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Kathy Eisner

2 years ago

1st time I used their mobile services, Dr Gabriel forgot to bring convenia which was exactly what my dog needed. the second call was to euthanize my dog, for which I was charged $1,000. I was never notified that my dog's ashes were back and waiting for me to make the hour drive to pick them up

Mark Katz

2 years ago

Friendly, caring and attentive staff.


2 years ago

Dr. Gabriel was referred to me by a good friend after my 10 1/2-year-old shih tzu suddenly became very sick. Dr. Gabriel and his entire staff took the best care of my girl. The doctor came in on Thanksgiving day just for Layla as she needed an emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Layla's condition was so severe, she passed away. Dealing with the loss of a pet is not easy. Dr.Gabriel was very sympathetic and kind. He really cares about your pet. I highly recommend Central Jersey Animal Hospital.

Miranda DiGregorio

2 years ago

My boyfriend just had to put his dog to sleep yesterday. Dr. Gabriel came in and when we told him our decision, he offered to do a complimentary xray so we knew what was wrong with our boy. He went over in detail with us about what he found in the xray and assured us we were making the right decision. If anyone has ever been through the pain of having to make that decision, you know it is the HARDEST thing to do as a pet owner. With other vets, they may have tried to convince us to do thousands of dollars in tests and treatments with vague "this might help him" lines to rob people of their money. Dr. Gabriel did not beat around the bush and made sure we knew that we had done everything we could for our boy and that even if we put him through surgery or treatment, it would just prolong his suffering and take away his quality of life. We appreciate that he offered to do the xray for nothing and gave us the reassurance and time we needed to say our goodbyes. It was not an easy decision and by far one of the biggest heartaches we will experience, but Dr. Gabriel and his amazing staff helped immensely with this heartbreaking process. Thank you so much for treating our pup with the best care and love in his final moments ????

Cierra Giehl

2 years ago

By far the best veterinary experience we’ve ever had. Everyone is so welcoming, understanding, and helpful. We’re so glad we found Dr. Gabriel. We left knowing our pup is cared for by the people treating her, and that’s an amazing feeling. Our pup didn’t even want to leave! Haha

Dennis Puleo

2 years ago

Great place, great people Very understanding


2 years ago

Very local to me which is why I picked it! The prices are average, but Dr. Gabriel did a top notch job! Explaining everything and the procedure itself. I got my cat his first appt and neutered within a week. My cat is more than fine, came home and ate like nothing happened! Very happy with the quick and efficient service and care for my pet. PS each time we went there was atleast 2 customers and we barely had to wait! Very organized and happy staff! Thanks again

Maryann Zaccario

2 years ago

Dr. GABRIEL and his staff are very experienced and knowledgeable people...Our cockapoo Was experiencing abdominal pain. Took x-rays , administered her antibiotics.. The next morning he called..Surgery was necessary that night at 7. 30 she had surgery . If you are looking for a wonderful and thought veterinary he is the one to call

Pam WhimsicalVintage

2 years ago

I am so grateful to Dr. Gabriel and his staff. We have a large, kooky, 14 year old Golden who is terrified of vet visits. After what I thought was good preplanning, we were left without a vet this past year. I found that most practices did not want to take on a big, old dog with an emergency problem. After much searching and many phone calls, we found Dr. Gabriel. They took Chauncey immediately, at an inconvenient time, performed immediate surgery and had my boy back to me in a few hours, checking in with us first thing the next morning. To say that they went above and beyond, is a huge understatement. Chauncey is not ready to leave this world yet and we're not ready for him to go, if not for Dr. Gabriel and his staff, I'm not sure what would have happened. My peace of mind in Chauncey's final time here has been restored. Thank you so, so much!

Rose Caruso

2 years ago

The doctors and staff were all very accommodating and took great care of our cat when we were in need. They were knowledgable, professional. I highly recommend them!

Brenda Cohen

2 years ago

The best challah in all of NJ. Great service

Mina Gerges

2 years ago

Nice group of people, they always welling to help

Samantha Maldonado

2 years ago

Beware!! Scammers. They told me if I need my dogs nails clipped I needed to pay 53 dollars to come in and 12 for the nails! I've came here for nails clippings before and never had to pay such a crazy thing. Nor even heard of that kind of non sense. I told them i didn't a visit. Just the nail cut that they done before . And they refused.. Thats okay. They won't get my business anymore

Maria Marcotte

2 years ago

They staff and vet are always nice!!!

Gloria Shtarkman

2 years ago

Such a caring and loving doctor! Dr Gabriel stayed after hours to take care of my fur baby. Thank you so so much!

The Care Driver

3 years ago

Sorry about the mistake. I put my review on this page instead of a different vet by the same name. I don't know how to remove the review, so had to put up 5 stars, rather than leave a lower rating.

Juan Castilloadame

3 years ago

They did a great job taking care of Armani's needs. Thank you for everything you guys do, keep up the great work!

Victor Santucci

3 years ago

It is with great pleasure to leave this recommendation. The staff is friendly, caring and always available. Both doctors are fantastic. I have multiple pets including hybrid wild cats and they do a phenomenal job with all of my pets. I also own a pet store so I tend to be very critical in who I deal with and im so very happy to have my pets in the care of Central Jersey Animal Hospital. If you are looking for top notch service, a compassionate vet, a staff who truly cares then look no further then Central Jersey Animal Hospital. Thank you to the staff and Doctors its always a pleasure when I come into the office and I leave knowing my pets are given nothing but the top care in Veterinary Medicine. Regards, Victor, Kash, Coco, Simba, Scar, Kovu, Nala, (Sarabi and Mufasa) soon to be your new patients

Sarah Moore

3 years ago

The staff of Central Jersey Animal Hospital are incredibly kind, thorough, and professional. We visited them several times during what we now know was the last two months of our cat’s life. We sadly said goodbye to her just before she would’ve turned twenty years old. Before that sad occasion Dr. Armia Gabriel worked closely with us, answering our every question and doing his best to heal Star, and when that was no longer possible, he helped make her as comfortable as possible. He, and the entire staff, understood how much we loved our pet, and were there for her and for us up until her last day. And we are so very grateful.

romanda Abedair

3 years ago

I have been to many animal hospitals as well as worked in many vets. Hands down best place to get care for your Animal! The doctor was super responsive with my dog and knew the right course of action to take. Friendly staff and Doctor was the best. My dog of 8 years was saved by this doctor! Please do yourself a favor and your friendly animal and take them here! THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

Charlie Chaplain

3 years ago

Been going here for a year now. They've always taken great care of my shih tzu and the whole staff is excellent

David Merino

3 years ago

i brought two dogs here both of them died in their care. With my next dog I will visit a holistic veterinarian.When it comes to a Conventional veterinarians practice all they know is medication after medication until the dog becomes very toxic and dies...

Howie Ski

3 years ago

Very nice Veterinarian and staff. They space out their appointments so no crowding in the waiting room and every time we are there, no waiting! They take us into the exam room right away. Also, I have never yet had any shock from the cost for services.

Jeannine Johnson

3 years ago

My husband & I cannot say enough about Dr. Samuel Gabriel and his amazing staff!!!!!!! So very thorough and made sure he was well equipped when he came all that way!!! Then the staff was so helpful in getting the necessary documents complete & approved from chewy for his second round of antibiotics.....If you are looking for a home vet care service, they are FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for getting our Tucker back on the mending process and for coming all the way to Highlands! EXCELLENT, just EXCELLENT! Huge hearts! Bill, Jeannine & Tucker Johnson XXOO

Lindsey Irving

3 years ago

Friendly and kind staff with great service.

Alison Mullarney

4 years ago

My cat Waffle started losing weight, drinking excessive amounts of water, and developed dandruff, so I had a feeling he probably had diabetes. Took him to a vet in Lawrence, NJ and he got blood work done confirming he did have diabetes and he’d have to be on insulin. I didn’t want to continue to go to that vet though, so I made an appointment with Central Jersey Animal Hospital and I am so so so glad I did. The difference between this place and the vet I originally went to was like night and day! Dr Gabriel was fantastic. Everyone there was kind and gentle with my cat.They informed me of literally everything I needed to know about how to treat my diabetic cat. Dr Gabriel showed me how to inject the insulin, and then had me do it to my cat to make sure I was confident with it. Everyone was so informative and they called to check up on my kitty the next day. I was able to purchase the insulin and syringes there too, and the prices were super affordable. I’m so impressed with this place. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Scott Fuschetti

4 years ago

When I first showed up for my visit doors were locked and lights were off. when I got back to my car I called the doctor picked up and I walked in and it seemed like they were waiting the whole time. Overall there was alot of things that I thought were off throughout my visit. My number ONE issue was that it took them five days to get back to me with test results and only found one of the parasites while the other vet found two by the end of the day. Otherwise I wouldn't say incompetence rather lack of experience and unprofessional acts by the staff.

Barbara Burns

4 years ago

Dr Gabriel was very kind and professional. He takes a lot of time with your pet. Diagnosed something missed by my old vet. Finally some relief for my baby. Really happy with their whole office staff. Will be returning.

carlos arias

4 years ago

We went to neuter our puppy, it was a fast and easy process, which we did not expect. We dropped off our pup at 11am and picked him at at 2pm and he was great post-op. Great service by Dr. Armia Gabriel and his knowledgeable staff! Would highly recommend!

Ciera Peppitoni

4 years ago

We love this place!! Amazingly helpful to us when we brought home our new puppy!!!! Kameron and Dr. Gabriel are very friendly and made us feel like we knew what we were doing even when we didn’t think that we did!! I highly recommend this vet for any first-time dog owners! :)

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