes early to the appointment time they had spammed me with for a week, and was on a business call via my phone just to get him there early). Eventually they realized I did have an appointment and took my puppy to the back. When I went to pick him up, they first explained how he screamed during the bath and that we should bathe him more (We bathe him at least once a month to not dry out his skin and get him used to it, but he just is a puppy and doesn't like baths, a pretty common thing). Then when totaling up the price, the (presumably owner) said $65 (which was explained $55 for the grooming service & $10 extra for an aroma therapy bath) and then said "No-WAIT Aromatherapy bath so $70". Doesn't add up, but whatever. What bothers me most about this is A) The Unprofessionalism (why do you not have a POS system for transactions, and choose to scream across the establishment) but mostly B) How do prices change like that? Seems like they mostly make it up out of thin air. I don't care what it costs but is just very odd to say one price that makes sense and then add $5. But I get it, things are busy. Which would be all well and good if he ACTUALLY received the services I sent him there for. He unfortunately did not. There are at least 10 services listed on their website for what is included in a standard grooming, and I was told on the phone that he would also receive de-shedding treatment on top of that, because he was a corgi. First thing both my boyfriend and I noticed when we saw him was that he was COVERED and I mean COVERED with shedding fur. We picked him up and he literally was trailing fur. Which whatever, wasn't included on the service list so I understand since he's in shedding season (but was definitely more than when we dropped him off somehow). Additionally, he was pretty much untrimmed everywhere except for his paws, nails, some face hairs, and a butchered behind. They did not even sanitary trim him (which should be the first and if anything, only thing they actually do). They also don't have any bandanas, bowties, or bows, so don't even think you will receive one (also listed under the service included on their website). Corgi's need special attention on their behinds because the hair grows very long and it's a stye requirement to have it well maintained. His was extremely choppy, long, and they didn't even bother to blend it to his legs (There are long tuffs of hair now sticking out under his behind)- anyone with breed experience should know this, you can even find it on Youtube. He also received the "aromatherapy bath" but does not smell anything like lavender or essential oils, more like a clean, but very old house. (Cologne was also stated in the services, not sure if this actually happened or if we were just smelling the bath). Over all, unprofessional, didn't provide services that were included, and a sub-par grooming. I'd love to be able to bring him back here but sadly will have to keep up the search to find a reliable groomer. Very upset and will unfortunately have to get him groomed again soon to ACTUALLY get him trimmed properly. OH! And, not to mention- they did not know the gender of my dog after the grooming and kept referring to him as her and "Miss" (which how is this even possible if you had been handling him for over an hour??? He's not even neutered yet, pretty hard to miss if you know what I mean).

Jerry Frost

3 years ago

Nicest nice to our nervous Georgia

Tracy Wilkinson

3 years ago

I would not trust my animals or refer my client's animals to any other groomer in the area. Kelly, the owner took such awesome care of a client's dog today during his first ever groom. The teammates at the grooming gallery are professionals and animal lovers through-and-through so you know your furbabies are safe. Each assistant is as sweet and charming and educated as the next! I love this "Groomer fam."

Dennis Tramel, Jr.

3 years ago

They take great care of our pup!

Daryle Abrahams

3 years ago

Kelly and the team have been looking after our dog for four years now. They do a wonderful job.

Christine Jinesta

3 years ago

I took my 2 Huskies here and could not be happier. Fantastic Job !!!! Definitely would recommend !!!!


3 years ago

I learned from a groomer that my 1 yr old dog (that recently joined the family) does not like getting her nails trimmed; she becomes anxious and difficult I called our vet to learn if someone there can assist with trimming our dogs' nails - he was useless. I explained the situation to The Grooming Gallery and they took her the next day. The staff was great; they talked to her while the trimming went-on which really helped. I am so relieved to have found a place that I can trust.

Betty S-B

3 years ago

They always leave my Hershey looking perfect.

Dorothy Pascale

4 years ago

Willing to accommodate, kind groomers and good service. I would recommend!

Amber Dietze

4 years ago

Kelly's the best, my dog loves her and she does a amazing job!

Stephen Golden

5 years ago

Wonderful grooming and even more wonderful attention. She noticed a potential problem with our little dog and we went to the vet who confirmed a budding problem we were able to catch and avert. Great grooming and great pet care.

Gina Campuzano

5 years ago

Great service. Very knowledgeable on how to treat your baby (pet)


6 years ago

Kelly is great and very helpful

Robert Gallo

6 years ago

Just called for an appointment to see if my dog could be groomed tomorrow at 3. I also prefaced this with " you probably are all booked up by now but...". The girl who answered the phone was very nice and asked someone there If they were able to do it. The woman in the backround began ranting and raving about how she's way too busy and "WHO calls and asks for an appointment 3 HOURS before THEY NEED THE DOG CUT?!" Well, I didn't ask for a cut today, I asked for a cut tomorrow. I want the cut on short notice because I have house guests coming that are allergic to pet dander on Sunday, so I wanted to see if I can get the dog groomed last minute. I see all the reviews about how skilled they are here, but the rude and crazy reaction to me trying to give them business is unacceptable. I usually make my appointments in advance, but this is a special circumstance. I could tell the girl who answered the phone was completely embarrassed by the woman yelling about me in the backround, but I will never give this place my business based on her behavior. Chill out lady, It was only a question.

Michael McDermott

6 years ago

Super Nice. My Dog was scared, but they did a great job cutting her nails.

Joe Giovannoli

6 years ago

Great experiences every time and our dog loves hanging out with the owner! Wouldn't want to bring my pup anywhere else!

Carmela D'Agostino

6 years ago

Unprofessional and aggressive to clients and my cat. Never return.

Bianca Anglero (Binx)

6 years ago

Kelly was so accommodating and helpful with getting my cat's nails cut last minute before I had to leave for vacation. She even gave me some useful tips upon noticing some other things that I could do to make my kitty happier and healthier. She was very kind throughout and you can tell that she genuinely cares. My timid little kitty was at ease in her care. I couldn't have been more satisfied with my experience and am looking forward to bringing my cat here again in the future.

Amanda Francis

6 years ago

Excellent service here, very kind and skilled in grooming. I bring my shihtzu here on a regular and he always comes out looking great! Highly recommended this groomer

Aaron Bell

7 years ago

Just had our labradoodle groomed here - amazing job, clean and spacious facilities, friendly and helpful. Absolutely coming back.

Alexander Kanevsky

7 years ago

Very good pet grooming place, staff was nice and courteous and gave me exactly what I asked for with my dog

Maria Nylen

7 years ago

My buddy Winston comes here for his SPA days because simply, it's the best. She does facials and amazing cuts. I have an Australian Shepard so he has a lot of hair. Every time I take him here she makes him look show dog worthy! No joke love this place. The owner is very accommodating and let's you know as soon as their done. They even give the cutest scarfs in town. I know that sounds silly but a good scarf makes the all the difference!


7 years ago

Kelly went above and beyond to take care of my bullgogge despite the fact that it was an extreemly last minute request. She was sweet and my dog was instantly comfortable with her. I will definitely return.

Jane Mettle-Grate

8 years ago

Kelly is very sweet! My dog turned out looking very neat, and was happy when we picked him up. Got a phone call when he was ready, and was complete with a cute scarf! Smells good too. Recommended!

marc lipari

8 years ago

The BEST groomer in the area. I WOULD NOT take my dog Ava ANYWHERE else. Great place. Very local for me. And Kelly REALLY loves dogs and takes her time and the end result is AMAZING. My Ava LOVES her and is ALWAYS greeted with a hug and makes her feel relaxed. I've been to other groomers in Montclair and they don't even come CLOSE. IM EXTREMELY PICKY, so TRUST ME take your dog there. And she's just SO NICE.

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