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Mijhneer X

2 years ago

My father's dog injured his eye coming in the front door. Ran into the bottom corner of the storm door. Could tell he was in pain and was having trouble keeping the eye open. Called the doctor. Told to bring him right in. The doctor examined him, prescribed eye drops and other medication. Follow-up in a couple of weeks and he was back to his old self. Now bringing my senior cat over to Howell Animal Hospital for healthcare. A thorough exam and vaccine from Dr. Hussein. Explained some about seniors. Add some chicken to his diet to improve weight. All Thanks to Dr. Hussein and Staff at Howell Animal Hospital!

Jack Tamir

2 years ago

Dr Hussein has solved my Chihuahuas breathing problem. After going from vet to vet only to hear the dollars and endless uncertainties for a solution he found the problem and directed the course immediately. I have to admit at first I was a bit skeptical and to my fault hesitant but after agreeing to follow his direction, which was at a far more reasonable cost for the same procedure, he cure my dogs clogged nose and gave him back his life at age 13. All other vets gave up and claimed he was old and this is what happens to old dogs. Dr Hussein said that he was overall very healthy and a rhinoscopy would allow him to see and clear his nose. So he did. I can't thank him more than posting this post. He is practical, direct , and very humane towards our pets. I honestly could say he is not in it for the money but rather to heal animals. Really a great human being and .... cool Dr /vet. Thank you Dr Hussein!!!

andy alt

2 years ago

I take my dogs from staten island to howell just for the service we get. dr hassan knows my dogs and takes care of them. I tell people from staten island. its worth the trip.

Debbie Esemplare

2 years ago

Dr. Hussein has helped us so much with our furbabies. He is kind and knowledgeable. His staff is very helpful as well. We are so grateful for all he has done for our pets.

DogStar Training NJ

2 years ago

Your response about "a lot of emergencies" to my previous review is false. I was specifically told by the front desk there was 1 emergency prior to my dog! I was perfectly fine with wait for an emergency, but I was also specifically told by the front desk the doctor was seeing his "regular morning appointments" and they had no idea when she would be seen. Now you're trying to make false excuses for my experience. That makes it sem worse.

Kathy Medel

2 years ago

My dog was scheduled for a diagnostic procedure, she had to be brought in at 8 am (after fasting since 4:30 the previous day). She was promptly taken in and after checking with the desk at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 she still hadn't been seen because dr was seeing his routine appointments. At 11:45 I asked for (and received) a refund of the 50% deposit I had paid in advance for the procedure and took her home. Later got the procedure done elsewhere at the time scheduled and had her back in 30 minutes.

Chris Conway

2 years ago

My Yorky had ACL surgery and from start to finish I felt the dr and staff cared for my pet and made this experience as good as possible.

Grizel Rosa

2 years ago

I have brought my pets to Dr. H for 10 years. He treats us with respect, he is prompt, and his staff is always cordial and caring too! We love this office!

Mari Jusino

2 years ago

Dr Hussein is a complete angel. He has helped my cat numerous times with different procedures. I am so glad that I was able to find him. And his fees are fair compared to other vets that I’ve have gone to. Won’t trust no other vet than him.

Tammy Falcone

2 years ago

Dr.Hussein is a FANTASTIC SURGEON, and has saved my dogs, numerous times, in difficult situations with their health. My 12 year old chihuahua Chrissy needed 3 tumors removed from her delicate little mouth....Dr. Hussein did a GREAT JOB, but Chrissy wouldn't eat.Dr.Hussein showed me how to properly feed her with the syringe and thankfully got food in her, along with more fluids, and gave her the best care! ALL the girls on his team are extremely kind, understanding, compassionate, efficient, and professional! Also, the Hospital is important with the challenges we all continue to face these days! Thank you Dr. Hussein for all that you do for our wonderful pets, and giving me hope today for Chrissy!!

Victoria Cummings

2 years ago

Our dog had an emergency, unfortunately all vets in Ocean County were booked up until October. My husband called Howell Animal Hospital out of desperation, we are over 45 minutes away. They had an appointment 2 weeks sooner than expected. The staff was great and the veterinarian was awesome! The trip was worth it! They protected the animals if there was an issue in the waiting room. Five stars!!

Raymond Tremer

2 years ago

I brought my dog dexter in with a serious injury on a Sunday and the vet who was working on his new building at another location stopped what he was doing and came right in to fix my buddy’s injury! The service and treatment Dexter received was beyond great and I’m so grateful for their help and will always be a customer!

Marissa Weber

2 years ago

We come from Aberdeen to bring our dog here. He gets a little nervous at the vet and usually needs to be muzzled, but Dr. Hussein and staff treat him with love and respect to make it a smooth visit for everyone. He also got both his TPLO surgeries here a couple years ago and we were happy with that as well. We definitely recommend them!

kristy viviani-lopez

2 years ago

Super clean, friendly office & staff. Doctor was really friendly and patient with our dog, but said we needed medications and shampoo for him without any explanation. Ended up paying double what I was expecting. I feel that it would’ve been a more positive visit had the dr spent a few extra minutes explaining what the medications were needed for and which ones were a definite necessity and which were just recommended.

jon mulry

2 years ago

Don’t let NY/NJ/DELAWARE rip you off. Everyone we called told us 7-10,000 for the surgery. When calling all other places these vets had attitudes when I asked them questions. And I called A LOT of vets. One even went to the lengths of saying deal with it you won’t find the surgery cheaper. I came to Howell, when I got on the phone the receptionist new more than any doctor I called from NY. So nice an informative. Not to mention everyone in NY told me I had to wait months to get in. Howell saw me with in a couple days and had surgery the following Monday. For anyone that is struggling and doesn’t have 10,000 to spend. Howell charged 3,500 and the surgery was perfect and now my dog jada is now recovering and already walking and putting pressure on her torn acl within 5 days. Cannot recommend this surgeon and staff enough! 5 stars!!

James Fitzsimmons

2 years ago

I love this place. So much so I drive 77 miles to get there. Had Zoeys back knee fixed with TPLO surgery. Gonna have her other knee done right after Willys back leg is done. Zoey blew out both her knees within 2 weeks and trying to find vet in Westchester is way over priced if you can find one. Luck had it I googled for a TPLO surgeon and found Howell Animal Hospital. Doctor Hussein and his staff are great. True animal lovers like myself. I will not go anywhere else. Thank you Howell Animal Hospital.

Betty Daguiar

2 years ago

The Dr. Is great he takes very good care of my baby my sky ???? and The women that works there are all Professional and very nice Thank you ????

Barbara Winegar

2 years ago

I recently had a cat that was given very little hope for recovery. After seeing two other vets in Middlesex County who could not help. I was referred to Dr. Hussein who examined her, looked at previous xrays and ordered three medications medication. He was so knowledgeable and proceeded with only the tests that he thought necessary. After 10 days when I took her back, he xrayed her lungs again and was able to see it was not a heart problem but asthma. The Doctor and his staff are amazing. So happy to find Howell Animal Hospital will never use any other veterinary practice.

Tish Simon

2 years ago

Run away . Long wait in office. Don’t listen well. Money making. Not really concerned about dog or owner .

Stephanie Dee

2 years ago

Can’t say enough about this vet !!! He has been amazing with two other relatives dogs, so when I had an emergency with my dog I took him here. They were so attentive and thorough. The staff is kind and caring. I highly recommend!!!!!!

Rosann Lucadamo

2 years ago

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Hussein’s at Howell Animal Hospital for 16 yrs. He’s the best Vet in the world. He & his staff show love & kindness to the pet owners & most of all the animals. Excellent care & tremendous dedication. I’m happy to report my beautiful cat Timothy Timid is doing great. Thank you Dr. Hussein & staff Here is Timothy ????

Robert Degnan

2 years ago

Performed major surgery on my 17 year old cat, that no one else was even willing to try, because of her advanced age. The surgery went well, she came back home the same day, and is acting as well as when she was only 5 years old. Can't say enough about their business, Clean, responsive, and kept me informed of her surgical progress.


2 years ago

Howell Animal Hospital has been caring for our dog for several years. We are very satisfied with the care provided. They are a professional and caring Staff. Easy to work with and they are very helpful. I recommend them highly.


2 years ago

They take such good, loving care of my little ones.

Kiara Guzman

2 years ago

The only place I take my cats for quality care. There prices are fair and the doctor is excellent!

kenny gharem

2 years ago

This animal hospitalGarbage do notGo there

Deborah Dewyea

2 years ago

Always great place for care for my cats. Been a fan of them for many years. Thank you!

Debra M

2 years ago

Everyone is so nice and Dr. Hussein was great, very knowledgeable and very patient with my barking dog. Everything that had to be done was done all at once alleviating have to come back, which made me happy since the dogs hate going to the vet.

Frank Ghanem

2 years ago

Very bad customer service. Please be careful with these doctors they are rip off they will charge you arm and leg. you better ask before you dig. These doctors will suck you money like sucking your blood. Everything about this place is bad. I will not recommend them to anyone

Cindy Hawrylko

2 years ago

I brought my kitten recently here for his second round of shots. The doctor made me feel super uncomfortable from the start as he asked me why I even adopted a kitten? I adopted a kitten to give him a loving home and he’s been thriving in it since day 1. I brought a microchip with me for it to be inserted. First of all I was under the impression he should be sedated for this type of procedure as it’s a rather large needle. The doctor proceeded to inject it into my kitten and then he walked out of the room not even checking to make sure it was inserted correctly. After he left the left the room, I noticed the microchip was literally sticking out of my kittens body not even inserted whatsoever. I panicked as there was no one there to assist me. After 15 minutes, the vet tech came back in and I told her what I thought. She confirmed that it wasn’t correctly place, so they had to take my kitten into the back without me seeing anything and remove the now dysfunctional microchip. They then proceeded to tell me the cause for the failed insertion was a defective microchip which is insane. They also quoted me $65 for a new microchip. They are the ones who didn’t insert it properly and I hate to think of the pain my poor little kitten went through! All for nothing! I wish I could give this place 0 stars. To top it off, at checkout I was charged a $250 bill and part of that was for an ointment they charged for $40 which I found online myself for $5. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND NEVER COME HERE. YOUR PET’S HEALTH IS IN DANGER HERE.

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