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Asata Mcfarland

2 years ago

They take amazing care of our dogs. We even kennel them there when we go on vacation

Deborah streahle

2 years ago

We've had Marseille our black kitty for 7 years and cannot say enough great things about the doctors and staff...especially PJ who is so caring and utterly committed. My daughter and Marseille now live in Roanoke...he's visiting and we got a second opinion from our favorite vet team right here in Marlton!! That's how much we love them.

Joe Pic

2 years ago

Could not get thru on their telephone lines. Was just getting a busy signal. Very dissatisfied. Went to other animal hospital to have my cat seen. Unfortunately he passed. :(

FNaF Plays 124586

2 years ago

I dealt with someone for an interview there that was beyond unprofessional. I simply asked when given an application at the interview, due to not having interviewed in YEARS, if the woman was sure I needed to fill it out since the interviewer already had all of my information. I wasn’t at all opposed to filling it out. The woman said she would double check, came back out and said yes that it was standard and required (in a less than friendly tone), to which I replied “ok, no problem” in a friendly tone. She didn’t bother to tell me that the interviewer had sent her out with the application in the first place REQUESTING I fill it out or that it was standard procedure (which I had no way of knowing and wouldn’t have asked any questions had I known). I sat on the porch to fill it out and the interviewer came out and asked me if he could see the application. I went to hand it to him, he snatched it and said I gave the woman an attitude about filling it out (completely untrue, I honestly didn’t mind at all) and he wouldn’t be interviewing me (their loss). I tried to explain, why I had asked, but he was beyond nasty, unprofessional and disrespectful walked back in without even letting me explain and shut the door!!! I was in complete shock. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a place of business. I hope they don’t have this “gentleman” dealing with clients! I certainly will never use them for my pets. I am now grateful I didn’t interview! Working with unprofessional, rude staff is not something I’m interested in!!! Guess he did me a HUGE favor by showing his true colors right from the start! NOTE: The one star is due to that incident and in no way reflects the competence or professionalism of their Veterinarians, as I have no experience with the doctors at that practice.

Kellie Cassady

2 years ago

Amazing customer service. Attention to detail and very informative.

Jennifer Skoufalos

2 years ago

Excellent staff. Everyone is always interested in how your pet is feeling. They never over vaccinate or do unnecessary testing.


2 years ago

Varying experiences.... I think I'll try a different place now. They have very quick service. My fiance found our cat with a very limp leg and 630pm mondaynight they got us in by 715. And our by 725. Very good first visit for vax for our 2 cats and dog. 2nd visit for Detemperment for our GSD went extremely quick. 3 stars only because that we couldn't go inside with our animals. If I bring my kid to the doctors I accompany them. All other industry's are open(ing)but absolutely 0 people inside... some other vets (not all) are allowing people inside... that's what makes me skeptical.... it relys on me having good faith

Kurt Prough

2 years ago

Excellent vet with a very caring and passionate team. Always professional and helpful.

Patrick Broomell

3 years ago

Just started there! So far it's good. I am finding veterinarians are becoming like medical practices. Less personal and money speaks. Unnecessary vaccines and treatments to pad bills. So far this place has been reasonable and fair! They really speak to you. I am pleased.

Carly Tysarczyk

3 years ago

I'm new to the area and my Shiba Inu got some really bad hot spots. I called yesterday evening and got him seen and feeling better already. Being post-covid, we stayed in our car to fill out paperwork, while the vet tech came out and took him inside. He came out as happy as a dog wearing a cone could be!

Geena Galvagno

3 years ago

You guys need to update your website and add the star of the show...Dr. Knight!!! Dr. Knight is not only knowledgable, but super easy to talk to and truly cares about my dog. My dog, Brady, is known to be have some attitude but even HE loves Dr. Knight! Thank you all for your attentiveness to my dog and making us feel comfortable in your care <3

gregory cosenza

3 years ago

Staff here are super friendly and have adapted to very quick service with covid policies!

Joe Lara

3 years ago

This was the worst vet experience I have ever had. I went in for blood in my dogs urine. Paid in full for the appointment. I get a call weeks later I have an unpaid invoice and that is why I have received no information on my dogs condition. This information was held from me for an invoice I just had become aware of. I was told this was ordered additionally after a previous visit we had and I was informed of this at the time. I have no recollection of allowing this additional culture. I am being charged for a procedure I did not authorize and now they are withholding my dogs diagnosis. This is a profit driven business and not about the care of your animal. They will charge for whatever they can get at your expense.

Mark LaBoutain

3 years ago

I thank the staff at Marlton Animal Hospital for taking such great care of my 11 year old Labrador. I have been going here for the last 7 months and they have been nothing but helpful and caring. They always get me on the schedule even if I call last minute. The prices are very fair and I always get my lab work fast and explained so I can understand it. This will be my main veterinary hospital for now on. Thank you so much to Dr. Luke and his wonderful staff.

Mike Marquis

3 years ago

Absolute ripoff. consulted an out of state vet and friend after our appointment here. They charged us nearly 4 times the amount it should have been. Did their service without verbally telling us how much it would cost prior. Then hit us with a bill. I am not talking a couple of bucks either, the bill was hundreds more than it should have been. If no stars was an option that is what I would give.


3 years ago

Great caring staff!!! Super thorough. Definitely recommend and will go back if needed.

Tomas Ramirez

3 years ago

Great care for my pet and good protocol during covid


3 years ago

Poor customer service after being left on hold forever. They lack compassion or empathy. I would strongly advise going elsewhere.

William Green

3 years ago

They are the nicest people and genuinely care about our babies. Even though we had to put our cat to sleep they are great from front desk to drs! I had 6 babies and i'm down to one left, but almost all of them lived to between 16 and 191/2 years. All of the treatment they ever needed was done here! If I go and get more puppies and kittens this will be the Drs office they go to!!! Dr Jeremy, Dr Luke, Dr knight are great at their jobs! Thank you guys for everything!

Becky Bowers

4 years ago

The staff along with the Vet's really care about the animals. It is a very clean place. We have taken our pets there for over 21 years.

A. W

4 years ago

After many years I left this practice. My cat was so ill, he saw 4 different Dr.'s and a specialist. Cat was so sick and i was told to basically force feed him or he would die. After that, not one of the 4 Dr's called to see if he was dead or alive (luckily he made it).

Timothy Moore

4 years ago

Dr. Luk and staff are wonderful - even under pressure from a growling boxer named Dakota.

Matt Dowis

4 years ago

Our preferred animal hospital. Everyone there is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We’ve never had any issue with getting an appointment.

Marty Rotindo

4 years ago

I've tried other vets for my two cats. Marlton Animal Hospital is by far the best. They could have tried to charge me for unnecessary tests today like one of their competitors but the doctor was knowledgeable, explained it to me in a way I understood and said the tests were unnecessary. I will go here from now on.

M Nic

4 years ago

Very friendly and understanding staff. The doctor was very helpful and assertive on whats best for my cat, and what my options were, which was very appreciated. Also the prices seemed very fair.

Joy Paynter

4 years ago

I was in the waiting room an hour after my schedule appointment time, that's my only complaint. Staff was great though. Worked very well with my terrified cat, and gave me all the services and information I needed.

Christine Ciatteo

4 years ago

I want to thank everyone at Marlton Animal Hospital. They treat every animal as their own. The staff are kind caring compassionate and loving. They have been my family's vet for all of our pets. But today, I came in with an emergency for a feral cat. They were just as loving compassionate and kind as always. They were patient with me and treated her with the best possible care Thank you everyone Today especially to Vicki, Lisa and Dr Luke Thank you Chrissy

Caroline Bresnen

4 years ago

I love the doctors! Dr Luke and Dr Jeremy are the best! They did a wonderful job when my dog was injured, and my new little kitty is off to a healthy start ♥️. Highly recommend!

Carol Ricca

4 years ago

Dr. Luk and Dr. Jeremy saved my cat's life that is diabetic. They are the most compassionate group. I have a 13-year-old cat that is in need of dental cleaning. With his heart problem, I was told do not put him under anesthesia. Instead, the doctor went in the back, manually chipped away at the plaque, and DID NOT CHARGE ME!! The cat that is diabetic was born with a heart defect. I was not aware of this since I only had her one week and got her off the street. I was scheduled to take her there for her shots in a few days when I saw she was not breathing properly. I called this practice and PJ, at the front desk, asked how many breaths per minute. I told him 60 and he said to get her there immediately. They took her immediately in the back, and drained the fluid around her heart. I was told most cats with this defect only live 3 years, that was in 2008. With Dr. Luk and their cardiologist, Dr. Miller, mapping out a plan she is well, has no discomfort , and is alive today. I live by a lake and every time we have a hurricane I call Marlton Animal Hospital and they ALWAYS make room to board my three cats in the event I have to evacuate my home. I WILL NOT LEAVE THEM HOME TO DIE!! Call around, most vets will NOT board your animals. I think this is a wonderful practice and have been bringing my pets there since I moved here 18 years ago.

jenna pedersen

5 years ago

This place is anything BUT proffesional. The entire staff (doctor included) severely lacks compassion, and the capability to pay attention to anything you have to say. I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone! Be prepared to be charged way more than anywhere else and to be treated like dirt.

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