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Carlos Laboy

2 years ago

The staff are great. They take very good care of the dogs.

Nancy Hubbard

2 years ago

Met Santa at Husky House. Was so awesome!

amanda dw

2 years ago

They never answer their phones no Mayer what time you call during business hours

Anika Ligali

2 years ago

Do not apply for adoption to this place. Communication is horrible. No ever answers the phone. They will take your money, deny your application and Wont give you a reason as to why the application was denied. I’ve reported them To the BBB

Sheyi Ligali

2 years ago

SCAM!!! They will take your money and deny your application for no reason!!! No explanation just deny. They also don't answer phones or respond to email.

Vee R

2 years ago

Awesome place, trustworthy, truly love and care about the furry babies they put in the care of the adopters. They make sure the dogs they get adopted are cared for life.

Melanie Elaine

2 years ago

I love Husky House. My mom got her baby from them and I got my wonderful fluffball from them as well. They really care about the dogs and want them to go to good homes. I would 100% recommend adopting or fostering through them :) (My dog in the photo, for the pet tax).

Tammy Gunnell

2 years ago

I give it 3 stars because I couldnt enter without an appointment. We'll be scheduling one soon so we can see the beautiful babies that need loving homes. So with that being said Im sure a 5 star rating will be in the future. ????????????????

Ottie Pat

2 years ago

Never answered the phone and I was looking to donate. Food.

James Colline

2 years ago

I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere. Very unprofessional. Long story short, they allowed someone to fraudulently make adoption paperwork to take a dog I had adopted from them.

Margaret Furman

2 years ago

I donated funds for a sick German Shepherd puppy. I think it's a great rescue. There is a boarding facility also.

Steven Wronko

3 years ago

Great place to adopt dogs or kennel your pet for vacation.

Brooklyn Chisolm

3 years ago

i'm supposed to get a husky but my big sister wants one really badly and i think were going to get it in 2022

erin snodgrass

3 years ago

They make up lies about dogs and refuse to offer any proof. If you ask questions on their social media that they don't think it's on their favor, they block you and delete it. Lot of shady things happening in this rescue.


3 years ago

They don't reply for a couple of months. Bad Rep. Of taking a long time for any type of processing for You and your Adoption App. Only get 2 stars and not 1 because their Heart is in the right place by rescuing animals. Sorry HH, I was a fan...


3 years ago

A total scam. First of all, they charge to submit an application which I initially found odd. I've never seen a shelter or rescue charge to submit a form and my family has been adopting animals for over two decades. Weeks later, they haven't even bothered to follow up. They haven't contacted at all. Afterward, I also found out that many of the dogs on their website aren't even available anymore. They have a bunch of dogs listed that they adopted out weeks ago. Lastly, I've also seen many reports of people randomly having their dogs taken away by this organization and re-adopted without the owner's consent or giving a reason. According to other reviewers, they charged the adoption fee again and did not refund the original adopter. In the contract when you adopt from this organization, there is a clause in it that allows them to take your dog away at anytime. You're basically renting your dog when you get it from here and should they decide to take it back and re-rent it to someone else, they legally can. Perhaps that's why they don't bother taking down postings for dogs they've already placed. This is a complete waste of time and money. I should do a chargeback, but the form fee is a negligible amount. Save your time and money and adopt elsewhere.

warren hummel

3 years ago

They do alot for the animal's. Bothvmy dogs come husky house. Wonderful animals they brought into our lives

Thomas Johnson

3 years ago

I've adopted before. Not from husky house but I know there has to be a thorough process. This place didn't call, come do a home visit, or anything. Just shot down my application with no explanation. Didn't even use my name is the denial email. If you are not a stay at home with no kids and have had less than 20 huskies don't bother applying. I am really surprised considering I thought they were going to be better than most. No wonder people buy from puppy mills instead of this nonsense

Nikki Torino

3 years ago

Husky house is the place to go if you want to adopt or foster! They are so caring and want nothing but to love these dogs. My husband and I adopted our sweet girl Akela and we seriously could not have asked for a better dog. They took such good care of her and they do all they can to help dogs in need or who are ill. Definitely go to the husky house and share with family and friends! The dogs are great, the owner Lorraine is passionate about finding these dogs a home, and the volunteers donate their time to make sure these dogs are taken care of!

Nicole Simmons

3 years ago

Husky house is a great organization with wonderful volunteers. The owner takes in so many unwanted dogs when no one else will. I adopted my first husky in 2017 and started volunteering almost immediately. Within the year I brought home another one. I love my girls so much and am forever grateful husky house trusted me to take care of their orphans.

Nicole Concepcion

3 years ago

I've heard nothing but great things about Husky House. They are very knowledgeable about the dogs and place each pup with individual families who love and care about their pets as much as HH does. They truly care about each dog and it shows! Unlike other rescues, HH actually spends a lot of time with the dogs out in the fenced yard making sure they get the exercise they need and social interaction with other dogs! The owner Lorraine, the staff and volunteers are all great!! I can't say enough good things about this rescue. <3

Britney Carpenter

3 years ago

I recently adopted a 13 yr old senior husky from HH and in 2018 I adopted a 15 yr old senior from them. Husky House takes amazing care of ALL dogs and ensures they get into the perfect home. Many shelters would have an old dog put to sleep just because of age, or to make room, or for behavior problems. Husky House takes in and works with every single dog no matter how difficult the situation. I am in school to become a certified vet tech and recently had to do a project that required volunteer hours. Husky House was very accommodating in letting me become a volunteer and participate in adoption events, and even throughout the entire pandemic, they let me come to walk and spend time with my newest rescue, so that he was able to get to know me and trust me before just throwing him in a new home with 3 other dogs. I have remained a volunteer, I take dogs out for the day, participate in fundraisers, therefore I physically see how great the dogs are treated and cared for. I will forever rescue from HH and I encourage anyone looking for a wonderful rescue dog to do the same. For everyone spreading negative comments and energy to HH right now, just remember, that isn’t doing ANY good for the dogs who need a home. For anyone saying that people should not adopt from HH, you’re only hurting the dogs. These are great dogs, and great people. ????????

Joe Piwowarski

3 years ago

They would get negative stars if I could. they are thieves. DO NOT ADOPT FROM THEM.

Jeanne ODonnell

3 years ago

Kelly is always happy to stay with her Husky house friends! Excellent accommodation for a peaceful get away for Kelly's Mom and dad! Thank you!

Jack Mess

3 years ago

They would get negative stars if I could. This is not by any means a nonprofit, they are thieves. DO NOT ADOPT FROM THEM. Find another place to find your next fur baby.

David Stillman

3 years ago

A caring rescue that takes in dogs that have serious health issues. Finds homes for them. I was able to visit with a friend from our shelter in South Carolina. He made a remarkable recovery.

Loco Nueve Rx

3 years ago

I called emailed from pet finder and adopt a pet even went on Facebook messenger to message the owner still no response and emailed me back one time not giving full details of what I wanted just to know the adoption fee i want to the husky house it’s a small business a regular house finally picked up the phone told me the adoption fee is 100,200,300 still not a price I think it’s $350.00 but still unsure And to fill out a non binding application meaning they can take the dog back when ever they please adoption application is $10 fee non refundable usually free and I can’t come in just to look at the husky because of Covid pandemic by appointment only which I emailed and filled out an application and no response for a meet and greet very unprofessional

Melissa Pfeuffer

3 years ago

Such a respectable shelter! They have great management that truly care about their animals. You can see their heart and soul go into it. The animals are very well treated. They do their due diligence to ensure their animals go to the best care and the best homes. The volunteers are amazing, as well! They really show up and actively participate and care just as much as the owners. Would HIGHLY recommend this shelter for adopting and boarding!!! FIVE STARS.

kevin crimmins

3 years ago

Untrustworthy. Make sure to get copies of application and contract. Also once you have the dog never, and I mean never let them have the dog even if they say they will take your dog to get fixed, because you will never see your dog again. That's what happened to #freelily. My wife was met with a warm smile and a welcome and that was the last time we saw lily. The place premeditated kidnapping the dog, keeping our momey and re adopting her for another $450 of course. Avoid this dump like the plaque.

Bran S

3 years ago

Contract to adopt seems very unethical. They reserve the right to take your dog back at anytime. Anyone that has had their dog taken away should legally challenge them

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