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Stephen Cobb

2 years ago

My experience with Ramblin Acres has been great! Our dog did a 7 night stay during the holiday season and to our naked eye, the stay went very well! Our dog didn’t lose weight from not eating, she didn’t have any negative run ins with any other animals, and the staff handled her with great care. Would recommend for boarding!

Nurse Basyah Weinreb

2 years ago

This was our first time boarding our dogs and we were understandably nervous. The staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and to assure us of the good care our dogs would receive. We found the staff to be very responsive to our questions and to our specific timing issues regarding drop off and pick up. We were very pleased with the condition they were returned to us in .

Tammy Wavershak

3 years ago

Great place took great of my "Tank" while we traveled. Would definitely recommend

Julianne Heinick

3 years ago

My Sam stayed for 6 days over Christmas. I called to check in and they were kind. Sam was a happy dog when I picked him up. No complaints from me. Will use Ramblin again.

Heather Radecsky

3 years ago

They take good care of our pup while we are away.

dave blantz

3 years ago

Great people, top echelon of treatment of animals

Meagan Menard

4 years ago

I have taken my yellow lab to this kennel for years and he is groomed before he leaves, he always looks great and they take wonderful care of him while I am away. This is a top notch kennel I highly recommend.

Tammy Cook

4 years ago

A really nice Kennel! Our dog enjoyed her stay, and finished-up the week with a grooming. She was returned to us happy and looking & smelling great. Always confident leaving my Labrador here!

stacy brunelle

4 years ago

This is a very professionally run Kennel! Everyone is so sweet and I know that my dogs are in the greatest of care when I am gone!

Stacey Bloch

4 years ago

The only reason I gave 1 star is because it wouldnt let me write a review otherwise..please please do not take your pet here Randy abused and hurt a poor sweet fur baby so badly that the dogs tail needed to be amputated please if anyone has any doubts to what I am stating feel free to go on hok well happening community group page via Facebook and read for yourselves

Nicole R.

4 years ago

This is definitely a no frills place for dog boarding but every staff member I've met there really cares about dogs. I am never nervous leaving my fur baby's with them because I know they are in great hands.

Morgan Hubbard

4 years ago

Amazing family run business! Always feel at ease when I am on vacation and my dogs are here.

Maggie Dempsey

4 years ago

On account of the dog who’s tail had to be amputated this place is disgusting. Randy is a horrible person who hit a dog and caused amputation to be necessary. He also cursed out CHILDREN I hope that this mater is taken to court because this is a serious legal issue.

Kevin Powers Joe Mitton Jr

4 years ago

Hi! We have been bringing our 2 dogs here for boarding & grooming for a very long time! Both the dogs who stay in the same run have come home happy, which makes us happy too! Thanks!

Abraham Avraham

4 years ago

Its currently 20 degrees outside. Just picked up my samoyed. Ramblin knows about samoyed coats. Was charged extra because of it. I picked him up and he's still wet from his bath. Not happy to pick up a wet dog. As well as had his nails cut. They made his bleed. This place isnt professional at all. Update. Called, he just blamed it on every excuse. Took zero ownership. Need to take my dog elsewhere to get him redone.

Angela Trahan

4 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS KENNEL! The owner injured my dog and he had to have his tail amputated. The owner tried to come up with a lame excuse that my dog had a "happy tail" but the vet said that there was no way with the type of injury. My GSD is now disfigured because of this kennel and its owner. The owner Randy also got in my children's faces and cursed them out because they were crying when they saw how much our dog was bleeding (he specifically yelled "shut the F up" in their faces). Completely unprofessional, uncaring towards dogs and a horrible person.

Brandi Bravo

4 years ago

Best grooming ever! They gave our golden a beautiful summer cut and we could not be happier. Clean and trim and cute!

Caitlin Trahan

4 years ago

DO NOT RECOMMEND. Jersey peeps, please be aware- if you ever have to board you animal PLEASE do not go to the Ramblin' Acres Kennel. Reading their bio they PRIDE themselves on taking ideal care of animals AND grooming needs. This is not a place to go. I normally don’t post things like this but this is just not acceptable. My mother in law went out of state to go on vacation trusted a place with YEARS of experience and this is what happens. He was sent back before he went home to get his nails trimmed and came back out with a deep wound to his tail. In the end He had to get his tail amputated because of the carelessness of the groomer. I have worked with people and accidents do happen but it’s all in how you take care of the situation. These guys are not even being approachable on explains the incident and things aren’t adding up. Honesty is the best policy and I don’t want ANYONE else to have to put their animal in a situation like this.

Chloe Sienkewicz

4 years ago

On our way home! Thank you to Pete and Randy for taking such good care of my baby for me! Your years of experience really do shine through. She didn't want to come home

Doreen Longo

4 years ago

My dog is at the emergency vet now. I picked him up at 10:30 today. The women behind the counter Angela was telling me about the wonderful free bubble bath he received and how well behaved he was. I asked her if they did his nails. She said nobody told us to do the nail. (Peter was told when I left him last week.) She told me she had to call Randy. Randy came in yelling that he doesn't like doing nails on the same day they leave and took my dog into the back room. I could hear my dog crying and the buzzing of their dremel. Then he brought the dog back out to me. Next thing I notice, blood all over the walls and me and my grandchildren. A lot of blood. My granddaughter started crying hysterically. Randy got up into her face and told her to "shut the f' up" (this is a 5 year old child). Randy then dragged my dog back into the back, he thought he went to short with the nails. I followed. His paws weren't bleeding it was the end of his tail. Two perfect cuts, I think Randy possible got mad while dremeling and swung at the dog with the dremel in his hand hitting his tail. Also, they didn't know where my leash was because they were moving around dogs (I could hear Randy and his wife (?) arguing about it going missing). They did find it and half of it was gone possibly eaten by my dog or another. I will never go back to this horrible place.

Julianna Rudzik

4 years ago

The staff is wonderful, professional, and devoted to the welfare of the dogs. I know the staff personally, many years of experience with all different types of breeds. I would send my dogs with them in a heart beat.

Katalina Bravo

4 years ago

My dog Buddy loves coming here- we have been using this family ran business for years and have always had great experiences. Thank you to the hard working staff for always taking care of my baby

kaylene scotton

4 years ago

Amazing and friendly staff. They are professional, courteous and take great care of my dogs. My pets always come home clean and happy, I highly recommend !

Kelly Wisch

4 years ago

Wonderful facilities and great dog people!

Ken Koz

4 years ago

Everyone who works here was awesome...my dog enjoyed his vacation at the ramblin acres kennel

Kitty Braddock

4 years ago

Clean and safe environment, I also feel at ease when boarding my dog. Friendly staff that goes out of their way to make sure every experience is a great one.

Alfonso Limone

5 years ago

So nice for my dogs. People were awesome


5 years ago

Family owned, have been using them for over 6 years, never had a problem.

Steve Porter

7 years ago

We have been using this Kennel for years. They are nice and I feel the dog is being well cared for. Also reasonable prices!

Rachel Ryan

8 years ago

I was in town visiting family for a long weekend and decided to get my dog groomed while we were there since I didn't have time before we left (she is a 1.5 yr old, 35 lb terrier/lab mix). We called around and this place was the only place that had openings available on short notice. We had never been before, but it seemed like a legit place and it was a good price $55. When we dropped her off, they seemed very nice. We asked them to shave her completely for the summer weather and make sure to clip the nails, etc. They were finished in about an hour and a half and called us to come get her. When we picked her up, she couldn't get in the car fast enough (which is normal for dogs leaving the evil place the humans call 'the groomers'). However, halfway through our ride home, we noticed a lot of blood coming from her. We couldn't inspect in the car, we just noticed she was bleeding and looked at her when we got home. Once she got in the house, we checked her out and REALLY started to notice the blood gushing out of BOTH of her back paws. They had cut her nails WAY too short. We have another dog that is 4 yrs old, I've taken him to plenty of groomers and never had that problem. Sure, it's sometimes normal for a little blood after a nail clipping, but this was A LOT of blood. Thank goodness I had a blanket down in the backseat of my car or I would've had blood all over my seat. She bled for hours, so much that we had to put her in her crate to keep her form getting blood all over everything. Not only was she bleeding profusely from her nail clipping, there were numerous gaps in her haircut and chunks of hair that they missed. They didn't even bother cutting her tail at all, so she resembled a raccoon or a squirrel with a slick body and a bushy tail. There was a patch of hair in between her eyes that was missed, and patches on her legs. We ended up having to run to the pet store to find something to make her feet stop bleeding. We found a powdery substance that clotted the blood and it finally stopped. Despite the bad haircut (or lack thereof on her tail), the bloody feet is unacceptable. What's worse is they didn't even bother telling us about her nails when we picked her up, as I'm sure she yelped when they cut into the nerve of her toenail...at LEAST let the owner know what happened so we can address it immediately. I'm not sure if they were just in a hurry, or what happened. But we will not be taking any of our animals back here to be groomed and I recommend you not either unless you want bloody paws and a sad puppy.

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