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Gwen Doscher

2 years ago

Pioneer Pet care is wonderful. We have a fear reactive dog that we rescued 5 years ago. We were very possibly his last chance since he had four prior families who were all wonderful but couldn't live with his issues. If not for Pioneers excellence with Dusty he'd never be able to have the quality of life he enjoys, nor would we! It is a safe and happy place for him to be when we have contractors or guests at the house, or when we have to travel. He is well taken care of, it's exceptionally clean and Tara and her husband are fabulous with him.

Joe Mullan

2 years ago

Edit: The owner did call me back and apologized for jumping off the phone so quickly as she was taking care of the animals. called to schedule a reservation and the owner was very rude and abrupt. She told me that my dog cannot board there because our dog has been in contact with another dog in the last two weeks.. so just know that they will not allow your dog to board here if they have been in contact with any other dog in the last 2 weeks.


2 years ago

We have been using Pioneer for a few years now. I am very impressed with how they care for my pet dog Rocket . He is happy when we get on site and cant wait to go in. They provide very professional care and the kennel is clean and seems to meet my pets needs. When we pick Rocket up to come home he is happy and no stressed. I would suggest this place to anyone who cares about their pets well being .

Miraj Vakil

3 years ago

Owner is rude and disrespectful and will NOT let you get a word in if you need to explain yourself. I hope she sees this, she’ll know who I am ;). I agree with everyone else who gave them a 1 star rating (or even a negative star rating). Find somewhere better if you can. Lets start off with the very beginning. The first time I came here, this satanic woman yelled at me and my mother because we were missing some paper work. Humans make mistakes, right? Well according to Tara, I guess not? This woman snapped at us expecting us to sit lightly. Amidst the chaos of travel, we didn't really bombard her with the hate she deserves. However, during another incident, she snapped at us again for calling after her hours. I am VERY well aware that she needs her privacy, but it was an ACCIDENT. She went over it multiple times with us in the past because her home line is connected to her business line, which doesn't make sense in my opinion to begin with, but we occasionally lost track of time while on vacation and called her. Then, this woman has the audacity to say we don't respect her privacy at all, even though this was a mere accident. For one woman, GET A NEW LINE. Second, you don't have to be so snarky thinking you're all that when clearly you are not. Moral of the story: RESPECT HER PRIVACY!! SHE'S BIG ON THAT! Or else she will quite literally find ever excuse to rip you apart for no reason. Finally, she drew the last straw. yesterday evening I saw her missed call at 4, and I got back to her past her hours. I usually do not write bad reviews, but Tara is absolutely impossible to work with. I understand that COMPLETELY it is her personal time, however, yesterday was a different scenario. I thought she had to get back to me in urgency as I did not see her call, so I gave her a call back. She SNAPPED back without even giving me a chance to explain myself. I simply called because I saw her missed call very late, and I was wondering if it was urgent. Don't consider coming here! Not worth your breath or your money. After heavy consideration, the line has to be drawn. She has lost our business, and quite frankly, never really had our respect. Do better woman, it'll help. You said over the phone that you replied nicely? Nah, that's not really your nature. Quite frankly, it's the opposite. Don't be fooled by the sugarcoating that is on this place. Tara. Is. Awful. OH! To add some icing onto the cake, if you count your change in front of her, she will judge you for it. What an absolute joke.

Mamta Grover

3 years ago

They dont know how to groom Golden retriever. My dog was badly shaved in his private area. In spite of giving instructions, they did not do the job accordingly. I m very sad and will never take my dog back to this place.

KAREN Woodmansee

4 years ago

We've been using Pioneer Pet care for over a year after our old kennel closed. They take wonderful care of our dog Olly who is always excited and happy when we pull in the driveway. When I forgot to reserve for my summer beach vacation, I was put on a waiting list and they managed to squeeze us in.

Richard DiModica

4 years ago

Very nasty experience herd this about this place now had the unfortunate experience myself . If they treat us like that cant imagine leaveing my dog with woman beware

L Mattia

4 years ago

When you pull up to this place you think it is an ideal haven for your pet. However I disliked this place instantly because of the owners. The female owner is snarky, speaks a mile-a-minute and talks down to you you like she is "it" when it comes to pet care. I boarded my puppy recently on two occasions and so now I can proclaim my true opinions. 1- I know my pet better than you ever will and although you may have your policy for pet care, do not ever exclude my need for my pet to see me before I leave for a long time away. So what happened was I walked in and thinking this woman was helping me juggle puppy in hand and bag of puppy's food and toys, she instead became the ring leader. She took my puppy off and out to the kennel and once I finished going over the feeding plan, and asked to see my puppy before heading off I was told, "NO... once we bring your pet to the kennel you cannot go back there because it interferes with the pets ability to adjust to the kennel environment." Essentially I was the problem and their 'kennel policy over-ruled my better judgement'. I was caught off guard and I explained my dislike about this policy especially because I did not know about this awful wickedness about them. Her snarky response was ' oh yes ... if you took our tour which you did then you know our policy is you say your good-byes before coming inside". 2- I show up to pay and there is no receipt Her husband just pulls out a small piece of paper containing a lot of scribbles and commands the amount due. I wrote a check and as I commonly do, politely asked him if he needed my Driver License, Phone number etc and he replies in a snarkly manner, "why... do you plan to bounce this check?" seriously these people have no business acumen at all! Then I am told, her is your puppy and of by the way on the next to last day of her stay she decided to chew her bed. I then inspect the bed and see the gaping whole and while I have a puppy she is not a chewer. It was then clear to me this place did not provide enough of the activity and exercise they promised my little gal would have. If you happen to call them for info about how your pet is doing, be prepared to be treated like you are an idiot because on 3 occasions the huffy wife/owner answers you like you are most certainly bothering her. So in a snarky response I am told, "yes your puppy is FINE... what did you expect?" I also asked for a receipt with the detailed pricing and was told, oh ok, but then you will not get a professional courtesy discount. Really? This place is sad because my heart breaks for the pets on their care. If they treat humans in this subpar manner then what are they doing to these innocent pets let in their care? Lastly, I saw her husband exercising one of the larger dogs. He called the dog a LAB NON-RETRIEVER and only gave this pooch 2 minutes of exercise time.

Helen Nugent

4 years ago

My cat is treated like a princess here. We have been using Pioneer for 5 years. Once a year we go for a week vacation and Emi stays at Pioneer. They are so welcoming and we know Emi is fine. She always comes back looking good.

George D

5 years ago

We have an adopted dog with severe fear aggression issues. We had to board him for a few days, and we're so glad we found Pioneer. We didn't think we'd ever be able to put him in a kennel, but he did very well staying there, and now that he's back home, he shows no signs of trauma from being left in an unfamiliar place. And if we want to get away for a longer trip, we feel confident he'll be okay there.

Herman DelRio

5 years ago

we used pioneer about 10 years ago we recently visited them for a potential pet stay, well the daughter in charge is extremely vicious she was so nasty we decided to go elsewhere and we did- the new pet care place owner told us she’s heard Horror stories about pioneer- they are gouging customers with unnecessary cost; baths, beds and grooming for dogs that aren’t authorized by customers - the owners at pioneer are not dog people: BEWARE

Katarina Sipos

5 years ago

Owners should work on their attitude. If they take care of your pet like they treat their potential customer - NOT GOOD!!!

Michael Piana

5 years ago

Have had nothing but a great experience in leaving my dog with Pioneer Pet. The owners are friendly and the runs are large, my dog loves going and comes back tired from all the fun she has.

William Pickering

5 years ago

I've been using Pioneer for 5 years. Love them! Now their daughter has taken over and she and her hubby truly know how to take care of our dog. Special care can be given, and we have a special needs dog (3 legs, fear/aggression issues) who is always happy to go there. Wouldn't take my dog anywhere else.

b.k. putzer

5 years ago

We've been a part of the Pioneer Pet Care Pack since 2010 and always have peace of mind when leaving our furry family members in their care. Read through the website, schedule an on-sight visit, then you'll see how and why they are different. It's not for everyone, but many will recognize it's the right choice for them. If there was a 4.5 rating, they'd get it from me!


6 years ago

They treat your pet like it was their own.

Grant Moser

7 years ago

The owners are friendly and accommodating to your needs. The dogs have heated runs and they will tailor their care to what you ask. They are the ones that taken care of your animal - not staff. Convenient hours and would recommend.

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