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Andrea NinoBino

2 years ago

The one on one interaction with the felines was great. Low adoption fee as well. Volunteer ran and they're very informative.

Hailey Smolanoff ( Student )

2 years ago

I see that people have had a bad experience with Angel Paws, but that wasnt the case for me. 3 years ago, me and my parents adopted an orange cat named Reese. The process took two days. He is still here with us today and healthy. He is 4 years old. Dont blame Angel Paws for you inconvienences. They are trying there bests to make sure all the kittens and cats have perfect homes to fulfill there lives happily and healthy.

Donna Smith

2 years ago

Very nice caring people. Need appt because of covid. Cats/kittens are well fed and taken good care of. Just went to check out 2 kittens. Very personable and playful. Am adopting.

Jennifer Elflein

2 years ago

I had a great experience adopting Gino from the shelter. He is well socialized and such a love bug!!

Valentina Laurenzano

2 years ago

They are very dedicated volunteers . Taking care of many cats is very hard work.

A. H.

2 years ago

Good luck getting through to them. Filled out their online application, emailed them, contacted them on Facebook. Was very interested in adopting one of the cats but sadly received no response from anyone anywhere. I'm not sure how they are looking for homes for animals without getting back to people that are willing to adopt and I see many others had same experience with them.

Courtney Seip

2 years ago

You have to submit applications multiple times apparently for them to finally receive one and then once the application was received we were denied (without any interview or home visit) and refused to tell us why. Our family has always rescued pets and had a full life of love and care. We’ve called many times for an answer and they refused and don’t even try emailing them because they won’t respond.

John Wick

2 years ago

Poor service, I submitted my application a month ago and haven't heard back. Tried to call in multiple times and the person who picked up said they do not handle the adoptions and I will have to email them. So I did (multiple times) and still never got a response, I can understand that they are just volunteers and have their own full time jobs. 1 or 2 weeks delay is acceptable but a whole month and still no response at all and even if my application didn't qualify they should at least write me an email to notify me.

Ryan Dahn

2 years ago

We had a great experience adopting two kittens from Angel PAWS. Pat and Robin at the shelter were incredibly friendly and introduced us to a bunch of lovely cats--it was hard to choose because they were all so adorable. And once we chose them, they were willing to continue fostering the cats until they'd been spayed. It was really easy and unbelievably affordable. Highly recommend!!

James Hofbauer

3 years ago

I contacted this agency after my wife and I spotted a special needs kitten on pet finder. We called and the voice mail said that no calls would be returned unless an application was submitted. We submitted the application and waited several days without hearing back. I called again and left a VM this time. I also contacted them on Facebook and received a relatively rude response. After about 4 days, we were called and interviewed, which took about 20 minutes. Several more days passed and we never heard anything back. I sent a follow-up email and received a response that the cat we applied for was going to be taken off of the adoption list because they were uneasy about adopting it out and that they would contact us about adopting another cat. Its been about 6 weeks and never heard back. In the mean time, we rescued a different kitten from a shelter that took our application, interviewed us and adopted out the kitten all on the same day. The reviews I see here are quite horrifying and very similar to our experience. I just don't feel like this rescue is really interested in finding homes for their rescues and too insecure to let them go. For someone who has had cats for almost 40 years, I felt the screening process was very over-the-top and the communication skills of the agency was very lacking.

Kathleen Cruise

3 years ago

Not sure I got the right message from the ladies who tended the cats. There were times I felt they over protected the cats from sincere candidates. I felt like I was intruding. There are ways to mend the tight quarters and showcase the cats. Sorry ladies if I've offended you as I do appreciate your hard work in taking care of your brood. But get some books on cat behavior. It will help

Katie Stanton

3 years ago

They just don't put forth effort to communicate/sound pleasant at all. Disappointing.

P Jm

4 years ago

I don’t know why there’s negative ratings here. I found them very caring and helpful. Met my close friend G there. She’s spoiled of course. You could too!

Suzanne Kowalski

4 years ago

Not even worth one star!

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