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Colton Lambert

2 years ago

An amazing vet facility! The staff was super nice and we were able to get all vet related things done. BUT! never go here if you have a pet for grooming! They totally butchered my dog, the woman who cut my hair, don't think I can say names, but she claims it's how my dog's hair lays. It looks like she cut half my dog's hair, rushed the job, and I was charged over $80 for the cut! This woman should be honest and do a decent job! Now I have to wait another two months for any opening anywhere for a groomer.

Sally Baltazar

2 years ago

This is by far the worst in the area, they over charge customers. And the Receptionist is the worst she supposed to fax over records to another veterinarian that I am seeing never did. I called to find out what is going on with the records and she hangs up on me twice.

Nicole Fontanetta

3 years ago

I had a slight misunderstanding with the office on Jan 5th but I sent an email & they got back to me not even 10 minutes later. I was very upset at first but their prompt response meant the world to me. I feel a lot better. Thank you to this office for being so quick to respond

Lee West

3 years ago

If you’re looking to spend A LOT of money and get very little results, here’s your place. I took two of my cats in for fleas and left with a $440 vet bill. Not only that but I was giving my cat tapeworm medicine that I purchased from petsmart, they told me to bring it in because they’ve never heard of tapeworm medicine you can buy at a pet store. Due to covid you have to stay in the car while they examine your pets. So after all was said and done they gave me some flea medicine and a goodie bag. Later when I went to look for the tapeworm medicine it wasn’t anywhere to be found. When I called AHC they said they were unaware of were the medicine went and when I asked for a replacement/compensation for it, they said that it’s not their problem. So all in all, it was an expensive lesson, but thankfully I now know to never go back again. I know they have good goodie reviews but check Yelp, there are cheaper better rated vets in the area.

Kimberly Bartholomew

3 years ago

Please take your animals somewhere else. The vet had terrible bedside manner. They truly don’t care about your animal. Everyone is busy, but when you don’t follow up on test results and delay antibiotic orders that is called neglect. Also, procedures they perform are not explained nor are the risks. They just want your money.

Julia Alex

3 years ago

Told them about my cat’s problem over the phone, they made an appointment and charged me for the visit just to tell me that it takes a special procedure to figure the problem out. No honest professional would have a customer come in and pay for the visit just to tell this customer that he needs to pay more. And if this wasn’t enough, the doctor acted extremely arrogant and rude. Will never set my foot into this place again and would not recommend to anyone!

Jonathan Achaibar

3 years ago

Friendly, clean, and modern use of tech for pet history!

Jess Lozak

3 years ago

This vet goes above and beyond for my guinea pigs. I've been taking them here for years. The staff is always great, super friendly and comforting when you're there and calling to check in if there are any problems after. Dr. B is the most amazing exotic vet. She always shows them the greatest care and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with a small animal!

Gina Abraham

3 years ago

I have taken my dog here for many years. We first landed here because a previous vet we used refused to see our dog until several hours later when our dog was in severe pain and immobile. Husband took across to AHC and they saw him immediately. I just left AHC with my same pup who was, once again, struggling with his spine issues. They were booked up and Penny called me back and told me to come in. We have seen all the docs there and while everyone has a preference, we we have always had a great experience. I believe Chris was the technician, and he was AMAZING with our pup who was in pain. He was also very calming for me who was completely distraught. We have seen Dr. Tepper numerous times and I was so thankful to see him in the exam room. He always takes his time and I have never ever felt rushed. Dr. Tepper went over all the information with me, as he always does for my pup with his degenerative disease. His demeanor was comforting, as no one wants to see their fur baby in pain. I can not thank Dr. Tepper enough for squeezing our Baxter in today and for his compassion to my situation. If it weren't for Penny asking if Baxter can be seen I would be taking him to Garden State right now and overly worried. AHC has shown us their love, dedication and compassion to animals exceedingly. We are so grateful for ALL of them!

Christine Rotundo

3 years ago

Once again, excellent service at AHC...the doctors and staff are caring and kind to all pets and their humans. Recommend highly! Every time we are there, the Drs and assistants are so kind, so caring and so wonderful to our fur baby. I could not be happier with AHC!

Becky Zielinski

3 years ago

Penny and the rest of the staff here are always welcoming and helpful. You always are treated with respect and kindness.


3 years ago

My dog had diarrhea and the vet thought it was necessary to give him an x-ray ($470) because of the "blockage" the dog had diarrhea there's no blockage....

Aashana Patel

3 years ago

Rude nurse and the vet did not explain anything. Just gave me prescription and sent me off. I got no information from him and he handled my kitten poorly!

Alyson Jones

4 years ago

If you want to spend $300.00 + and walk out with a bag of dog food and a pointless visit then you found the right place. It's unfortunate, I really wanted to like this place due to it's convenient location. However, the 1 star review is being generous. I'm not a big fan on negative reviews but I had such a terrible experience I want to save someone else's time and money. You would be doing a disservice to yourself and to your pet if you go to this place. Don't get distracted by the cute pictures they take of your animals and the 'follow up call' they make to check on your pet- they don't care. Here is a little summary of my visit with Dr. Steven Tepper today. He is EXTREMELY rude, abrupt and rushes you out of the office. My concerns were not met or solved. I wanted him to check a red bump on my dogs leg, I brought a stool sample and wanted them to check for blood since it was very dark, as well as retest his blood since his liver level was a bit elevated. I had his blood work sent ahead of time. I was told they were sending out his stool sample, he rolled his eyes when I brought up his blood work, and he didn't even LOOK at the bump on his leg. He said he didn't know about the bump but he will check it next time because it seemed like "my dog wasn't feeling well this time". Yeah, that's usually why you go to the Vet, but next time? There won't be a next time Dr. Tepper. I left feeling discouraged so I called the office to ask specifically what they were testing the stool sample for-Dr Tepper told me they don't test for blood they sent it out for parasites. He also said the stool was green when I know for a fact it was not because I picked it up (but it was in a green bag). Horrible experience. Won't be back.

Angela Dreher

4 years ago

I have been going to AHC since my dog was just a pup. He’s now five. Thanks to an experience with Dr. Tepper yesterday I will never go back. I have a mixed breed dog who is about 100 pounds but sweet, loving and playful. I’ve taken him on the aspca walk, to Topenemus Park and dog day care. As soon as Dr. Tepper saw him he immediately said why isn’t this dog tranquilized? Excuse me? Yes my dog was panting and a bit nervous but he was fine with the vet techs and has never ever had a problem with anyone in the five years I’ve had him. He then proceeds to tell me he should be muzzled, backed my dog into a corner and of course the dog growled. He didn’t bite him but the dog became scared and visibly upset. Dr. Tepper then says I can’t examine him unless he’s tranquilized, he’s a vicious dog. What????? I was amazed at how rude and prejudiced he was just because my dog is large. First of all not all large dogs are vicious. Secondly he charged over a 100 dollars for a visit where he did absolutely nothing. He refused to see him and told me not to come back without a tranquilizer. Don’t worry. I will never go back. He is obviously afraid of large dogs which is crazy. How can a vet be afraid of dogs? When we got home my dog immediately calmed down. He ate his dinner. He rolled over for his nightly belly rubs while we watched tv and is a member of my family. Don’t worry I will never go back there again.

Claire Spille

4 years ago

Everyone in this facility are friendly, caring, professional people and they listen. Your pet is in good hands here!

Dianne Lage

4 years ago

I take my two Westies to Animal Health Care of Marlboro where they get the best professional care by both the staff and the Doctors. Also, they get groomed there where they come out sparkling and smelling fresh. The best thing I like a about Animal Health Care is that my dogs are not afraid of the Veterinarian. Prior to my puupies, I had a Schnauser and Carin Terrier who went to another Vet who they were afraid of, and the place was not the cleanest. When they were 8 I started taking them to the Animal Health Care of Marlboro where they got quality healthcare in a happy and healthy environment. They both lived a long healthy life - 14.5 years.

Donna Delgrosso

4 years ago

I love Dr. B & so does Jack! The quality of care is unsurpassed!

Doreen Fogel

4 years ago

I brought my beagle there when she was middle aged. Yes, the facility itself is attractive, clean and professionally staffed. Yet it’s the individual veterinarians that makes the difference. We started with Dr. Breitstein who we felt was great. However, we really clicked with Dr. Weissman. The last 2 or 3 years she helped us with our aging beagle. She educated us in options before allowing us to make decisions. Sometimes, it took us time to decide or we decided to take no action. What is important in this process was that Dr. Weismann never seemed to pass judgement on our dog. She provided options, offered some in-sight, but didn’t push for tests or treatments we felt excessive. Then, when it came time to say goodbye to our “pup”, she educated us and provided options. Educated and offered further options, then, educated us on how to say good bye. I am grateful.

HB life and more 2

4 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about ahc .. they truly care for your fury baby .. my molly was not able to urinate they saw her immediately we met with dr Weismann she was great we tried a special diet but unfortunately molly needed surgery they accommodated us ASAP . Dr tepper performed a cyctomy on my baby girl he updated me throughout the whole process .. he answered any questions or concerns I had .. the staff is wonderful especially penny she genuinely cares . I highly recommend them !

Kaitlin DiCostanzi

4 years ago

I cannot express how much I appreciate and value Dr. Breitstein as our vet. We have a difficult/ fear aggressive large breed dog and she works with us tirelessly to make him as anxious free as we can. She, and the support staff, go above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough.

Seth Ptasiewicz

4 years ago

always the best and very professional and thorough

S Berns

5 years ago

We recently decided to switch vets and Dr. Breitstein came very highly recommended by a vet cardiologist from a specialty hospital. This turned out to be a great recommendation. We had just gotten a puppy and she gave her the best exam I had ever seen. Then we brought my older dog who our previous vet had issues with because he is very excitable, Dr. Breitstein and the whole staff were great with him. Dogs can feel when someone likes them and Sammy is very happy at his new Vet.

Bio-Dent Michael

5 years ago

Where do I even being! Writing this post makes me sick all over again, however not talking about what happened to my dog because of this office is impossible! Three months ago I took my French Bulldog for an emergency visit because he would squeal of pain in his lower back/leg area and wouldn’t move. Our visit was was with Dr. Nashama Weissman, who after examining my dog said that it’s best to do an X-ray to see if they was anything wrong in regards to his legs, back, or to see if there was something in his abdominal area. I was all for the x-ray because as a owner you would do anything for your pet! After the exam was done Dr. Weissman comes into the room and says words for word “the X-ray didn’t show anything wrong” and that if I want the other option is to maybe draw blood to make sure it’s nothing in his system, to which I of course agreed. After they had the results the Dr. came into the room and I will never never forget this she literally said “the blood work looks totally fine ITS WEIRD I DONT KNOW WHAT WRONG WITH HIM BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE A BACK DOG BUT AS SOON AS I TOUCH HIS STOMACH HE YELLS AND HIS X-RAY LOOKS TOTALLY FINE”, and told me that she will give some pain and anti inflamitory medication to help his and see if that works. So I paid the office $600 if not more for them to tell me they don’t know what’s wrong so here are some pain killers. I took my dog home gave him the medication and left to work. About an hour or 2 later I see from our pet camera that my dog tried jumping onto the couch and when he attempted to be cried out and fell on his back. As soon as I saw this I rushed home and saw my down literally shacking and not moving yet alone not being able to sit. I right away call the office and tell him that he’s progressing and I need help, the front desk let’s me know that the Dr that was assisting me has left for the day and they will call back. 20 mins pass and still no call. So I decided to call again telling them that I need to speak and see someone right aways because my dog isn’t moving and is crying and shaking of pain. They tell me to bring him in and now we were seen by Dr. Deborah Breitstein (who we have seen in the past) as soon as Dr. Breitstein views him and his chart with the X-ray she RIGHT AWAY let’s me know that there is deffinetly something wrong with X-ray on his back. She takes into the back and shows everything clear on the X-ray showing where there is an issue with is spinal disc that he has pulled and says that what practically most vets recommend in this situation is for complete crate rest and barely any movement( which of course includes no jumping on the couch). She then proceeded with some laser therapy to help with the pain and we went home. As soon as we got home and gave more medication as adviced. The following morning, unfortunately thing only got worse! My Frenchie was now not even walking and just dragging his back left! So we right away rushed to hospital. As soon as we got to the hospital and were seen by the neurologist, we were told that in most situation that when this happens the dog should have STRICT CRATE REST AND BARELY ANY MOVEMENT to try to self heal. However because he jumped on the couch and he is progressing so fast we have to do back surgery because if not his chances of walking would be around 20% if not paralyzed! This was also Saturday and we had no other choice so of course we said yes to the surgery that cost $8000! To be clear it is not the money it wasn’t the $600 or the $8000 that I’m annoyed with it’s the fact that this could all have been avoided! It’s the fact that I went to the office that morning the first time because I needed help and didn’t know what was wrong! I’m not an expert nor a doctor. This entire situation could have been avoided if Dr. Weissman had mentioned about the strict crate rest and barely abt movement. While having my dog in the hospital I started doing massive research and EVERY sit says right away about crate rest and no movement! How is if that not only did the Dr not say anything about crate but also the X-ray??

Sara Akhrin

5 years ago

Love this office! The vets and vet techs are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough and the whole office demeanor is very positive. Staff is friendly and facility is clean!

Susan Steinberg

5 years ago

We're so happy with the care our dog, Cody receives at AHC. We love Dr. B and Penny!

Teresa Boguszewski

5 years ago

The staff at Animal Health Care were so caring. My dog Moe recently had surgery for a hematoma in his ear. I had to go back for multiple aftercare visits and each time they called the next day to check on Moe. Doctor Tepper is a very good veterinary surgeon. Everyone was very nice. Moe is doing great.


5 years ago

Love the staff, love the doctors. They are always professional, polite and very knowledgeable. They always call to check on my pets and care for them as if they were their on. Highly recommend.

Adam Valvo

5 years ago

Great place. Everyone is wonderful here

Al Sek

5 years ago

I highly recommend Animal Health Care of Marlboro, especially Dr. D. Breitstein . We went there because of an emergency situation with our beloved dog Felippe. Dr. Breitstein was very kind and carrying For our pet all the way . Felippe had to have an emergency surgery , Dr.Breitstein called my wife every few hours to update us on the condition of our dog following the surgery. When we went home that night the doctor gave us her cell phone in case we have questions or concerns regarding the post surgery care. The staff at ACH was also very nice and pleasant . They comforted us and tried to accommodate us the best way possible. We will alway be grateful to AHC and especially Dr.Breitstein for all the love she and her stuff gave and care provided to our dog. Felippe’s Owners.

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