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Susan Mc

2 years ago

I am writing this review as an adopter. I have no affiliation as a volunteer or any other relationship with the organization. …

Emily McCoy

2 years ago

I can’t thank MatchDog Rescue enough for finding us our perfect dog! After searching for an English Bulldog for adoption in our area for months, I came across an English Bulldog blend on MatchDog Rescue’s website. We applied for our dog Cedric in December 2021 and within 3 days we received a text to join a zoom interview. In the next week we were approved for our adoption and given details about our upcoming adoption day from Cedric’s temporary foster, who was amazing! We picked up our Matchdog in January 2022 and due to Covid everything was done from our own car. The adoption day process was easy and organized and you can tell all of the volunteers really care about finding these dogs a good home! The trip from Texas is definitely a tough one for the dogs and although our dog, Cedric, was shell-shocked at first as soon as we got him into our home he became part of our family. Within the first 7 days we were able to take him to the vet and he received a clean bill of health and MatchDog took care of all his vaccinations before we brought him home! He is the perfect addition to our small family and although he is a little stubborn at times I could not have asked for a better dog. MatchDog Rescue truly did find us our perfect match! Thank you all for all that you do for these dogs!

Sherele Rogers

2 years ago

Match Dog was amazing at throughout the entire process. All of their staff truly cares about the getting each dog into their furever home. We are so happy to have Mustard with us. Thanks Match Dog!

Caleigh Heenan

2 years ago

We adopted our dog, Risa (Tanora) from MatchDog. They provided excellent communication throughout the process and answered every question we had. We are already so in love with our girl!

Ryan Amaya

2 years ago

Wonderful experience and a happy pup!!

Rebecca Wrentzel

2 years ago

From start to adoption we had a very pleasant experience. Very organized Match day!

Patricia Dickson

2 years ago

I spoke to someone on the phone about a dog. But unfortunately the dog was already adopted. They asked if I would call back another time maybe for another dog. They were very helpful and polite. If I would find another dog from their rescue I would try to adopt again but we'll see.

Melissa Berry

2 years ago

Matchdog Rescue really cares about the animals in its care and finding the right homes for them. The work they do to save animals is amazing and perhaps even more impressive is it's all volunteers. Thanks to them, we have a new furry family member and we're so grateful they saved her and brought her to us!

Liza Rawson

2 years ago

MatchDog was one of the few rescue organizations we reached out to that acknowledged our application soon after it was posted. Within a week we were signed up to be a part of a Zoom adoption event and thrilled to be matched to our new furry family member Francisca (Frankie). Matchdog made the entire process of applying, matching, and meeting our pup easy and stress free. We can’t say enough about the responsiveness, professionalism, dedication and love for dogs we felt at every step. It was clear Matchdog takes the job of placing every dog with the best family for them very seriously. After adopting, Matchdog continues to follow up to ensure both dog and pawrents are adjusting well. A terrific and inspiring organization. We are proud to be new members of the Matchdog pack!

Joe Irish

2 years ago

Awesome adoption agency,and they run a very organized and caring operation

Hanna Gaffney

2 years ago

We had a challenging moment where our first pick of a pup was unable to make the transport. But several people reached out immediately to calm our worries and tell us our options moving forward. We are so grateful to their dedication to …

Athena Levan

2 years ago

There is obviously a lot that goes into adoption events with so many dogs... they handled it all so well. on adoption day there were so many people there answering questions and giving next steps, they were incredibly helpful. After I took my boy home, I went through the bag they gave me and all of the medication was there with explanations and information- all the way down to “3/4 of a pill” dosage with my bag filled with the pills already broken into halves and quarters for me. they even setup a “remind” app group for us and have kept us up to date with reminders and information, even AFTER the dogs came home. They couldn’t possibly make anything simpler with this process! They are helpful, professional, supportive, and genuinely excited for us to it’s our new little additions! i cannot stress enough how wonderful they have been to work with! If you are considering them, I urge you to say YES!!

Thomas Severino

2 years ago

My experience with MatchDog Rescue was perfect. With something that could be such a wildcard as adopting, they seemed to take everything into account. First, they spent a lot of time with me and went over in detail Mazzy’s health and treatment plan (heart worm, they paid for the treatment which was 4 visits including 2 overnights). The adoption day was smooth and very well organized with lots of caring volunteers. The adoption fee included a zoom call with a local trainer. And my dog is wonderful! I empathize with the people who didn’t have such a good experience and want to vent. It happens. But I would bet the vast majority of us are extremely happy. MatchDog was recommended to me by a family member and I would recommend them to you or anyone.

Bz Akhunitt

2 years ago

Unfortunately this company is not very professional or respectful with people's time. They do stuff like contact you at 5am with a text on a Saturday, letting you know they will be having a meet and greet in a couple hours with very little notice or organization at all. Then they will call you for an interview, again with zero notice/schedule or professional courtesty and request you having ANOTHER obviously the meeting was held last minute and I was rushed to schedule this video interview within 12 hours of my previous call,, while during work. Unfortunately, the employee of the agency randomly decides this means I don't want the dog and cancels everything on me. Just very strange experience, they have no contact with you at all straight into rushing you aggressively into last minute meetings. The whole situation was very rushed and unprofessional and it makes me worry about the dogs they are rushing people to adopt so fast and basically giving you no time to respond. I wanted and still want to adopt my next dog as I have adopted 2 dogs throughout my life an have experience. However this "organization" rushes and makes the process more difficult than it needs to be. Their fees are 4x than any real animal shelter and they don't promise a neutered dog/ don't properly quarantine the dogs. I decided to do a little more research on then and it turns out they are taking/stealing dogs from Texas and SELLING them in New Jersey. Obviously with a focus on profit or they wouldn't be in such an aggressive rush to adopt the dogs out instead of finding the best owners for each. I've heard many stories of sick dogs with kennel cough and distemper virus that weren't properly checked before being given to families.

Dana Byrne

2 years ago

We adopted our Henry from them at the end of April 2021. Day 2 post adoption, my husband and I (Physicians) were concerned that the puppy seemed to have pain in the mouth/neck area, and he was whimpering at times. I texted the emergency line that says to text if you are concerned about serious health issues within 7 days of adoption. What a mistake! The owner, who answers that line, was very condescending and accusatory. Ultimately I ended up sending her a video and she said it was not an emergency. So I said we would just try to get in with our own vet who we were going to establish care with anyway to get him checked out sooner, rather than the original appt I had made in 6 days for a well visit. She told me ok and to update her the next day. The next day, I took the puppy into the same vet where we take our other dog. They were very concerned and the differential included possible meningitis, CNS infection or distemper (although the puppy had reportedly been vaccinated for some time) and they wanted us to proceed to another hospital for emergency care and to see a neurologist. I texted the shelter emergency line again. I said my vet was seriously concerned and asked them to call me ASAP. By the time I received a call, it was almost 30 min later and we had decided to heed our vet’s recommendations. During the call, the rescue owner accused me of “going rogue” with the puppy’s medical care because we were heeding our vet’s advice, (she had known we were taking the puppy to our vet). She accused us of putting the puppy through unnecessary procedures because our vet was unfamiliar with “their dogs.” (up to this point, the only things done were antibiotics and blood work). She continued to be hostile and fixate on the fact that we had decided not to go to her vet. When I asked questions about the medical history that the vet wanted to know, like dates of treatment for certain conditions, the owner told me that it was irrelevant. Her husband did get the records for me and even condensed them into one file which was helpful. The owner asked me to surrender the dog back to the shelter because she thought we were overreacting. I obviously declined. She also began to talk about not paying the bill to our vet, which I never asked them to do and quite honestly, the bill was the last thing on my mind. Both the EM vet and neurologist felt the differential was similar to our vet. We had multiple conversations about a differential that included several serious or fatal diseases. We were heartbroken. Our puppy got treatment, perked up and was allowed to come home on abx and steroids. Later I got a text from the owner asking me again to surrender the dog back for escalating amounts of money. Again I declined. After I got the final text asking me to surrender the dog it was followed by a text lamenting “now the poor dog is on steroids.” This was the last straw for me, because now we had 3 vets from 2 hospitals recommending this treatment and here is this non-vet Rescue owner still assuming she knows better because “she has done 6000 rescues.” Our puppy was like a whole new dog post the treatment. He clearly had been ill since we picked him up. Our puppy tested positive for distemper, which is highly contagious and often fatal, as well as mycoplasma. Because he was in MDR’s care since early Feb (according to vet records) and we adopted at the end of April, it is probable that he acquired distemper in MDR’s care. There is a group of families with puppies who died of distemper within a week or two of adoption from Match Dog. The rescue routinely takes down our reviews (ex FB) and the owner has threatened the moderators of local FB groups where they are shared. Our experiences were reported to PetSmart charities, they decided to no longer partner with MDR. The owner served us threatening cease and desist letters for posting truthful reviews. I’ve never received an apology, any sympathy, or refund of my adoption fee. Henry is doing ok, but needs thousands of dollars worth of dental work due to distemper.

Evelyn Negron

2 years ago

The volunteers at Matchdog rescue are angels! We took home our sweet girl yesterday and the whole process went so smoothly. My matchmaker was super responsive and you can tell they truly care about the dogs. The process was thorough and they go through great lengths to find a great match for the dogs which shows they will not give the dogs to just anyone. Transport day was so organized. I'm a first time pet owner and they did not hesitate to answer any questions I had. If you are considering adopting a rescue I highly recommend them.

Isabella Abbate

2 years ago

We had an awesome experience with Matchdog Rescue! We picked up our pup, Brittain, but now is named Rip yesterday! The pups come from high kill shelters and travel very far so the volunteers feed them, take them potty and do one last check up on them before giving them to their owners. My boyfriend and I applied for our dog and heard back within 3 days. We then had a video interview to confirm we were a good match, which thankfully we were! We picked him up yesterday at 10:15am and we’re out by 11am! It was a super easy process and well organized. They were constantly communicating to use the process and gave us some time for the dog and us to know each other prior to paying then leaving. Would definitely recommend Matchdog Rescue to anyone looking, especially since they rescue pups from high kill shelters.

Jamie Boren

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end rescuing our new pup! We could not be more grateful for all of the volunteers who go above and beyond to make such massive undertaking so personal, well organized and truly an incredibly beautiful event! Thank you all!

Jan Myers Knight

2 years ago

Easy, well explained, great folks, great dog????????

Juli Morris

2 years ago

MatchDog Rescue was great and we already love our new addition to the family.

Sue Benz

2 years ago

The whole adoption process from start to finish was a wonderful experience. We filled out an application online and went to a meet and greet where we got to speak with an experienced matchmaker. Not only did she answer all of our questions but she also was very thorough in making sure these dogs go to the perfect home. After coming up on the transit, Our pup then had to go to foster which was also a wonderful experience for the pup. It gave our puppy time to decompress and get used to the love and care of a human. Our foster mom kept us updated throughout the week and also sent us pictures of our new little angel. Piper is now happy and healthy and living her best life. Thank you Matchdog for all that you do…you truly do make a difference in the lives of these dogs!

Sharon Brooks

2 years ago

We just adopted our new puppy from MatchDog Rescue. They were a pleasure to deal with and I truly could feel the love they have for what they do. We adopted “Relish” this Saturday at their adoption event in Marlton and although I went there for another sweet boy, he had already found a home. Relish was there and a couple was still deciding on if they were going to adopt him. I waited....and to my surprise they decided to wait on adoption. I couldn’t have been more excited to adopt this sweet baby boy. MatchDog was amazing! As I waited for them to check my references and vet, I knew this was meant to be!! Relish is settling in nicely and we love him so much! He is a very good boy! Don’t hesitate to consider MatchDog Rescue if you are looking to adopt. There are so many sweet animals that need a loving home!

Robert Kelley

2 years ago

Adopted a dog to me that had distemper and had to be euthanized. Unfortunately I am not the only one who has had this experience. Has happened many times to many different adopters. This organization has taken EXTREME measures to suppress any bad press (deleted their FB review page, soliciting positive reviews to drown out negative ones, sending threatening cease and desist notes from lawyers to stop posting negative information online, etc.), despite there still being a number of negative experiences shared online (Yelp, Reddit, etc). Would not recommend anyone adopt from this organization.

Katelyn Gaughan

2 years ago

I had such a positive experience working with Match Dog rescue!! I applied for Bailey and within a few days received communication from them, was approved, and attended the meet and greet to pick her up! Bailey was well taken care of while under their care. Everyone I’ve communicated with through the rescue has been so kind and helpful! Thank you for helping me find my Bailey girl!! I highly recommend this rescue!

Angela Gamber

2 years ago

These devoted people almost 4 yeasts had the perfect dog for my son.. She is like my grandchild. They are both still very happy together! Thank God! This year in August we found the perfect dog for us. Our own fur baby! If you have ever been to one of their events you can see all the love and hard work they put into an event. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU COULD DO UNLESS YOU LOVE DOGS LIKE MATCH DOG RESCUE! Thank you for all you do to save lives and give these dogs a furever home. God bless you all, The Gambers

Kira Singhaus

2 years ago

Great rescue organization that really cares about matching each dog with the right family. Can’t recommend them enough!!

Joni Fenstermaker

2 years ago

We got our rescue dog through MatchDog Rescue, and we could not be happier. Everyone we interacted with was wonderful and very professional. And we love our Wally boy!!!

Kelly Ringgold

2 years ago

This rescue is very misleading. They are pushy, and they lie about what the adoption fee covers. Do not believe them when they say the neuter is 100% covered by your fee, it is not. Also, if the dog has a health problem that needs to be addressed by surgery you better get it totally ironclad in writing because they will try to only reimburse you for 1/2 of that too, if you are lucky. I have used BCAA in the past and had none of these problems with them, they covered exactly what they said they would with no back and forth or anything. I had a someone else tell me about Matchdog and their experience was the same as mine. She has had to pay so much money for her dogs ongoing health issues and spay surgery. Dishonest group.

Tami S

2 years ago

Amazing organization run by volunteers. I found my dog through them and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a furry friend to their family ????????

Ney- M

2 years ago

I first found out about MatchDog Rescue's mission last year (2020) and I fell in love immediately. It took some months and a few applications for them to match me with the right dog but the wait was worth it. Our little Jax is a perfect fit for our home and lifestyle and I could not be happier as a result of their diligent matching process. I love Matchdog! Please help support their mission!

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